11 Best Premium / Paid Android Apps

Best Premium / Paid Android Apps

Free apps come with restrictions and limitations, that’s why sometimes you’ll need to spend a few bucks to get some extra features. Using the best paid Android apps helps improve your experience as you can unlock exclusive features that are not present on free applications.

Some apps just cost a few amounts of money while others are too expensive and are not worth it. With abundant apps on the Google Play Store, you can select a paid application that meets your budget and usage preferences without feeling guilty.

Best Paid Android Apps: Unleash the Full Potential

Do you need a little help? Whether you want to enjoy the full experience of paid apps or simply you want to explore available options, count on the following list to help you find the best premium applications for Android. The incoming apps below vary from launchers to games and reading apps. 

1. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime

Did you get bored with the default launcher on your smartphone? Nova Launcher Prime lets you do more. No more limited features and customizability, instead you can unlock this launcher to its full potential. Enjoy your smartphone like never before.

Nova Launcher Prime has some exclusive features to explore. Use different gestures to execute different commands such as pinch, swipe, and double tap on your home screen, promising excellent accessibility to this third-party launcher.

App drawer group is another feature highlighted on Nova Launcher Prime. It allows you to create custom folders and tabs in the drawer for an ultimate organized feel. It’s time to say goodbye to your cluttered home screen and app drawer.

This best paid Android app also supports hide and swipe gesture for custom icon. While the hide option allows you to remove apps from the drawer without hitting uninstall, custom icon swipe gesture lets you customize actions by assigning swipe gesture.

More options are available ranging from scrolling effects to unread counts. Be sure to install Nova Launcher before upgrading to Nova Launcher Prime.

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2. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

If you are into sniper shooting games, spending a few bucks on this app won’t be a problem. Hitman Sniper is a top paid action game that gives you a heart-pumping sensation from fulfilling your duty. Put yourself into the shoes of a secret agent and play this game on your mobile device.

On Hitman Sniper your duty is to arrange a perfect kill shot that requires a high level of strategic shooting skills. Also, you have to battle zombies without getting killed. Your speed, accuracy, and strategy are highly needed here.

Paying for this app isn’t a waste of money thanks to beautiful graphics, awesome sounds, and addictive gameplay. It also comes packed with more than 150 missions and 10 contracts to accomplish. Execute your missions while having some fun.

Additionally, it has 16 unique guns to discover. Collect different parts of your weapon and complete the blueprints so you can unlock the most powerful ones. Invite your friends to join the game or compete with other agents all around the globe.

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3. MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is the best paid Android app for you who want to experience an uninterrupted video playing. This paid version is built to be lightweight as it ditches useless features, providing you with only essential functionalities for an ultimate video experience.

Hardware acceleration is a premium feature you can’t find on the free version, using which you can accelerate the quality of your video with the help of decoder. It also supports multi-core decoding that has been proven to improve your device performance up to 70 percent.

Furthermore, MX Player Pro supports pinch and swipe gesture to zoom and pan. Simply pinch your screen to zoom in and out or swipe across the screen to pan. Subtitle gestures are also supported by scrolling backward, forward, up, and down.

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Easily send your video files, music, and applications with just a click on MX Player Pro. As a plus, it is possible to hide your videos and protect your privacy with the Privacy folder. If you share with your kids, Kids Lock comes in handy to keep them entertained without messing up with your device.

This app is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface for easier access to anyone. Buy once and get everything on MX Player Pro.

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4. Sky Dancer Premium

Sky Dancer Premium

This is another game to purchase on the Google Play Store. Sky Dancer Premium is among the best paid Android apps that is suitable for you who want to play a unique running game on mobile device and get immersed.

Adopting parkour and running, you can run and jump carefreely across cliffs and between islands as if you are a free bird. Conquer different terrains under various weather conditions, feel the sensation, and work your way to be a master parkour.

Sky Dancer Premium is crafted with beautiful graphics and easy control, making it one of the best running games you can find. Without having to break your savings, you can enjoy premium features and run as far as possible.

Similar to most premium apps, it doesn’t contain ads so you can focus on the game. But if you don’t mind watching some ads, it doubles the reward. Also, this version provides you with 4 free characters to play with.

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5. BaconReader Premium for Reddit

BaconReader Premium for Reddit

If you want to bring your Reddit experience to the next level, BaconReader Premium is just for you. This paid app on Play Store gives you access to browse the best on Reddit so you won’t get overwhelmed with the tasks.

BaconReader has been used by more than 5M Redditors across the globe. Designed with a beautiful and intuitive interface, it is suitable for any users starting from casual users to power users and moderators. Step further into the world of Reddit with this app on your mobile device.

Not only can you enjoy the best content on Reddit, but you can also access essential Reddit features such as send, view messages, downvote, upvote, and more. As a bonus, the content is optimized to look good on your mobile device.

Boost your experience with more features such as color-coded comment threads, multi-mode view, meme creator support, and comprehensive search. Advanced filtering by domain, keyword, and NSFW lets you find desired content without extra effort.

BaconReader supports multiple account, allowing you to share this app with your friends or family. Boost your mood when using this app with customizable themes and background colors.

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6. Moon+ Reader Pro

Moon+ Reader Pro

Pricewise, Moon+ Reader Pro may be a bit expensive but when compared with the features this app is just worth it. More than a million users have trusted this app to read their favorite eBooks and enjoy powerful controls with full functions.

This best paid Android app provides you with a number of benefits. In addition to giving you access to endless eBook documents, you can enjoy ad-free, smooth, and fast reading experience. Feel free to read your favorite series at any time anywhere.

Moon+ supports text-to-speech technology for a fast and easy operation. Simply shake your phone and it will read the text loudly for you. Handling PDF documents made simple with multiple annotation and PDF form fill out supports.

Made with beautiful themes and background images, it is possible to change fonts on Moon+. If you’re concerned about privacy and security, this app comes packed with password protection—it requires fingerprint recognition to access the document.

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7. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Spending a few bucks for high quality music, why not? Poweramp Full Version is a great paid app for music lovers who need to enjoy the next level of music listening. It helps you unwind and relax while listening to good music of your favorite.

Poweramp features a stunning equalization system called gapless play that ensures your music quality. It supports a long list of major file format that make it worth the money. If you have tried the free version, upgrading to the full version is a must.

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Haven’t tried Poweramp before? The free version provides you with 15 days of trial with full and uninterrupted experience. You will find a good reason to buy the full version and enjoy the app at its most with just one-time purchase.

What’s more, this best paid Android app is built with an easy and user-friendly design. Make it a dedicated music player on your mobile phone and listen to good music on the bus, at the airport, or anywhere.

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8. Limbo


If you need a little heart-pumping terror from some horror game, Limbo should be on your list. This top paid app is a single-player game with hundreds of awards, making it a worth-buying application for your Android device.

Limbo is a fantastic game featuring adventure and horror genres, providing you with a thrilling yet exciting sensation for every session. This award-winning app has amazing graphics and immersive sounds that make it not only visually attractive but also captivating.

Find impressive puzzles and solve them as you progress in this game. Combined with a haunting narrative, it gives you an unforgettable experience. It brings you a world to explore and a mystery to solve, so get prepared.

Whether you need a puzzle game, adventure game, or horror game, Limbo has got you covered. Get into the darkness and discover the mystery that lies ahead.

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9. The Room

The Room

Another best paid Android app for mystery and puzzle enthusiasts. The Room is a physical puzzle and mystery game designed to sharpen your mind. It costs you just a few cents but it has more features than you should pay.

The Room is made with realistic graphics and amazing audio that gives you immersive gaming experience. The natural-looking visual makes you feel like being in the set, providing you with a thrilling sensation during the game.

In addition to stunning graphics and easy gameplay, this app offers easy control. It is completely easy to navigate so you can play with one finger in the 3D world. Start easy and the level’s difficulty increases as you progress.

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10. Bouncer Temporary Permissions

Bouncer Temporary Permission

Give temporary permissions to your apps with Bouncer. This app comes in handy in a situation when you have to grant permission to a specific app temporarily. As soon as you’re done with the app, Bouncer will remove the permission automatically.

Designed for one-time permissions, Bouncer is a useful app to prevent unwanted access from apps.  It helps ensure your privacy and security as well as battery life. No need to worry about what specific applications are doing in the background.

How to use this premium app is quite simple. Using an accessibility service, it activates when a permission is granted while still giving you the option to remove it. Wherever you go home, it will remove the permission quickly. Thanks to an uncomplicated setup, Bouncer is completely easy to use.

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11. BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EX

Enjoy extra features with BlackPlayer EX on your smartphone. It ditches ads so you can focus on what matters. Discover tons of premium features you can’t find on the standard version and upgrade your music listening experience such as light theme and added color accents.

BlackPlayer EX comes with customizable crossfading, visualizer, and library pages. With ads completely removed, you can enjoy the music at its best. Take advantage of screen rotation lock and Zap music discovery that makes it more convenient.

Quickly access this app with widgets. Launch BlackPlayer EX directly from your homescreen, allowing you to save much time for music. White widget theme is also available in this paid version, not to mention it supports floating window control.

Discover extra text animations and transition effects on this paid app. It is also possible to hide the left Sliding pages, change notification color and background, and view your favorite artists in a bigger grid.

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While some paid apps don’t have good reputations due to lack of features, you can still find the best paid Android apps that offer worthy functionalities. Compared to their standard versions, paid app offer full features to improve your experience ranging from reading books to listening to music.

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