12 Best MirrorLink Apps for Android

Best MirrorLink Apps

The best MirrorLink apps offer a great way to connect your smartphone and car’s infotainment system. Designed for Android smartphone, these apps help transfer anything displayed on phone screen to a car display, allowing you to enjoy better navigation, streaming, or video playback.

MirrorLink apps for iOS are hardly found for a reason—Apple released CarPlay that works in similar premises to MirrorLink apps. So if you have an iPhone or iPad at hand and need to mirror the device to the car’s infotainment system, then go for CarPlay.

Best MirrorLink Apps for Android

There are oodles of MirrorLink apps scattered on the market. Coming with different features and compatibility, it becomes important to take a closer look at each app before choosing one. Following are the best MirrorLink apps built for your Android, check them out.

1. Sygic Car Connected Navigation

Sygic Car Connected Navigation

Download on Google Play

Trusted by millions, Sygic Car Connected is a navigation app developed to work with your car’s infotainment system. Once connected using a USB cable, it lets you control the application through steering wheel buttons, touchscreen, or voice commands.

This app has loads of amazing features like speed limits, fuel prices, and real-time traffic information. What’s great about this app is that you can display the navigation onto the car’s screen using MirrorLink or Sync 3, providing you with a better navigation experience.

Furthermore, Sygic highlights offline maps with lifetime updates. The maps are stored on your mobile device so it doesn’t require internet connection during the navigation.

Sygic MirrorLink app is compatible with a wide range of car manufacturers, including Ford, Land Rover, Honda, Jaguar, and VolksWagen. It also works well for Suzuki and Peugeot. 

2. Mirror Link

Mirror Link

Download on Google Play

Mirror Link is possibly one of the best free MirrorLink apps launched for Android. It promotes easy and convenient driving by connecting your handheld device to the car’s screen via Bluetooth or USB cable as desired.

The third-party app is meticulously built with convenience and safety in mind. Whether you want to check on navigation or watch video playback, Mirror Link has got you covered. Now you can focus on the road while enjoying some entertainment.

What’s more, this tool delivers an intuitive and simple interface. Thanks to user-friendly design, connecting your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system doesn’t require extra effort. This could be a must-have app to download before leaving for a trip.

The best part is that Mirror Link works not only with car TV but also home TV. Even if you are not planning a journey, this fantastic app is going to make your day.

3. RockScout


Download on Google Play

Using RockScout you can expect easier control of Android music and audio apps from the car dashboard. This intuitive application features MirrorLink so it can serve as a portal to access Android audio provider. Simply connect your Android device to your car and enjoy all the features.

RockScout has large icons that allow easy and safe use whilst driving. Plus, it is designed with a simple interface and large fonts so you can stay focus on your steering wheel. Not to mention it is powered by smart technology that will know whether you’re in drive or park stats.

This powerful app has been trusted by thousands of Android users to upgrade their music experience while driving. Thanks to the small download size, installing this application on your device won’t consume a lot of resources.

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4. Mirror Link Car Connector

Mirror Link Car Connector

Download on Google Play

Developed by FastSoft, this MirrorLink app is a great solution to drive easily. Simply connect your smartphone to the car’s screen via Bluetooth or USB cable and you will be ready to enjoy a fun driving experience. 

This app supports a wide range of functionalities, including map and navigation, mobile music, and voice control. Simple interface and easy installation make this app friendly for every driver with Android smartphone.

Thanks to Mirror Link, this tool allows you to drive safely and responsibly. Whether you want to play or pause the music, you can control everything from your dashboard and stay focus on the road. What’s more, it comes packed with a user manual that informs you how to use the app.

As a bonus, Mirror Link Car Connector can be utilized to mirror your Android smartphone with home TV. Now you can enjoy video streaming or video playback in a larger screen.

5. Mirror Link Screen Connector

Mirror Link Screen Connector

Download on Google Play

Mirror Link Screen Connector has upgraded the driving experience of thousands of its users. This modest app helps you connect Android device to the car screen, thus you can skip fiddling with your smartphone while driving.

This screen connector tool is completely easy to use. Thanks to a simple and clean user interface, running this app won’t be a struggle. Just with one click, your phone can be connected to your car system and screen.

If this is your first time using mirror link app, chances are you need a little help. But don’t worry, Mirror Link Screen Connector has a user manual that allows you to quickly learn how to use it.

Do you want to enjoy music playback or video streaming during the trip? This app has got your back. Simply connect using USB cable or Bluetooth and it will be ready to use. Once connected, it lets you play, pause, or stop music from the car screen.

6. Mirror Link Car Wireless

Mirror Link Car Wireless

Download on Google Play

This is the best MirrorLink app for your driving convenience. This tool allows you to connect your phone and car system, thus your car screen can display whatever on your smartphone. It offers an upgraded experience to have fun while you are driving.

As you know, using phone behind the wheel can cause a terrible accident. This app is designed to minimize the risk of car crash caused by phone. It comes packed with useful features that helps you manage music or video playback from the dashboard.

Mirror Link Car Wireless works well on most Android devices. Best of all, it also works on your home TV so you can mirror your phone on the compatible TV.

7. Mirror Link Car Screen

Mirror Link Car Screen

Download on Google Play

Mirror Link Car Screen is another mirror link app to find on the market. This tool promises an easy and fun driving experience, thanks to connector feature that enables you to mirror Android smartphone to the car’s display.

Using this app you can expect a simple connection setup. Only with a few taps, your phone can be connected to the car screen. At this point, whatever displayed on your smartphone will be mirrored to the car’s built-in display.

The screen mirroring option comes in handy to control your phone from the car dashboard. This help promote safe operation behind the wheel. It works well for video playback, audio playback, and navigation.

This app is available for free on Google Play Store. With a small download size, it could be the best option to company your journey.

8. Mirroring OA for Kenwood

Mirroring OA for Kenwood

Download on Google Play

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Users of Kenwood receiver can take all benefits of this app. Mirroring OA for Kenwood is free to download and easy to use, providing you with a better experience of phone screen mirroring. Simply connect via USB cable and you’ll be ready to go.

In addition to USB cable, Bluetooth connectivity enables you to transmit audio from phone to Kenwood AC receiver. It works well for live streaming, audio streaming, or video playback.

What’s great about this app is that it comes with a friendly user interface so you don’t have to spend time learning how to use it. Plus, it promises a stable and seamless connection between two devices.

This app runs well on Android 7.0 and higher. Thanks to its small size, downloading this app on your device won’t affect your phone’s resources. 

9. Mirror Link Phone to Car

Mirror Link Phone to Car

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for a mirror link app that is quick and easy to use then Mirror Link Phone to Car is made just for you. This simple tool connects your Android smartphone to the car display without using cable. Once connected, use your phone to enjoy music, video playback, or navigation.

The tool supports most Android devices that run version 4.4 and higher. Using this app you can mirror photos, videos, and files on the car screen. No more fiddling with your smartphone and get a better driving experience.

Mirror Link Phone to Car is designed with a simple user interface. Thanks to large buttons, connecting Android device and the car’s infotainment system will never be a hassle. It also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a seamless connection.

Whatever you want to mirror from phone screen to car display, this is an app to try out. 

10. Mirroring OB for JVC

Mirroring OB for JVC

Download on Google Play

Are you using JVC AV receiver on your car? Mirroring OB for JVC could be the best app for the best mirroring experience. Anything displayed on your phone will be mirrored to car display for a safe and fun driving.

This app is supported by Bluetooth connectivity that helps transmit audio. Before enjoying navigation or music on a larger screen, you will need to pair both devices. Use Bluetooth for audio streaming connection.

Once activated, this app will start capturing whatever is displayed on your phone screen and bring it to the car display. Mirroring OB for JVC runs appropriately on Android 7.0 and above. It’s just getting better with lightweight size, ensuring your phone is not significantly impacted by this app.

11. Mirror Link

Mirror Link

Download on Google Play

Mirror Link could be your best mirroring tool to connect mobile phone and car screen. Only with a few steps, you can transform your vehicle into a smart car that enables you to manage photos, maps, contacts, and videos from the dashboard.

On this app you can find two options, including mirror link that allows you to connect the phone to the car via phone Wi-Fi and smart view that lets you connect mobile device with the car screen using Wi-Fi IP address.

What’s great about this app is that Mirror Link is compatible with most car manufacturers. Easily enjoy screen sharing to watch movies or listen to music from your car screen.

12. Mirror Link Car

Mirror Link Car

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Flavapp, Mirror Link Car has everything you need to mirror smartphone with car screen. Using this app you can easily manage media or monitor navigation from the dashboard. Thanks to wireless connection, connecting your phone and car display is simple without cable.

Mirror Link Car has a beautiful and simple design for a better user’s experience. Drive safely while enjoying the journey with this mirror link application installed on your device.

Not only does this app work with your car TV, it also works with your home TV. Now you can enjoy video streaming or photo preview from your phone gallery on larger screens.

The best MirrorLink apps are designed to help improve your driving experience. Drive wisely and get the most out of mirror link applications for your Android device.

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