12 Best Hologram Apps for Android

Best Hologram Apps

Do you want to have fun with hologram but you can’t afford the projector? The best hologram apps help transform your Android smartphone into a 3D holographic projector, allowing you to enjoy 3D image simulation without extra cost.

Hologram applications are designed to simulate the work of hologram—it uses your phone’s camera to create such 3D effect in the air. These apps offer different objects for their hologram, ranging from dinosaurs to the Earth and moon.

Best Hologram Apps for Android

Exploring Google Play Store for hologram apps can be time-wasting and bewildering. If you don’t have time for this task then the following reference is made just for you. Find hologram apps of your favorite and get them on your Android.

1. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Download on Google Play

Let’s begin with Vyomy hologram app brought to you by TVK Gallery. This hologram projector app offers simple and easy steps to transform your phone into a hologram projector. Using a transparent plastic sheet, your device will be able to present a hologram video.

What’s great about this tool is that you can play any video in the gallery as a hologram video. All you have to prepare is transparent plastic and try out different videos. You will love how this simple app delivers a 3D object in the air. The bigger your screen, the better experience you will have.

This lightweight application runs well on Android 4.4 and higher, which means it is compatible with most Android devices released in recent years. With more than 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store, this is a cool hologram apps for your Android.

2. Dino Park Hologram Simulator

Dino Park Hologram Simulator

Download on Google Play

Next up, Dino Park is a cool hologram simulator that works well to simulate a hologram. Just as with most hologram apps, it uses your phone’s camera to create an incredible effect of the floating object. Without having to purchase an expensive projector, this app will transform your phone into one.

How to use this hologram simulator is completely easy. After downloading the app, choose a dinosaur of your favorite. Point your device to any surface and let the app and your phone do the rest.

It has 3 different types of dinosaurs to choose from, including velociraptor, raptor, and tyrannosaurus. Whether you want to surprise your kids, friends, or anyone in your family, this app can be your best option.

This best hologram app is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher. It also comes with a small download size, making it a friendly app for most devices.

3. Hand Spinner 3D

Hand Spinner 3D

Download on Google Play

Creating your own hologram is made fun and easy with Hand Spinner 3D. As the name suggests, this application allows you to create 3D holograms in form of spinner, the famous anti-stress toy. Choose your favorite toy and simulate a hologram using a holographic pyramid.

It has 11 different laser spinner toys to choose from. Once you made a choice, take a closer look at the pyramid from one side and you will be able to view a hologram. This is an amazing and attractive app that is suitable for anyone in your family.

To encourage a better user experience, you might need to use a device with a larger screen. Put your phone on a flat area with the screen side up. Put a holographic pyramid on the phone screen and generate the hologram. Now you will see a fidget spinner hologram.

Please note that this best hologram app won’t create 3D effect without the pyramid. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare the transparent pyramid before starting.

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4. HoloLens Dinosaurs Park 3D

HoloLens Dinosaurs Park 3D

Download on Google Play

Do you want to prank your friends or family? This best hologram app offers a unique way to surprise your target. HoloLens is a fantastic 3D simulator of dinosaurs with realistic models—there are 13 models of dinosaurs to choose from.

Not only does it provide you with realistic dinosaur models, but you are also allowed to rotate, reduce, and even enlarge them. Now you can show off in front of your friends or family by presenting this futuristic prank game app.

HoloLens works best in a dark room. In order to create a hologram, you will need a holographic pyramid placed on the screen. The combination of the pyramid and cool application provides you with a realistic dinosaur—you can bring them back from extinction.

This prank app uses your phone’s camera to evoke a realistic effect. Therefore, the quality of your hologram heavily depends on the quality of the phone camera.

5. Holo


Download on Google Play

Holo is a hologram app that works in a rather different way. While other apps let you create a hologram using phone’s camera, this tool enables you to add holograms of animals and people into a real-world so you can take videos or photos.

Using this best hologram app you can create the most unique content like never before. Add your favorite Holo character, snap a photo, and share with your friends or family. There’s a vast collection of holograms to choose from, ranging from celebrities to athletes and movie characters.

For a better experience, you can adjust the hologram in many ways. You can either rotate, move, or resize the hologram while recording for a realistic result. If you’re happy with it, save your videos or photos to your gallery.

As one of the most used hologram apps, Holo is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you are bored with standard video or photo content then this app is what you need to upgrade the result.

6. Holographic Experience 3D

Holographic Experience 3D

Download on Google Play

This is easily a convenient 3D hologram app with a smooth and seamless performance. With the help of a holographic pyramid, it lets you create real 3D holograms from your smartphone. Download this app and skip purchasing the pricey projector.

To make you feel the magical experience, this hologram app is loaded with features. For instance, it has fireworks that will come out of the screen. You can either get immersed in space searching for discovering new planets or relax while enjoying the beauty of the solar system.

What’s interesting about this app is that it allows you to take care of a hologram pet. The magic sphere is also available, making it possible to ask about your decisions and let the screen help you make a decision.

Improve your experience by using a bigger screen. Compared to other hologram apps, this tool comes with a larger download size. And yet, it is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

7. Vyomy 3D Hologram Earth & Moon

Vyomy 3D Hologram Earth & Moon

Download on Google Play

Here’s another Vyomy hologram app for simulating realistic holograms. Designed for Android, this best free hologram app is loaded with 3D hologram videos to view with your loved ones. You can enjoy an incredible view of the Earth, moon, and outer space.

Just like most hologram apps, it works with a transparent holographic pyramid. Place your smartphone with the screen side up and put a transparent pyramid upside down. Play one of the holographic video and you will be able to see a real hologram in the air.

For a better visual, it’s recommended to use a smartphone with a bigger screen. Therefore, the hologram will come in a bigger size. Share this amazing experience with your friends or family and see how they react.

8. Vyomy 3D Hologram Electrified

Vyomy 3D Hologram Electrified

Download on Google Play

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Find stunning hologram electrified effect with this Vyomy app. Developed by TVK Gallery, this tool contains a set of 3D hologram videos that allow you to view realistic hologram. All you have to prepare is a translucent holographic pyramid.

Like other Vyomy apps, you will be amazed by the incredible 3D hologram it brings. Simply choose a hologram video you want to play and enjoy the smooth, seamless performance with your kids, your partner, or your friends.

If you wish to enjoy a better visual, place your smartphone in a higher and flat surface. Put the holographic pyramid and start playing the video. The 3D hologram will appear inside the upside-down pyramid.

Without the transparent pyramid, it’s unlikely to enjoy the 3D hologram effect. Use a bigger screen for a more stunning holographic visual.

9. Holapex


Download on Google Play

Looking for the best hologram app to convert your video into hologram? Here’s Holapex, a powerful hologram video maker with video converter as the main highlight. Not only does it work for video, but you can also use pictures to convert them into hologram.

Even if you’re not a professional video editor, it is possible to upgrade your conventional videos and pictures into a futuristic hologram. This application will do the hardest part just like magic, allowing you to enjoy hologram from your smartphone.

This app works with a holographic pyramid that will evoke the 3D effect on the video. Get your holographic pyramid and view your video in a different way.

10. Hologram Pyramid Videos

Hologram Pyramid Videos

Download on Google Play

Creating a hologram from your pictures or videos made simple with Hologram Pyramid Videos. Designed with a beautiful interface, this tool allows you to use your still pictures or videos in a stunning hologram. This feature is now available on your Android smartphone.

No expensive projector is required for this. All you need is Hologram Pyramid Videos app and any image or video you want to convert. Don’t forget to prepare a holographic pyramid for the 3D effect.

Best of all, this app supports offline mode. This means it works properly even if your device is not connected to the internet.

11. Hologram Projector 3D

Hologram Projector 3D

Download on Google Play

Skip the pricey hologram projector and get your Hologram Projector 3D app. This particular tool is designed not only to project holograms but also to help you build your own holographic pyramid.

Either you want to have a cool project with your kids or you simply want to amaze your friend, Hologram Projector 3D comes in handy to achieve the goal. What’s more, it supports offline mode that allows you to run the app appropriately even without an internet connection.

There are different hologram models to choose from, including animals, cars, people, and many more. Get this app and create 3D holograms from your phone.

12. Hologram 3D

Hologram 3D

Download on Google Play

Hologram 3D is a cool app to make holograms with your smartphone. With the help of a transparent hologram pyramid, you can create 3D effects on a variety of pictures.

This projector app has a variety of hologram options, including the Earth, digital spiral, fountain, skull, and many more. Each hologram comes with a stunning visual, making it possible to enjoy the view with your friends or partners.

Hologram 3D is super easy to use. Once downloaded, you can pick a hologram to display. Put a plastic pyramid on the screen and you will see a 3D hologram inside the pyramid.

13. Vyomy 3D Hologram Sun

Vyomy 3D Hologram Sun

Download on Google Play

Want to see a hologram sun with 3D effect? Download Vyomy Hologram Sun on your Android. Combined with a plastic pyramid, viewing a jaw-dropping hologram is only a few taps away.

This Vyomy app doesn’t give you a fake hologram—instead, it provides you with a real hologram that is projected from your smartphone. Simply play a video in the app and place a pyramid upside down on your screen.

The smooth and seamless holograms give you an amazing experience of projecting a hologram with 3D effects. With a small download size, this tool won’t cause problems on your device.

Get the best hologram apps and create your own 3D holograms on Android. With the help of transparent plastic, your smartphone can be a functional projector for outstanding hologram visuals.

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