10 Best Sniper Games for Android

Best Sniper Games for Android

Action game enthusiasts can’t get enough sniper apps to play in their spare time. Whether you prefer first-person shooter or third-person shooter, you always deal with riffles, bullets, and battle. It is rather difficult to find the best sniper game that is fascinating but no one says it is impossible.

Designed as shooting games, most sniper games highly demand precision. You may need to put some extra effort with the touchscreen but you will be a pro in no time. This is why you must find shooting games with easy control.

Best Sniper Games for Android: Lock and Load

Advanced technology has been involved in the production of sniper games. This explains the presence of sophisticated guns and shooting weapons with different mechanics in most games today. Take a look at this list for top-rated sniper games for Android.

1. Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D is an online PvP shooting game to fight with multiple players from different places. The action-packed game supports offline and online that makes it a convenient sniper game on-the-go. Whether you are at home, train station, or on the bus, this is a great app to kill time.

It has a series of modes that provides you with flexibility during the game. While Sniper Story Campaign offers hunt and target elimination missions, Squad Wars allows you to join a squad and team up with friends to fight against assassin groups.

There are so many attractive things to do with Sniper 3D, such as collecting 150 rifles and guns, building shooter weapons, and upgrading for special abilities. You can also invite your friends or play with strangers from all over the world.

Sniper 3D comes packed with features but it highlights ultra-realistic 3D graphics to immerse you in the thrilling situation. Paired with intuitive game controls and amazing gameplay, it makes one of the best sniper games you can find on the market.

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2. Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

Join the thrilling first-person shooter game with Modern Strike Online. The multiplayer shooting game boasts a variety of combat modes, brilliant graphics, and simple controls, all the key to becoming a high-quality sniper game for Android.

Choose from 7 PvP battle modes that come to your preference from team deathmatch where two teams battle for dominance to bomb mode where you must fight against terrorists. You can also choose from 14 distinct mission maps coming with diverse landscapes.

The sniper shooting game has more than 20 characters like SWAT fighter, navy seal, northern warrior, and many more. Each character comes with different skills that you can develop as you progress. On top of that, it comes packed with a ton of customizable weapons and equipment.

With simple and intuitive game controls, Modern Strike Online is suitable for casual or amateur players. Even if you are new to PvP multiplayer shooting game, you won’t take too long to master it. As a plus, you can join the community to learn more about it.

This shooting game appreciates your achievement with free daily rewards. Play this game everyday and you’ll be able to claim your prizes for free. Isn’t it amazing?

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3. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

There are times when you can’t connect to the internet but you really want to get your daily dose of thrill. If this is your issue, Cover Fire comes to the rescue. While most sniper games require network connection to work, this offline shooting game is an exception.

Play to your heart’s content without connecting your device to mobile data or Wi-Fi so you can hone your skills and spend your spare time anytime anywhere. Discover a variety of challenging modes and strike your enemy with the best weapons.

Cover Fire is one of the best sniper games that deliver beautiful HD graphics and modern controls. This is the reason why it is addictive and rather difficult to put down. All the interactions between you and your soldiers feel so real, making you feel like being in the situation.

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What’s more, the newer version offers zombie operation that requires you to destroy all zombies so none of them are alive. Or if you need some competition, it lets you join online tournament mode to put yourself between other players.

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4. Stick Squad: Sniper Guys

Stick Squad: Sniper Guys

Can’t get enough stickman games? Try Stick Squad and you’ll be entertained with sniper stickman. Now they are on a mission to save the world. Join the quest of sniper Damien Walker across battlegrounds and shoot bad guys before they shoot you.

On Stick Squad you must accomplish more than 30 missions that require distinct approaches. You will need tons of bullets in this epic saga which will end up with dead bodies on the floor. You can also use more than 20 weapons aside from your guns and rifles, each is upgradable.

Players are welcome to customize their favorite characters. With full character customization, it is possible to personalize your stickman with accessories or armor of your choices. Featuring beautiful graphics and easy controls, this app is completely addictive.

Amazing effects are added to this sniper game stickman. Enjoy slow motion and bullet time effects that make this game more dramatic. If you don’t want to play alone, Stick Squad gives you an opportunity to battle against your Facebook friends.

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5. Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena is a live combat game where you can battle with over a half million snipers all over the globe. In order to become a professional shooter, you must enter the arena and join the thrilling PvP combat. Are you ready for the challenge?

The shooting competition feels more realistic with stunning 3D graphics that provide you with breathtaking details in every location. When combined with intuitive controls, you will master this game in no time. Swipe to aim, zoom for accuracy, and release to shoot!

Choose from 3 fun game modes with human opponents on the map. The more enemies you shoot the higher your score so you can climb on the leaderboards. What’s unique about this best sniper game is that you can improve your sniper career with different tasks.

However, Sniper Arena doesn’t support offline mode which becomes a major drawback for this game. It requires a fast and stable internet connection to optimize its gaming performance so you can play real-time online match with other players.

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6. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

When it comes to the best free sniper game for Android, Sniper Fury is a must-have. The simple online sniper game is designed with breathtaking 3D graphics, presenting realistic first-person-shooter battlefields on your smartphone.

This military gun game features thousands of missions you can take part in. Dozens of events will take you to different places around the world from Shanghai skyscrapers to Washington busy streets. Each event is delivered in amazing 3D.

Discover a plethora of weapon collections to hit your targets. Whether you prefer sniper rifles, automatic assault weapon, or single shot repeater, make the most of your armor to defeat your enemies. Upgrade is also available to bring more excitement.

Most online PvP shooting games require network connection and Sniper Fury is no exception. Connect your device to a fast and stable Wi-Fi or mobile data so you can enjoy amazing graphics and smooth movement. As a plus, it lets you explore plenty of online game modes

Despite the internet connection it needs, Sniper Fury is a great shooting app you can play for free. It allows you to pay additional items with in-game purchases.

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7. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the game changer in mobile FPS. Featuring amazing graphics, intense actions, and powerful guns, you can enter the thrilling battlefield to fulfill your duty. Compete against human enemies and work your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Chosen as one of the best sniper games, it comes packed with diverse modes from regular new events to team deathmatch and battle royale. Single player campaign is also available if you want to play casually.

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On Modern Combat 5 you can ally with other players and plan your assault via voice chat. Join weekly events if you have an urge to win rewards and prizes. It also supports customization and level upgrade with over 10 classes. Of course, it gives you the option to choose your combat style.

If you are competitive enough, work harder to master your low-tier guns. Once you master it, you will be able to unlock higher tiers and fancier items. Get into the action and enjoy the match with human players around the globe.

What about the graphic? This top-notch sniper game presents decent graphics and immersive sound. It also comes with intuitive control to improve your gaming experience.

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8. AWP Mode

AWP Mode

When a sniper rifle is your favorite weapon, AWP Mode could be your favorite game among others. Unlike most shooting games that allow diverse guns and weapons, this epic online sniper action allows sniper rifles only. You’ll have a unique set of sniper rifle collections to combat other players.

Explore exclusive sniper rifles from Mosin-Nagant to M24s for every competition. Show your shooting skills with your favorite rifle while enjoying the magnificent 3D graphics on your screen. It also gives you the opportunity to use different maps for worldwide dominance.

Another thing you’ll love about this best sniper game is the customizable skins. It has loads of skins that you can use to customize your guns. You can also choose diverse straps that match your sniper rifles. Besides showing off your skills, it’s possible to show your style.

Choose your character before starting a game. There is a plethora of heroes with unique characteristics such as bad girls, bikers, and many more. On AWP Mode you can also create your own clan and ally with other players—use in-game chat to communicate with them.

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9. Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter

Combining thriller and action, Zombie Hunter is an exciting game you shouldn’t miss out on. Zombie apocalypse has come to town and you must save innocent people by stopping the plague. Enjoy zombie hunting on this zombie hunter sniper and don’t get killed.

The realistic FPS shooting game has a number of levels in diverse areas. As the best sniper in the city, you can improve your weapon to kill the undead and rescue survivors. Use your arsenals such as machine gun, crossbows, or sniper to defeat them.

Your accuracy is highly demanded on Zombie Hunter. Aim for distance so the walking dead won’t notice your presence. Take advantage of the zoom feature or stabilizer to make the most out of your weapons. As you progress, it lets you unlock more items like bazooka or gunship.

This best sniper game appreciates all players with free rewards. As the rewards depend on your game performance, make sure to show your best skills. Don’t miss your targets to earn extra coins and frighten the walking dead at the same time.

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10. Gun War

Gun War

Another offline shooting for convenient gaming on-the-go. Gun War is a cool sniper game that combines high quality graphics, smooth controls, and loads of features. From multiple language support to exciting tasks, it helps upgrade your game experience.

Optimized for smartphone operation, Gun War comes packed with more than 50 scenes and maps presented in realistic graphics. It also features over 50 weapons that promise epic battles with your enemies. Even a system upgrade is supported for your ordinary weapons.

Choose from over a hundred shooter tasks with 6 special game types. Hone your shooting skills and enjoy the exciting battle from your mobile device. As a plus, it boasts flexible AI that allows you to defeat diverse enemies with unique characteristics.

Do you want a little bit of a challenge? Join the World Championship and rank up on the leaderboards. This competition lets you challenge other players from all over the world. You can also team up with friends to defeat your opponents.

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The best sniper games are basically designed to improve your accuracy. They boast smooth and simple control to help you play easily from your mobile device. With diverse sniper games on the market, make the best choice to your heart’s content.

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