13 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

Best Screen Mirroring Apps

Today, everyone needs the best screen mirroring apps on their phone so that you can have a more enjoyable activity on a bigger screen. Generally, a screen mirroring app is a good investment for those who use their phones a lot for various activities.

Whether for watching your favorite series or working on your deadlines, it will be fun and practical to use one of the top screen mirroring apps for Android. This is the main reason why you have to read this article thoroughly.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

Below, you will find a series of top screen mirroring apps for Android that allows you to cast your smartphone screen to another bigger screen. Of course, some requirements need to be met in the first place.

Still, these apps mentioned below could be your best investment, considering some of them are completely free but others require you to commit to a subscription plan or buying the product.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Do screen mirroring apps work? Yes, they do, and Chrome Remote Desktop is one of those apps that deliver excellent work.

As its name suggests, this app is developed, released, and distributed by Google itself. This is why you will get tons of good things by using this screen mirroring app.

Other than providing a decent screen mirroring feature, this app also helps you access anything on your phone from the desktop. Mirroring its screen is only one of this app’s forte, after all. Other worth-mentioning features include:

  • Secure connection for all devices, regardless of its operating system.
  • No need to install a third-party app on your desktop.
  • You need to set-up a PIN for authentication.

All in all, Chrome Remote Desktop provides excellent features and robust security for all users while remaining effortless to use.

Download on Google Play

2. Google Home

Google Home

Talking about the best screen mirroring apps for Android to PC and other bigger screens, Google Home is always part of the list. You will find this app very useful especially if you have used Chromecast in the first place.

Without the Chromecast, it will be impossible to mirror your screen to TV for movie streaming and other audiovisual activities. Other than that, regardless of how excellent Google Home is, Chromecast is essential to bring out the best of this app.

Google Home is free to download and use without bugs or any major issues. You must give this app a shot.

Download on Google Play 

3. TeamViewer


TeamViewer also made it to the top 5 screen mirroring apps for Android phones. Users agree that this app is one of the best ones especially to solve various technical issues as quickly as possible.

TeamViewer is also the most popular screen mirroring app on the Play Store. Other than mirroring your smartphone’s screen, it comes with lots of features you can check out on your own. Some interesting features from this app are:

  • Protecting your devices at its best through a passcode.
  • Transferring files between connected devices is effortless than ever.
  • TeamViewer can also serve as a chatting app for everyone who uses this app.

More than anything, TeamViewer is one of the best names to consider for those who look for a decent screen mirroring app. Sharing your screen in real-time is not an issue anymore while keeping the quality at its best.

Download on Google Play

4. Your Phone Companion

Your Phone Companion

So, what is the best mirror app for Android? Well, there are plenty of apps to consider but one of the best names on the Play Store is Your Phone Companion by Microsoft.

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Microsoft seems to be serious when it comes to providing various services to its users. Other than connecting your Android devices to Windows, it is possible to control all your activities through the desktop.

Your Phone Companion is still in development. While some bugs may appear, you may expect a lot of new features in the future. It won’t hurt to give this app a try, after all.

Download on Google Play

5. Remote Desktop 8

Remote Desktop 8

If you are familiar with Chrome Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop 8 by Microsoft is not a stranger for you then. This app offers various features that you may find in Chrome Remote Desktop.

Generally, the app will show you your desktop on your smartphone and vice versa. Also, you can use it for streaming videos and sounds effortlessly, without any bugs in the first place.

The best part is that this app is completely free and no-charge is required. Other than that, there is no ad and in-app purchase at all. So, all you need to do is to give this app a try and find out whether this one is for you or not.

Download on Google Play

6. Miracast


When it comes to what apps work with screen mirroring, Miracast is an app you must consider. This app is powerful and suitable for Android devices.

However, your device should support Chromecast or Miracast dongles to make this app work. Other than that, you can only cast or mirror your smartphone on a Smart TV.

More than anything, Miracast is one of the best apps to cast your screen on a Smart TV. Thus, if you have proper tools and equipment to run the program, you should give Miracast a try.

Download on Google Play

7. Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360

What is the best app for mirroring? As mentioned earlier, there are several apps you can try and Mirroring 360 is definitely one of those apps. Other than casting and mirroring your smartphone to another bigger screen, there are plenty of features you can enjoy.

Even though the app is free to download on the Play Store, you may only unlock all features by purchasing the license for USD 15. Other features include:

  • Effortless process to connect your smartphone to Amazon’s Fire TV as long as you have the receiver software too.
  • This app supports most Android devices sold in today’s world.

As mentioned earlier, this app may only show its best potential if you are purchasing its license. Still, you can give the free version a try and decide whether the Mirroring 360 app is for you or not.

Download on Google Play

8. AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect

So, are screen mirroring apps safe? Generally, all apps are safe as long as you download them from the Play Store. Other than that, be sure to check the review before downloading the app.

Talking about a screen mirroring app that promotes safety and security, AirServer Connect is one of those apps that you have to take a look at. While providing excellent services on mirroring your smartphone to a Smart TV, this app does not include the audio even if your video comes with one.

Some worth-mentioning features are such as:

  • The app supports multiple-device sync.
  • Connecting through QR codes.
  • It provides HD video quality.

You better try this app on your own and decide whether AirServer Connect is for you or not. As long as you don’t mind the audio limitation, this app is more than great for screen mirroring.

Download on Google Play

9. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

What are the best screen mirroring apps? VNC Viewer is one of the most sought for on the Play Store. It has lots of features that allows you to mirror your smartphone to a Smart TV.

Other than that, VNC Viewer is also compatible with maOS, Windows, and Linux. You can mirror your phone to various devices you own at home and control your activities from a bigger screen. Other interesting features from this app include:

  • Tired of typing on the screen? Feel free to connect your device to Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  • The virtual keyboard allows you to enjoy various advanced features. One of them is a scroll bar.
  • Any connection you have made is saved and backuped on your account.
  • It has cloud services to ease the process to connect with remote devices.
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More than anything VNC Viewer offers plenty of things you would love from a screen mirroring app. You should take a look at it on your own.

Download on Google Play

10. LetsView


You can say that LetsView is one of the best free screen mirroring apps for Android devices. It has been used by millions of users around the world and offers a pack of useful features that will help you activity.

Some interesting features about this app are such as:

  • User-friendly features and straightforward interface.
  • Effortless sharing process with Whiteboard on your Android phone.
  • Helps record your phone screen too.

All in all, LetsView is an app that provides all things you need from a mirroring app for your Android smartphone. Since it is free, why don’t you give it a shot?

Download on Google Play

11. ApowerMirror


People are looking for screen mirroring apps free on the internet. ApowerMirror, on the other hand, is one of those apps that offer free services. You can use this app to mirror your Android phone on TV, Mac, and Windows effortlessly.

Many users agree that ApowerMirror is one of the best screen mirroring features available on the Play Store. Other than that, the app is free to download and use, along with in-app purchase offers. Some interesting features include:

  • While mirroring your device on a bigger screen, you can use your phone’s camera and enjoy a better viewing experience.
  • The app supports live streaming both on computer and TV screens.
  • Presentation would be easier with the help from ApowerMirror.
  • Straightforward interface and intuitive features.

This app has become a lot of Android users’ choice. So, why don’t you try this app and think about it?

Download on Google Play

12. AnyDesk


Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best screen mirroring apps for Android that utilize different approaches, AnyDesk might be offering what you need in the first place.

To avoid any mistake while mirroring your phone, the app will generate a unique token code which needs to be entered before connecting two electronic devices. By that, you won’t be connecting the wrong phones in the first place.

Other interesting features offered by AnyDesk include:

  • You don’t need to purchase a paid plan for personal usage.
  • The app is lightweight and won’t take up much of your phone’s memory.
  • You can mirror remote devices effortlessly by using AnyDesk.
  • Lightspeed.

All in all, AnyDesk is one of the fastest apps when it comes to screen mirroring features specifically designed for Android phones. Feel free to grab this app and enjoy the tools.

Download on Google Play

13. SecondScreen


SecondScreen might not be the best screen mirroring apps without Wi-Fi available on Play Store. However, it has lots of features that make you enjoy better viewing experiences. Other features include:

  • The app allows you to adjust the resolution on the screen.
  • You can register more than one account.
  • Many shortcuts ease you to navigate the app big time.

Download on Google Play

Utilizing technology at its best is a must, especially since you are living in today’s world. One of the ways is to use a screen mirroring app that accommodates your activities.

All apps mentioned above are free to download but some of them require you to pay for a plan to enjoy all features offered. Still, it will give you a huge benefit to invest in a decent screen mirroring app.

So, what do you think about the best screen mirroring apps above? Which one is your favorite app?

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