15 Best Chess Apps for Android

Best Chess Apps

When it comes to an activity that requires you to use your logic, chess might be one of those things that cross your mind. Since this game can be learned and mastered, all you need to do is to give these best chess apps a try.

Learning chess is fun, for sure. However, the pressure is getting higher and higher as you join a tournament. Whether you are learning chess for fun or preparing for something ahead, these best online chess apps below are worth your consideration.

Best Chess Apps for Android You Need To Know

Today, you can play chess even from your smartphone. Besides playing with other people around the world, you can also learn new movements and patterns. Some apps mentioned on the list below also come with a pack of tricks.

1. Chess by AI Factory Limited

Chess by AI Factory Limited

Download on Google Play

This game is developed by AI Factory Limited and becomes one of the best chess apps for beginners. You can see that this app is the most downloaded on the Play Store, which is great and represents how easy this app is to operate.

Chess by AI Factory Limited comes with 12 playing levels that are regularly updated by the developers. It means that both beginners and pro players can use this app effortlessly, depending on your playing level.

While the game is free to download, you can unlock all interesting features and updated courses by buying its license for USD 1.62.

2. Play Magnus

Download on Google Play

As its name suggests, this app will train you to play chess like the legend, Magnus Carlsen. It comes with a unique feature that allows you to pick the age while the system will play like how Magnus played at that age.

Of course, as he gets older, the level you will play is getting harder and harder. According to the claim of the app, some users may even be qualified to play Magnus in the first place.

However, some reports said that the difficulty levels are not as tough as they should be. More than anything, Play Magnus Chess is a great chess game to hone your chess level.

3. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Download on Google Play

Another chess app for android you should check out is Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles). This app is unlike most Android chess games you will ever play. You may not even find standard chess games in this app.

However, it comes with a bunch of chess puzzles that you have to solve to level up the difficulty. You can also enjoy its offline puzzle packs by purchasing the paid version.

Other than that, Chess Tactics Pro offers various online puzzles daily so that you can hone your tactic-solving ability. This app is worth considering, especially if you are a person who is eager to learn tricks and tactics in chess.

This game is available on Google Play Store for free and in-app purchases allow you to upgrade the features.

4. World of Chess 3D

World of Chess 3D

Download on Google Play

World of Chess 3D is a chess game for you who are into graphics. It comes with maps so that it seems like you are in a war. The graphic quality is so-so but will add some variations to your chess games.

This app also comes with a series of level difficulties. Thus, even though you play with the system, you get an enjoyable match in the first place.



Download on Google Play

So, what is the best online chess app? Many users will say that CT-ART is among the best games when it comes to chess. This app is a good addition for those who are currently learning chess. Regardless of your level, CT-ART gives more benefits for chess players.

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If you are looking for different tactics and a way to solve problems, this app should be on your phone. Of course, it is more about instructions instead of the game itself.

Lots of the tactics are learnable if you sign up for a membership. While it costs USD 7.99, you get a lot more than you pay, such as various chess tactics, excellent community, and many more. Of course, your money will be a well-spent purchase.

6. Chess Openings Trainer Pro

Chess Openings Trainer Pro

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an app that helps you with your chess training, Chess Openings Trainer Pro is a good app to try. The system will train you to make good openings and run every possible transition from opening into the mid game.

As one of the best free learning chess apps, the system will watch your moves. Once you make a move, it hits your weaknesses immediately. This allows you to get better from time to time in chess games.

Other than training with your chess moves, this app comes with flash cards which you can play based on random openings. And if you are wondering, this app is run by Stockfish chess engine. While the free version is good enough, you can enjoy extra features by spending USD 4.99.

7. Lichess


Download on Google Play

Are you up for a free chess app with tons of interesting openings to play? Well, Lichess offers more than you have ever imagined while being the best chess app to play with friends at the same time.

This app is commonly compared to Chess.com and Chess24. While these three were initially only available in a website version, nowadays you can download all of them on Google Play Store. Lichess is still free to download and you can enjoy many features from its free version too.

Coming up with a simple yet attractive UI design, this app offers a mistakes tool, the ability to explore various openings, and train you for tactics. Again, all of those are free.

8. Shredder Chess

Shredder Chess

Download on Google Play

Shredded is the next app to learn chess you should check out. This app is very popular and can be touted as one of the best when it comes to chess apps.

Of course, the title comes up due to solid reasons. Even beginners can use this app effortlessly, considering how user-friendly Shredder is. Other than that, it comes with an opening book that contains an endgame database that will help you to master chess step by step.

The system will use its brain as best as possible to analyze every move you make. Later, it shows your weakness so that you can learn something from it. Also, there is a hint button you can use, in case you are stuck.

Shredder is such a versatile chess app. You can adjust the level according to your current ability. It comes with several styles, such as:

  • Normal
  • Solid
  • Passive
  • Aggressive
  • Active
  • And random.

Considering the popularity of this game you won’t be disappointed with how interesting this app is. However, you need to spend USD 6.99 to enjoy all features offered by Shredder. Still, it is a worthy investment on many levels for those who want to master chess.

9. Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess

Download on Google Play

For those who want to learn chess in a more fun way, Really Bad Chess might be an app you are looking for. It is a classic game that comes with lots of twists. The twists, on the other hand, are quite random, which can turn anything serious into something funny.

As much as this app’s randomness goes, you may play with super-random pieces every time you start a new game. For instance, you may have two queens, five bishops, two rooks, and one king. This sounds very fun for long-time chess players considering the rule remains the same.

However, it might be very confusing for beginners. Still, you can give it a try by using its free version. Meanwhile, if this game gets into you big time, you can consider spending USD 2.99 for extra features for more fun.

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10. Chess – Analyze This

Chess - Analyze This

Download on Google Play

First of all, this app is not for playing chess. However, you can get lots of insight for every move you make on the chess board. As its name suggests, the system will analyze your move and show the weakness of your choice.

Thus, if you are looking for an Android app that helps eliminate your mistakes, you can say this is one of the best free chess apps on Play Store. The free version allows you to enjoy lots of features.

However, if you are willing to pay for its PRO version, you don’t need to deal with ads, use auto-replay moves, and a lot more. Thus, if you are a serious chess player, this app should be on your phone.

11. Chess – Play and Learn

Chess – Play and Learn

Download on Google Play

This one is what you called Chess.com. Initially played on a browser for free, now you can also have it installed on your smartphone.

Similar to its older sibling, the Android app offers lots of features, such as online games, lessons, puzzles, videos, and so on. Other than playing with computers, Chess.com is one of the best multiplayer chess apps available on Google Play Store.

While you can enjoy all features limitedly, unlocking those limitations require a membership – some people said that it might be too expensive. Still, if you want to enjoy excellent gameplay with simple UI, you should give its paid version a try.

12. My Chess Puzzles

My Chess Puzzles

Download on Google Play

According to the best chess apps on Reddit, this one is worth your consideration. Even though playing chess puzzles doesn’t specifically increase your skill, it helps hone your intuition with any movement.

Thus, in other words, My Chess Puzzles can be an additional Android app you use to have a better chess intuition. Other than that, chess masters suggest learning more about efficiency when deciding a move, which you will get from learning from puzzles.

13. Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if all you need is to play chess like in a real tournament with Swiss System or Round Robin rules, you can download this app on your smartphone.

The only lack of this app is no support for ELO seeding or USCF and FIDE pairing algorithms. Still, it can be a fun practice if you are okay to play unrated tournaments in the first place. The app is free and available on Google Play Store.

14. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Download on Google Play

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf is another popular chess game for Android which you must give a try. While you play the game and make every movement, Dr. Wolf will be your company and explain everything step by step.

In case you are making mistakes, Dr. Wolf will help you to get through those things and guide you to the right path. By that, you will hone your intuition while learning some new skills on the board.

If you want to use its free version, you will get a coach for three games. Later, if you think his teaching and training style suits you, upgrading your subscription is available. Regardless of your choice, you can always play with Dr. Wolf in the first place.

15. Chess24


Download on Google Play

Talking about the best chess app free for your Android smartphone, Chess24 gets its own place in some chess players’ hearts. While it comes with a straightforward UI and simple gameplay, you can use this app to hone your move.

Of course, some apps offer way better features and functions. Still, you can give this app a try. Its free version is fun enough to be your chess play companion. You can also play with friends by using this app.

For some people, chess is more than a game. It requires the players to focus and be sure about the movement.

Since every move may expose you to weaknesses, it is crucial for you to overcome them. Hence, the presence of online chess apps helps you to learn more about how to play chess better from time to time while increasing your level.

So, which is the best chess app for android? Well, you are the one who can decide. Feel free to give those best chess apps mentioned above a try and pick the one that suits your training well.

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