12 Best Survival Games for Android

Best Survival Games

Avid survival enthusiasts have a large selection of games to play in their idle. The best survival games for Android are designed to drag you into the scenes and drive your emotions, a kind of thrilling experience hardly found in real life.

Survival is a distinct genre that is able to hone your survival skills and strategies. Most games of this genre take place in the harsh environment of war, threat of walking dead, or post-apocalypse so you have to put your best effort to stay alive. Are you ready for the challenge? Read on.

Best Survival Games for Android

We have selected top-rated, most thrilling survival games to drive your emotions. Whether you need some adrenaline rush or simply want to challenge your gaming skills, find your favorite survival games below.

1. Last Shelter

Last ShelterDownload on Google Play

Last Shelter is one of the most popular survival games featuring the walking dead and warfare at once. In this game you have two options, either to survive or become one of creepy zombies. Your mission is to exterminate the walking dead with your secret weapon, the tower.

War setting is also featured in this game app. It allows you to build your own empire, recruit heroes, and hold warrior training to conquer the world. You will also have to battle enemies and fight to bring your empire to greatness.

Everything you see in this game seems realistic thanks to high quality graphics. From the maps to the units and heroes, it drags you to every scene, providing you with a better user’s experience.

Last Shelter gets more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone. If you are looking for a real survival game with easy to understand gameplay then this application is worth a try.

2. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

Download on Google Play

If you are among chosen human race on Earth, what would you do? Last Day on Earth is a survival game that lets you find out the thrilling sensation of surviving in a harsh environment. Set in 2027, it brings you to a post-apocalypse world with zombies and vicious animals.

Surviving on the ruins is all you have to do. While playing the game, you will need to keep an eye on the life stats of the character like thirst and hunger. You can also create weapons to defend yourself, collect valuable resources, and make the best out of anything you have.

Beware of intruders! You have to defeat other survivors who attempt to snatch your resources. Use your power and brain to make traps or build fortification for saving your life. You can also make a true friend and build a shelter to stay safe.

This best free survival game enables you to find a variety of seasonal locations with amazing graphics. It comes in handy to customize your hero with your preferred skin color, hair color, and hairstyle.

3. State of Survival

State of Survival

Download on Google Play

With contagious virus has infected the city, you have to fight against zombie and stay alive. Surviving the walking dead apocalypse isn’t a simple task—it requires your best survival strategy to get through this situation and win the game.

As one of the best survival multiplayer games, State of Survival highlights a bunch of features to upgrade your survival experience. You can rebuild a settlement for a safe haven and rescue other survivors to improve your strength in a new post-apocalypse world.

And if you love to play science, this game app enables you to make research on zombie. Learn anything you need to know about the disease and find out how to control the infection.

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Developed by KingsGroup Holdings, State of Survival boasts high quality and realistic graphics for every scene. This survival game has made idle time of millions of users and now it’s your turn.

4. Day R Survival

Day R Survival

Download on Google Play

Day R Survival is a role playing game with millions of enthusiasts worldwide. You can expect an emotion-driving experience to stay alive in a tough environment with hunger, radiation, and disease all around.

Your struggle to survive never comes easy. You will have to face walking dead and hunger, monsters and pandemic diseases, and many more. Use all your resources like weapons, transport, and even clothes to survive in the new world.

Day R Survival provides you with realistic HD graphics for immersive survival. You can also find hundreds of items to help you accomplish the mission and fight the enemies, not to mention it has chat feature that is available in online mode.

What’s great about this game app is that you can choose the difficulty level of your adventure: online, real life, and sandbox. Featuring craft system combined with hardcore shelter simulator, this is a game app that brings lots of excitement in your idle.

5. Survival and Craft

Survival and Craft

Download on Google Play

Just in case you are sick of the walking dead or post-apocalypse sets then Survival and Craft deserves your attention. In this application you are a survivor of a terrible plane crash. Now you are on the raft and hungry sharks put you in danger.

How can you survive? If you have any idea how to stay alive in this situation then this app is made just for you. The survival simulator allows you to catch fish, create building materials, and even grow vegetables. You can also discover new lands and travel to other islands.

This is one of the best survival games for your Android. Designed as a multiplayer game, it is possible to enjoy the game with your friends. You can build a craft, get resources, and help each other to survive in a wild, dangerous ocean.

6. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Download on Google Play

If you have an Android device with 3GB of RAM or higher then ARK: Survival Evolved can be your new favorite. This distinct survival game takes you to dino-adventure as it sets in primeval age when dinosaurs rule the world.

There’s a mission you have to accomplish—capture and tame dinosaurs and primal creatures to help you survive. Meet with other players in the Jurassic world and form tribe of survivors.

As you start in this game, you are alone and unarmed. You can craft tools, gather resources, hunt, and build shelter to stay alive. As you progress, you can meet up with some friends or even make a new friend online to defeat the predators.

This game app is packed with over 80 dinosaurs you can tame, train, and ride. There are also many other primeval creates from ecosystems across air, land, and sea. Designed with immersive graphics and sound, playing this game can be a great way to kill time.

7. Dawn of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies

Download on Google Play

Here is another zombie survival game for walking dead enthusiasts. It simulates post-apocalyptic world with zombies and mutants all over the place. Aside from zombies, you will have to survive against pandemic diseases, hunger, and nuclear radiation—all typical zombie games are found here.

There are so many features to find in DoZ, including dozens of characters, mysterious artifacts, and quests. A wide range of weapons are supported to help you fight against enemies. You will also find realistic graphics with day and night change as well as volumetric fog.

New feature is added to this game app. Golden Status comes in handy to gain extra inventory features, free gear and point bonuses. What’s more, it supports a large selection of weapons and stealth mode to hide and kill stealthily.

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The developers promise some new features to be added, such as NPC allies and pets, spy drone, and clan system. Besides, upcoming chat enables you to communicate with other players.

8. Mine Survival

Mine Survival

Download on Google Play

How about trying a survival app from Indie game developer? Mine Survival is a lightweight game app designed for Android devices. Unlike most survival-adventure games with realistic graphics, it offers unique 3D designs for a distinct gaming experience.

Using this application you can craft your own tools and settlement to protect yourself from the walking dead. Collect various items for your buildings to create your safe haven so that you can survive longer. Don’t forget to install walls, towers, cannons, and snares to stop zombies.

Easily check your life stats as you play. Be sure to monitor body temperature, water, and hunger to stay alive. Poo management is also available, a feature hardly found in other survival apps.

What’s more to find in Mine Survival? This game app allows you to collect natural objects and ores in the cave. Unicorn, pets, and fever zone is also added to the latest version, ensuring a better gaming experience for every user.

9. Prey Day

Prey Day

Download on Google Play

Prey Day is set in 2033 when virus outbreak has left most human population dead. This online, multiplayer survival game presents zombie apocalypse and survivors who attempt to stay alive, including you. Can you make it?

Among few survivors, you have to deal with hunger, thirst, and zombie attack. Make your own shelter by collecting materials and stay safe in your haven. There are many other things to do, such as investigating the cause of virus outbreak and discover new weapons.

If you are looking for the best survival game offline then Prey Day is not a good option. This game app requires internet connection to work properly, including completing quests and communicate with friends.

10. Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Candy Mobile, Ocean Survival is a distinct adventure-survival game app for your idle. When a storm hit your ship and sank it into the ocean, it left you as the only survivor. Using a lifeboat, you will have to stay alive no matter what.

Ocean Survival gets you some adrenaline rush. While you’re dealing with hunger, thirst, and sea intruders, you will have to keep an eye on your life stats. You can also collect resources for crafting weapons and anything to help with your survival.

What’s interesting about this game app is that you can see fierce sea creatures in realistic graphics. It also supports tons of recipes for an extensive crafting, not to mention you can discover a massive living or ocean landscape.

11. Dino Tamers

Dino Tamers

Download on Google Play

Evolving dinosaurs become the main highlight of Dino Tamers. The name speaks for itself—it’s a great app that showcases wonderful primal creatures, including herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs. Let your dino evolve and win the battle.

This multiplayer survival game comes with easy gameplay. All you have to do is capture and tame the beast so they will be yours. Saddle up and get ready for the adventure in the Jurassic world.

In this game you can become a dino hunter and collect them. It also features sneak mechanic that lets you get closer to your favorite dinosaurs stealthily.

12. No Way To Die

No Way To Die

Download on Google Play

Not least of all, here’s No Way to Die, a survival game app featuring post-apocalypse world. As one of few survivors, you will face the walking dead coming every night. Awaken in a bunker, you have to eliminate any threats and stay alive.

You can find nice and immersive graphics combined with rogue-like gameplay. Use the survival simulator to hone your virtual survival skills and win the game.

Just as with most survival apps, you will have to fight against enemies for profit. You also need to craft your own equipment, armor, and weapons to help you survive.

Finding a reference for survival simulator helps you with the job of finding the best survival game apps. Have you made a decision?

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