9 Best Apps Like PicsArt & Similar Alternatives for Android

Best Apps Like PicsArt

PicsArt is arguably an awesome photo editing app that has been around for a while. Being widely used by millions of people doesn’t automatically mean you will be satisfied with one. If you are looking for a fresh experience, finding apps like PicsArt is your way to achieve the goal.

Android users have abundant choices when it comes to apps similar to PicsArt—some are made with more features than others. If you don’t want to end up downloading scam photo editing apps from Google Play Store, check out the following references.

Best Apps Like PicsArt for Android

All this time, Photoshop and Lightroom steal the spotlight. But this Adobe duo are not the only player on the market. Let’s have a closer look at the best alternatives to PicsArt that will give you an amazing photo editing experience. 

1. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

Without question, Photoshop Express is one of the best mobile photo editors ever created. Offered by Adobe, it helps hone your creativity and editing skills through easy-to-use tools and versatile tools. With just a few simple steps, you can bring your photo to the next level.

Photoshop Express transforms photo editing into a fun, simple, and easy experience. Even if you have basic editing skills, it makes everything easier. There are so many features brought to the table, from enhancing photos to creating collage and from cropping to customizing photo design.

If you love creating memes, this app like PicsArt has the right tool for you. Thanks to the graphic design feature that allows you to make artwork from your photo. You can also add stickers, special watermark, and stamp to personalize your design.

Are you happy with the result? Don’t keep the photo by yourself. Instead, you can upload and share your creation with a single tap. Supporting various formats, Photoshop Express allows you to upload photos on various social media platforms including TikTok, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Photoshop Express is designed to be accessible to anyone, which means it is available for free. However, it provides a Premium version that lets you unlock more exclusive features and gain more control over photo editing. In-app purchases are also available.

Download on Google Play

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Still from Adobe, Lightroom is a widely used photo editor and camera app that encourages you to keep capturing and editing. With a bunch of features, it is suitable for editors of all levels. Not to mention it is designed with an intuitive UI that doesn’t make you overwhelmed.

This app highlights an auto editor that allows you to enhance photos in a tap. It also has precision sliders to retouch images by changing light settings. Color grading and color mixer tools are also there to enhance your photos.

Lightroom is more than a photo editor app, it is also a decent video editor. Available on premium version, you can unlock unlimited possibilities with your videos. You can also apply basic editing tools such as applying presets, using precision sliders, adjusting contrast, and more.

Premium subscription gives you access to advanced features for photo and video editing. Let’s mention AI-recommended presets that will give you a better result, aside from 200+ handcrafted premium presets to enhance your photos. It also offers filters and web galleries to showcase your creations.

As one of the best apps like PicsArt, Lightroom gets 100M+ downloads and is still counting. It runs well across platforms including your Android device. 

Download on Google Play

3. Pixlr


Pixlr is a free photo editing app that will upgrade your creativity. Upon downloading, you will get access to tons of features and you can start editing without having to create an account. Millions of users have fun with this application so it never goes wrong to join the crowd.

This free app like PicsArt comes packed with a wide selection of collage grid style and preset so you don’t have to work from scratch. It also has powerful basic editing tools, such as auto fix to adjust color, double exposure to adjust layers and transparency, and stylize to apply photo effects.

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To give you flawless photo results, Pixlr has a set of remover tools to get rid of blemishes and red eyes. You can also smoothen skin and whiten teeth for a gorgeous look. Adjust the feel that you want by choosing the right effects.

There are many other things you can do with Pixlr, such as adding text, cropping and resizing, adjusting photo tone with overlays, and choosing the right border for finishing touch. Favorite button is also included so you can easily access your favorite effects or overlays.

Unlock exclusive features with in-app purchases that are available at different rates. Or if you don’t mind using basic features, this app like PicsArt has more than enough tools to improve your photos.

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4. Canva


When it comes to photo editing apps, Canva should be on your list. It is a powerful photo and video editor that helps you create stunning photo collages, cards, photos, and videos for social media posts or make mood board for your projects. It is all possible with a few simple steps.

Find free templates that unlock endless possibilities to upgrade your creative skills. Whether you want to create posts for Facebook or Instagram, Canva has the right templates for you. It also has logo maker which helps showcase your product as well as presentation templates to visualize your data.

In addition, this photo editor comes packed with basic editing tools. Among the most popular are brightness adjustment, photo crop and flip, auto focus, and aesthetic filters. You can also make your photo livelier with tons of stickers.

Photo editing made simple with Canva. This app like PicsArt lets you create amazing videos by trimming or splitting video layout. Not to mention it supports multiple audio tracks overlay of sound effects and voiceover.

One best part about Canva is that it is completely free to download and ads-free. This means your editing experience won’t be distracted by pesky ads. As a bonus, it doesn’t put a watermark on your artwork so it is post-worthy.

Download on Google Play

5. Snapseed


Snapseed is a full-featured photo editor offered by Google. Designed with creativity and accessibility in mind, this application comes with a user-friendly interface that ensures it is suitable for editors of all levels. Simply pick your photo, improve as per your creativity, and share.

This PicsArt similar app highlights 29 tools and filters to enhance your photos, including HDR to create multiple exposures, brush to retouch brightness and warmth, and healing that helps remove disturbing elements from your picture.

Other tools include tune image to adjust color and exposure automatically, white balance for adjusting colors, and grunge for adding an edgy look. It also has a text feature that lets you add plain or stylized text to the photo.

To beautify your pics, Snapseed comes packed with a face enhancing feature with which you can shift focus to the eyes and smoothen skin. Meanwhile face pose helps correct your portrait pose based on 3 dimensional models.

With Snapseed, you can open files either in JPG or RAW. You can also tweak all styles to meet your personal references. Download Snapseed for free on your Android device and be part of millions of Snapseed community from all over the world.

Download on Google Play

6. PhotoRoom


PhotoRoom allows you to edit and enhance photos in a single app. Designed with a simple and beautiful interface, this app like PicsArt has a low learning curve so it is ideal for beginners and professionals. Whether you want to edit visual content for your business or social media posts, it has you covered.

PhotoRoom is a game changer in photo editing. It has a complete set of tools and features that help transform your ordinary photos into stunning artworks. With just a single tap, you can remove background, crop objects, and create photo collages.

There are so many things you can create with PhotoRoom, such as product content for e-commerce, Instagram stories, family photography, and many more. You can even make stickers and share them with your loved ones.

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To use this app, you can begin with taking a picture or uploading from your gallery. Choose from available backgrounds and templates then edit using preloaded editing tools. You can either apply filters, adjust contrast, etc. If you’ve finished, export to your library or share on your favorite social media platform.

PhotoRoom Pro version provides you with exclusive features that include access to cut out options, export at high resolutions, remove or add logo, and many more. It also offers a free trial before you upgrade to the Pro version.

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7. Photo Editor Pro – Polish

Photo Editor Pro – Polish

Photo Editor Pro comes in handy to take your photos to the next level. With the ability to make photo collage, remove background, and even make stickers, creating unique and awesome posts for social media becomes so much easier.

This app like PicsArt has more than 100 free filters to choose from, including vignette, warm, dark, aesthetic glitch, and so forth. It also comes packed with a versatile color picker to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, warmth, and many more.

For a perfect body shape on photo, Polish editor app has a body retouch feature. It allows you to slim your body and face for your desired body goals. You can also get smooth and bright skin by refining pores, in addition to elongating legs for a better body proportion.

Photo Editor Pro has many other features that let you add custom fonts, choose from hundreds of filters, apply photo effects, and blur photos. It also has a wide selection of backgrounds and layouts to personalize your pictures.

A built-in share feature promises convenient sharing on your favorite social media platforms. What’s great, this free app constantly updates new materials so you can update your photo editing experience.

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8. PicLab


Powerful features and beautiful design make PicLab one of the best alternatives to PicsArt. This photo editor has everything you need to enhance your photos even if you have basic editing skills. Using this app, you can easily create adorable pictures from your smartphone.

You can do many things with PicLab, such as adding text to your photos and adjusting text opacity, creating beautiful typography, and resizing. You can also add stickers to make your picture more fun. Not to mention it has 20+ photo filters to apply.

Furthermore, this app like PicsArt gives you an option to draw on the photo. This drawing tool is perfect to work with rough notes, lines, shapes, and anything that requires personalization. For a finishing touch, you can crop photos using preset ratios.

PicLab offers unlimited possibilities to enhance your photos. If you are into photo collages, it has a collage tool that provides a wide selection of attractive and unique collages. Simply choose your favorite pictures and you don’t have to make a photo collage from scratches.

This decent photo editor is free but you can upgrade to a premium version for advanced features. Among premium features are premium overlays, more filters, more sticker packs, and access to photo editing features. You can also experience ad-free editing experience and remove watermark.

Download on Google Play

9. Lumii


Coming with all features you need to edit photos, Lumii is one of the recommended PicsArt alternatives for Android. It has much to offer, from stylish presets to photo filters and photo effects. Intuitive UI makes photo editing experience more exciting.

This app is made suitable for you, no matter if you are beginners or professional photo editors. With just a few simple taps, you can transform an ordinary picture into a stunning one. Thanks to this free app that makes photo editing simple.

With Lumii, you can customize photo filters as well as apply photo effects. It also lets you remove unwanted parts of the background and replace it with preset pictures. For the final touch, you can crop and rotate photos or add stylish text.

Many other features are ready to improve your photos, such as glitch photo editor, curve tools, HSCL color mode, and photo library history.

Download on Google Play

Finding an alternative to PicsArt isn’t a daunting task. Consider a brief review from this reference so you can choose an app like PicsArt that suits you best.

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