10 Best Camping Apps for Android

Best Camping Apps for Android

Summer is in the air. If you want to spend the summer with fun outdoor activities, start preparing for a camp. From discovering campsites to arranging your trip itinerary, the best camping apps make everything easier for you and your family.

Campsites are scattered everywhere in the US but only a few of them provide you with great accommodation for an amazing camp experience. Use camping apps to help you search for and book trusted campsites across the US and even you can put your own campground into the list.

Best Camping Apps for Android: Unlock Adventure

A plethora of camping apps are ready to download on the Play Store. But if you don’t want to end up wasting space on your phone with scams, consider the following apps. Providing a variety of features, planning your camping trip becomes easier.

1. The Dyrt

The Dyrt

The Dyrt offers a quick and easy way to discover and book campsites throughout the US. Featuring a vast community with more than a million of registered members, it allows you to search more than 44,000 campgrounds for RVs, trailers, tents, and even glamping.

The Dyrt has several features that let you plan a camping trip more easily. When searching for a campground, simply use filter to sort campgrounds by distance, type, and rating. It is also possible to view photos and read reviews made by other campers.

If you find a campsite that meets your preference, book directly from this best camping app for ultimate convenience. Now you can focus on preparing the stuff before departing. Want to simplify your budget by avoiding booking fees? Simply upgrade to the Pro version.

With just a one-time upgrade, you will be able to skip the booking fees. It also offers discounts that help you save up to 40 percent for campgrounds. There are more exclusive features to find on the Pro version, such as route planner and map layers. You may download maps for offline mode.

Do you have a potential campsite? The Dyrt encourages you to make more money by listing your campground so you can earn commission-free bookings.

Download on Google Play

2. Campspot


Make campsite booking experience a lot easier with Campspot. Ideal for RV and tent camping, it is designed to help you plan outdoor activity on the go. Use your Android at its best and adventures are now at your fingertips.

Built with a simple and beautiful design, there are so many things you can do with Campspot. From discovering campgrounds across North America to booking a camping trip, this simple app has got you covered. No less than 130,000 campsites are ready to browse.

Too many campsites to choose from? Take advantage of filter that allow you to discover the perfect campground that meets your needs. As a plus, this best camping app give you a chance to see your reservation details for the past and future trips.

One good thing about Campspot you shouldn’t skip is that it doesn’t charge you for membership fees. Instead, you just pay when you book so you don’t have to waste money when you are not using the app. Whenever you are ready for outdoor adventure, Campspot could be your best partner.

Download on Google Play

3. Campendium


Specially made for campers, Campendium is a worth-trying camping app for anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor adventures without hassle. It has a long list of campgrounds ranging from RV parks to remote areas for those who seek tranquility.

Made by campers, it knows what you want and need. It has been trusted by thousands of travelers and campers with thousands of reviews to convince you before making a decision. With a complete set of features from searching to booking and filtering, planning a camping trip has never been this easy.

Map overlays is the main highlight with which you can find cell coverage, free public lands, and trailheads easily. Choose your category and let this best free camping app do the rest. View camping details to help you make better decision.

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Campendium is a handy camping app for beginners, busy parents, and even pro campers who need a convenient camp booking. Not only does it help you arrange an outdoor trip plan, but also it is completely free to use.

This application is designed with a user-friendly interface and it offers easy-to-use features to support your outdoor activity. Buy in-app purchases if you need more content.

Download on Google Play

4. Park4Night


Bringing your family to nature is a great way to appreciate life. Get Park4Night in your pocket to help you arrange a camping trip so you can focus on your loved ones. With this app, you can uncover hidden places across the US, have a picnic, and be more grateful with your life.

Whether you want to take your camper van, RV, or motorhome, this app always has the best solution for you. Choose natural beauty you want to enjoy such as forests, beaches, parks, creeks, mountains, and many more. Once you find one, share good places with your friends or family.

Featuring more than 140,000 camp places, you can always find great spots to take your loved ones to appreciate nature. This best camping app also supports offline mode, allowing you to discover places and prepare itinerary without an internet connection.

Furthermore, Park4Night allows you to share with your community. You can inform possible activities to do in a certain area like biking, hiking, windsurfing, or others. It also gives you access to share your ideas and suggestions for further improvement. This app is free to use and it may contain ads.

Download on Google Play

5. Recreation.gov


Find campsites throughout the US with Recreation.gov. This mobile app comes as a handy solution to make camp planning much easier. Use it to search and reserve fantastic camping places that meet your personal preferences so you can focus on things that matter.

Recreation.gov has tons of features to help you discover and book campgrounds. For example, it has a built-in search feature to find campgrounds and campsites across the country. You can even get personalized recommendations according to your location.

Filter becomes a useful filter to make your search more effective. It also provides you with photos to help you make decision and maps that help you get into the location. Besides, it allows you to check campsite availability in real time.

This app offers ultimate convenience with digital ticketing. Feel free to access digital ticket and experience smooth check-in without queueing. If you need to read users’ review before booking, this best camping app has got you covered.

Whether you are booking a family camping or weekend gateway, Recreation.gov helps you with the preparation. It is also good to know that you can enjoy all the features for free.

Download on Google Play

6. StayFree Vanlife Camping Spots

StayFree Vanlife Camping Spots

Spending life in a campervan and traveling around the world might be one of your wildest dreams. StayFree Vanlife is a useful app to make your dream come true, thanks to the world’s beautiful camping spots it offers. Experience different places, stay the night, and make your life more meaningful.

On this RV camping app, you can discover more than 50,000 camping places, RV parks, motorhome sites, and overnight parking. This number is constantly increasing with users’ contribution and it is available to share with the public. Use filters to narrow down your choices.

Knowing the details about the campsites give a huge help when deciding the best place. StayFree allows you to explore a huge database of camp places along with reviews by the community. Now it is so much easier to select a place that suits you.

What’s great about this simple app is that you can contribute to make the world a better place. Coming with a clean-up feature, it encourages you to live a responsible camper lifestyle. Wherever you spend the night, take care of the area and keep it clean as you leave.

Want more features? StayFree offers a premium version that is loaded with exclusive functions. For example, you can track your travels directly from your phone. It also has translator, wishlist, and spot lists to plan your destination. The best of all, it offers ads-free experience for every search.

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Download on Google Play

7. Campernight


Campernight is the best camping app to help you search for beautiful spots in nature. Trusted by thousands of campers, it has a beautiful and intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use. Searching spots made simple from the map, search bar, or pictures.

It is quite similar to social media platforms on which you can search for places, share with friends, and see who posted the spots. If you are interested, navigate to their Instagram profile and connect with them. Whether you want to find parking place or exciting spots for activities, this app is just for you.

Several other things you can do on Campernight is check weather forecasts for your destination, use built-in parking assistant, create routes and save favorites for your trip planning, and contribute to the community by adding new places you just visited.

It also gives you a chance to share experience by rating and reviewing the places. One of the best features you can find on Campernight is that you can find places that not only let you park and sleep but also do fun activities like farming or visiting a vineyard.

Download on Google Play

8. CaraMaps


Are you a motorhome traveler? CaraMaps is an amazing camping app made just for you. It provides you with information about over 90,000 addresses for motorhome campsites. A quick access to parking areas, service areas, RV parks, and campgrounds at your fingertips.

With CaraMaps you can download regions to navigate places without internet connection. Built-in search feature becomes more efficient with filter so you can sort motorhome areas based on your needs such as water, drainage, activities, electricity, and more.

Did you just find a great campsite and you want to tell everyone? Share feature adds an extra function to this app. Hit the share button to share your pictures with the community and encourage them to visit the place. Keep your review polite to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Whatever your needs, CaraMaps can be your best partner to enjoy your travel or outdoor adventure. This app is free to download with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

9. Anycamp


Another app to find campsite is here. Anycamp is an amazing application for mobile device that gives you information about available campgrounds. It also provides you with access to their contact number so you can easily check for availability.

Developed by the Aircamp community, this app is constantly improved to become more accurate. Currently you can enjoy a number of features like campsite search and caravan parks, campground photos, and reviews from users.

Frequent campers are facilitated with a Favorite feature that lets you create campsite collections of your favorite. These collections are shareable so you can show off your journey. To keep your list organized, this best camping app allows you to put them in different folders.

The developer is currently working on improving the app by adding more photos and states and refining the data. It is good to know that Anycamp is free to download.

Download on Google Play

10. Freeontour Camping App

Freeontour Camping App

Use Freeontour to plan your camping trip and see how it makes everything easier. Designed for campers, it is possible to find campgrounds and motorhome sites quickly from your phone. If you plan to camp across Europe, you will find this app useful.

A lot of features make Freeontour powerful. Using this app, you can browse more than 24,000 campgrounds and 6,000 motorhome sites and send reservation requests. It also has a filter function and ratings to improve your search experience.

Furthermore, it is possible to get travel reports and tips. If you are a beginner who needs advice about camping, this app has got you covered. Get this app for free and make the most of your camping moment.

Download on Google Play

Camping is a fun activity to enjoy the summer and get closer to nature. Get the best camping apps to help you arrange camping trips from discovering places to making reservations. Don’t forget to write your reviews and share with other campers.


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