11 Best Apps Like Snapchat & Alternatives for Android

Apps Like Snapchat

Sharing moments and staying in touch with your loved ones is fun with Snapchat until you notice some issues such as an overwhelming interface and unavailable “last seen” status. Luckily, some apps like Snapchat can help you get rid of these and give you a better chat experience.

If you are tired of using Snapchat and you plan to grab a new one, there are a few chat apps to try out. Some platforms are built with more features than others, allowing you to pick one that meets your personal preferences. Let’s have a closer look at the most potential options.

Best Apps Like Snapchat for Android

Today’s chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are powered by end-to-end encryption so third-party cannot read or listen to your conversations. Some apps come packed with advanced features such as emojis, group calls, and even payment support.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a widely used chat app with millions of active users throughout the globe. It could be the perfect alternative to Snapchat for some reasons, including user-friendly interface, powerful privacy and security, and abundant features.

With WhatsApp, you can send text messages, documents of various formats, photos, videos, locations, and many more. For better communication, experience a seamless voice call or video call with your friends or family. You can either choose 1-on-1 or group calls.

Enhance your social life with WhatsApp status. This feature allows you to share your precious moments or daily activities with everyone in your contact. You can also view other’s status and leave a message to appreciate them. If you want to limit your audience, it lets you change status privacy settings.

Back up your conversations and media so you will never lose them. Whenever needed, you can easily restore chat history and read them later. WhatsApp is free and it is compatible with most Android versions.

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2. Telegram


Telegram is a powerful Snapchat alternative that promises improved communication. When a simple UI meets easy-to-use features, it provides you with convenient instant messaging. Not only does it support text chat, but also it allows you to make video calls and voice calls.

This cross-platform application runs well on a variety of devices and operating systems. Thanks to synchronization support, you can easily sync across devices and never miss any important chats. This also means you can check new messages or history from your handheld device or computer.

One of Telegram’s main highlights is security and privacy. All chats and calls performed in this app are end-to-end encrypted, so the third party cannot see or listen to your messages. Besides, your data remains private because only you can control it.

This app like Snapchat offers unlimited, cloud-based storage for your media, documents, and chats. No need to worry about running out of space or losing your data. Simply access them whenever you need and restore to your device.

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3. WeChat


Statistics show that WeChat has more than 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store. This clearly signifies users’ interests and satisfaction to their services, features, and accessibility. Not only can you make calls and chats, but also you can share special moments, daily life, and mobile payments.

When it comes to communicating with your friends or family, WeChat makes it possible to send text, voice notes, videos, location, and many more. It also supports a vast group chats up to 500 members. But if you are more into calls, it offers voice and video calls with high quality.

WeChat has other useful features, such as Moments to share your daily life; Sticker gallery to express yourself and make chats livelier; Selfie Stickers to make your own stickers; and WeChat Out which allows you to make calls around the globe at low rates.

If you are concerned about privacy, it lets you control your privacy so you can communicate with peace of mind. On top of all, this app like Snapchat supports mobile payment with which you can pay from this app using Pay and Wallet. However, this feature is currently available in certain regions.

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4. KakaoTalk


KakaoTalk makes your communication fun and simple across devices. More than 150M+ people use this app to stay connected, making one of the most widely used instant messaging apps worldwide. You can thank the abundant features, intuitive UI, and easy-to-use tools.

Text messages and calls come standard. You can create group chats with unlimited numbers and make 1-on-1 or group calls. What’s amazing, it has an open chat feature that offers an easy way to find new friends from other places and chat anonymously.

Improve your chat experience with profile and theme customization. Feel free to change your themes to suit your mood. You can also create a unique profile using photos, stickers, videos, and many more.  A wide selection of stickers is available to choose from.

This free app like Snapchat has more features to offer, such as live talk to experience live chat and streaming in real time; Kakao Channel that contains exclusive deals and coupons from various brands; and location sharing. It also has in-app purchases to enjoy this platform to its fullest.

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5. Messenger


Brought to you by Meta Platforms, Inc., Messenger is a renowned alternative to Snapchat which has got billions of users across the globe. It was initially integrated to Facebook but now it is available as a standalone app though it still requires your Facebook account to sign in.

In addition to text messaging, voice call, and video call functionalities that come standard, Messenger has many other features. Watch Together, for instance, comes in handy to watch fun videos with your friends so you can share your thoughts about the video.

Messenger also supports chat customizations with a vast collection of beautiful and fun themes. Choose a theme that suits your moods and enliven the conversations. You can also find tons of fun stickers and GIFs to improve your chat experience.

Messenger comes packed with privacy settings that help you secure your chats. Similar to most apps like Snapchat, it boasts end-to-end encryption to protect your messages from third party. For this reason, Messenger can be a great app not only for personal use but also for business.

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6. Line


Line is designed to level up your communication with loved ones. This free app supports voice and video calls in addition to text messaging that comes basic. One of Line’s key features is limitless stickers which help you express yourself during conversation.

Line is a game changer when it comes to stickers and emojis. With countless choices of stickers from developers and contributors, you can always find the right ones for your words. Plus, it allows you to use different themes to customize your app.

Another key feature to try is Line Voom with which you can find posts and accounts that come to your interests. Once you find them, start following them so you will never miss their latest posts. It also has a Home feature that gives you access to friends’ birthdays, sticker shops, and other services.

This app similar to Snapchat is free. However, you can buy in-app purchases at various rates to unlock more features. More than 500M+ people use this platform to communicate and maybe you will be the next.

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7. Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Wickr Me puts your privacy as priority. With this app, you can have a 1-on-1 or group chat, voice call, and voice memo with end-to-end encryption. It promises full protection to your images, files, and documents as well as gives you full control over access permission to your content.

This explains why Wickr Me private messenger app has been trusted for critical communications. With end-to-end encryption, Wickr and other parties do not have access to your messages and contact list. Plus, it doesn’t ask for your personal information such as phone number and email address.

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When it comes to features, this app like Snapchat highlights Shredder that overwrites deleted content from your device, ensuring no one can access it. You can also create a group of 10 members to communicate.

Configuration expiration timer is another excellent feature to find in Wickr Me. It allows you to set the expiration time for your messages and you don’t need to delete them manually. This is an efficient way to keep your secret messages a secret.

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8. Signal


Simplify your daily communication with Signal. This private messenger app has millions of active users who send and receive millions of messages as well as make HD voice and video calls every day. With a complete set of useful features, it keeps you connected with the loved ones.

Signal comes with a boast of advanced end-to-end encryption technology which lets you focus on sharing moments. It also has disappearing messages that will keep your history clean, not to mention it helps you get rid of nosy friends.

One unique feature you barely find on other messaging apps is customized alert. Feel free to customize alerts for each contact so you can easily identify the sender from the notification sounds. You can also disable sounds completely for any contact that you don’t like.

Furthermore, this app like Snapchat includes built-in image editing filters with which you can crop, sketch, and flip photos before sending them. There is also a text tool that allows you to add words to the pictures.

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9. Yubo


Yubo is more than a messaging app but it is a social platform with a lot of functionalities. Not only can you say hi to people with a chat feature, but also you can make new friends through live streaming. If chatting with your friends makes you bored then Yubo promises an exciting experience.

Before starting a conversation with other user, you need to either join live streams or add people. It also has a Swipe feature that allows you to find people nearby or from other countries. Check if they have similar interests to you.

For a fun chat experience, Yubo comes loaded with game feature. While waiting for your friend to reply, you can play fun games such as drawing quiz, guessing pictures, and many more.

This chat app is free to download. If you want to unlock more advanced features, Yubo provides you with in-app purchases that are available at different rates.

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10. Discord


If you are looking for an app like Snapchat that supports your communication then Discord could be the best bet. This application lets you stay in touch with friends, family, or community through text chat, voice call, and video call either 1-on-1 or groups.

To use Discord, you will need a server that organizes channels based on your favorite topics. Once you join a channel, it allows you to share files and documents, collaborate, and even conduct a meeting. Thanks to high fidelity, you can enjoy crystal-clear calls.

In addition, Discord is a fun app to create your own emojis. Simply take a photo and let this app turn it into a unique emoji. Share happiness by sending them with your friends. You can also share files like videos, stories, and photos.

Discord has got 100M+ downloads and is still counting. Download this app for free and enjoy default features or buy in-app purchases to unlock advanced functionalities.

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11. Steam Chat

Steam Chat

Seamless chat and calls experience are everything Steam promises to you. Often used by gamers, it comes packed with a number of key features. Let’s mention Friends List which lets you see who is online and Rich Chat which improves your conversations with videos, GIFs, emoticons, and many more.

It also has customizable notifications that ensure you won’t miss a message or invite. Customize notifications for each friend, channel, or group chat for easier identification. Besides 1-on-1 chat, it supports group chats to make it easier to stay connected to your community.

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Snapchat is a fun messaging app but you may want to migrate to other applications for some reason. Now that you know a list of apps like Snapchat with different features and functionalities, finding one that meets your needs should be easier. 


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