12 Best Prank Call Apps for Android

Best Prank Call Apps

Pranks can be a thing that bonds you with your people. While some tricks can be boring over time, these best prank call apps will make everything sound new and fresh.

If you are down for fooling your friends and family, you better give these prank apps a try. From changing your voice into the police to having a video call with your favorite idol, those tricks are effortless to prepare. 

Best Prank Call Apps for Android to Fool Whoever You Want

So, what’s the best prank call app for Android? It seems difficult to decide on only one app. Thus, you better read a short review for each app below and give the names on the list a try. Most of them are free, after all.

1. Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

Download on Google Play

Ownage Pranks is the first phone prank app you should give a try. This app is quite popular among pranksters in the world.

Developed by Ownage Labs, this app comes as a practical choice to joke around with your people. It has tons of interesting features to smoothen your prank and you will never fail.

One of its best tools is a voice changer that allows you to use a fake voice while making a call. Ownage Pranks ensures  your prank call sounds convincing in many ways.

This app promotes an effortless process to make pranks. All you need to do is to pick a collection from the library and choose a contact to call. Ownage Pranks will do the magic for you – as simple as that

Another good thing about this app is that new pranks are added daily – there is no need to run out of tricks in the first place. Other than that, you can save prank recordings on your phone.

2. PrankDial


Download on Google Play

The other prank phone call app you must check out is PrankDial. This app is quite popular too, and has been downloaded by millions of pranksters on Play Store. Its library is packed with tons of prank call scenarios – feel free to pick one.

PrankDial has a straight-forward UI design so that everyone can use it effortlessly. Since the app is constantly updated, new tricks are always added to its database. Also, you can save your pranks to your call history to share them with friends later.

The app allows you to customize various things, such as places, names, and other information related to your prank. And of course, it is almost impossible for your friend to spot the prank in the first place.

Choose a scenario, pick a contact, and let the app do the rest. PrankDial is free!

3. Scare Your Friends

Scare Your Friends

Download on Google Play

This app offers something different about pranking, you should try Scare Your Friends. As its name suggests, it involves a little bit of scare aspects to the prank. Thus, make sure your friends won’t be too scared when you put the game on the table.

Scare Your Friends lets you pick a ghost. And while your friend is using his phone, the picture of the ghost will show up along with its loud sound. It is quite satisfying to witness how successful your prank is.

Some features of this app include:

  • Several sound effects of ghosts along with their pictures.
  • The app is running in the background.
  • Choose a picture and sound along with the time when the prank shows up.
  • The shocking effect is legit.

4. FunCall


Download on Google Play

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The next fake call prank you must consider is FunCall. As its name suggests, the app features lots of fun for those who are down for prank calls. One of the most interesting things about this app is the voice changer – you can change your voice over the line effortlessly.

Your voice may change from funny to deep and scary, smoothly. All you need to do is pick a number to call and choose a country. After that, decide on the sound you want to use and the magic will happen right after.

FunCall allows you to record the call and replay the entire conversation to listen to how fun the prank went. Feel free to share the recording with your friends later.

5. AndroidRock Voice Changer

AndroidRock Voice Changer

Download on Google Play

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best fake call app, AndroidRock Voice Changer might suit your criteria. It comes with premade scenarios while you can improvise to make your top-tier prank scenario.

Another interesting thing you can do with this app is changing your voice to various characters – from a robot into a super drunk man. The library contains lots of characters, such as people, cartoon characters, animals, and many more.

This voice changer app allows you to record your voice and give the sound effect to change it, which is quite fun to use. While the UI design is straight-forward and user-friendly, some people addressed it as “too plain”, which is the only drawback of this app.

More than anything, AndroidRock Voice Changer is an interesting app you can use for free.

6. Fake call – Prank

Fake call - Prank

Download on Google Play

The best prank apps for Android can do fake calls and send prank short messages too. Fake Call – Prank is an app that can do the magic for you. While you can make some changes on the name, ringtone, and image, the app will help you get out of awkward situations.

One of the best features of this app is its ability to create false calls to your phone. So, in case you have to be in a place you don’t want to and need somebody to save you, this fake call app will help you to get out of that situation.

By using this app, you can make it like someone from your contact sends a text or calls you. Interesting, right? Just go download this app on Play Store.

7.  Fake Caller ID

Fake Caller ID

Download on Google Play

There is a cool prank call app that allows you to make and use a fake identity while making a call. Fake Caller ID comes with a feature that helps you make a fake identity, such as a police or a sheriff. Besides, the ID looks highly realistic.

As one of the best free prank call apps on Play Store, all you need to do is to type a username along with the last name and then pick an icon. After everything is set, your ID will appear on your friend’s phone as someone else. 

8. Juasapp


Download on Google Play

Juasapp is another popular Android app downloaded by millions of users on the Play Store when it comes to pranking your friends through a call. This app allows you to make lots of calls for free as long as you recommend your friends to use the app. Otherwise, you need to pay for subscriptions.

To run your plan with this fake call online prank app, you need to browse the library and pick jokes from it. Some jokes are specifically made for different targeted people, such as dog owners, people who travel for work, and so on – they all are legit specific, right?

To run your plan with this app, you just need to pick a joke and choose your friend’s number along with the specific time when the call is on. Juasapp will take care of the rest with its interesting magic.

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More than anything, Juasapp is an excellent app to make prank calls. As mentioned earlier, it is not a free one but you can share this app with friends to keep it costless.

9. Prank Call Wars

Prank Call Wars

Download on Google Play

For those who are up for new tricks through a prank call online, you need to give Prank Call Wars a try. You don’t need to be the one who makes a call because the system will do that for you.

Prank Call Wars incorporates voice recognition software so that your friend might think that a real person is calling him. All you need to do is to pick a scenario and choose a number to call.

Other than listening to the show live, the app allows you to record the entire conversation too. However, there is a limit when it comes to how many times you call a person. You can unlock the limitation by using coins which you can get from watching videos, sharing the app with friends, or completing other offers.

All in all, Prank Call Wars is quite fun. 

10. Fake Me a Call

Download on Google Play

Another app worth mentioning when it comes to the best fake call number is Fake Me A Call. This prank app will help you to get rid of a tight situation. A call will always allow you to leave the room, right?

Other than a call, this app also comes with a fake SMS feature that will give you a huge benefit when you need help the most. This free app allows you to schedule the call too, which is quite practical.

Every prank call is customizable from the ringtone to the voice that calls you. You should give Fake Me A Call a try to find out whether the app suits your needs or the other way.

11. BTS Call

BTS Call

Download on Google Play

When it comes to fake caller apps, what thing is better than getting a call from your idol? As its name suggests, BTS Call allows you to get a call from BTS members. This would make your Army friends envy to the max for sure.

When using this app, you can pick which member will call you. BTS Call features a straight-forward UI design so that everyone can use it effortlessly. All you need is a decent internet connection and this app will make your friends jealous. Don’t forget to take some screenshots while you are video-calling with BTS.

12. Police Prank Call App

Police Prank Call App

Download on Google Play

Want to make your friend scared? Police Prank Call App allows you to pretend like a cop has texted your friend. As one of the prank call number apps you can find on Play Store, the features help you to make the prank runs as smooth as possible.

All you need to do is to type the text and choose a contact number. To execute the plan, don’t forget to input the time frame and the app will do the magic. Easy, right? Some of the features include:

  • Police Prank Call App is only available for Android phones.
  • It has a loaded pack of premade text templates but you can customize the content too.
  • You decide when the text is sent to your friend’s phone.
  • There is no need to pay for a subscription or buy the app but you have to deal with ads.

It is always fun to be a prankster. While back then people used pepper shakers and sticking notes, now some prank call free apps and joke generators will do the job.

Pranking your friends or family can be fun but it might get old and boring if you have no idea how to start. The apps mentioned above will do the work for you while all you need to do is to download the app from Play Store.

Whether you want to impress your friends or find an excuse to get rid of a boring meeting, those apps above can be your savior. So, which of the best prank call apps above is your favorite? Have you tried them all? 

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