10 Best Strategy Games for Android

Best Strategy Games for Android

Strategy games have been around for centuries. Traditional games such as chess and board games are often used to challenge your mind but today modern ones are available. Good news, playing the best strategy games from your smartphone is incredibly amazing with a bunch of features.

A plethora of strategy games transforms your mobile device into a source of fun. Many developers have launched creative games with innovative gameplay, allowing you to hone your skills and sharpen your mind.

Best Strategy Games for Android: Ready, Set, Strategize!

Clash of Clans might be the one that pops in your mind when it comes to strategy games. In fact, there are many other options you can play such as Bloons Adventure, Boom Beach, The Battle of Polyptopia, and more. Despite they’re less popular, they are still worth trying.

1. Bloons Adventure Time TD

Bloons Adventure Time TD

Bloons Adventure Time TD takes you to an awesome adventure to the Land of Ooo. The story tells about Finn, Jake, and the monkeys who have to stop the invasion of the Bloons. Choose your favorite characters and get new monkey heroes to help you out.

There are so many reasons that make Bloons Adventure Time TD a great strategy game. It has more than 15 adventures with 50 maps to choose from. Whether you want to play the original story or more challenging adventures, it has got you covered.

Help the main characters eradicate the Bloons by armoring your heroes with more than 200 weapons and items. It also gives you a chance to build your own defense with more than 50 allies such as The Cobra, Lumpy Space Princess, and BMO.

Bloons Adventure Time TD is one of the best strategy games with fascinating animations and easy gameplay. That said, it requires a powerful strategy to win the game and defeat the enemies. Challenge yourself and get prepared for the adventure.

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2. Grand War: Rome Strategy Games

Grand War: Rome Strategy Games

Grand War may be less known than Clash of Clans but it is a worthy strategy game you shouldn’t miss out. Featuring high-quality graphics and animations, it brings you back to ancient wars. Optimize your mind to make strategy so you can build an empire in Rome.

Use your remarkable strategy to start the war game journey with the legendary generals like Caesar and Scipius. Choose from different forces like Rome, Epirus, Samnium, and many more to reclaim your glory. You will fight and map out strategies to win the battlefield.

Take advantage of the generals who fight for you. Every general has different skills that you can combine to produce extraordinary powers. You can also select a variety of troops in your strategy to bring you glory. Optimize the skills of your troops for a challenging battlefield.

Consider terrain factors in your strategy. Different terrains may affect your wars so you have to choose the best terrain that will benefit you. Overall, this mobile strategy game has everything you need to improve your skills and have fun thanks to attractive gameplay and sleek interface.

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3. Olympus Rising

Olympus Rising

When the gods of Olympus fight against monsters from the ancient Greek, it is time to power up and build your most cunning strategy to win the battlefield. Guide Poseidon, Ares, and other heroes in the strategy game of the Olympus Rising.

Adopting Greek mythology, the story tells you about the dawn of ancient Greek civilization. Mount Olympus has fallen and the gods need your help to fight against the beast through an epic fight. Summon your best gladiators and take them to the battle.

This best strategy game is designed with stunning 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls to improve your experience. You can choose your gods and build an alliance while enjoying incredible graphics and animation. Don’t forget to equip yourself with weapons and armors.

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Focus on combat strategy and tactics to conquer your land. Collect and develop your resources as you play and do the battle in this ancient Greek game. It also gives you the option to improve war strategy by collecting legendary items made by the gods.

What’s more, Olympus Rising allows you to connect with the community for more support. You can also join discussions on the forums to get to know more about this game. This app is free to use but some items are available with in-app purchases.

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4. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

More than 500M downloads is more than enough to tell that Clash of Clans is one of the world’s most popular games. Combining amazing graphics and interesting gameplay, you will never lose interest in this app. Build your village and grow your clan so you can fight in clan wars.

Clash of Clans offers a variety of classic features. To get started, build your own clan and invite friends or join other players. Team up with other players to fight in clan wars against active players worldwide. To prove your skills, you can join the clan war leagues.

Your battle strategy is highly required on Clash of Clans. Plan your best and most unique strategy with combinations of heroes, troops, and spells. Optimize your skills to compete with other players from all over the globe and put your name on the top of the leaderboard.

This best free strategy game has towers, walls, and cannons to defend yourself against the attacks of the enemies. As you progress, you can unlock epic heroes such as Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Royal Champion. You’re also welcome to make custom PVP experiences through live events.

Before playing the game, be sure your Android is connected to a network connection either cellular data or Wi-Fi. Your gaming experience may be affected by your connection speed.

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5. Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Join an epic strategy combat on Boom Beach and see how far you can go. Chosen as one of the best strategy games for Android, it has incredible features and intuitive interface that gives you exciting game times. Hone your skills to build strategy and fight against evil enemies.

Instead of focusing on armors and weapons, Boom Beach lets you fight with brain and brawn. Kill your enemies and free islanders to unlock the secrets. Join millions of players from all over the world and make strategies to raid enemy bases to collect loot.

When it comes to features, Boom Beach offers Life Crystals you can discover by exploring a tropical archipelago. It has mysterious power so you will want to do your best to find it. You can also upgrade your base so that your enemies won’t be able to attack it.

To play Boom Beach, you must be 13 years old or older. This best strategy game is completely free to play but if you want to enjoy more items, in-app purchases are available. Be sure your phone is connected to a network to play.

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6. Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

World War 1 has inspired the developer to launch this creative strategy game. Supremacy 1914 is a real-time multiplayer game adopting a WW1 situation where you can choose a nation and fight against hundreds of opponents. Your strategy and leading skills are demanded here.

Realistic graphic is a plus point you can find on Supremacy 1914. Your movements are smooth and the design is attractive, improving your experience when playing the game. Not to mention it has a huge map that makes it addictive.

During the battle, your strategy plays a key role to your victory. You will have to battle with armies, growing threat, and even economies brought by your enemies. Push your skills and strategy to the limit to change history. This game supports up to 500 players in real time.

Do you need some help? Make a coalition or team up with other player to build alliances so you can win together. The developer constantly updates new content so you will never get bored with it. Choose your nation and bring it to the battlefield to reclaim your victory.

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7. Forge of Empire: Build a City

Forge of Empire: Build a City

Forge of Empire is the best strategy game for you who are sick of battles and combats. On this app, you can build a city and travel through times from ancient era to the future. Play and interact with millions of other players worldwide for more challenges.

Released back in 2012, the award-winning strategy game comes loaded with features. For example, it lets you transform your village into town and even a megapolis. Push your strategy skills to build houses and produce resources, allowing you to make the best of the land.

What’s interesting, it has hundreds of building styles to choose from. Whether you want small houses or castles, find your favorite architecture and bring it to your village. If you need some challenges, use multiplayer modes to conquer their villages.

On the other hand, you can switch to casual mode where you can trade with your neighbors. It is also possible to expand your territories and bring out new technologies to improve the village.

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8. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia offers the excitement of building a civilization and fighting with other tribes. Designed with a sleek and user-friendly interface, this fun app supports single and multiplayer strategy—play a mode that suits best with your preferences.

Playing as the ruler of a tribe, your goal is to build a civilization while making a strategy competition with other tribes. You can also meet competitors with the same tribe using mirror matches feature. Instead of focusing on wars, this app adopts strategy, exploration, farming, and more.

There are 3 game modes to choose from such as perfection, creative, and domination. Each mode comes with different gameplay so you won’t lose interest in this app. It also has different tribes with unique culture and nature for distinct game experience.

The Battle of Polytopia supports different display modes including portrait and landscape for your convenience. Choose one that works best for your gameplay and rule the leaderboard. Unlike most strategy games, this app allows you to play without internet connection.

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9. Primitive Era

Primitive Era

Traveling through time is always exciting. What about flying back to the primitive era to start the dawn of civilization? Try this best strategy game and explore the popular prehistoric era of Mesopotamia, Atlantis, and many more. If you’re ready to make your own history, this app is made just for you.

On Primitive Era, you can explore the lush virgin jungle in the prehistoric era. Conquer nature and build your territory while solving mysteries of nature. You can also explore other continents with other explorers and interact with millions of players in real time.

As a chief, you are responsible to develop your tribes and build civilizations. Create your own languages and create tools to find resources. It is also possible to grow your tribes with romance so you can have a lot of offspring.

What’s more interesting is that you can domesticate beasts to protect your tribes. You’ll find saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, and other prehistoric animals that make your exploration more challenging.

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10. Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is a popular real-time strategy game that has been popular among PC users. Now it is available for Android, allowing you to enjoy the game with PC style from your mobile device. Enjoy the game with and without internet connection for extra excitement.

Rusted Warfare comes packed with strategic units to hone your skills, such as Flying Fortresses, Shielded Hovertanks, Laser Defenses, and more. You can also find more than 40 unique units for land, air, and sea gameplay.

This app promises a fast interface with multi-touch support and minimap. Feel free to zoom out for a better view before issuing commands across the battlefield. The multiplayer game also has several AI-based missions like survival, challenge, and skirmish.

What’s great, Rusted Warfare is a pure RTS without microtransactions and DRM. You can also enjoy a full gaming experience without pesky ads.

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Modern strategy games are now available for Android smartphone. Get the best strategy games with high quality graphics, user-friendly interface, and attractive gameplay so you can get the most out of it. 

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