14 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android

Best Polaroid Frame Apps

Taking pictures and sharing them on social media will be more fun if you use these best polaroid frame apps. Other than that, you can save it to your phone and print it later to make it like you took pictures from a polaroid app.

Even though it is easier nowadays to buy a polaroid camera, you definitely don’t need one by using these apps. Just like any other app, everything you need is available on your phone.

In this article, you can find several apps that provide polaroid frame templates you can use for free. All of them are available on the Play Store.

Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android

When it comes to the best polaroid photo frame apps, there are tons of options you can pick. Some of them come with various templates to make your snaps look like they were taken from a polaroid camera while the others offer more advanced editing options.



Before being a polaroid frame picture app, NOMO was formerly made for photographers who love taking pictures instead of doing retouches. Today, you can enjoy various effects offered by this app.

NOMO comes with a live camera which you can use directly. Another way is by choosing a picture from your gallery and using the app’s editing tools. 

This app features a straightforward UI design which also promotes creativity at the same time. All details are well-considered so that your picture will look like a polaroid one.

Even though NOMO is free to download, some cameras and effects require in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

2. StoryLab


If you are a person who loves social media and needs the best polaroid frame app for Instagram, StoryLab might accommodate your needs. The app allows you to have various polaroid photos through your smartphone.

There is a series of layouts you can utilize, which each of them is available for personalizations. On the other hand, StoryLab also comes with a feature that gives you the freedom to create your own layout.

Other than editing pictures, you can also make an artistic polaroid video. StoryLab is available on the Play Store for free. Give it a try now!

Download on Google Play

3. PolyCam


PolyCam is a photo editing app that comes with lots of vintage filters to create aesthetic looks on every picture you’ve snapped. It also has lots of effects to make the picture look wonderful.

Just like any other photo editing app, you can use the frames to enhance your pictures as well as change the photo size and give retouches. Other than using it as an editing tool, you can use PolyCam as an instant camera too.

Download on Google Play

4. InstaMini


Have you ever used that small camera that gives you polaroid pictures? Well, InstaMini is the free polaroid frame app version. It comes with various frames and polaroid effects.

More than anything, this app promotes effortless editing while providing excellent results. Whether you use the editing tool or use the app’s instant camera, the polaroid frame is available to pick.

However, the interface might not be the best compared to other apps on this list. Other than that, you need to buy the premium plan if you will download more than 10 pictures in 30 days.

Download on Google Play

5. Nichi


Being a storyteller in this digital era might require you to stay in touch with the technology. Nichi is an app that allows you to make stories on your Instagram look much more enjoyable while being aesthetic in the first place.

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Other than providing polaroid frame app free options, the tools are useful to make your pictures much more alive. Nichi has tons of editing tools that will enhance your appearance on Instagram.

It is also possible to create stickers on Nichi. While everything can only be done if you have an internet connection, this app is free to download and use. The only thing that is lacking from Nichi is the undo feature.

As long as you are fine with the drawback, Nichi is an excellent app you should give a try.

Download on Google Play

6. mySquare


mySquare is a straightforward app that comes with tons of interesting features. Other than providing an instant camera, it has lots of filters and effects – the most popular one is the vintage filters.

Pick a picture you want to edit from your gallery and then choose the filter to apply. Other than that, you can add texts and stickers too.

mySquare comes with a simple UI design while providing tons of useful yet interesting features. Since it won’t take much space on your phone, you should give this one a shot.

Download on Google Play

7. StoryArt


For Instagrammers, having a catchy picture for their stories is not enough – not even close. Those pictures require some retouches to look more aesthetic. The good news is that StoryArt can make that happen for you.

StoryArt is an app that helps you make collages. Other than that, it comes with a bunch of effects, filters, and frame templates that will turn your pictures into an art piece.

This app supports anyone who loves to tell their stories through IG Stories. However, most of the animation options are only available through in-app purchases.

Still, if all you need is an app for polaroid frames, the free version of StoryArt is more than enough.

Download on Google Play



You can say that VNTG is the best polaroid frame app Android available on the Play Store. All templates in this app are inspired by the prompt cameras. Some features are not free but will be worth the cost in many ways.

Featuring a straightforward yet beautiful UI, this app offers lots of aged effects, exclusive fonts, borders and frames, analog filters, and many more. VNTG is simply the coolest app that doesn’t require a complicated setup for sure.

You do not need to purchase a vintage camera because this app will do the magic for you. Besides, the editing tools are top-notch. As long as you are fine with buying the paid version, VNTG will give you lots of good things when it comes to polaroid-looking pictures.

Download on Google Play

9. Retro Cam

Retro Cam

Are you looking for an app that could give you a retro look? If so, Retro Cam will do the favor for you. Not only is this app good at providing vintage polaroid frame apps, but Retro Cam also helps turn any picture into a retro look.

This app also allows you to have the result from analog films you commonly see in the 80s or 90s. All you need to do is to use the editing tool and everything will appear like magic!

Some of the app’s features include dust textures, scratches, and light leaks; those features help to make your picture look like a retro one.

Download on Google Play

10. Polaroid Originals

Polaroid Originals

If you are looking for a polaroid template app that won’t cost you a fortune, Polaroid Originals is worth considering. It comes with various creative tools that help turn your pictures into some analog-looking results.

What if you had no idea where to start? No need to worry – Polaroid Originals has articles and a news feed that assists you to use the app. You can get tips and interesting insights about how to take perfect photos.

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This app equips itself with AR technology to embed a second picture into a polaroid-looking piece. You can print the pictures you’ve taken for later. And it has various modes to retouch your pictures.

Again, Polaroid Originals is free to download and use. So, why don’t you give it a try and decide whether it is what you need or vice versa?

Download on Google Play

11. 1998 Cam

1998 Cam

1998 Cam offers results that look like they came out from a vintage camera. Thus, if you need to edit and share your pictures then turn them into something unique, you definitely should give this instant camera a try.

Of course, the app lets you pick a picture from your gallery and give some touches to make it look vintage. There are a bunch of options you can pick, which makes 1998 Cam one of the best polaroid frame apps on the market.

Other interesting things about this vintage camera app include:

  • Various effects and filters to make your pictures look like 90s retro.
  • The pictures seem like they were taken with disposable cameras.
  • You can check the result on its preview mode before saving or sharing the picture.

Download on Google Play

12. Lomo Cam

Lomo Cam

Are you looking for an app that makes your pictures look vintage? Lomo Cam is what you need then. You can directly connect your phone to a printer and create some nice-looking pictures that look like polaroid ones.

Other than that, if you like the results given by Instax, the Lomo Cam app will do similar favors to you. No wonder many users call this app the Instax frame app for its ability.

While the features are a bunch along with a stunning yet simple UI design, you can use this app as an instant camera. On the other hand, the result is similar to what you will see from a polaroid camera. Everything looks HD.

Download on Google Play

13. InFrame


InFrame is a photo editing app that allows you to use various border and frame templates for your Instagram. This app’s features also help you to make your posts look like being taken by some professionals.

Other than being an excellent polaroid border app, InFrame offers a lot of filters and effects to enhance your photo. To make it more creative and moody, you can also add texts to the picture – this can be used as watermarks too.

Just like any other photo editing app, you can move, scale, and crop your picture. Other than that, you can share it on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram.

If all you need is an app that provides tons of frames and effects that make your pictures on your phone look polaroid-made, InFrame is a worth-considering app.

Download on Google Play

14. SNOW


SNOW is quite a popular polaroid frame app online. It comes with a series of polaroid frames to enhance your picture. Other than frames, you can utilize its advanced editing tools.

You can even produce professional-standard pictures by using SNOW. This app will keep all effects as realistically as possible by incorporating an AR feature. Another interesting thing about this app is that you will get a notification if other users take a screenshot of your work.

Making your pictures look retro is also effortless. Some stickers will also enhance your picture-editing experience by using SNOW. More than anything, this app is free.

Download on Google Play

Today, you don’t need to buy a polaroid camera to make polaroid-looking pictures. Many apps on the Play Store are available for download and compatible with most Android phones.

Some of the apps mentioned above also provide some interesting editing tools that allow users to make aesthetic-looking pictures, which are very useful for social media. You can even print the result directly by connecting your phone to a printer. Isn’t it interesting?

Whether you will post the pictures on Instagram or print them later, these best polaroid frame apps are worth considering in many ways.

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