10 Best Avatar & Character Creator Apps for Android

Best Avatar & Character Creator Apps

Nowadays, creating a character or avatar is not only a designer’s job. Thanks to the best character creator apps, anyone can make beautiful pictures in a few simple steps. Even if you have zero design skills, these apps help you meet the goals.

Avatars or cartoons are commonly made in computers and require special software. But with character creator apps, you can easily make them on your mobile device. Most of these applications are supported by easy-to-use features so you can present life-like characters with different traits.

Best Character Creator Apps for Android — Create Your Own Avatar

A wide selection of character creator apps is available on Google Play Store, so Android users can easily pick one of them. But if you need a good reference for the best ones, the following list should help you out. Take a closer look at the apps below.

1. Anime Avatar Creator

Anime Avatar Creator

Design your favorite characters with Anime Avatar Creator. Built with a user-friendly and attractive interface, learning how to use this app shouldn’t take too long. Start your creative project by choosing a template and combining elements then your avatar will be ready to publish.

This best free character creator app offers cool features to bring your imagination to life. Besides a huge collection of templates, it has unlimited options for making unlimited combinations. Plenty of facial expressions with details allows you to make avatars with different moods.

Moreover, you can choose from various facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth of different styles. Add accessories like ribbons, glasses, hats, and even wings to make your anime standout. Different backgrounds are also available to give your design a new look.

What’s interesting is that you can create a full-body character. This means you can pick up cute clothes and fancy accessories to perfect your cartoon. Whether you want to create a boy or girl anime character, this best character creator app has got you covered.

If you are happy with the results, you can either save them in your gallery or share them on your favorite social platforms.

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2. Avatoon


Avatoon is a decent avatar maker to cartoon your life. Make a cartoon of your face, your friends, or your beloved ones and see how they would love it. With powerful tools and a lot of options, feel free to express your characters with different combinations.

This app supports avatar customization that lets you personalize your cartoon in a matter of seconds. Featuring advanced photo editor, you can improve your photo and make them look professional. It also has avatar snapshots that give you options to use either in-app backgrounds or real photos.

Let your cartoon dress up with style options. You can change their hair style, clothes, and color scheme to personalize the character. Don’t forget to give your message so your avatar can express the traits you want to show off.

Avatoon has a built-in share feature so you can share your creations with friends and family on social platforms. With more than 50M+ downloads, this is one of the best character creator apps to improve your creativity.

Download on Google Play

3. SuperMe


If you are looking for a character maker app with tons of features then SuperMe is made just for you. It is a cartoon avatar maker that is ideal for Android users who want to create avatars for social media profile, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Start creating your cartoon character by choosing a male or female avatar. You can continue to personalize the faces, expressions, and hairstyles with powerful tools. Choose different shapes of eyes, mouth, and eyebrows to create unique emotions.

SuperMe supports many other customizations, such as skin color, clothing color, and accessories like glasses or masks. Custom text is also supported in this cartoon editor so that your character can speak louder, or just in case you want to make an avatar for endorsement.

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If you are done with the project, share your creation via email, Bluetooth, or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also save it to your phone gallery. For additional features, SuperMe offers in-app purchases at various rates.

Download on Google Play

4. PitzMaker


Pitzmaker is a cartoon character maker to bring avatars in your mind to real life. Featuring a wide selection of items, customizing your characters made simple. Choose from colorful items and improve your original character to its best. What’s more, you can find new items that are updated constantly.

Whatever theme or concept of cartoon you want to make, this best character creator app makes your dream come true. Thanks to the ability to change concept from the app’s Settings. Start by choosing a concept and continue designing your avatars.

Furthermore, PitzMaker highlights a Capture tool that allows you to take photos of your character and save them. To enjoy this feature, make sure you grant permission to access the phone gallery. With captured photos on your screen, easily share them with your loved ones.

How about turning your cartoons into webtoon? PitzMaker helps you achieve the goal. You can add speech balloons to give life to your characters. In-app purchases are available to help you enjoy the app to the fullest.

Download on Google Play

5. Bemoji


Bemoji is a great app to cartoon yourself. This avatar creator allows you to create unique emojis, avatars, and characters from your smartphone. Featuring tons of options, making an avatar for your social platforms is completely simple.

Bemoji brings a number of key features. Besides 3D avatar creator that allows you to cartoon yourself, it supports avatar emoji personalization so you can use them for chatting on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other chatting apps.

This best character creator app also supports emoji keyboard customization. Using this feature, you can instantly share emoji sticker or bitmoji on messenger and social platforms. Your conversation will never be the same again, not to mention you can garner more followers.

Bemoji is one of the most popular character creator apps among Android users. Get more advanced features from in-app purchases and bring your creativity to the next level. When it comes to permissions, you will want to grant permissions to optimize the function.

Download on Google Play

6. Chibi Doll

Chibi Doll

Chibi avatars look cute and adorable. What about creating those cute characters by yourself? Chibi Doll is a fantastic character creator that lets you create chibi characters and dress them up. You can also use them as an avatar for social networks or wallpapers.

Chibi Doll offers a new feature gacha wheel to customize your character. Simply spin the wheel and win the clothing items so you can dress up your avatars. Plus, it is possible to choose the skin color, hairstyle, and hair color—even if it lets you use wings and tails for the characters.

It sounds fun to create chibi characters for your family and friends using this fantasy avatar creator app. Besides featuring anime creator, it comes packed with plenty of clothes items and accessories to dress them up. You can also make some pets for them.

What’s more, Chibi Doll allows you to do many other things such as change background, add stickers, and add speech balloons with text. When you’ve finished, you can also use them as wallpaper on your phone or profile pictures on social media.

Download on Google Play

7. Mirror


This app’s name is Mirror but it has nothing to do with the reflection job. Rather, it has everything you need to create a 3D avatar, AR stickers, and emoji stickers. It comes loaded with features to help you make cute characters from your mobile device.

As one of the best character creator apps, Mirror highlights facial recognition features to personalize your avatars. This is how you can make your avatars look like a real person. Alternatively, you can also use anime face to evoke a cute look. What’s more, celebrity look is also available to choose from.

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Try various features to improve your character-making experience. Mirror has Decide Wheel that helps you decide anything. What you need to do is spin the wheel and figure out which decision to take. It also has facemoji that comes packed with custom personalization.

If you want to add text to your emojis, Mirror has the right tool to try out. Simply add your personal text or phrases to the stickers and let it send your messages. And if you care about outfit, this application allows you to customize makeup, accessories, and clothes for the avatars.

Mirror is a popular app for creating characters on Android device. Get in-app purchases for additional features.

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8. My Webtoon Character

My Webtoon Character

Are you a huge fan of K-pop idols? If you answer is yes, My Webtoon Character is a decent app you should have on an Android device. With the ability to create characters, quickly make your favorite K-pop characters even if you have no design skills.

Millions of people use this app to create cute characters for boys and girls. Designed with an attractive and easy-to-use interface, you can easily generate your own avatars and dress them up. Pick the hairstyle, hair color, dress, accessories, and many more to make your character visually attractive.

How to bring Korean characters in your mind to real life with My Webtoon Character is quite simple. Brainstorm the concept and generate your own character in a few simple steps. Moreover, you can improve them with various stickers.

Text and speech bubbles are supported, allowing you to create your own webtoon story. If you are satisfied with the results, this realistic avatar creator has a built-in share feature so you can send them to your friends. 

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9. Dolltoon


Combining cartoon maker and powerful editing tools, Dolltoon offers a brilliant solution for you who wants to create unique characters from your smartphone. Express your imagination and improve your creativity made simple and easy with this app.

Using personalized cartoon characters has been an effective way to level up your social media experience. Dolltoon as one of the best character creator apps allows you to generate avatars and cartoon characters for various purposes, such as chatting or changing profile picture.

This avatar creator separates your artwork from other generators. Featuring avatar customization for color schemes, clothes, and hair, you can make a personalized character that meets your preferences. Even it allows you to insert your avatars to real life photos.

Besides avatar customization and powerful editing tools, Dolltoon lets you use background from your gallery. Simply choose from pictures in your phone and combine with your characters. Avatar Fun is also available, allowing you to draw more and personalize your avatars.

Show off your cartoon characters and share them on your favorite social platforms. You can also use these avatars to bring your chat experience to the next level.

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10. Vlinder Avatar Maker

Vlinder Avatar Maker

Unleash your imagination and create a fantastic anime character with Vlinder Avatar Maker. This is a two-dimensional simulation game that allows you to create different characters and personalize them. Dress them up, choose their face shape, and do other things to customize your avatars.

Upon joining, you can begin to choose the gender of the character. Continue with customizing attributes, hairstyle, face shape, eyes, and many more. You can also choose colors, accessories, and even the position of each body part.

When it comes to features, Vlinder allows you to personalize your avatar to make them unique. You can also change the angle of the selfie so you can get the best side. When everything is done, save your creation to phone gallery or share on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hone your imagination and creativity with Vlinder. With more than 5M+ downloads, it helps you become a professional character creator using your mobile device. Brainstorm your ideas and let Vlinder make them come true. Get this app for free and enjoy the features to the fullest.

Download on Google Play

Creating and personalizing characters are now simple, thanks to the best character creator apps you can find on the market. Most apps allow you to generate and customize avatars so they can be used for various purposes, such as profile picture, emoji stickers, and many more.

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