13 Best Beekeeping Apps for Android

Best Beekeeping Apps

Beekeeping is a great job but it can be overwhelming sometimes. With most jobs being done manually, you might need a little help for some of the work. Fortunately, there are some apps that will make beekeeping a lot easier. What are the best beekeeping apps to download?

There’s actually a ton of options on the app market but you know that many of them are scams. If you think you can’t find them by yourself, you’ve come to the right page. We’ve compiled useful beekeeping apps to get some of your jobs done.

Best Beekeeping Apps for Android

Beekeeping apps vary widely, ranging from hive monitoring to apiary manager and journals. With different functions, you can find one or more apps that will help make beekeeping safer and easier. Check this out for recommended beekeeping apps to download on your Android.

1. Apiary Book

Apiary Book

Download on Google Play

On the top of the list, here’s Apiary Book, a mobile app for recording any information about the number, treatments, and health of your bees. Designed with a user-friendly interface, you can easily add important details such as work to perform, harvests, and colonies movements.

Once downloaded, you can find a variety of features to make beekeeping much simpler—check timeline that contains beehive reports, discover previous activities, and even share your dashboard on social platform.

Do you want to display your apiary on the map? Apiary Book has a special feature for this. You can also use QR code as well as NFC tag for hive identification.

This beekeeper app is available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and many more. Wherever you’re from, Apiary Book can be a great app for your beekeeping activity.

2. Queen Calendar

Queen Calendar

Download on Google Play

Queen Calendar is a functional app for beekeepers who need a scheduler for queen withdrawal. Using this app you can conveniently maintain a schedule without worrying about forgetting the date.

Featuring an intuitive interface, beekeeper can easily submit the start date for the withdrawal of the queen bee. After the start date is submitted, the program will run automatically and create a schedule for required activities.

Best of all, this best beekeeping app will set reminders in the system so it’s unlikely to miss your schedule. You can also add or delete the calendar events as you want. Plus, it has a timetable that contains detailed information about your activity.

Not only is it user-friendly, Queen Calendar is also memory-friendly. Thanks to the small download size that won’t burden your phone resources.

3. BoxyBEE


Download on Google Play

Bring technology to your apiary with BoxyBEE. This modern application introduces an innovative way to manage your beehives. It addresses beekeepers of all categories through three main working procedures, including at hive level, hive body level, and frame level.

Your hives and apiary are presented with an attractive graphic that offers a quick overview of the situation. That way, you can easily understand what’s going on and it leads to easier decision-making. The final result, your time and money can be saved.

Also in this app, you can find so many options from hive configuration to beekeeping journal and summary. More aspects like treatments and diseases are also included for detailed monitoring.

What’s interesting is that the developer continuously improves this application to encourage a better user experience. If you use this app, don’t forget to submit your suggestions, problem reports, or ideas.

4. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

Download on Google Play

Here’s HiveKeepers for Beekeepers, a great tool to keep track of your bees’ health and well-being. As one of the best beekeeping apps that offer tracking and recording function, it can make you become a smarter beekeeper.

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There are some features that will make beekeeping way easier, such as recording functionality that helps record any information about your apiary—it is integrated with Google maps. There’s also another feature that provides a visual representation of the apiary for better tracking.

Taking detailed inspections is possible with this beekeeping app, which it includes four different levels: frame, super, hive, and apiary. Also, you will be able to generate report on your success as well as share your achievement.

5. ApiManager


Download on Google Play

Leave your traditional way to manage your apiary and get ApiManager on your Android. This is a tracking and recording app that helps record the progress of your hive. Coming with a user-friendly interface, now you can skip your pen and paper.

This best free beekeeping app is rich in features, allowing you to manage beehive records in a better way. Not only does it help you record important data, but it also helps track your hive inspections, feedings, honey productions, and many more. All is available in a single app.

For your convenience, ApiManager provides you with various graphs that support easier monitoring of your business. That’s how you can keep track of your earnings and expenses without hassle.

For additional information, this app supports up to 20 hives with free registration. If you dream of simple apiary management then ApiManager is made just for you.

6. American Bee Journal

American Bee Journal

Download on Google Play

This is a must-have application for beekeepers. With all information about beekeeping is provided in an app, you can either enrich your knowledge or keep yourself updated with the latest news.

American Bee Journal is dedicated to all beekeepers, both hobbyists and those who run businesses in the field. You can find how-to articles that are useful for beekeepers of all levels. Besides, you can also get into the Classroom section to find out FAQs from readers.

Among the best beekeeping apps, this tool is quite interesting in that it makes you feel like having your own pool of information. Updated news comes in a digital version so you can read the magazine from the smartphone—internet connection is required.

American Bee Journal app is free to download but you may need to purchase a paid subscription. Featuring automatic renewal, you don’t have to renew your subscription manually.

7. Bee Hive Monitoring

Bee Hive Monitoring

Download on Google Play

Next up, there’s Bee Hive Monitoring, a nice and useful app for every beekeeper who wants to upgrade their beekeeping experience. Designed for all types of beehives, this tool is completely easy to use.

The feature-rich beehive monitoring app comes packed with a tracker that enables you to record nectar flow per hour, per day, and even per month. The information is provided in a graphic for a better presentation.

You can also find a tool to record number of bees, compare the strength and productivity of each colony, and even alert you in case of theft. The most interesting part is that you can easily find out if your supers are full or if winter feeding is needed.

8. Pocket Hives

Pocket Hives

Download on Google Play

With a claim to simplify beekeeping, Pocket Hives is a new tool that deserves your attention. This app is specifically made with advanced technology to make beekeeping data collection simpler and more convenient.

Using this app you can easily manage apiary and plan tasks. You can also conduct quick hive inspections, mark bee swarm traps, and plan the beekeeper’s job route. Queen bee descriptions like age, breed, and color are also supported.

Apart from its simple interface, Pocket Hives hides a full set of features. In addition to apiary manager and task planner, it helps you with preparation for the next inspection—you can prepare the report, lists, and tasks to do. Even it lets you count income based on bee production.

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Best of all, your data is stored in the cloud. That means you are allowed to access the data anywhere anytime from any device.

9. OSBeehives


Download on Google Play

OSBeehives is one of the best beekeeping apps that make it possible to record comprehensive journal entries. Designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, it supports multimedia features including hive pictures, audio, and even voice annotation.

This tool highlights the health analysis of your beehives using a smartphone’s microphone. Powered with AI-based technology, it has the ability to detect several health stats like dormant, swarming, collapsed, and even sick. Let your team know by sharing the sound and analysis results.

Do you have BuzzBox hardware? This mobile app is compatible with the hardware and can be paired to track the condition of the colony in real-time. Along with the hardware, this app will record the sound of the hive so you can analyze its atmospheric condition.

10. Intelligent Hives

Intelligent Hives

Download on Google Play

Always lose your paper after bee inspections? Intelligent Hives is a great app to solve your problem. Dedicated to every beekeeper, this tool will remember all the information about the inspections ranging from date, weather, the activity of bee, and state of the colony.

A simple design and attractive interface make it easy to use. You can find four main sections in this app: My apiaries, My hives, Tasks, and About. Each section will be useful to manage your apiary and support beekeeping activities.

Additionally, Intelligent Hives is compatible with the BeeHUB device that allows you to unlock additional app functionality. Using both, you can monitor hive condition 24/7 and find out what’s going on inside the hive anywhere anytime.

Interested to use this app? Intelligent Hives is completely free to download without additional in-app purchase. Get the latest version for the best user experience.

11. BeeKeeping and Hive Tracking

BeeKeeping and Hive Tracking

Download on Google Play

Do you often forget what you’ve got on the last inspection? This is a useful app that will record your inspection results with your smartphone. Either you want to increase your production or have a control on your hives, this tool is only for you.

BeeKeeping and Hive Tracking has a number of features: register your harvest; compare with the last production; and even scanning your hives. Also, inspection recording becomes the main highlight to make your beekeeping much easier. All features are available for free.

What makes this best beekeeping app more attractive is that the developer constantly improves this application for a better user experience. Plus, it allows you to share your inspiring experience with other beekeepers using in-app messaging

12. Beekeeping


Download on Google Play

Next up, Beekeeping is a functional app that contains all information that you need about beekeeping. Coming with a boast of systematic presentation, you will be able to learn more about bees and beekeeping process in a better way.

This intuitive app works offline and it supports multiple language interface. Inside the app you can keep track of financial expense, as well as time, spend on specific performance.

There’s a special feature that you can’t find elsewhere—Beekeeping lets you view and find sellers of equipment, materials, and consultant. Even you can place your own ads for selling honey, beekeeping materials, and equipment.

13. Beecraft Magazine

Beecraft Magazine

Download on Google Play

Beecraft Magazine can be your daily digest for improving your knowledge on bees and beekeeping. This digital magazine provides you with the latest news and information that will be useful for beekeeping activities.

Coming with a small download size, this application features a beautiful and modest design. You can conveniently read the latest news or information in a white background, just like in the paper version.

Do you want to read articles without an internet connection? BeeCraft offers download feature that enables you to enjoy this app offline. Get it on your device and see how it changes your beekeeping experience.

Now that you know the best beekeeping apps for Android, you can do many things like managing apiary, learning more about beekeeping, and more. Pick an app that will be useful for you and make the most out of your beehives.

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