14 Best Dog Training Apps for Android

Best Dog Training Apps

Having a pet is surely a way to calm your stress down. Pets are also popular among families who love kids. Since this kind of kid cannot be taught like a human kid in general, using the best dog training apps might help you big time.

Today, there are tons of options you will find on Google Play. Some of them are free and the others require a subscription so that you can enjoy the lesson. Many of the free apps on the list provide thorough basic lessons for your pup.

Still, some paid lessons are worth a try too. Check out the recommendations and reviews about various dog app options you can download on Google Play.

Why Should You Train Your Puppy?

Training your dog is more like a responsibility instead of a choice. Adopting a pet is a huge commitment in the first place while training them is part of taking care of their wellbeing. Other than that, training your pet gives benefits both to you and the pet. But how come?

  • You have a stronger bond with your puppy. Besides, you have an exercise buddy.
  • Once your dog can recognize and perform your voice commands, you already save your dog from any unwanted thing around it.
  • Your dog will be more sociable and used to social encounters.

Best Dog Training Apps for Android

You will find tons of options when it comes to a puppy training app for Android. Some of them come with a subscription plan but the free ones are quite fun to use. And of course, you can get your dog to sit, stay, and behave.

1. Dogo Dog & Puppy Training App with Clicker

Dogo Dog Training and Clicker

Download on Google Play

The first on the list of the best dog training apps for Android is Dogo. As its name suggests, the app comes with a built-in clicker that will help you to train your dog to behave.

When you open the app, there will be a series of questions about your dog, which you have to answer. Later, the system will recommend the proper training program for your dogs, based on your answers.

According to the Dogo app review, this app has five different training programs for your pup, such as Little Helper, Strengthen Your Friendship, Stay Active, Basic Obedience, and New Dog. 

Other than training programs, Dogo comes with lots of interactive features, such as a game you can play with your dog. However, this app doesn’t have an in-person community. Regardless of how powerful the app is, your dog still needs to socialize with other dogs.

2. Pupford


Download on Google Play

The next app we have on the list is Pupps. The most interesting part about this puppy app is its 30-day training program established by Zak George, a popular dog trainer. 

There are several training sessions you can pick, depending on your goal. Each session comes with a video along with written instructions you can follow. The training programs include how to lay down, leash walking, crate training, and so on.

When you pick a specific training program, you may do the same lessons several days in a row. This is interesting and crucial to teach your pup about understanding. Once you’ve completed the 30-day lesson, you can always try other programs too.

The free version allows you to enjoy basic training programs. However, unlimited access along with lots of additional training sessions are available for subscribers – USD 10 per month.

3. Puppr


Download on Google Play

Puppr is another dog training app you must check out. It comes with 70 dog training lessons that you can pick according to the goal. Once you have finished the basic training lesson, you can move on to more advanced programs, such as putting away your dog’s toys, jumping rope, and so on. 

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You can say that Puppr is one of the best apps when it comes to dog training. Other than teaching your pup to behave, you can learn some cool tricks too. 

Some lessons have short videos, hosted by Sara Carson, a professional dog trainer. Thus, you can follow and visualize every step more clearly. All basic training lessons are free. But the advanced features are offered through in-app purchases.

4. Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School

Download on Google Play

If you check the list of the best dog training app, you will find Pocket Puppy School part of the list. It comes in handy for those who need some refreshing options when it comes to dog training.

Other than some dog training lessons, the app comes with a series of useful information for those who wanted to adopt a pup. You can simply swipe every course and information from this app. Since Pocket Puppy School is updated regularly, more lessons await in the future, for sure.

Let’s say you’ve finished a lesson today. You need to wait until tomorrow to unlock the next training. Meanwhile, if you want to skip the waiting time, you can watch a short ad. There is no subscription offered by this app while all features are available for free.

5. GoodPup


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you need some kind of assistant while using a dog training app, you should take a look at GoodPup. It comes with a real dog trainer that you can talk to via video chats once a week. Meanwhile, the live text chat is available any day of the week.

This app contains all the training sessions your pup needs. Before starting your journey with GoodPup, you need to answer several questions for your dog. The system will create a custom training, specifically made for your dog.

You can download the app for free, but the training session requires a USD 30 weekly subscription. Go grab it from the Play Store!

6. Lonely Dog Toy

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for something more than training apps for puppy, you should try Lonely Dog Toy. It comes with a pack of interactive games you can play with your kids.

It is also a good way to play with your app in case you cannot go out to play catch at the park. The game will show you some animals, like fish or beaver, and your dog should catch them with the paw.

Thus, the app will work better if you are using a bigger screen. However, Lonely Dog Toy is just a toy – there is no training session but worth a try in many ways. Also, the game may suit smaller paws.

7. Doggy Time

Doggy Time

Download on Google Play

This app will help you to keep track of all important things about your dog. It will be crucial for yourself, the caregivers, and also the vet.

Doggy Time is an excellent app for busy dog parents. You don’t need to worry about missing an appointment with the vet while tracking the pup’s daily needs, from habits to training and health. You can use it for a dog training assistant

8. GoDog


Download on Google Play

The next name on the list of the good dog training apps is GoDog. This app provides tons of features to behave your puppy kid. Using this app feels like having a dog trainer on your side for sure.

Each lesson comes with video tutorials and instructions that you can follow effortlessly. Other than that, you can track your dog while walking the kid. GoDog also helps you to fix any missing routines along with a health diary so that you won’t miss any vet visit anymore.

To boost the training progress, you use its built-in whistles and clicker with various sounds to choose from. 

9. Pawsitive


Download on Google Play

There is one of the best-rated apps on the Play Store to train dogs. It is called Pawsitive and comes with a bunch of features to help you train your dog.

Other than the basic lessons, you can enjoy some built-in clickers, healthy food guides, and interactive games to play with your kid. As an excellent dog training app for Android, it highlights lots of positive training methods.

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The lessons come with step-by-step instructions and posters with illustrations. You don’t need to master anything to use this app – Pawsitive wants to ensure that every parent gets a positive experience from using this app.

Not just lessons, you can find various interesting articles about dog training. It helps you to take care of any issue when your dog is a bit hard to discipline.

10. Dog Clicker

Dog Clicker

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are investing in a free puppy training app, you should also try the Dog Clicker app. This one is not like any other training app. However, it helps you a lot when it comes to dog training.

The clicker sound will make your dog learn various commands through positive reinforcement. You can use this app as an assisting tool when you train your dog. Just try it out, then – it’s free.

11. My Dog Training App

My Dog Training App

Download on Google Play

My Dog Training app might not be the best dog training apps free. However, it comes with useful basic training lessons. Regardless of the breed, age, or personality of your dog, this app helps you train your pup effortlessly.

It provides 30-day dog training tips and tricks along with helpful features to get you to the goals sooner. This app takes the visual very seriously, without losing the main function of the training program in the first place.

A few of the lessons include the ability to learn the dog’s name, shake hands, and stay. There is no video tutorial on this app but the animation is more than helpful to follow. Also, you can use a built-in clicker for faster and easier learning for your dog.

12. Dog Training

Dog Training

Download on Google Play

When it comes to a list of worth considering training app for dogs, Dog Training is part of the list. This app helps you to discipline your grown dog effortlessly.

There is a series of features that you can use to teach your dog various tricks and basic commands. Other than that, you can pick from the categories of disciplines, from the leash to biting. You won’t find anything confusing because there are detailed instructions you can take a look at.

While training a dog on your own is never an easy-breezy task, choosing the right training app is a way to help your work. The app is free but comes with ads. Still, you must give this one a try.

13. Dog Whistle

Download on Google Play

This one is a bit different compared to other apps on the list. It is not a training app that comes with training lessons. However, you can use the free whistle to give a positive affirmation to your dog after he did something great.

According to the app, the sound of this whistle can only be heard by the dog – it ranges between 100 and 22000 hertz. This is anything Dog Whistle can do. Even though it sounds too simple, you can use this app to shut up other dogs in your neighborhood

Since it’s free, you may find some ads here and there. Still, this one is worth a try.

14. Pet Clicker

Pet Clicker

Download on Google Play

When it comes to a puppy training app, a clicker is always part of the tool. You can give Pet Clicker a try to give affirmation for your dog about the good things he or she has done. The volume is adjustable and the UI is attractive.

The app is free, which also brings lots of ads in the app. Still, it won’t hurt to try this interesting app to assist another pet training app, especially when it comes to dog training.

Regardless of your app choice, it is important to be consistent when it comes to training your pup. The presence of the apps mentioned above is to help you to train your dog at home.

So, are dog training apps worth it? Of course, those apps mentioned above are worth your consideration. You can try the free ones to check whether or not they suit your needs.

More than anything, your pup needs proper training so that they can adjust to living with a human. While hiring a professional dog trainer could be a costly choice, why don’t you try one of the best dog training apps above?

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