10 Best Radio Apps for Android

Best Radio Apps for Android

Despite the popularity of music players and music streaming platforms, radio still has its own fans. Listening to the radio offers a lot of fun with endless possibilities of music, not to mention it lets you discover new tracks and chill out. Looking for the best radio apps for Android?

There are copious options when it comes to radio applications for mobile device. Some apps come with basic features while others offer extra functionalities, allowing you to do more than listening to the radio. For instance, they are packed with podcasts and video music playing.

Best Radio Apps for Android and Never Miss a Beat

Choosing the right radio app allows you to enjoy the music discovery experience at its best. If you need a reference for trustworthy radio apps for Android smartphone, you mustn’t skip the top picks below ranging from iHeart to AccuRadio.

1. iHeart


iHeart is the world’s famous radio station based in New York. If you are a big fan of iHeart radio, downloading this app is a must. The internet radio player lets you discover not only radio but also music and podcasts in a single app.

On iHeart you can stream thousands of radio stations and podcasts across devices. Listen to your favorite stations and music while relaxing. You can also stay tune in various radio shows that talk about sports, comedy, and even breaking news.

Chosen as one of the best radio apps for Android, iHeart has a special feature that allows you to enjoy a free music playlist. Discover thousands of curated song playlists organized by genre and mood so you can find the perfect soundtrack for the right moment.

What’s more, it is possible to create personalized music stations based on your favorite genres and artists. Whether you’re into hip hop, EDM, pop, or rock, you can always find the best songs to play.

iHeart is available in two versions: standard and premium. One-time purchase allows you to upgrade to iHeart Premium and unlock exclusive features such as ads-free music experience, save and replay feature, unlimited skips, and more.

Download on Google Play

2. Radio FM

Radio FM

Radio FM is a great app to play podcasts and internet radio stations from your mobile phone. Discover music of various genres, talk shows, comedy, and other programs with more than 18 categories across the globe in this best radio app.

One major feature that makes Radio FM fantastic is multiple language support, allowing you to listen and download popular podcasts from all over the world. It is also possible to add your favorite station to the Favorite list for easier access in the future.

Sleep timer comes in handy to listen to the radio and podcast before you go to bed. This feature makes sure you don’t waste mobile data when you fall asleep. Set the timer and it will shut the radio at the defined time. Alarm clock is also supported to wake you up.

More features to explore on Radio FM include shortcut for fast access, simple radio interface, and quick swap. It displays title information that lets you figure out detailed information about the station. You can also access lists aside from Favorite such as countries and recent.

Download on Google Play

3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

Play radio online with TuneIn Radio. This versatile radio app has everything you need to hear what matters to you from sports and music to news and podcasts. It supports thousands of AM/FM radio stations both in your local area and globally.

Listen to your favorite music while chilling out with TuneIn Radio. Boost your morning mood with exclusive music stations such as Smooth Jazz and Today’s Hits. Or if you have afternoon tea, let this app be your companion by streaming news network that you trust.

This radio app is an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts. It has loads of sports content about big games from top leagues such as the NFL, NHL, MLB, and more. You can also follow your favorite team with customized content and gametime notifications.

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TuneIn Radio has become one of the best radio apps for a reason. Aside from thousands of stations it supports, you can discover a variety of podcasts for your passion. Listen to the big shows like Wow in the World or Hidden Brain while doing your workout or commuting.

Need more features? TuneIn Radio Premium is available to unlock. You can get bonus content such as live sports, ads-free access, unlimited audiobooks, and more.

Download on Google Play

4. SiriusXM


Millions of people have trusted SiriusXM to upgrade their listening experience. This mobile radio app is packed with music, sports, news, and everything you want to hear. Stay up to date with the latest comedy show or big match of your favorite team with this radio streaming app.

Available for free on the Play Store, SiriusXM can be a great app to listen to the latest music. Thanks to personalized stations of Pandora artists and more than 100 Xtra Channels that allow you to listen to music for any occasion.

SiriusXM features ad-free music streaming dedicated to your hits and genres. Find music with exclusive artist channels like Drake, RHCP, Disney Hits, and many more. Listen to music based on your everyday mood.

Sports lovers will find SiriusXM a great app to stream live sports. Discover big matches of major sport of your favorite as well as talk and analysis from coaches, players, and experts. As a plus, you can stay close to your favorite team by following popular networks like ESPN and CBS Sports.

Download on Google Play

5. Simple Radio

Simple Radio

Presented to you by Streema, Simple Radio comes in handy to stay tune to your favorite AM/FM and online radio stations through smartphone. Use this best radio app to access music, live sports, and news within seconds.

Enjoy open access to more than 50,000 stations from around the world and discover unexpected gems. Finding global radio stations is so much easier with this app, not to mention you can also search by genre or by category.

Whether you are into music, news, or live sports, Simple Radio has got you covered. Start your search by country or city and find radio stations you’ll love. Feel free to listen to your favorite music or keep close with your favorite big match of NFL, NBA, and more with this app.

In addition to tons of features, there are several reasons to choose Simple Radio. It boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that promotes a straightforward operation. It also has one-tap access to Favorites, promising a fast and easy access to your favorite stations.

What’s more, Simple Radio is built with unparalleled reliability and stability which help prevent buffering and interruptions. As a plus, it works on multiple platforms ranging from Android to Google Chromecast.

Download on Google Play

6. myTuner Radio App

myTuner Radio App

Get connected to live radio stations from all over the globe with myTuner Radio. Crafted with a modern and simple interface, this mobile app is completely easy to use. Enjoy the best experience of listening to live radio, AM/FM radio, or internet radio.

Being on the list of the best free radio apps for Android, myTuner allows you to listen to over 50,000 live radio stations and 1 million podcasts from all around the world. Choose any category of your preferences and keep up to date with your favorite shows.

myTuner is suitable for you who want to hear things that matter to you ranging from sports and news to music and comedy. Find out the most popular songs on the radio or listen to talks about your favorite sports from your smartphone.

More features have been added to improve your experience. Alarm works effectively to wake you up with your favorite radio station. Besides, it is equipped with a sleep timer to turn off the app automatically when you go to bed and Bluetooth support.

Download on Google Play

7. My Radio

My Radio

Did you ever feel curious of what radio stations around the world sound like? Figure it out with My Radio. This mobile app is designed to help you connect with AM/FM radio stations locally and globally. Stay tune in to your favorite radio show and listen to things that matter to you.

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My Radio is a free and simple radio application that you need to listen to more than 50,000 online radio stations. Experience a stable connection and high-quality audio when enjoying various types of live video such as news, sports, music, talk shows, and more.

Made with a user-friendly interface, this best radio app is completely easy to use. Find radio stations quickly by language, name or country and let this app do the rest. It also comes packed with additional features such as car mode, alarm clock, dark mode, timer, and more.

Take advantage of these additional features to optimize your experience. For instance, set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the app when you are sleeping. Don’t skip your favorite shows by setting radio alarm to your heart’s content.

Download on Google Play

8. FM Radio

FM Radio

Listening to diverse radio stations worldwide made it simple with FM Radio. Sit back on your couch and let this application bring you more than 50,000 stations. This is a fantastic app to listen to the radio anytime anywhere with internet connection.

Set your preference and search good radio stations from any genres and categories. You can easily search for news radio, sports radio, and music stations. As a plus, it welcomes you to search stations by the country of your preference.

FM Radio simplifies your radio listening experience with tons of features. While simple and classic design ensures all the functions accessible, a set of lists promotes a quick and easy operation. Take advantage of Favorite lists, recommend list, and also countries list.

One interesting feature to find on FM Radio but is rarely present on other apps is equalizer. It helps change the frequency of the sound from the radio for better quality on your device.

Download on Google Play

9. PCRadio


PCRadio hits different when it comes to the best radio apps. This radio broadcasting app makes hundreds of radio stations accessible from your smartphone. Choose your favorite genre and boost your mood every day.

Having a connection issue with low-speed internet? This app has got you covered. Enjoy listening to diverse radio stations in high-quality sound even though you have a sluggish internet connection. Listen to your favorite radio shows everywhere, either on the road or at home.

With more than 10M downloads, PCRadio is one of the most used radio apps among Android devices. Thanks to a set of useful features and easy control from your headset. Even it boasts battery efficiency that makes it friendly to your device.

Simple and intuitive interface is another plus for this app. It is available for free on the Play Store but you can get extra features with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

10. AccuRadio


AccuRadio is designed to make your radio search easier. Discover the best music on the radio for free with this app on your smartphone. It is completely free to download and it provides you with the best features to stay tune in to hundreds of radio stations.

AccuRadio is a must-have for music lovers. Though it isn’t as popular as other radio apps, it can be a good option. It provides you with hundreds of music channels and lets you find more than 50 musical genres. Save your favorite channel and music history for quick access in the future.

More features are available on AccuRadio. Feel free to rate songs based on your music knowledge and unlock 5-star channel. You can also ban artists or songs you don’t want to hear from a specific channel. As a plus, it allows you to share your favorite channels and songs with your friends.

This app can be a great alternative to discover the best music for free. Whether you are into country, jazz, classical, or hip hop, you can always find the right tracks to chill out.

Download on Google Play

With the best radio apps on your smartphone, streaming your favorite radio stations is convenient at anytime anywhere. Listen to stations in your local area or from around the globe and enjoy added features to improve your experience.

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