12 Best WOD / CrossFit Apps for Android

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps

Being a form of high-intensity training, CrossFit has been popular across the countries. This workout is considered effective to achieve fitness goal thanks to workout variations it offers. What if you can’t make time to your local box gyms? Then the best CrossFit apps bring high-intensity workouts to you.

CrossFit apps are designed to improve your fitness and mobility in a personalized way. While some apps provide you with collections of WODs, others enrich your knowledge about this workout regimen—even you can find CrossFit timer app for easier training at home.

Best WOD / CrossFit Apps for Android

With so many options out there, finding the right CrossFit apps that meet your criteria can be bewildering. Here, we’ve sifted through a bunch of apps and collected a list of high-intensity training apps which will work for you.

1. SmartWOD Timer

SmartWOD Timer

Download on Google Play

Keep track of your training time with SmartWOD Timer. This is a simple timer tool for common fitness and cross-training workouts, such as EMOM, AMRAP, and Tabata. A half-million of athletes use this app, making it one of the most used timers on the market.

SmartWOD Timer features a big and clear display with simple navigation for easier use during your training. To encourage spirited workouts, this app is packed with motivational sound support and meaningful appreciation.

At the end of each workout, you will be able to view the workout summary. It contains detailed information about training type, duration, round times, and also time leftover. And if you wish to see your progress, easily check them on your workout log.

What’s great about SmartWOD Timer is that it runs in the background, which means you can use other apps while running the timer. Choose your WOD type, set the duration, and you’re ready to go.

2. CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games

Download on Google Play

Are you into a competition? CrossFit Games is possibly the best CrossFit app to download on your smartphone. This app gives you access to the world’s largest fitness competition in which you can find new workouts, submit your scores, and even compare your scores on the leaderboard.

How to compete using this game app is quite simple. Sign up to receive push notifications so you will be the first to know when a new workout is released. Learn about the workout details as well as movement standard so you can give your best performance.

CrossFit Games allows you to track your progress and see your position, either locally or worldwide. It provides you with a personalized leaderboard that makes it possible to search your performance and compare it with others.

One of the best things about this app is that you have full support. You will get the rulebook and testing policy that has everything you need to know about the games. Alternatively, you can tap a built-in game support button inside the app.



Download on Google Play

Looking for the best WOD app on the planet? GOWOD is a great application that improves your fitness and flexibility in a personalized way. Made by professionals, this tool has been used by over 600,000 people from all over the world.

Upon joining, you will be able to discover mobility score and access a vast video library consisting of mobility exercises—free of charge. There are over 180 exercises to choose from, making it possible to optimize your results.

GOWOD is free to download but you can upgrade to the premium version for a better experience. GOWOD Premium is totally personalized to you, which means the mobility program is fully tailored based on your needs.

Designed with an intuitive interface, GOWOD is a great app for users of all levels. Coming with a complete set of features, you’ll be ready to unleash your potential at its best.

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4. WOD BookWOD Book

Download on Google Play

WOD Book is a daily workout tracker that can be your best partner to achieve your fitness goal. Mainly used to keep your WOD logs, it offers an insanely beautiful design and intuitive interface. Everything you need to improve your performance is here.

Using this app you can access your box with just a few taps. It also allows you to share activities with box members and compare the results with the world. This is a great way to experience a new level of fitness competition.

This best CrossFit app is specifically designed for you who can’t get enough workouts. And if you belong to this group, WOD Book has the Pro version that comes packed with special features. Let’s mention the workout generator tool that lets you learn from your logs.

As a bonus, you can search activity by exercise. Whether you want to analyze previous workouts or improve WODs programming, then WOD Machine from WOD Book is just for you.

5. SugarWOD


Download on Google Play

SugarWOD comes in handy to track your personal records and workouts. With more than 500K users worldwide, this is one of the best CrossFit WOD apps to find on the market. Loaded with commenting feature, photo sharing, and community scoreboards, you can connect with your friends and coaches.

In order to improve your WOD experience, this application comes packed with movement prep videos and performance tracking. More than 3000 affiliates use this app to expand their community and arrange better program management.

There are so many things you can do with SugarWOD, including receive alerts for your box’s post, record WOD results, and tracking your progress. You can also connect with thousands of athletes worldwide to share insights and experience on daily workouts.

Are you a WOD coach? Get this app and do a lot of things like getting connected to athletes, monitoring the performance of each member, and encouraging your athletes. You can also access prep planner for consistent workouts for your athletes.

6. WODster


Download on Google Play

WODster offers a great way to crush your daily workouts. Loaded with hundreds of WOD benchmarks, you can play hard and gain harder. This simple app is designed to transform your Android device into a dependable workout partner.

When it comes to features and functionalities, WODster has much to offer. It enables you to write your own daily workouts and add a whiteboard photo to your box. Besides, you can also attach photos to the results.

What makes it better is that you can create custom timers, including stopwatch, countdown, and Tabata. Now you are free to choose workout type that suits you best. Can’t decide which workouts to choose? Then WODster will provide you with a random one.

Best of all, WODster is ads-free, making it one of the best free CrossFit apps to download on your device. Enjoy your workout experience without pesky ads.

7. btwb: WOD Tracking

btwb: WOD Tracking

Download on Google Play

Beyond the Whiteboard, also known as btwb for short, is a leading workout tracker app for fitness enthusiasts. With a boast of more than 100 million logs and still counting, this is one of the largest workout log apps in the world.

btwb has everything you need for managing your workout programs. For instance, you can find Varied Not Random workouts that give you daily programming, ranging from Performance, Dumbbell Only, No Equipment, and Fitness. Want to brag about your achievement? Post your results after each workout.

Do you want to inspire other users? btwb allows you to share your WODs experience along with attached image and location tagging. Therefore, your friends and other fitness enthusiasts can figure it out. It also has world-wide leaderboards that allow you to check your position against the world.

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8. The WOD Generator

The WOD Generator

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, The WOD Generator comes packed with thousands of WODs to improve your daily workouts. These workouts are divided into 12 different categories, including Endurance, Kettleball, Benchmark, Bodyweight, EMOM, and more.

With plenty of inspiring ideas, this app allows you to generate a perfect workout that’s the right fit for you. When some WODs make you puzzled, this app offers full definition and videos for all movements. That’s how you can discover your favorite.

The WOD Generator has a bunch of features, including different unit options, weight converter, and smart filter by equipment. And if you wish to use the app in a low light area, dark mode makes this app convenient to use.

Need more features? You will want to upgrade to Pro version and enjoy some extra features like tailored WODs, custom timer, record workouts, and filter by skills. Overall, this is one of the best CrossFit apps for your Android.

9. Wodzzly


Download on Google Play

Your CrossFit starter pack is here! Wodzzly is an incredible training app that helps you with daily cross training to tone your chest, arms, abs, and even full body. Featuring perfect timer and more, it has everything you need to stay in a good shape.

With Wodzzly in your smartphone, you’ll feel like having a personal instructor. In addition to a vast library of workouts to choose from, it also helps you with warm-up routines as well as stretching. You can also discover famous library of 1008 WODs to try out.

This tool provides you with animation that makes each movement easy to follow—it works online and offline. You can choose or tailor a workout that suits you, thanks to new WODs that are constantly added.

What’s more, this best CrossFit app is featured with generator for different types of workouts, such as AMRAP, EMOM, and Tabata. Choose a workout of your favorite and get your training started.

10. WOD Log


Download on Google Play

Looking for tools for your daily workouts? Look no further. WOD Log is a functional app loaded with a complete set of features to upgrade your WOD time. Whether you need to track personal records, monitor your WODs, or share data, this app has you covered.

Using this app you can subscribe to boxes of your favorite—use RSS Feed Subscription to create your daily WODs. It also lets you calculate athletic skill level, attach pictures, and find weight percentage charts.

Discover hundreds of pre-loaded WODs to try out. Besides, you will also get new WODs that are constantly updated. Enter the results of your daily workouts and take notes if necessary. You can also share the results with your box gym via social networks.

11. WOD Roulette

WOD Roulette

Download on Google Play

WOD Roulette is specially designed for you who can’t decide which workout to do. This particular app provides you with a random WOD. With a large collection of WODs, you will never know what kind of workout you’re going to have today.

Ranging from classic benchmark to open workouts are available in this app. If you like a bit of surprise then WOD Roulette can be a great app to try.

In addition to choosing a WOD for you, this best CrossFit app has a bunch of features, including bodyweight movements, travel-friendly workouts, and different style of workouts.

12. Crossfit News

Crossfit News

Download on Google Play

Get all the latest information about cross training in CrossFit News. Created for cross fitness community, it provides you with the latest news, podcasts, videos, and everything you need to know about this workout.

This app is designed with a user-friendly interface to encourage a better user’s experience. Whether you’re a CrossFit beginner or professional, you can’t get enough information in this app.

In addition to WODs and CrossFit, this app offers additional information about nutrition, mobility advice, and even fat loss tips.

To sum up, CrossFit is a popular training program that offers plenty of benefits, especially flexibility and shape. Get the best CrossFit apps and discover your favorite workouts.

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