13 Best Ski Apps for Android

Best Ski Apps

Technology allows all people in the world to enjoy attractive things provided by nature. For instance, if you are up for skiing, these best ski apps will help you in various ways.

From checking the weather and showing routes to the peaks to helping you to get fitter before skiing – all of those are available through the advance of technology. Thus, why don’t you try some of the free ski apps below depending on what you need in the first place?

The Best Ski Apps for Android

Below, you can find several best ski apps for Android available on Google Play Store. Some of them are useful to track your skiing activity, while others provide accurate information about weather, tracks to reach the peak, and so on.

Generally, it is not difficult to operate these apps. As long as you use what you love in the first place, the app will be highly valuable to support your skiing activity.

1. Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks

Download on Google Play

Ski Tracks for Android is one of the best apps when it comes to tracking skiing and snowboarding. This app is highly popular among ski enthusiasts and snowboarders around the world. Everything you do in the snow is trackable with this app.

The interface is simple and easy to understand, even though you need to read everything on the screen thoroughly before hitting your screen and processing the information. You can also backup your data to the Ski Tracks’ cloud.

But is Ski Tracks app free? No, it is not, and you need to pay USD 1.49 to use the entire features in the first place.

How to use the Ski Tracks app is not difficult at all. If all you need is to track your activities on the slopes and record your routes accurately along with some pictures, this app is worth considering on many levels.

2. Carv


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a personal skiing mentor in a ski tracker app, Carv is an app you are looking for. This app is suitable for beginners who want to hit the snow without being too worried about what could’ve been outside.

The UI design is beginner-friendly and so are the tutorials. However, the app will only work if you have purchased Carv gear in the first place. While skiing is an expensive hobby, you may have expected buying the expensive gear too.

You would love the app and the gear from Carv for various reasons, such as:

  • Offering interesting experiences to learn skiing for beginners.
  • The gear comes with a battery that lasts for three days.
  • Tracking your skiing activity and coaching at the same time.

However, the price is definitely not a joke. It costs you over USD 200 to buy the gear, while the app itself is free on Play. Still, if you are keen for being a pro ski player, Carv is worth your money.

3. OnTheSnow


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if what you are looking for is an app that helps you predict the weather and check how it would be when you are on the slopes, OnTheSnow is a must-have app on your phone. The app will give you information related to the snow condition in your ski resort destination.

Thus, you know what to prepare and if things get a little bit out of control, you get the alert beforehand. OnTheSnow is free and you better give it a try to see whether or not this one is for you.

4. 4riders


Download on Google Play

4riders is an all that brings the best of social apps and ski apps at once. It comes with a social media style element for those who love to hit the slopes.

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Well, this app is not the first one that makes it to the Google Play Store. Some other names like Snoww and Snocru are among those to fail. However, 4riders is still going strong and you can enjoy how interesting this app is.

Besides giving you the experience of using a social media platform before hitting the snow, 4riders also comes with a 3D mapping feature. Tracking and communicating, then, can be done at the same time effortlessly.

To add more fun, you can use its tracking tech that comes with daily stats. You can compare your number with your buddies’ too!



Download on Google Play

As its name suggests, this app gives you a map to decide where to go on skiing. The best part is that it is a 3d map. Being part of the business in 2014, FATMAP gains lots of fans today.

Not only is the FATMAP app good for skiing, but it also gives you insights where to start another mountain adventure. Most of its functions are free but you can enjoy its extra features by upgrading your plan. Still, the free version offers lots of things you need for your adventures.

FATMAP also comes up with descriptions of unknown areas, in case you are going there. The descriptions also come from other users so that everyone can explore a new area without being lost in the first place.

6. Cairn


Download on Google Play

It is not an easy task to find the best ski tracking app that comes with a safety feature. Meanwhile, Cairn is what you need if you look for a tracker with a bunch of safety features.

This app provides live tracking and smart notifications that will be helpful for all skiers. Other than that, Cairn may suggest rescue advice when needed.

Cairn allows you to track where you are going and share your plan with family or friends. It is helpful since some people know where you are going and how to look for you.

Another interesting thing about this app is its feature that helps you find signal hotspots nearby, in case you are running late and have no cell phone reception at all – after all, you are on a mountain skiing, right?

Cairn is designed to be your adventure buddy. Other than skiing, the features are helpful for horse riding, camping, climbing, fishing, hiking, and so on. Give Cairn a try and you will fall in love with this app.

7. OpenSnow


Download on Google Play

Initially, OpenSnow is a website created by best-friends snow forecasters. Today, the website has become an app downloaded by many users. If you are a ski enthusiast, OpenSnow is a necessity.

This app is excellent when it comes to tracking your skiing activity. Other than that, the app will use your phone’s GPS to locate you and find information about the location you are currently at.

You would love OpenSnow for various reasons, such as:

  • Easy registration, which can be integrated with your Facebook account.
  • Mountain Cams allows you to view direct feeds.
  • You can see weather forecasts for the next six days, days and nights.
  • Find nearby mountains.
  • Plan your perfect snow vacation or ski day with a range of tools on this app.

8. Snow Report Ski App

Snow Report Ski App

Download on Google Play

This app offers several interesting features when it comes to looking for ski areas. The data provided is up-to-date but it only is available in several regions, such as North America, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and some other spots worldwide.

Snow Report Ski App comes with a pack of features that will help you to find the best spot for skiing. Those features are such as weather forecasts, snow reports, prepared slopes, and many more.

Some users reported that the only limitation might be on its options or regions. Many of the resorts in the US are not integrated into the app. Yet, the Snow Report Ski App is a worth-considering ski app.

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9. Off The Grid

Off The Grid

Download on Google Play

This app is unlike other ski apps on the list. Off The Grid is essentially an app that will help you limit your screen time. However, if you sign up for its paid plan, this app provides features that may benefit all adventurers.

While you won’t be bothered by calls, texts, and other unnecessary notifications, the emergency features are still up. Thus, even though you are on the slopes, you can focus more on your adventures instead of notifications and calls.

10. SkiLynx


Download on Google Play

SkiLynx is a ski app to find friends while you are on the slopes. It is like other social media platforms but specifically designed for ski enthusiasts.

Other than that, this app is excellent to track your friends or family members when they are on the mountain. You can integrate SkiLynx to a smartwatch effortlessly. Besides keeping track of others, the app shows a satellite image with the routes you went on.

More than anything, SkiLynx is an excellent app you can use when you are on the slopes, especially if you own a smartwatch.

11. Slopes


Download on Google Play

Are you looking for an excellent ski speed tracking app for Android? Slopes is the answer you are looking for. The app will read all your key metrics while you hike the mountains.

The screen shows you information, such as total vert, speed, and calorie burn. Other than that, you can use Slopes to track your ski time vs. lift time. If you sign up for its paid subscription (starts from USD 2 per day), you can use its reliable 3D mapping system.

By that, you can find out how fast you go skiing or hiking. More than anything, Slopes is an interesting yet simple app to use while you are on adventures. And, of course, you can connect this app to your smartwatch too!

12. Strava


Download on Google Play

All of this time, you may know Strava for tracking your running and biking in the city. However, you can use this app to accompany your best ski lesson app so that you know how far you go.

Other than that, its paid subscription allows you to get a map of your routes, just like how you track your biking routes, your average speed, and so on.

Even though Strava might not be an ideal app for hitting the slopes or looking for peaks, you won’t get lost regardless of where you are – as long as you have Strava in hand.

13. Maprika


Download on Google Play

Maprika is as simple as a GPS on your phone but it comes up with a more robust system. If you are looking for the best snowboard tracking app to track your other friends or family members while out skiing, this app is an excellent choice.

The database is coming from your Google Maps so that you get detailed information about an area in the first place. The function Maprika will locate each of your friends and show it on your Google Maps.

By that, you don’t need to get lost or be left off by your friends in the first place. The simple yet interesting UI design is a nice icing. As long as you and your friends use the same app, you guys can see each other on each phone.

Hiking mountains and hitting the slopes are some of those things favored by adventurous souls. However, you need to accompany yourself with a reliable app that helps you navigate your surroundings while you are in the wild.

Technology, fortunately, has come up with lots of good things in the past few decades. It helps you to run apps even though at some point you cannot find signal data at all.

Several best free ski apps mentioned above may help you even though you have no access towards any signal on mountains or slopes. 

Regardless of the pros and cons of each app on the list of the best ski apps above, they may have a bunch of useful functions for you. Thus, you better give them a short, or try its free version at least!

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