12 Best Plant Identification Apps for Android

Best Plant Identification Apps

Are you interested in plants? Do you want to know the name of unique, strange plants you find in the park or along roadsides? Get the best plant identification apps and find out how it feels to have a personal botanist in your pocket.

Identifying plants made simple with plant identification apps—all you have to do is take a snapshot of the plant and get all information that you need about the plant. These apps are created to help plant lovers improve their insights on botany.

Best Plant Identification Apps for Android

The best plant identification app must have a vast library of plants from all over the world—therefore you can satisfy your curiosity. If you need a reference for recommended plant identification apps for Android then scroll through the following list.

1. PictureThis


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Let’s start with PictureThis, a plant identification app that is fast and accurate. Discover beautiful yet quirky plants around the world, ranging from flowers, succulents, trees, cacti, and many more. Thanks to easy-to-use and a simple interface, running this app won’t get you puzzled.

The tree identification app is rich in content—it supports up to 17,000 plant species with high accuracy up to 98%. Powered with revolutionary artificial intelligence technology, it lets you identify more plants every day.

Do you want to start gardening? PictureThis has plant care tips and reminders that help you grow beautiful plants. Whether you want to plant flowers or shrubs, this app lets you become a good plant parent.

One of the best features is that you can create your own personal collection. If you wish to share with your plant community, it has a built-in sharing feature to hit whenever you want.

2. PlantNet

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PlantNet is one of the best plant identification apps that allow you to identify plants by their photos. Simply capture a photo of the plant you want to identify and get all information that you need. This app is ideal for students, teachers, or plant lovers.

With more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store, this particular app offers a nice and attractive visual. What’s more, it has a vast library of plant species that make it possible to improve your insight on botany.

New features have been added to the latest version, including filter recognized species by family or genus; multi-flora identification to search for the captured plant; selection of favorite floras; and observation mapping.

Identifying plants has never been this easy. Either you want to identify plants, flowers, grasses, or ferns then PlantNet makes your job a lot easier.

3. PlantSnap


Download on Google Play

Identify all sorts of plants with PlantSnap. This flora identification app supports up to 600,000 types of plants including succulents, mushrooms, flowers, and even cacti. Learning about different kind of plants is completely simple.

In addition to identification functionality, PlantSnap comes packed with guidance that helps you take care of plants. You can also find useful gardening tips and advice for growing different plant species. Now you can grow any kind of plants healthily.

Millions of people have used this application to connect each other. Once downloaded, you can get access to connect with over 50 million plant lovers from all over the world. Share your photos and interest with your friends.

What’s interesting about this best plant identification app is that you can find key information about plants. You can also search for plants by name and discover unique floras around the world. If you want to access those discoveries anytime, it lets you create your very own plant collection.

4. LeafSnap


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Do you find a beautiful wildflower but you don’t have any idea about its name? Get LeafSnap and satisfy your curiosity. This plant identification app is designed to help all plant lovers around the globe improve their insight on floras.

Only with a picture, you can identify plants with up to 90% of accuracy. It has the ability to recognize thousands of species of plants, representing most species existing on Earth. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, the identification process is only a matter of a second.

Learning more about plants made easy with LeafSnap. The developer constantly adds information on plant species to its database—the more information added, the more plants you can identify.

There are more other features to find in this app, such as custom collection support, reminders, care calendar, and useful tips. The least mentioned allows you to get to know more about how to grow different kinds of plants.

5. NatureID


Download on Google Play

NatureID has everything you need to identify plants with just a tap of the finger. Learning about plants around you is as simple as taking a snapshot. Either you find a fascinating wildflower or discover quirky shrubs in the garden, this app tells all information you need to know.

How this app works is pretty simple. Take a picture of the plant and let this app give you a description. Get everything you need to know about the plant, including plant profile and how to take care of it. If you want to share with your plant lover friends, simply hit the share button.

Add to My Yard is one of the interesting features to find in NatureID. By tapping this button you can add the plant to your collection so you can easily access it in the future. Are you interested to grow the plant in your garden? Set care reminders to grow a healthy plant.

As a bonus, this plant identifier app comes packed with disease identifier that lets you diagnose a plant disease. It also supports recognition algorithm that will improve your identification experience.

6. PlantIn


Download on Google Play

Discover anything you need to know about plants with PlantIn. This plant identification app allows you to search for useful information only with a picture—take a snapshot of the plant and get to know anything you want to know.

Aside from identifying plants, you can learn more about diseases. This free application features AI-based identification algorithm that helps you check for plant problems. Of course, it lets you find out a proper cure plan to save the plant.

Furthermore, this best free plant identification app highlights lightmeter with which you can compare requirements of plant light and the lighting you provide. With a professional care guide, discover detailed plant care guides created by professionals.

There are so many other features to find in this app, such as plant journal to track your plant care; expert help to ask any question to the professional; even care reminders so you won’t forget to take care of the plants.

7. Blossom


Download on Google Play

Blossom combines plant identifier and plant care guide in a single app. Using this app you can identify all sorts of plants including succulents, plants, flowers, and tress only by photos. You will also find useful plant care tips and how-tos to help you become a good parent for green babies.

Do you want to know how to report your plants? Do you need a guide on how to fertilize the greeneries? Blossom has got you covered. And of course, it highlights an identifier with which you can learn more about plants and how to grow them.

As one of the best plant identification apps, it supports up to 10,000 plants around the world. All it takes is a photo of the plant and you’ll find useful information in detail. Learn together with your friends or students.

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Just can’t get enough information? Blossom provides you with tons of articles about plant care and also video tutorials. The developer constantly updates the content so you can upgrade your knowledge about plants.

8. Flora Incognito

Flora Incognito

Download on Google Play

Flora Incognito is another free app that helps you with plant identification. It transforms your smartphone into a virtual botanist that will be ready to answer your question anywhere anytime. With a quick identification process, you can work with just a picture of the leaf or flower.

When you take a stroll in the park and spot a unique unknown plant, take a picture and this application will identify it in a matter of second. Not only can you discover the plant species name, but you can also find further profile of the plant, such as characteristics, distribution, and more.

There are many other features to find in this app, including a vast library containing 4800+ plant species, a large collection of European flora, and species portrait with information. You can also take benefits from this app’s search and filter function.

Flora Incognito is specially designed for identifying wild plants and it’s not suggested to use the app for crossing or breeding plants. If you’re a nature lover then this app is made just for you.

9. Plant Lens

Plant Lens

Download on Google Play

Looking for a simple app to identify plants on your Android? Plant Lens is a good name to mention. With just a few taps, you will be able to discover a flower’s name without calling a botanist or plant lover. Whether you’re in the park or on the way home, this app tells you the name of any plant.

Plant Lens supports up to 60,000 plants species with higher accuracy of 92%. Even the most expert botanists would fail to name every plant they found. In addition to profile info, you will also find attractive visualization about the plant.

This plant identification app highlights a large collection of plant species. It also supports easier tracking with a personal collection feature. Plus, you can create a customized plant map with photos of plants you have taken.

10. iNaturalist


Download on Google Play

Here’s iNaturalist, a powerful identification app that works rather differently than previous apps. This popular nature app works not only on plants but also animals, making it a great app for students, teachers, scientists, and everyone.

This best plant identification app allows you to get connected to thousands of naturalists and scientists from all over the world. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you improve your insight on nature. Do a little observation and record it so you can share it with your friends.

11. Seek by iNaturalist

Seek by iNaturalist

Download on Google Play

From the same developer as iNaturalist, Seek by iNaturalist makes plant recognition much simpler. The app is powered with image recognition technology that helps you with plant and animal identification. Discover unique plants, fungi, or birds and be a real naturalist.

Seek by iNaturalist uses your phone’s camera to take a picture of the object. Once captured, you can identify them and record your observation. You can learn more about the object in their real environment.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can earn badges as you make observation. The more you observe, the more badges you will earn.

12. Garden Tags

Garden Tags

Download on Google Play

Garden Tags has everything gardener needs to make planting more fun. In this app you will get planting tips, advice, and plant identification as the main star—identification is performed by community members. With just one app you can become a good plant parent as well as a naturalist.

Managing your plants and garden made simple with Garden Tags. With a vast community of 100,000 gardeners, it is possible to share your thought, experience, and advice. Best of all, this application is free to download.

Discovering new plants in your surrounding made fun with the best plant identification apps. Not only can you receive plant information in detail, but you’ll get many other benefits such as planting tips and getting connected to other plant lovers.

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