12 Best Decision-Making Games for Android

Best Decision-Making Games

Making the right decision at the right time is never a simple thing. It requires a specific skill to think through choices and analyze potential consequences so you can meet your goals. If you want to foster your decision making skills, installing the best decision-making games offers a fun and attractive way.

A bunch of decision-making games are released to the market, allowing you to learn that every decision comes with a consequence and you have to be responsible with it. Some apps are also designed to hone your skills on making strategies.

Best Decision-Making Games to Sharpen Your Skill

Do you want to figure out how well you are making decisions? There are a dozen choice making games you should install on your Android. If you don’t have much time to scour the internet, you’d better check this out and get more insights into the best games to hone decision making skills. 

1. Decisions: Choose Your Stories

Decisions: Choose Your Stories

Decisions is a popular decision-making app that combines role play and interactive story games. It lets you make choices and build your own episode so there’s no exactly the same story. Role play the characters the way you love it and choose your interactive story before sharing your romance narratives.

This best decision-making game highlights customizable characters that allow you to adjust them into the story, not to mention they are packed with fancy dress options. It also comes packed with multiple episode choices, which means you have limitless ideas to finish the story game.

Decisions offer multiple genres to improve your experience. Besides, this app is designed with attractive visuals so you won’t get bored with it. Featured in many countries, it supports multiple language interfaces such as English, Spanish, German, Malay, and more.

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2. Episode


Hundred million people use Episode to create their own story. Featuring various genres from love and romance to drama and adventure, it contains more than 150,000 interactive stories so you can make your choices. Or you can also write your own story.

This app allows you to customize your avatar and mix match adorable outfits that match the characters. Improve your creativity by developing relationships between characters, whether they become best friends or rivals. It also sharpens your decision making skills through choices.

Built with an attractive graphic design, Episode is one of the best decision-making games to install on your Android. Whether you want to read exclusive stories in your version or write your own stories, it offers the right tool and features to help you meet the goal.

Episode is free to download but you can purchase in-app items for additional content. It may contain moderate violence and sexual innuendo so younger children are not allowed to use this app. 

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3. Choices


Choices is a great example of how a single choice can make a huge change. Featuring story games from various genres such as drama, romance, and horror, this is an interactive game to hone your skills to make decisions.

Using this app, you can find various characters with attractive visuals. Feel free to customize their hair and outfit to fit their personality. When everything is ready, the story begins. You can fall in love, build relationships, or solve crimes but it’s worth noting that your choice leads to consequences.

Currently it has a number of top stories with immersive visuals, such as The Freshman, Perfect Match, and The Crown. New stories and chapters are added every week so you will never feel enough with this app.

Choices has got more than 50M downloads on Google Play. Millions of people play this app for free and you might be the next one.

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4. Journey


Combining RPG and decision making, Journey is a great app that offers immersive stories. It is a fantasy game in which your choices matter, allowing you to travel the world and play different stories. Featuring various genres from love to drama, romance, and mystery, new updates are available every week.

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Journey is designed with amazing visuals that look like a live-action series. Once installed, you can begin to develop relationships with the characters. Make your own unique stories through choices and see how your story will end.

Journey offers a bunch of stories to play, such as Recipe of Love and Linda Brown from romance category, Princess by Accident that comes with a strong sense of adventure, and Love Squared if you are fond of love stories.

Journey is one of the best decision-making games with more than 10M downloads. Get this app for free and buy in-app purchases if you desire.

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5. Chapters


Here’s Chapters, an interactive story game that allows you to make choices in every story. As you read through pages, you can make life-changing choices. Every choice comes with consequences and leads to a totally different ending. Do you dare to make your own story?

Whether you are into romance or adventure, Chapters always has interactive stories that will suit your mood. Thanks to an extensive collection of series from various genres brought to your table. No matter your preferences, your story does reflect your personality.

This best free decision-making game provides interactive stories and it only works with internet connection. If you are curious about the unique series and fun twists of Chapters, you can download this application for free on Google Play.

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6. City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris combines romance and mystery wrapped in Parisian lifestyle. This interactive story game boasts colorful characters with adorable outfits to indulge your visuals. Once you join, start to build relationship and make your choices.

You are the main character in your own story and this app gives you full control of it. This means you can decide how the story goes through choices and get prepared for the consequences. You can’t go wrong with the choices but some of them lead to greater consequences. So, be wise!

As one of the best decision-making games for Android, City of Love: Paris lets you create your dream life in Paris. It also gives you options to share the moments with friends or replay the story. If you are a romance novel enthusiast, you will fall in love with this app.

The good news is that you can download City of Love: Paris for free. Additional items are available as in-app purchases that require real money.

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7. Dead City

Dead City

If you enjoy an adrenaline rush then Dead City is worth trying. It is an interactive chat story that demands your decision-making skill because you have a mission to save Sam. Don’t make a wrong move as it will lead to horrible consequences.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, this adventure game adopts chat messenger apps. You will have to connect to Sam and give him advice and guidance to keep him safe. Answer Sam’s messages by choosing through choices, make decisions, and see how far you can help Sam survive.

Dead City includes decent features to improve your game experience, such as interactive real-time chat, statistics to find out decisions made by other players, thrilling story, and constant updates. Be sure to connect your device to the internet to enjoy full features.

This best decision-making game has a simple interface that looks like common messenger apps. Make your choices wisely and improve your decision making skills with this free app.

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8. Life Choices

Life Choices

Another choices and consequences game you should have on your Android smartphone is Life Choices. This life simulator game requires you to make the right decisions to repair the town. You can play their lives, bring people to the town, and have it revitalized.

Similar to most decision-making games, it requires your skill to make difficult and life changing choices. It comes loaded with more than 1,000 choices to shape your characters, live their life, and create unique story games you have never known before.

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For your convenience, Life Choices comes loaded with useful features. There are dozens of character sets to choose from, customizable town and house, relaxing gameplay, and intuitive interface. Not to mention it supports offline mode so you can play anytime anywhere.

Sharpen your decision making skills and have fun with Life Choices! Get it on Google Play for free or purchase additional game items for a better experience.

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9. Choices That Matter

Choices That Matter

Providing a vast collection of text adventure games that resemble CYOA books, Choices That Matter could be the perfect app to train your decision making skills. Among recommended decision based games you can find on the market, it has the simplest design yet still keeps the story amazing.

This game app boasts constant story updates that prevent the players from finishing the entire story in one play. It also comes packed with thousands of choices in total, making it a complex story game in the Choose Your Own Adventure category.

There are three main stories you can find on Choices That Matter, including And The Sun Went Out, And Their Souls Were Eaten, and And Their Heroes Were Lost. Progress through the story game and find the consequences of your choices.

If you are bored with love and romance or you simply love adventure story then this best decision-making game is good for you. It is free to download on Google Play.

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10. My Story

My Story

Choose your story, make your decision, and figure out how your story will end! My Story is an awesome interactive story game that will bring your imagination to the next level. If you enjoy romance, drama, or comedy then you will love this app.

On My Story, you’ll find various stories that require you to control how they go. On Love Mona story, for instance, you will play as a fashion icon. Your job is to make decisions for her, ranging from her career to love life. There are many other stories to discover depending on your favorite genre.

If you dream to be an author, My Story brings you closer to your goal. Rather than building your story from scratches, all you have to do is to shape the story. Thanks to the library that has a good narration for everyone. Feel free to choose your path! 

My Story is completely free to download. In-app purchases are available to improve your experience with additional content.

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11. Choice Game Library

Choice Game Library

Choice Game Library comes in handy to improve your decision making ability. Find more than 70 choices of interactive story, allowing you to customize the path based on your imagination. Thanks to constant updates, you can get new story games on a regular basis.

Are you looking for an interactive game app that works with and without internet connection? Choice Game Library could be your best option. Not only can you read novels, but also you can decide how the app will end. Control the main character and alter the story as you like it.

This application has got more than 1M downloads on Google Play, which means millions of people are happy with it. You can either download this app for free and enjoy default features or upgrade it with paid content.

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12. Maybe


Maybe is a great app to enjoy full control to the characters of your favorite novels. You can choose from available genres from love story to adventure, friendship, and mystery. You can decide to end the story with a happy ending or a sad ending.

Using this app, you will need to choose your answers and figure out how the episode goes based on your choices. Simply write your own story, control the characters, and find the excitement of this interactive game.

Maybe highlight interactive stories so it requires internet connection. Use in-app purchases to get more functionalities.

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The best decision-making games mainly feature interactive stories that allow you to control the characters through choices. These games don’t come with wrong answers but some choices lead to more consequences than others. So, be wise in making your decisions.

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