17 Best Pen Pal Apps for Android

Best Pen Pal Apps

Today, you may find lots of dating apps on Play Store. But what if all you need is a friend? Well, you can check out these best pen pal apps and give them a try.

In this article, you can take a look at the features and all benefits an app to find friends could give. More than anything, you and other users of the app are on the same page: you want to meet new friends from around the world.

Best Pen Pal Apps for Android

It must be nice and fun to have new friends from various countries. While asking for personal numbers would be a little scary for some, using pen pals mobile apps would be a good idea. There you will meet a bunch of people who look for the same thing.

While there are tons of apps you will find on the Play Store, below you can find the best apps that will take you to the new world outside – without going anywhere in the first place.

1. Tandem


Download on Google Play

Since you want to know how to make pen friends online, Tandem is an app you need to consider. This mobile app will introduce you to other users from various countries. Of course, the main goal is to learn new languages.

Along the process of learning to speak another language, you may find an excellent partner who has similar interests with you. Also, it comes with a strong community when it comes to learning a new language.

Other than learning new languages and meeting new friends, you can call your “tandem” once you are sure about your friends. It’s easy, right?

2. Bottled


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The best pen friend app is the one that gives you a vibe like a traditional pen pal activity. Bottled offers a similar experience but in a more unique way.

You need to write a letter about yourself in any language you want and then throw it to the “sea”. The idea is similar to messages in a bottle. Hence, when another user finds your letter, he or she may read your letter.

Each bottle comes with a letter along with a mark that says about the language. Once someone has opened the bottle, you can start a chat right after. Sounds fun, right?

3. Hello Talk

Hello Talk

Download on Google Play

When it comes to popular international pen pal apps, Hello Talk is surely part of the list. This one is an up-and-coming app on Google Play Store. For those who love to share ideas, moments, look for friendships or other relationships, this app will serve you well.

Of course, you can also learn about new cultures and languages with friends from around the world. Once you’ve signed up for the experience, you will be part of a huge online community that speaks various languages.

In this case, you can filter your languages and other preferences through your account settings. Once your profile is set, you can start sending letters or receiving ones with your pen pals.

4. Slowly


Download on Google Play

According to the best pen pal apps on Reddit, SLOWLY is the most popular app to look for pen pals on the market. This app surely offers lots of interesting things when it comes to looking for new friends from other countries.

Once your profile is set, your personality (and other users too) will stay anonymous – for the sake of everyone’s safety. To fill your profile, the app provides options of avatars and you can put any name you want.

The UI is minimalist and visually appealing. It looks nice and rich without overwhelming you. Also, you can fill your hobby and interests so that other users can find you more easily.

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5. Speaky


Download on Google Play

Other than being a usual app to look for a pen pal, Speaky also offers a feature that helps you learn new languages with other users. Isn’t it fun if your language instructor is also your pen pal? This app is also a great medium to find a real-life partner.

Generally, Speaky works like Skype. When you chat with your friend through this app, an automatic grammar correction will appear. Besides, it doesn’t cost you extra money in the first place.

6. Airtripp


Download on Google Play

Another app you can try to make friends from around the world and interact with them effortlessly is Airtripp. This is such an excellent app for those who love interactions.

By using this Airtripp, you can chat and interact with other users from 250 countries around the world. But what if you don’t speak their language? Well, this app is a free place to learn various languages.

Besides talking to new people and learning their languages, you can plan your destinations and seek travel advice from your pen pal through this app.

7. Ablo


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, Ablo joined the wave by providing an excellent pen pal finder app you can download on Google Play Store. Since finding new friends from around the world allows you to feel like traveling without using any transport, this app is an excellent addition for your interest.

After setting up a profile, you can mark the language you want to learn. Once you have found a new friend, you can use the video chat feature to talk to them.

8. Paltalk


Download on Google Play

If you are up for talking to strangers from around the globe, Paltalk is an excellent app to consider. It works similarly like Tinder but without the dating thing in the first place. Once your profile is set, the system will show you friends from around the world that match with your preferences.

Other than text chat, you can use voice and video calls too. This app comes with an excellent UI design along with a pack of top-notch features when it comes to finding new friends. However, keep in mind that Paltalk is a video chat app, which may show you tons of surprises.

9. Unbordered


Download on Google Play

If you are looking for a way on how to find a pen pal online, you should try Unbordered as well. This app allows you to find new friends and talk to them from other countries. The best news is that you don’t need to pay for any service in the first place.

Unbordered allows you to learn up to 30 languages in its database. Once you learn a specific language and are confident enough with your new language, you can start communicating with friends through its chat room.

Learning a new language is easier because it has more than 2,000 pre-made phrases along with the audio guide to help you.



Download on Google Play

MEEFF is quite a popular pen friend application for Android you can try for free. Even though it allows you to get to know new people around the world, this app is more popular with those who look for Korean friends.

The features are similar to other chatting apps, which promotes ease of use and functionalities in the first place. You can also invite your friends to use this app for chatting.

11. Yubo


Download on Google Play

If you are familiar with Tinder, Yubo would be something you love to work with. Instead of being a dating app, Yubo comes as a friendship app in the first place.

After you set a profile, the system will show you a series of people and you can swipe left or right depending on your preference – left for skip and right for like. Yubo is a perfect app for those who look for new friends nearby.

And of course, to make the entire thing more fun, you start conversation on its chat room along with using emoji and stickers. You can also start a live stream by using this app.

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12. Replika


Download on Google Play

This app is unlike other friend apps on this list. However, you can enjoy talking to someone you created yourself.

Replika is an app that allows you to create an AI friend for a pen pal. Thus, every time you are feeling blue or need someone to talk to, Replika will be your best company.

The avatar you created is run by many chatbots, which comes up with superior ability. Even though it is not a real person, you can learn much better by talking to your AI friend from Replika.

13. Lettrs


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a pen friend app that comes up with some unique features, Lettrs might suit you. All users can add images, texts, and signatures. And then they can use it to make a letter, like a handwritten one.

This app allows you to pick stamps and paper styles too. Lettrs is generally an official fan mail app for Major League Baseball Players Association. Thus, you will find lots of friends that may have similar interests with you.

14. HiNative


Download on Google Play

While other apps on the list let you to learn languages with whomever you meet, HiNative will set you up with native speakers. Besides being an app for pen pals, this app also provides you with an adequate source to learn new language directly with native speakers.

Meanwhile, it comes with a pack of ready-made templates to ask questions to your friend. If you are not sure about the pronunciation, you can use its audio recording feature.

15. Panion


Download on Google Play

One of the best pen pal apps for Android that offers so much fun while using the app is Panion. Other than meeting new people from the other side of the world, you can also find other people nearby.

Of course, you can send letters, chat with them, and even meet up to do something fun together. Featuring an attractive yet user-friendly UI design, anyone can operate this app effortlessly. Once you’ve filled the form and set your profile, the algorithm will find the best match for you.

16. Chat Rooms – Find Friends App

Chat Rooms – Find Friends App

Download on Google Play

The next name on the list of the best free pen pal apps is Chat Rooms. This one is a unique app to find a pal based on interests. The platform comes with a creative UI design, which looks nice and functional at the same time.

Creating bonding seems highly possible and fun with this app. As its name suggests, the app comes up with lots of chat rooms with different interests. To start a conversation, you simply need to pick a room with your favorite topic and then start chatting with all members in the room.

Other than chatting with a group of people, you can send private messages too. Chat Rooms also provide a pack of animated and colorful emojis to express yourself through your chat.

17. airG – Meet New Friends App


Download on Google Play

airG is an interesting app to try when it comes to how to find pen pal online. Just like how penpal works, you will find new friends from around the world with similar interests. Today, this app has over 100 million active users, which is good news for those who are looking for new friends, after all.

And, of course, you may find friends from nearby or somewhere across your continent. One of the features offered is the ability to see who’s online at that moment.

airG also comes with adjustable filters. Thus, your pen pals might suit the age, location, language, or other things that you prefer. Also, some games are free to try too within the app. More than anything, airG is worth considering for those who look for a pen pal site for friendship.

Many of the pen pal apps above also allow you to learn new cultures and languages. The most fun part is that you learn all of those from pals you met on the app. Isn’t it fun?

Nowadays, with the presence of the best pen pal apps you can download on Play Store, you don’t need to wait for the postman to come to your house and drop the letters. It is possible to feel the traditional experience of meeting new pals but with your smartphone.

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