10 Best Home Inventory Apps for Android

Best Home Inventory Apps

Keeping track of all things in your home is most likely never close to easy. This is why you need to utilize the best home inventory apps in the first place.

Whether you are living in a huge traditional home or a small apartment, you don’t want to lose your stuff after some unpacking or decluttering. Of course, the presence of apps that help you to track your inventory will be a huge help.

Some apps even allow homeowners to sort and list their items before putting those things on insurance companies. But of course, there is a series of things you need to determine before deciding whether an inventory app is right for you or not.

Best Home Inventory Apps for Android

Even though it is easier to stick to an Android free home inventory app, not all apps are created equal. Some features will be more useful than others, after all. And if it is a bit daunting to pick a good inventory app, you can look for these qualities in the first place.

  1. Various backup options.
  2. Image storage to label your items.
  3. Capabilities to sort all items in inventory.
  4. Pricing options.

And if an app has all of the qualities mentioned above, you may go with that. Below, you can find several excellent apps that will help you to take care of your inventory whether in your house or at work.

1. Sortly


Sortly is a popular personal inventory app on the Play Store. This one is very popular due to its capability and features. Other than sorting your home inventory in a traditional way, you can create various folders and subfolders to make things easier.

Also, if you are a detailed person then this app will do great for you. You can add some details, such as purchase date, warranty expiration date, serial number, and so on. Of course, Sortly allows you to put pictures on each item and export the information through PDF, Dropbox, or CVS.

This app will store your data in the cloud and support sync across various devices. Since the UI design is simple and straightforward, you won’t encounter any difficulty to operate Sortly – this app supports offline use too.

Feel free to give a try the free version of Sortly before committing to the paid one.

Download on Google Play

2. Encircle


Talking about the most affordable home inventory app, Encircle is definitely it. The app’s free version allows you to take care of two households for free and effortlessly.

Other than that, Encircle Home Inventory supports photo storage so that you can create notes along with the pictures. The app is available both on Android and desktop, which supports mobility at its best.

Encircle offers various features, such as:

  • Unlimited storage for your inventory.
  • Detailed reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.
  • Support sync across various devices and the updates are automatically applied on all devices.
  • Your inventory is accessible from the website and app.

Beginners would be happy to use the free version of Encircle. Besides, sorting items in your house is more than enough with the Encircle’s free version. Meanwhile, you can upgrade the app for enjoying advanced features later.

Download on Google Play

3. Memento Database

Memento Database

If you are looking for an excellent home inventory app for moving, Memento Database can be a huge help. Users can store anything they want as long as it is an inventory-related object. 

Other than keeping your things sorted, you know that you have all items in their best condition while moving and unpacking. To save your data and time, you can use Memento’s templates.

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Meanwhile, if you are interested in making your own layout, Memento allows you to group various items into lots of categories, depending on your needs. Some other features include:

  • You have controls towards the items sorted on the app.
  • Memento is compatible with Google Sheet. So, you can edit the items and data through Google Sheet and it will be automatically updated on the app.

All in all, Memento Database puts the liberality on you. You can store almost anything you want and have control over it. Also, each storage may have as much or as little information as you want in the first place.

Memento Database, however, is not a free app. It comes with several pricing options starting at USD 3 per month. More than anything, you should give this app a try in the first place.

Download on Google Play

4. Smart Inventory System

Smart Inventory System

NonZeroApps, an app developer company, also develops a smart inventory app. And the function of the app resembles the app’s name as well: Smart Inventory System.

This app is the answer for those who look for the best free home inventory app on the Play Store. It comes with a free version and offers upgrades through in-app purchase options.

There are tons of good things about the Smart Inventory System. You can log into your account through any device without worrying your data will be lost – yours is stored in the cloud, just like any other users’.

Using this app is also effortless. Other than putting numbers, grouping them into folders, and putting tags on each folder, you can put the information about the item’s quantity.

The Smart Inventory System supports several default languages to simplify the process and being an app for all users in the world. Other than that, you won’t lose count on each item because you can add pictures to label the folder.

Meanwhile, if you like to export your data, the app allows you to transform it into a CSV file.

Download on Google Play

5. Magic Home Inventory

Another free inventory app you should try is Magic Home Inventory. As its name suggests, this app will do the magic for you. 

You can use this app to organize, sort, and execute your items across Android devices. Categorizing items by room is also possible and effortless. Feel free to put any information needed along with pictures on each folder.

Other interesting features about this app include:

  • Special camera to label your folder.
  • Advanced search features that help to find your items easily.
  • Effortless entry and easy navigation.
  • You can add several images for each item.
  • The app supports other formats to export and import your list of items.

All in all, Magic Home Inventory is the best app you can use for sorting and listing your belongings at home. Since this app is free, why don’t you give it a shot?

Download on Google Play

6. ZenOwn


ZenOwn is an alternative for those who look for the best free inventory app on the Play Store. The app is created to make people’s lives way simpler and easier. By that, you can keep up with your inventory items 24/7 hassle-free.

Other than listing your items and putting them in the right place, you can also put the expiration date, the item condition, and other information that may help you to keep up with those things in the first place.

ZenOwn also provides the warranty alarm which you can turn on to remind you before those items expire. If you want to, the app will automatically put new items in the right folder based on similarities.

This app allows you to keep the pictures of items for 24 hours in the cloud. In case you want to extend the period, you can save those pictures on your phone. 

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More than anything, this app is free, which is rarely offered by other apps with similar features. ZenOwn, on the other hand, is also considered the best home grocery inventory app.

Download on Google Play

7. HouseBook


HouseBook is another app that will help you to track inventory, whether in your office or house. Just like any other best household inventory apps, HouseBook comes with a series of useful features.

Talking about inventory apps, HouseBook is surely one of the best names on the Play Store. The UI design is simple and informative, which is quite effortless to understand.

Just like any other best apps, the system will save your data in the cloud so that you don’t need to sacrifice your phone memory in the first place. Other than that, the cloud memory allows you to access your data from other devices effortlessly.

What should you do if you have saved too many items on the app? Well, you can use Google Assistant to simplify your work. And if you have a roommate, feel free to share the list if necessary – it will be easier if both of you use HouseBook in the first place.

This app is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to lose track of items in their houses. And in case you need a home inventory app for insurance, HouseBook is a perfect choice too.

Download on Google Play

8. My Stuff Organizer

My Stuff Organizer

Whether you are looking for a home grocery inventory app Android or an inventory app in general, you must give My Stuff Organizer a try. As a free app you can download on the Play Store, this also comes with a straightforward yet stunning UI design.

All details about your belongings are accessible and shown on the dashboard menu. Other than that, you can use the features by clicking the tab bar. Just like any other apps that provide excellent service, you can add and custom barcodes.

One you’ve set everything, you can track all your things effortlessly. Sharing your list with roommates is also no-brainer.

Download on Google Play

9. Itemtopia


Are you looking for a smart inventory app with robust services? If so, Itemtopia is one of those apps you should consider.

Other than usability, this app also offers catchy UI design and supports various languages. Creating home inventory won’t be a daunting task to deal with anymore.

Itemtopia is a versatile app – you can organize almost anything, from items to pets. Since your data is stored in the cloud, you can log into your account from other devices too. Of course, it allows you to share the list with roommates or other household members.

Download on Google Play

10. Stock and Inventory Simple

Stock and Inventory Simple

Stock and Inventory Simple is specifically made and developed for Android smartphones. By using this inventory app, you can learn and have better management when it comes to sorting your belongings.

As the best home inventory app Android, the Stock and Inventory Simple app allows you to organize items at home, big companies, or even warehouses through your phone.

To ensure its best services, the app provides a barcode scanner to boost effortlessness when you are using it. It is also the reason why you have to consider this app when it comes to sorting your belongings.

Your data is stored in the cloud and you can back it up on Google Drive. As one of the best mobile inventory apps on the Play Store that also offer free services, Stock and Inventory Simple is worth your shot.

Download on Google Play

After reading some suggestions above, you may have an idea about what app supports your need at most. But of course, your decision will be more legit if you have tried each app in the first place.

Generally, there are many ways you can use this kind of app. While one app is more expensive than another, you better choose the one that accommodates your job at most.

Other than that, the best home inventory apps should’ve featured a generous amount of storage space, right?

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