10 Best Poem Writing Apps for Android

 Best Poem Writing Apps

Writing poems is a brilliant way to evoke feelings and thoughts through symbols, metaphors, and ambiguity. As creating poems using pen and paper sounds traditional, today’s writers can download the best poem writing apps to arrange beautiful words on their handheld devices.

Not only can you write poems, but also you can find ideas and insights from famous poets—even some apps help you by providing a rhyming dictionary. If you are fond of writing poems, customize, and get inspiration, the following applications have got you covered.

Best Poem Writing Apps Every Poet Should Have

Tons of writing apps allow you to write from your Android device. But when it comes to poem-specified applications, there’s a few options to find on the market. What’s great, most of these apps are free to download and accessible to anyone. Let’s have a closer look at the following list.

1. Flips

Flips is creatively designed for modern poets who want to write beautiful and meaningful words anytime anywhere. Built with simplicity in mind, it offers an amazing experience for writers who want to make the most of their mobile device.

This poem creator app allows you to create poems without ads distraction. With a simple and user-friendly interface, it helps you evoke your thoughts in the simplest way. No login is required so your privacy remains safe. Best of all, offline mode lets you work without internet connection.

Flips make customization possible. It has a wide selection of beautiful background images to choose from, either from your phone camera or gallery. These background images are handpicked to suit different needs of writers.

Moreover, Flips has dozens of fonts that will match your emotions. It also supports different languages, such as English, Spanish, Hindi, and many more. Once you are done with the words, adjust text alignment and size to make it look more attractive.

How about sharing your creations? Feel free to share your poems on your favorite social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Let your friends enjoy the beautiful words and images.

Download on Google Play

2. HaikuJAM


Combining writing and gaming activities in one application, HaikuJAM is the best poem writing app to have fun. It adopts a unique way to write a poem as you can pass a line to other users. Write together and see what kind of poems you will have.

This app helps hone your writing skills and creative thinking as you have to use as few words as you can. Not only is it ideal for writing poetry, but also it suits well for quotes, stories, drawing, and anything that requires creativity. Reduce your stress during the process and feel better.

HaikuJAM comes loaded with easy-to-use features. This best free poem writing app includes personalized writing reminders that make sure you write every day. Spelling and grammar checkers are also available to improve your English.

And if you run out of ideas, HaikuJAM comes packed with tons of poems and quotes. You can learn writing techniques and new vocabularies from these references. Furthermore, progress reports give you more insights to your daily progress.

Other fun features include words personalization, unique backgrounds, fonts customization, and poems discovery tools. It also has a built-in share feature that allows you to read to send your creativity to your friends or family.

Download on Google Play

3. Poetizer

For your friendly personality, Poetizer could be the best poem writing app to download on Android devices. The all-in-one social media platform is ideal for you who want to write, read, and publish your master piece. Expressing your feelings and thoughts through poetry is simple with it.

Poetizer is built with a minimalist design so you can enjoy an ultimate poetry writing and reading experience. Available on app and web, it allows automatic synchronization so you will not lose your work wherever you are.

If you dream of publishing your own poetry book, Poetizer makes it come true. Simply write your poems, choose the best illustration, and place an order. Thanks to this self-purchase feature, you can keep the book as your own collection or share with the loved ones.

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Achieve a better social life by giving support and receiving feedback from other users worldwide. You can also get inspiration from their works and improve your skills, not to mention you can get access to poetry competitions and workshops.

What’s interesting, Poetizer gives you an option to create products such as hoodies, tote bags, t-shirts, and more. Personalize these products with your own words and give this special gift to your family or friends.

Download on Google Play

4. Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant

Thinking of getting some assistance when writing your poems? If your answer is yes, Poet Assistant is made just for you. With this application at your disposal, it is so much easier to arrange rhyming words, find thesaurus, and find the meaning of a word or phrase.

This poem making app is designed for offline use, which means it doesn’t require internet connection. Easily discover the best rhymes or words for your poems and get your tasks done. However, this app is only suitable for English and it doesn’t support other languages.

In addition to the rhymer and dictionary that become the main highlights, Poet Assistant is packed with a composer section that allows you to compose beautiful poems. Once you are done, let it read the poem aloud using text-to-speech technology. You can also check on word and character counts. 

Poet Assistant features dark mode with which you can change the background into black so it is suitable for night use. This best poem writing app is completely free to download. Enjoy a seamless poem making experience with a simple interface without ads distraction.

Download on Google Play

5. Miraquill


Miraquill is a powerful writing platform with a vast community of writers from around the globe. Designed for writing quotes and poems, it lets you enjoy a new experience of evoking your thoughts through the creative writing process.

If you are looking for an app for writing poetry that comes packed with a complete set of features then Miraquill has got you covered. You can write, edit, and copyright your works before sharing them on various platforms. You can also use it as a writing journal.

Miraquill is more than a writing app, it is your growing partner. This application helps improve your writing skills through daily challenges. Participate in any creative writing challenges on this app and learn together with a huge community of poets and writers.

Moreover, you can use this app to discover content made by writers worldwide. No matter your reading preferences—poems, letters, quotes, short stories—you can find tons of them on Miraquill. You can also connect with your favorite writers and leave comments on their creations.

Or if you want to be another’s favorite writer, make your works searchable on Google. Share no less than 20 posts on this app and they will be found under your name.

Download on Google Play

6. JotterPad


JotterPad is writers’ best friend for a reason. Designed for smartphones, this app allows you to plan, write, and even publish your work. Get rid of traditional poem writing with pen and paper so you can work from anywhere anytime.

This writing tool is ideal for poets, screenwriters, authors, bloggers, book writers, etc. It features a simple interface and provides more than 60 templates to choose from. It comes in handy to help you accomplish the tasks without building from scratches.

JotterPad promises easy writing, encouraging you to convey your emotions without worrying about text formatting, layout, and structure. Thanks to Markdown and Fountain syntax that lets you focus on the content but ensures beautiful formatting.

This best poem writing app supports seamless sync to the cloud. Protect your files on DropBox, Google Drive, or One Drive so you don’t need to worry about losing them. You can even continue your work without internet connection and sync it once you are online.

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JotterPad comes packed with a share feature so you can share with friends and family. Convert your works into different formats, such as Word, PDF, or rich text without hassle.

Download on Google Play

7. Writco


This award-winning app on Google Play becomes one of the best choices when it comes to poet writing apps. Designed as a community-driven platform, it allows you to write and read a variety of works from poems to stories and from quotes to haikus.

Writco is featured in many countries, so it is available in18 different languages. It also has more than 40 categories from various genres. Express yourself, improve your writing skills, and redefine your creativity to be the next top writer.

Besides, Writco is a great app to find creative content. Discover works from your favorite writers or authors so you can learn and grow more.

If you are a writer who wants to authorize your content, this best poem writing app has a feature for you. It provides protection and copyright to all original content from contributors. You can also check plagiarism with Content Google Searchable.

Download on Google Play

8. Poetry Magnets

Poetry Magnets

Poetry Magnets is built to help you with creative writing projects. As the name suggests, it lets you drag and drop available words to create poems, quotes, lyrics, and many more. This is a brand-new way to express your thoughts and emotions through words.

This poetry writing app has more than 3,900 words to choose from and the developer adds new words constantly. Unleash your creativity and hone your writing skills by arranging your words—even you can create a fun and unique content.

Poetry Magnets highlights word folder that allows you to organize your workspace. You can also customize poem colors for visual attraction. And if you’re proud of the result, use a built-in share feature to send it to your friends or family.

Add words as many as possible to make creative poems. If you want, join word of the day notification to challenge yourself. The upcoming version will come with more advanced features, such as dark mode, custom fonts, background images, and many more.

Download on Google Play

9. Rhymer’s Block

Rhymer’s Block helps you catch every idea wherever you are. Whether you are on the bus, at the train station, or anywhere, it allows you to jot down the ideas and never lose them. This is a unique app to capture every word for your beautiful poems, song lyrics, or creative writing projects.

This digital notebook app is completely easy to use. Whenever the inspiration comes, click the app icon to open and create your notes. When you have an account, it will automatically upload your work to the cloud so you can keep them safe.

Rhymer’s Block has a few key features, such as real-time rhyme suggestions that suggest rhyming words, word frequency analysis, and color-coded rhymes. You can also benefit from its Slant feature that helps you find near rhymes without being too perfect.

On top of all, Rhymer’s Block supports offline mode that allows you to keep working without internet connection. Keep your creativity flowing!

Download on Google Play

10. Writer Plus

Writer Plus

Get Writer Plus on your smartphone and get rid of the traditional way to jot down your ideas. This writing app allows creative writers to catch points quickly so they don’t lose them forever. Whether you are working on poems, novel, or song lyrics, it works just well.

Writer Plus has a lot of useful features to try out. For instance, it highlights edit shortcuts that allow you to edit notes like using MS Word. It also has word and character count so you can keep track of word number and built-in share feature to share with the loved ones.

Featured in many countries, Writer Plus supports multiple languages such as English, German, Chinese, Russian, and more. It also has folder support, undo & redo functionality, and night mode for a convenient use at night. With a user-friendly interface, it is completely accessible to anyone.

Download on Google Play

Poem writing apps support writers, authors, and lyric composers to accomplish their creative writing tasks. Each app highlights multiple features for writing convenience so you can find the best poem writing apps that suit your writing skills.

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