10 Apps Like Discord & Similar Alternatives for Android

Apps Like Discord

Discord has been a popular app to communicate over voice calls, video calls, and text chats. Despite its ability to facilitate professional Livestream and good chats, many users are trying to find apps like Discord and move to new ones.

Privacy issues, lack of robust integrations, and less professional user interface are among the most common reasons for users’ migration. If you belong to this group and you are currently looking for Discord alternatives, this reference will help you out.

Best Apps Like Discord for Enhanced Chat Experience

Android users have a lot of options when it comes to apps similar to Discord. Some popular names like Skype and Microsoft Teams have been widely used by professionals. But you have many other choices to try out, such as Flock, Troop Messenger, and Slack. Let’s have a closer look at the list.

1. Microsoft Teams

With millions of active users from around the globe, Microsoft Teams is one of the best apps like Discord to install on your Android. This collaboration and communication app includes video calls, chats, conferences, files, calendar, and tasks in one place.

Using Microsoft Teams, you can perform a conference call without worrying about security issues. You can also have a video call with your friends, family, or team mate with easy setups. Invite more people to your calls by sharing a link.

To make communication more fun, Microsoft Teams contains message animations, GIFs, and emojis. Feel free to express yourself and make conversations more memorable. Or if you are in a serious project, use Teams to create group messaging and share files to get the projects done.

Microsoft Team is completely easy to access from anywhere anytime, thanks to cloud storage support. It also comes packed with a dashboard view that helps you organize shared content, from photos to files and links.

For enhanced security, you can store sensitive information in a digital Safe. This feature is available if you use Microsoft Teams with a personal account. Featuring a simple and user-friendly interface, this app is completely free to download.

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2. Skype


Who doesn’t know Skype? This platform has been widely used for instant messaging, voice call, video call, and video conference for free. With the ability to connect efficiently, it becomes one of the most popular apps like Discord ever released.

Skype is compatible across platforms, which means you can run it on your computer or Android device for easier communication on the go or in the office. Once installed, there are so many things you can do with it, from making video calls to using emoticons.

This app allows you to invite up to 24 people for a video call, so it is suitable for video conferences or meetings. It also comes packed with a chat feature that helps you reach people in a matter of seconds. What’s great, Skype has SMS Connect to read and reply to SMS messages on your phone.

Sharing photos and videos is made simple with Skype. You can also share your screen and save shared photos to your gallery to view later.

How about making your conversation livelier? This chat app comes loaded with emoticons, Giphy, and images to express yourself better.

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3. Flock


Flock is powerful collaboration and team chat app that helps streamline your work. If your team currently communicates via multiple tools, such as email, messaging app, and video conference platform, Flock brings them into one place.

Using this app, you can communicate with your team or community through group messaging or 1-on-1 chats. For specific communications, it allows you to create channels—this is ideal for your projects or department.

Flock offers abundant features, such as built-in send and search feature that lets you send or share files with just a tap. Screen sharing is also possible with video and audio call hold. Moreover, it helps increase your productivity with reminders, to-dos, and polls.

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This business messaging app is compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also integrate with other tools, such as Trello, Google Drive, GitHub, and many more.

Flock is free to download. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface, you can access and use this app without difficulties.

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4. Wire


If security is your main concern, Wire can be the best app like Discord to download on your device. This collaboration platform is designed to increase your productivity while ensuring your information remains safe. With Wire, you can share information and communicate without worries.

Whether you prefer group or private conversations, this app promises seamless and secure communication. Feel free to share documents, files, or links and get reactions from your team mate. It also provides a conference call button that allows you to start with just one click.

There are many other things to do with Wire, such as inviting partners or customers for collaboration, integrating with your favorite services, and increasing privacy with ephemeral messages. Not to mention you can enjoy ultimate security with end-to-end encryption.

This Discord alternative is designed with an intuitive UI to enhance your collaboration experience. Moreover, it runs well on various devices and operating systems so you can stay in touch with your team either anywhere anytime. Internet connection is required.

This application is available for free. With more than 1M+ downloads, Wire is one of the best collaboration apps to install on your Android device. 

Download on Google Play

5. Google Chat

Google Chat

Built for your teams, Google Chat is a powerful collaboration and communication app that highlights security. It helps you get the tasks done with an efficient and secure conversation. Featured in many countries, Chat has millions of active users worldwide.

It has a few key features. Let’s mention group collaboration that allows you to utilize Google Workspace for creating and sharing content through Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It also highlights one-click meetings, side by side editors, and easy scheduling. 

Google Chat is optimized with Google search functionality, with which you can filter content and conversations that you have shared. This allows you to search for previous chats and conversations conveniently.

Furthermore, Google Chat is reinforced with advanced features to support business purposes. Providing the benefits of Google Workspace in terms of access controls and security, it comes packed with data loss prevention, admin settings, vault retention, and many more.

Google Chat has more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone. Whether you want to organize groups with files and tasks, message your team, or create collaborations in rooms, Chat has got you covered.

Download on Google Play

6. TeamSpeak

Are you looking for a decent app that supports convenient and secure communication on Android? TeamSpeak is one of the best choices you can get. This app like Discord allows team communication and information sharing through private networks or the internet.

It offers a brilliant solution for business professionals and gamers to chat with a team, collaborate in a project, discuss strategy, etc. All you need is to connect to a TeamSpeak server and you are good to go. Whether you are in the office or on the go, it keeps you connected.

TeamSpeak comes with synchronized bookmarks with multi-server connectivity. It also supports push-to-talk and voice activation that promises easier use. Besides, TeamSpeak includes basic functions to send and receive text messages.

This Discord like app promises seamless experience when sharing information and communicating with your teams. Thanks to improvements and new features constantly added to this app.

Millions of people use this app to get their tasks done. If you don’t mind spending a dime for a collaboration and communication app then TeamSpeak is made just for you.

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7. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is built with security in mind, being an excellent office chat application to promote safe and secure business communication and data sharing. Featuring unlimited group creation, it becomes one of dependable group chat apps for your workgroups or businesses.

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This app like Discord includes various features. Individual chat is one of the main highlights that allows you to start a conversation with your team, aside from group chat with which you can share data with everyone in your team. It also supports multimedia sharing for sharing audio, videos, and images.

Additionally, Troop Messenger gives you an option to share files from various formats, such as doc., ppt., xls., and others. Whether you want to share project reports or presentation slides, it has got you covered. It also lets you share attachments with third-party apps like WhatsApp or Gmail.

Many other activities are supported, such as location sharing, group creation, direct link opening, and business profile creation. Multiple security options ensure the safety and privacy of your information without installing third-party apps.

On top of all, this best free app like Discord allows data backup that helps restore your data. With this feature at the disposal, no need to worry about losing your data.

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8. Chanty


Chanty has everything you need to optimize business communication and improve productivity. This discord similar app lets you collaborate effectively without having to install multiple apps on your device. Designed with an intuitive interface, it is completely easy to use.

The collaboration app offers instant messaging to communicate with your team. You can either use 1-on-1 chats, public conversations, or even private conversations to send text messages. Searchable message history helps you keep track of the conversation.

In addition to text messaging, Chanty supports audio and video calls to communicate with your team members—both group and 1-on-1 calls are allowed. Or if you want to send voice messages, it has the right tool for you.

Chanty’s task management feature helps you get the tasks done. Utilizing a Kanban board, it offers a flexible and easy way to set a due date, manage tasks, and adjust priority. You can also integrate this app with third-party apps for easier use.

Chanty is free to download without in-app purchases. But you can upgrade and choose business plan to experience advanced features with enhanced user control.

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9. Slack


Improve your team communication with Slack. This Android app like Discord helps you get more tasks done. Designed for small to large businesses, you can do a lot of things, such as checking to-do lists, making conversations, and reaching your teammates.

Feel free to organize your conversations by different categories, such as topics, projects, and anything matters. You can also send messages to a specific person or a group. Keep everyone in your team well-informed with the ability to share documents and collaborate.

Slack can be integrated to your favorite services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, and many more. For your ultimate convenience, it has a powerful search feature with a central knowledge base so you can archive and index past conversations.

This app has got more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone. Available for free, Slack is completely accessible to anyone. However, it doesn’t come with in-app purchases so you can upgrade the features.

Download on Google Play

10. Steam Chat

Steam Chat

Steam Chat comes in handy to level up your team communication and group conversations. It includes a number of key features, such as Friends List to see who is online and Rich Chat that improves your conversations with links, videos, GIFs, emoticons, and many more.

If you want to invite new friends to Steam, it has Invite Links that can be generated in a matter of seconds. Send the link via email or text and welcome your friends. It also has notifications so you won’t miss a message. Customize the notifications per group chat, channel, or friend.

Connecting everyone in your team is made easier, thanks to group chats that make it happen. All you have to do is create a group chat, invite your teammates, and start a conversation. With a user-friendly interface, using this application shouldn’t be a problem.

Download on Google Play

There are so many apps like Discord on the market but you can’t pick a random platform to handle your professional businesses or projects. This app reference is made just for you so you can stay in touch and collaborate with your teammates, friends, or family.

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