12 Best Snoring Apps for Android

Best Snoring Apps

Get rid of snoring with the best snoring apps. These unique tools are designed to help you record, analyze, and track snoring so you can find an effective way to reduce it—even some users bring the record of their snoring to a physician for a better analysis.

In addition to record and track snoring, some apps offer some extra features that allow you to achieve a better night’s sleep. Whether it’s through meditation, music, or other methods, you’ll find them useful to improve your overall life quality.

Best Snoring Apps for Android

Need a good reference for snoring apps? If you don’t have time to handpick them by yourself, we’ve put together a list of snoring applications that really work for your Android. Check them out!

1. Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor

Download on Google Play

Sleep Monitor is a top-rated mobile app to track and record your night’s sleep. With this app, you can get to know your sleep insight for further analysis. Whether you want to get rid of snoring problem or increase sleep quality, you’ll find this app useful.

The recorder is one of the main highlights with which you can record snoring sounds or dream talking. After you wake up the next morning, play the recorder and see how loud grinding sounds you’ve made. You can decide either to save the record or delete it.

Sleep Monitor is more than a snoring monitor app—it’s also a functional application that helps improve your sleep quality in many ways. In addition to tracking your sleep phase, it lets you mark your sleep habits so you can find out which habit impacts your sleep the worst.

Presented for insomnia sufferers, this app is featured with soothing lullabies that help relax your mind with calm music. Don’t forget the alarm clock that gets you up on time.

2. Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Download on Google Play

Sleep Tracker is another app to keep track of your sleep and record snoring. All you have to do is hit the record button before sleeping and play it the next morning. This app works efficiently to track your sleep cycle and details.

If you want to find out whether or not you’re snoring or dream talking at night then Sleep Tracker will do the job for you. Play the record, listen to it, and make an analysis of your snore so you can get a night of better sleep.

Aside from snore recorder, this app features meditation drift and sleep sounds that help you fall asleep faster and easier. It also supports sleep notes to write down some factors that might affect your sleep quality, such as stress, coffee, workout, and more.

This is one of the best snoring apps to download on Android. For the best result, make sure your phone battery is fully charged before you sleep. It also works better if you are sleeping alone.

3. SnoreLab


Download on Google Play

Record your snore with SnoreLab. This ultimate app has been downloaded over 1M+ times on Google Play Store and it has helped millions of people to keep track of their snoring. Let this app work while you’re sleeping and find out how loud the sound is at night.

With the ability to measure and track your snore, this app allows you to discover effective and efficient ways to reduce snoring. You can even bring the recording to your physician so he can make further analysis to it.

SnoreLab is completely easy to use thanks to its simple and attractive design. Featuring dark mode, using this application at night won’t hurt your eyes.

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When it comes to features, this app has much to offer. Besides snoring recorder, it measures snoring intensity, compares snoring from night to night, tests effective snoring remedies, and even measure the impacts of different factors like food and habit.

4. SnoreClock


Download on Google Play

So your partner said that you’re snoring but you just couldn’t believe it. Get rid of endless disputes and get SnoreClock—this is a great app to check if you snore while sleeping. All you have to do is put your phone next to your bed and press the record button. Check it the next morning.

This sleep recorder app keeps track of all noises during your night’s sleep. Red bars offer attractive visualization that indicates the level of your snore—the higher it goes, the louder you snored. Depending on your phone battery, this app is able to record your snoring all night long.

Since it records all noises, this means you can also use it for tracking dream talking. If your partner is likely to talk in sleep then this app will prove it. Or if you suspect something might disturb your sleep, SnoreClock helps you find it out.

This tool is loaded with features, including volume measurement, advanced snore detection technology, and zoom for graphs. It also supports up to 11 hours of recording.

5. Do I Snore or Grind

Do I Snore or Grind

Download on Google Play

Here’s the best snoring app to record all sleep noises the whole night. Featuring an algorithm, this tool is able to filter and detect snoring and grinding sounds of your teeth. You can choose between snoring only, grinding only, or both sounds.

Not only can you record noises, but you can also find various remedies and triggering factors of snoring and grinding. Once you try a specific remedy or factor, compare the sound to find the most effective remedy to reduce the habit.

What’s interesting about this mobile app is that it comes in dark mode—using this app at night won’t irritate your eyes. It also works well in airplane mode or offline mode.

Do I Snore or Grind app is free to download. Using this free version you can record snoring up to 5 nights. The next time you want to use it, you’ll be asked to upgrade to the paid version.

6. SnoreApp


Download on Google Play

If you’re looking for an app that records snoring then SnoreApp is a nice option. This tool is scientifically developed with an algorithm that filters and detects snoring, making it possible to record your sleep noise at night.

This app is designed to record in standby mode so it doesn’t consume a lot of power. But for the best result, your phone battery level should be at least 60 percent.

SnoreApp highlights bar charts that mark snoring event depending on the intensity. This feature helps you analyze the time when your snore is at the highest and lowest level. It also offers optional vibration in the event of snoring.

Every recorded data is saved on your mobile phone but you can also choose external SD memory for the storage. If you want to review snore analysis, this app supports up to a month of recording.

7. SnoreFree


Download on Google Play

If you already have a snore recorder on your device, now it’s time to download SnoreFree. This best free snoring app is designed to help you get rid of snoring without surgery. With a claim of permanent result, it offers a simple solution without breaking your savings.

How does it work? This application provides you with guided workouts to strengthen muscles in your mouth, leading to reduced snoring habit. There are 49 video exercises that are easy to follow so you can choose an exercise as you want. Only 10 minutes a day and feel the change.

Besides video exercises, you can find useful information and tips & tricks in this app. Not only can you get rid of snoring, but you can also achieve healthier sleep. Do the exercises regularly and enjoy snore-free sleep in a few weeks.

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If you have a snoring problem but you’re too afraid of medical treatments or you don’t want to spend a dime then SnoreFree is made just for you.

8. Goodsomnia Lab

Goodsomnia Lab

Download on Google Play

Goodsomnia Lab is a snore tracker app with the ability to record and analyze your snore. Each of your recordings can be tracked and replayed anytime, not to mention you can get a detailed sleep report and share it with your physician.

Using this app you can identify snoring and find out underlying factors that affect this habit the most. That way, it is much easier to find a solution. Many people have used sleep report from Goodsomnia Lab as a non-medical assessment and you might be interested to join the crowd.

This application highlights machine learning algorithms for deep snoring analytics; sleep efficiency tracking; and alarm clock. It also supports remote monitoring that allows you to get connected with a doctor.

The personal mobile tool is free to download but the developer offers a premium subscription for additional features. Once you subscribe, you’ll be able to access sleep data trends and cloud data storage.

9. Snore and Cough

Snore and Cough

Download on Google Play

Snore and Cough is one of the best snoring apps to record all noises during your sleep, especially snoring and coughing. Featuring easy to use tools, all you have to do is put the smartphone next to your bed and check the recording the next morning.

With machine learning featured in this app, it can detect and filter sounds of coughing and snoring. When you wake up, replay the recording and discover how loudly you coughed and snored. You can also find out the exact time you make the noise.

For assessment purpose, Snore and Cough allows you to share the recording via email. Whether you need a help of a friend, partner, or physician, make sure they have the copy of your snoring sounds.

10. Sleep Tracker by Leap Fitness

Sleep Tracker by Leap Fitness

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, there’s Sleep Tracker, a useful sleep recorder app that keeps track of your night’s sleep. This personal mobile tool allows you to find out your sleep patterns and check if you’re snoring, grinding, or dream talking at night.

It comes packed with a personalized smart alarm that helps you relieve sleep issues with gentle wakeup. Either you want to improve sleep quality or get to know strange sounds you make while sleeping then Sleep Tracker is surely for you.

Aside from recording your snore, it is able to help you relax—thanks to sleep-aid sounds featured in the app.

11. SnoreGym


Download on Google Play

Looking for a good app to help you reduce snoring? SnoreGym deserves your attention. From the developer of SnoreLab, it gets your snoring habit under control through workout—yes, it’s snoring workout.

Snoring is mainly caused by weak muscles in the mouth area. This app provides you with exercises to tone your muscles, therefore your snoring can be controlled.

SnoreGym features easy-to-follow animations and clear instructions. It also comes packed with progress tracking so you can find out how much you progress day by day.

12. PrimeNap


Download on Google Play

Featuring a cool dark mode, PrimeNap is a sleep tracker to detect snoring and improve sleep quality. It has a complete set of tools ranging from smart alarm to volume adjustment for convenient use.

What’s more, it has a unique feature called sleep debt analysis that calculates how much sleep you owe to yourself. Also, you can take the benefits of a smart alarm that can be easily snoozed using multi-touch.

One of the best things about PrimeNap is that it offers user-specified sleep stats—your sleep status is specified based on your daily activities.

Get the best snoring apps and eliminate your snoring habit. Either you need to detect snoring for analysis or find useful exercises to reduce the sound, there’s a list of applications to try out. Which one will fit you best?

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