10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Android

Best Hairstyle Apps for Android

Nowadays, fashion and appearance are indeed paramount aspects of life. For this reason, never try something that can shame you later. If you need small assistance, the best hairstyle apps below will do.

The development of a highly advanced virtual world has had a positive impact on all lines of life, including hairstyles. Thus, it is much easier to decide whether the cut or color looks good on you. After all, these apps are suitable for all users, regardless of gender, hair type, or hair length.

These AI-powered apps will let you see your face in real-time without cutting or damaging a strand of your hair–preview before making a decision. So, you can find out which hairstyle suits your expectations without the slightest risk. Let’s experiment with all the looks you’ve been dreaming of!

Best Hairstyle Apps for Android to Get Your Best Appearance

These applications offer a variety of features with their respective advantages and disadvantages. So, scroll down to find out which app is the ultimate tech-savvy and your dream style. Let’s jump right in!

1. Perfect365


Perfect365 is not just a hairstyling app, but it is a makeover app. It allows all the users to try out new makeup, hairstyles, and fashions. Thence, you can try on 30+ hairstyles, 20+ makeup trends, and other activities by simulating the look using your smartphone’s front camera.

In addition, several media portals support the popularity of this application by contributing many makeover and hairstyle video tutorials from several well-known celebrities, makeup artists, and stylists.

Meanwhile, you’ll get a number of great features after regular updates, so you can customize your dream look with one tap and avoid bugs–even if they rarely happen. Such a great of the best hairstyle apps, right?

The sophistication of its mobile imaging technology or AR technology produces image quality with HD resolution. It allows you to try different hairstyles and hair colors, along with various makeup options and face detection with better touch-up effects.

You can save your best makeovers or hairstyles in your gallery and send them to your friends, family, or hairstylists you rely on. In fact, if you want to have fun sharing your new hairstyle simulation on your social media, you can really trust this app.

Behind the fame and sophistication, of course, you can still find a few little problems. Some users are finding slight performance issues on their devices, which can be affected by many factors. Another inconvenience that may annoy you is the ad cloud with ad click baits.

Therefore, this best hairstyle app for Android has an optional paid subscription plan starting at $1.99, which can unlock more features and reduce in-app ads. Plus, you have the chance to consult professional makeup artists to try out new looks in the Perfect365-PRO version.

Download on Google Play

2. Magic Mirror 

Magic Mirror 

Magic Mirror is one of the best hairstyle apps for Android that you should try. Why? Because you can experiment with lots of new as well as unique hairstyles or hair colors. And then, see which one suits your face.

The interface is smart and straightforward, which is the great part. It will be more focused on serving the purpose of 30+ sets of hairstyles and makeover looks. Regardless of your gender and your age, you can use this application without confusion.

You don’t need to spend a penny on the demo version and can enjoy some of the basic features. However, if you want to enjoy the full version with its library, rotation tool, and advanced face detection system, you will have to pay some money for the subscription.

Every time you complete the registration for a new account, there are 4 characters available for you; 2 male characters and 2 female characters. Moreover, there are 20 memory cells to mix and match various hairstyles and hair colors at once. From wavy hairstyles, short cuts, and mohawks, to ponytails.

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With this one of the best free hairstyle apps, you can get an attractive look from a variety of genres to suit your personality. After that, save the results to your gallery or share them on your social media.

Even so, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) present in the Magic Mirror app isn’t very advanced so it’s unrealistic. Plus, you need to decide for yourself which look suits you best because the app won’t give you any explanation. In conclusion, this app is really great for fun-based use but not for professional salon-based use.

Download on Google Play

3. Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer is also comprised of our best hairstyle apps for Android list considering its up-to-date features. Additionally, the application update is still active onwards and gains a 4.5/5 star from more than 1 million downloads.

Here are the details on what features you will get after downloading the Hairstyle Change app:

  • Automatic Recognition Technology is a smart recognition feature that permits you to make your makeup precisely and naturally.
  • Trendy Hairstyles Collection, which allows you to try on all kinds of hair lengths and styles, from straight to curly. Even, there are so many trending hairstyles for you to try out.
  • Gradient Hair Color Trends. As the name means, this feature lets you experiment with multiple colors at once with a single tap.
  • Adjust hairstyle manually. In addition to its advanced features, you can also customize your own hairstyle to your preference. For example, when your real hair looks limp, you can manually turn it up with more volume.

Did we say that this virtual hairstyle app is free? Now, you should download this app as soon as possible to find out your own experience.

Download on Google Play

4. Hairstyles Step by Step 

Hairstyles Step by Step 

This one of the best hairstyle apps for Android devices is entirely different from the previous ones. You won’t be importing your face into the application to find the right hairstyle. Nevertheless, you will be proficient at making tons of hairstyles with the step-by-step tutorials provided in the application.

Well, this genius app recaps 60+ hairstyle tutorials for you to follow with ease. Therefore, this app has succeeded with 4.⅖ stars from 46.3K reviews and 5M+ downloads. Isn’t that amazing?

If you download the Hairstyles Step by Step app, you don’t need subscription fees, coins, or registration fees. However, if you want to open a more exclusive hairstyling tutorial, users will usually need only $ 1.99 per item.

Download on Google Play

5. Face App

Face App

It is another one of the best hairstyle apps with some outstanding and fascinating features. The Face App will assist you with light edits or complete makeovers according to your needs and wants.

This app is supported by state-of-the-art facial editing technology, which creates the editing results hyper-realistic for both personal and semi-professional use. Next, you can enhance your look using a fantastic range of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools.

There are over 60 highly photorealistic filters to make seamless edits with just one tap. So, you don’t need to spend your time editing in Photoshop–which not everyone can do editing there.

With the Gender Swap feature, you can preview how you look as a different gender. It does not mean there is a possibility for you to change your gender. However, you can use it when you need a photo with various characters that only you can do yourself.

Then, there is an aging filter, swap faces with friends, creative light effects, trendy makeup filters, transformation photos with your favorite idols, see your future child’s face, heavy filters to see your face when you are thin or fat, and many more fun filters.

Some of the features in Face App are free, but others are unlocked only when you buy them. So, prepare money running from $4.99 to $99.99 to purchase per item in this one of the best hairstyle apps.

Download on Google Play

6. Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrow Hairstyles

It is the app to try hairstyles, which is similar to the Hairstyles Step by Step app. The difference lies in the content inside, specifically for African-American hairstyles. Hence, if you are looking for African-American hairstyles, make sure to download and explore this app.

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Cornrow Hairstyles app provides pictures and video tutorials on African-American hairstyles, which are very easy for you to follow. Moreover, it has hundreds of hairstyles to choose from, including ponytails, children’s Cornrow hairstyles, afros, celebrity braids, African styles, and long weaves.

You don’t need to worry about the outdated hairstyles in the Cornrow Hairstyles app, because the app developers always update all hairstyles based on what is currently trending. So, you always get the latest hairstyle inspiration for your daily hair styling or special days.

Cornrow Hairstyles app is not affiliated or associated with any paid content. Actually, all content collected in this app is general in nature from various websites that have their respective copyrights. Therefore, this one of the best hairstyle apps is completely free without a penny.

Download on Google Play

7. Hairstyles for Your Face

Hairstyles for Your Face

The shape of your face largely affects how a hairstyle looks good on you or not. This app allows you to test hairstyles on your face and determines the best hairstyle through a photo you upload.

The Hairstyles on Your Face app presents 80+ of the latest women’s hairstyle stickers and 80+ makeup stickers complete with accessories. In other words, this app lets you turn a simple application into a photo studio in just ten seconds.

While the app is free to run, there are hairstyle packs that you can only unlock by purchasing them for $2.19 per item.

Download on Google Play

8. Boys Men Hairstyles

Boys Men Hairstyles

If the previous best hairstyle apps are specifically hairstyling for women, now it’s men’s turn. You will find the best hairstyles for boys and men, hair care tips, and photo editor tools.

With this app, you can get assistance from a list of men’s hairstyle ideas around the world. So, you don’t have to fret about running out of ideas to change your appearance, especially your hairstyle and haircut. From high-skin fade haircuts, crew cuts, slicked-back undercuts, buzz cuts, and so on.

This app can run smoothly, even though you are not in the internet area (offline). Then, it does not claim any copyright either, so you can access all the content completely free of charge.

Download on Google Play

9. Hairstyle Simulation

Hairstyle Simulation

The Hairstyle Simulation app has become one of the best hairstyle apps that have unique features. Your photo will turn into a 3D motion, which can blink and have a life-like expression.

Utilizing this experience, you can more realistically simulate hairstyles, haircuts, makeup, plastic surgery, and other changes to your appearance. In fact, the use of this app is super simple. You just need to upload a photo from your gallery or shoot directly.

You need to take notice. After the Hairstyle Simulation app has been successfully installed on your smartphone, it will make the screen appear black when you first start it. So, please wait for a few seconds. Likewise, you need Adobe Air to run this app.

Download on Google Play

10. Haircuts Mens

Haircuts Mens

This haircut app provides many references to men’s hairstyles that are very up-to-date. This app adapts men as its target user by providing a simple and clean interface.

In addition, there are step-by-step tutorials from numerous sources around the world. Some of the mainstay hairstyles for long hair such as beach hairstyles, straight hairstyles, curly lobs, sleek, side parting, and shaggy. Meanwhile, some of the mainstay haircuts for short hair such as crew cut, comb over, fades, and quiff.

Haircuts Mens app has various tips and information about hair makeovers. Hence, you can try it for fun or make serious plans for your special day. Finally, you can use this application for free. However, you can still make in-app purchases of $6.56 to $59.01 per item.

Download on Google Play

The best hairstyle apps help you to collect and categorize content in such a way as to make your activities effortless. Moreover, there are simulators and all-in-one apps that give you the best suggestions on the look that will suit your personality.

Some apps are indeed designed for fun purposes. But the key point is, these apps furnish a benefit for you, whether it’s pleasure or triumph in changing your appearance.

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