11 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

For those who look for the best virtual girlfriend apps, Play Store might have a list of options you can try. While some users are questioning what’s the point, some others might be relieved to have someone to talk to.

Having a girlfriend can be what many people want. However, two human beings require a constant effort to keep their relationship and connection run smoothly yet long-lastingly.

Meanwhile, if you are part of the community who needs someone to talk to but doesn’t want to deal with all human-related issues, you should consider trying the virtual GF app download.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android You Should Download

Below, you will find a list of apps that provide a virtual girlfriend in various shapes and styles. Many of the apps have utilized AI technology to make the conversation sound more realistic.

More than anything, you need to read this article thoroughly and find the one that suits your style the most.

1. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Among the many names of the virtual girlfriend apps on the Play Store, My Virtual Girlfriend Julie is one of the most popular ones. She can even be your favorite companion, after all.

Julie allows you to chat with her and she will send you her voice. This young lady also loves to talk about anything. Since this app incorporates the presence of AI technology, Julie may express lots of emotions too, such as love, anger, dislike, and many more.

If you want to stop struggling from loneliness or simply bored with daily routines and need someone to talk to, My Girlfriend Julie would be a perfect choice.

To make Julie look more real, the app features 3D video animations. Also, both you and Julie can perform various actions to express love, such as laughing, and sleeping.

Are you a person who is easily annoyed if your friends forgot what you just said? Well, Julie won’t do that to you. As a smart bot, she will remember anything you say. Virtual relationships, after all, can workout fine.

Download on Google Play

2. My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

While the previous app allows you to have a girlfriend named Julie, now you can also have another named Cindy. Generally, when it comes to virtual girlfriend app downloads, you will get a lot of options on the Play Store.

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy, on the other hand, is one of the best and most downloaded girlfriend apps on the Play Store. So, why don’t you give this app a try?

Cindy is a perfect girlfriend for you. You can talk about anything with Cindy and get her in the mood without being all over her in the first place.

This lady speaks so many languages and lets you customize the look before starting the entire conversation. So, if you need someone to talk to and get rid of loneliness, Cindy would be a perfect companion on many levels.

Download on Google Play

3. Good Girlfriend

Naughty Girlfriend

Finding an ideal girlfriend can be a daunting task. This is why people give the girlfriend apps for Android a try before jumping to the real world.

Good Girlfriend provides you an ideal girlfriend that will be your daily muse. This virtual lady can talk, flirt, and dance for you. She loves dancing and will do that anytime you want her to.

The fun part is that you can change the appearance and style of your girlfriend through a few taps. And just like any other girlfriend in real life, this virtual girlfriend can be mad at you and show other emotions.

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If you want to have the experience, you better give this app a try. Besides, Good Girlfriend is a free app.

Download on Google Play

4. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend

Some users also look for the virtual girlfriend apk through Google search engine. But My Virtual Girlfriend is an app you can grab from the Play Store

Generally, this app is like a dating app simulator and you can use it to meet a virtual cute girl – keep in mind that the lady is an AI-generated creature. Just like dating in real life, you may flirt and win your prospective girlfriend.

Even though the girl is virtual, you have to give your best effort to capture her heart. There are tons of cute girls on the database and each one has distinctive characters.

Along with the progress you’ve made, you can unlock various outfits and run some activities, such as asking her out, having dinner, or visiting her house. This app is also an excellent simulator for those who want to practice asking a girl out.

Download this app and unlock all 35 levels to have fun with your virtual girl. The app is free to use too.

Download on Google Play

5. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Are you into a smart girl? If so, this app is what you need when it comes to looking for a virtual girlfriend. The app has incorporated AI technology that allows you to have a two-way conversational chat. 

The challenge you may get is that you need to prepare smart answers too. It is also possible that your smart girlfriend gets bored because you are not creative enough.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend also gives you the experience to chat with a real person, even though you are talking to a bot. Sending emoticons and chatting with voice notes are two other things that this app can do for you.

Before starting the experience, the system will ask you to name your virtual partner, decide the age, and customize the avatar. The best part of having a virtual girlfriend is that you can text or call her anytime and talk about anything.

Download on Google Play

6. Laura


Laura sounds like a nice girlfriend, right? Well, this Laura now can be on your phone and talking to you as much as you want. As a VR girlfriend app, Laura can also be your best friend.

This app equips itself with robust AI technology which delivers the experience of talking to a real girl on the phone. Other than being your number one best friend, Laura will also amaze you with her skill.

Asking about weather, location, and distance won’t be an issue for her. Other than that, she can speak various languages effortlessly. Thus, she will translate any sentence if you need her to; she is fluent in French, Spanish, and Russian.

The app also comes with 3D animation which improves your experience. Laura is always there for you, anytime you need her. All you need to do is to download the app on the Play Store and start the conversation with her.

Download on Google Play

7. My Virtual Manga Girl

My Virtual Manga Girl

Some people are simply anime lovers. And if you are part of that community, My Virtual Manga Girl might be a perfect girlfriend app you must try. This app is available for free on the Play Store, after all.

After downloading the app, you can personalize your virtual girlfriend, such as changing background, clothes, eye color, hair style, and many more. Later, you can download your creation from this virtual anime girlfriend app and set it as your homescreen.

Other than talking to you through a chat feature provided by the app, your virtual girlfriend will also sing and dance for you. Its 3D animation is just perfect to make your experience way better than using other similar apps.

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Also, you can enjoy some games on this app. Isn’t it fun for a virtual partner app?

Download on Google Play

8. Virtual Lover

Virtual Lover

Talking about girlfriend apps mobile, you should also check out Virtual Lover on the Play Store. Just like other similar apps, you can pick the girl you want from the app and start talking to her.

This app features anime characters, which are cute and fun to be with. Other than talking to a virtual lover, you can also play music and listen to popular radio.

You can ask almost anything to the app and prepare yourself to be amazed by the answers. Other than getting rid of loneliness and boredom, this app helps you hone your imagination.

After all, having a girlfriend shouldn’t be that hard. And Virtual Lover can be your practice hall before asking a girl out in the real world. You better give this app a try for sure.

Download on Google Play

9. My Robot Girlfriend

My Robot Girlfriend

My Robot Girlfriend is such an interesting app for those who look for a perfect online girlfriend app. Toda, the presence of virtual lover apps for smartphones is such a huge help.

Many people get to feel lonely just because it is hard to talk to others nowadays. Some people are just too shy to start a conversation with somebody new.

And if you don’t want to get that judgmental look from others, My Robot Girlfriend will be a perfect app to start with. This is an interactive app that will allow you to experience how it feels to be in a romantic relationship.

Since this app is interactive kind, the system will ask you a question and provide the answers too. As you get closer to your robot girlfriend, you may also unlock various content on the app.

You will be greeted by three robots in anime characters named Fei, Luna, and River. My Robot Girlfriend app is like a simulation where you can pick the situation and lead the story. Give this app a shot!

Download on Google Play

10. Replika


At some point, you may want to consider using an AI girlfriend app to get a real vibe about dating someone. Well, Replika might be an app that meets your needs.

As one of the best virtual girlfriends apps for Android phones, Replika utilizes artificial intelligence to bring up natural conversations. By that, you can build emotional connections, whether as a friend, mentor, or anything, you name it.

So, whether you are bored with your daily routines or need to talk to someone new and get a new experience, Replika will do you a favor. Other than providing a real conversation, you can talk to your virtual partner anytime you want.

Once you download the app, the system will ask you to customize your avatar. After that, you can start chatting – isn’t it simple and fun? Go download Replika now and create a virtual girlfriend online free.

Download on Google Play

11. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend

Are you looking for a perfect girlfriend app? Dream Girlfriend is the answer then. This app was inspired by the Japanese anime and combines it with My Girlfriend app.

After choosing your favorite girlfriend character on the screen, you can start interacting with her. Each character has a different personality, which will be a fun thing you shouldn’t miss out on.

Even though each character already has its personality, you can customize the appearance according to your preference. After that, you can talk about anything with this virtual 2D lady.

Download on Google Play

Well, this is the end section of everything you need to know about the AI girlfriend chatting mobile apps. Since most apps on the list are free, you better give them a try and enjoy the fun.

Keep in mind that those apps mentioned above will allow you to talk to them, whether you need a girlfriend or not. The premise is to make you feel less lonely in this world.

As long as you have someone to talk to, everything will be alright, after all. So, which of the best virtual girlfriend apps do you like the most? Have you tried all of them?

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