11 Best Music Making Apps for Android

Best Music Making Apps

Making music from the computer is not an uncommon thing. What about making music from your smartphone? The best music making apps are rolled out to the market these days, allowing music lovers to create a masterpiece from their handheld devices.

Mobile music makers are designed for music producers, DJs, or any music creator. These apps are commonly equipped with a complete set of features to create music beats, record audio, play instruments, modify loops, etc. So, what choices are available? Let’s have a closer look.

Best Music Making Apps for Android

There’s a long list of music making apps built for Android devices. Music maker apps below are meticulously selected to provide you with amazing music making experiences. From Music Maker JAM to Padmaster, here are the most recommended beat makers and music makers to opt for.

1. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

Dedicated for passionate music creators, Music Maker JAM is a versatile app to help you create high quality music. It has everything you need to achieve the goals no matter your skill levels. Whether you are seasoned music makers or beginners, it offers a great way to make music beats and tracks.

This mobile app contains a number of key features, including hundreds of mix packs with over a half million loops to choose from so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can also make music as per your style and favorite genres, from pop to rock, EDM, hip-hop, jazz, and many more.

Music Maker JAM is your first step to become a music producer. Using this app, you can record tracks, change tempo, arrange song parts, and play with effects. It also lets you remix tracks or make beats by sharing your phone.

Millions of people use this beat maker app, making it a music maker platform with a vast community. Upon joining, you can connect with artists, music producers, and music enthusiasts from all over the globe. Music Maker JAM is free to download with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

2. Groovepad


If you dream of being a DJ, let Groovepad make your dream come true. It is one of the best music making apps that will help you create your own music from mobile device. Feel free to mix tracks, create beats, and do experiments for unexpected results.

Groovepad has easy-to-use features to unleash your music creativity, including an enormous library containing unique soundtracks; live loops to make first-rate music that produces seamless blend; and fantastic FX effects to redefine your music. Share your creation to impress others.

This decent application also supports various genres, such as house, hip-hop, EDM, electronic, and more. Coming with a simple and nice design, it offers an easy way to make a music masterpiece without a computer. Not to mention it is suitable for creators of all levels.

Groovepad gets more than 50M downloads on Google Play and is still counting. You can install this application for free but it offers in-app purchases for additional content.

Download on Google Play

3. BandLab


BandLab is a free music making studio to create and share music from your Android. More than 50 million people use this platform to hone their skills such as recording, editing, and remixing music. It also lets you make beats, use loops, and add unique effects.

BandLab features a wide selection of samples to inspire you. These royalty-free sound packs come from various genres, such as hip-hop, rock, EDM, garage, rap, you name it. This means you can create limitless music from this application.

As one of the best music making apps, BandLab still has many other features. As well as creating music, it allows you to build a better social life with music enthusiasts, music producers, DJs, and more. Thanks to the Creator Connect feature brought to your table.

Do you need some inspiration? Using BandLab, you can discover millions of tracks created by talented DJs and artists. You can also watch live streams and personalize your playlists. Get this app for free without paid content or subscription fees.

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Download on Google Play

4. Roland Zenbeats Music Creation

Roland Zenbeats Music Creation

Sharpen your music skills with Roland Zenbeats. This music creation app allows you to keep up with your creativity anywhere, anytime. With a huge collection of sounds, you can create innovative music from your mobile device.

Using this app, you can build beats and compose multiple tracks. For finishing touch, improve your sounds with advanced editing features. You can either manipulate, refine, crop, or fade sounds as needed. Your only limit is your creativity.

Do many other things with this best music making app, such as controlling volume and filter, browsing through native FX, balancing your audio, and many more. Feel free to share your masterpiece using Google Drive or OneDrive.

Roland Zenbeats is a free app but you can unlock more features with Platform Unlock and membership. Paid contents are also available, allowing you to enjoy additional features that are not available on the free version.

Download on Google Play

5. Walk Band

Walk Band

Walk Band is a virtual music studio that will help you create good music without a computer. Featuring a complete set of virtual music instruments toolkits, it has everything you need to produce high quality sounds and share with other music enthusiasts or your loved ones.

This application has got over 50M+ downloads which means millions of people love it. One reason why it gets a huge number of installs is that it comes loaded with a wide selection of musical instruments. You can choose between piano keyboard, drum pad, guitar solo, beats pad, and more.

Furthermore, Walk Band offers more editing features to enhance your music creation. Let’s mention midi track recording and editing, piano roll mode editing, and voice track recording and editing. You can also convert midi to mp3 with its conversion feature.

Once you are done, this song maker app lets you upload music recording and share them on cloud. Walk Band is a free app with in-app purchases so you can buy additional content to improve your experience. If this application meets your music preferences, grab it fast.

Download on Google Play

6. Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine is one of the best music making apps to transform your smartphone into a virtual music studio. With just a few taps, you can do so many things from making beats to mixing loops and recording melodies. With beatbox maker, you can discover a unique hip-hop track.

Besides, this DJ music mixer comes loaded with a huge selection of sound effects which help you create nice chords. You can also combine them with guitar and piano to bring a whole new world of indie music. Not to mention it gives you an option to share music with other music enthusiasts.

This music studio application works efficiently for a variety of styles and beats, including hip-hop, EDM, trap, drum & bass, electro, etc. And if you need a good sample, Drum Pad Machine contains music and sound samples developed by professionals.

Designed for beat makers and music makers of all levels, this app is packed with detailed tutorials containing step-by-step instructions of how to use it. Learn from the tutorial so you can create and mix your own music. With more than 100M downloads, this app is available for free with paid content.

Download on Google Play

7. Song Maker

Song Maker

Creating music made simple with Song Maker. This best free music making app will help you compose songs and music of your favorite. Simply combine different sounds, beats, and rhythms and enhance with editing tools such as loop modification.

Song Maker app has thousands of beats, loops, and sounds that you can use for free, promising unlimited combinations to produce unique tracks. It also comes packed with a music library from various genres, including metal, hip-hop, bass, and trap.

What’s interesting, you can benefit from music demo projects from different genres to inspire yourself. Whether you prefer future bass, hip-hop, or metal, this music mixer app won’t let you run out of ideas. Plus, it allows you to record your voice while listening to the track.

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If you have finished with the project, tap the save button so you don’t lose your masterpiece. Once saved, you can share it with your friends. This music making application is suitable for mixing enthusiasts, DJs, and audiophiles who want to produce good music. Purchase paid content for additional functionality.

Download on Google Play

8. Beat Jam

Beat Jam

Made to improve beat making experience, Beat Jam is a powerful app every DJ should have on their smartphone. It lets you hone your skills and create your own music anywhere, anytime. Thanks to easy-to-use features that make your projects more fun and simpler.

This best music making app allows you to get samples to follow, from hip-hop tracks to techno and dubstep. Once you understand the assignment, produce sounds and music that is trendy and able to set the mood so you can make everyone enjoy your creation.

On top of that, Beat Jam is featured with top quality audio functionality that makes decent beats. Take your time to make music and share your talent with music lovers. With this app, you can also take a sample of your favorite tracks and blend using music mixer.

You don’t have to be a music expert to produce your own track. Thanks to Beat Jam that helps you improve your musical creativity without charge. But if you need additional features, it offers in-app purchases at different rates.

Download on Google Play

9. Groovy Loops

Groovy Loops

Path your way to become a DJ with Groovy Loops. This beat maker app offers a great way to transform your mobile device into a virtual music studio so you can make good music from it. Loaded with a long list of features, this is an awesome beat making app for Android users.

Groovy Loops offers more than 20 custom sound packs to choose from. It also covers a wide variety of genres, including club music, dance, beatbox, EDM, drum & bass, and more. A vast library of beats, instrumentals, and vocal loops are also available to enhance your experience.

Using this app, you can quickly create soundtracks and show them off. It features smart synchronization which helps analyze BPM and bars of the track. Plus, it has exceptional sound effects that allow you to create a unique arrangement so everyone can take the beats.

Among popular sound effects to find on Groovy Loops including flanger, reverb, bit crusher, chorus, and more. Made for professional and amateur music enthusiasts, this best music making app makes your dream come true.

Download on Google Play

10. Remixlive


Intuitive, simple, and versatile are things that best describe Remixlive. This beat maker features a user-friendly interface that helps professionals and beginners get the project done without problems. Many other features are included to redefine your experience.

It includes more than 250 collections of professional samples from an extensive range of genres. New packs come every week so you will have unlimited combinations to upgrade your musical creativity. You can even easily import samples from the local library in various formats.

With Remixlive, you can do many other things such as control FXs and filters, edit samples in-depth, create new packs, and export songs. This app is free to download and offers a premium subscription to unlock more features and sound packs.

Download on Google Play

11. Padmaster


Here’s Padmaster, a feature-rich music and beat maker that will help you produce your own music. It highlights plenty of sound packs so you can customize music that suits your taste. With up to 45-second loops, this is an app that will make you feel like a professional music producer.

On top of that, Padmaster has various layers so you can customize the track as you desire. Not to mention it features audio FXs including filter, echo, phaser, gate, noise, vibrato, and more. Simply choose the layer on which you want to apply the FX.

Padmaster also includes an extensive library, share feature, and music mixer to upgrade your music making experience. Get this app for free with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

Making quality music from your smartphone is simple with the best music making apps. Choose from recommended applications above and transform your mobile device into a decent virtual music studio.

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