11 Best Night Vision Apps for Android

Best Night Vision Apps

Most of the time, capturing images at night or surrounded by too little light is never a good idea especially for Android phones. If this is your case, considering using the best night vision apps is a good idea in many ways.

As their names suggest, the apps come with a bunch of features and implement technology that makes the pictures you snap under low light circumstances look clearer.

Thus, in this article, you will find a list of night camera apps that may work for Android phones. All of them are available on the Play Store for free – with in-app purchase options.

Best Night Vision Apps for Android

Generally, there are tons of names when it comes to apps that help enhance your camera to take pictures at night. This is why you have to check out the review of the apps below.

1. VR Night Vision for Cardboard

VR Night Vision for Cardboard

As its name suggests, this app works excellently with or without VR Headset – you can pick the right mode that suits your style.

Since it utilizes VR technology, you can immerse yourself in the virtual reality environment even by using cardboard. VR Night Vision for Cardboard also works well with both front and rear cameras.

Thus, you can take any kind of pictures effortlessly. This app has a huge collection of grid charts to enhance your experience. Other than that, the app comes with an in-built compass and GPS.

VR Night Vision for Cardboard is a free app. This is why it is very possible if you will deal with lots of ads when using it. This app can be the best free night vision app for Android you can find on the market.

Download on Google Play

2. Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite

The next night vision app for Android on this list is the Camera FV-5 Lite. As its name suggests, this app incorporates a built-in camera that comes with a bunch of interesting features.

Generally, you will find the settings and features of this app in a DSLR camera. Thus, using this app will turn your smartphone into a legit DSLR camera. You can experiment with various modes and filters too.

You can also adjust the manual settings effortlessly. Since it tries to give you the experience of using a DSLR, every professional photographer will have a lot of fun with the Camera FV-5 Lite.

Even if you have to take pictures under poor lighting circumstances, you will get marvelous results by using this third-app camera. To make it happen, you need to download this app on the Play Store and enjoy the features.

This app supports at least 30 languages and has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide, after all.

Download on Google Play

3. Ferret Night Vision

Ferret Night Vision

Talking about the cool night vision apps, the Ferret Night Camera is obviously one of them. By using this app, your phone’s camera will have the eyes of a ferret and take lots of HD pictures with it.

Using this app also is also great to view lots of things even in the dark. How can this app work, after all?

Well, the Ferret app incorporates a special algorithm to recognize various objects in the dark and at night. It comes with filters and you can use the app effortlessly. The UI design is quite straightforward, after all.

It might not be easy to distinguish objects in the dark, especially if you use your phone’s camera alone. Thus, you need to download this app and enjoy all features offered.

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Download on Google Play

 4. Color Night Vision with VR

Color Night Vision with VR

This app brands itself with an automatic digital amplification tool, which is excellent for taking pictures under poor lighting.

The technology makes it possible to snap photos even in poor lighting environments. Other than that, you can adjust the result by using the adaptive histogram correction. Thus, your pictures will be lit up and more crystal clear.

You can use VR and night vision for both rear and front cameras. Whether you are taking selfies or snapping pictures about your surroundings, the results will be awesome.

Other than that, this app equips itself with a set of photo editing tools. This is why having this third-party app is like utilizing your phone for various photo-related functions.

Download on Google Play

5. ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

Talking about the good night vision apps, you may find a lot of names on the market. And if those options confuse you, you can take a look at ELRO Colog Night Vision IP Cam.

Other than being a night vision tool, this app also comes with a list of features. You can control an IP camera through your phone by using this app. Other than that, you can do the entire thing remotely, as long as you have downloaded the app and paired the devices.

As a remote camera, you will get notifications every time objects move in front of the device. Another interesting thing about ELRO is that you can record both audio and video in real-time by connecting this app to Wi-Fi networks or the internet in general.

Even though it comes with an automatic option, you can always switch the setting into manual mode. Of course, you might not be able to imagine how amazing this is without giving it a try in the first place.

Download on Google Play

6. illumes


As its name suggests, illumes will illuminate every second you spend with this app, especially when you take pictures at night. The best part is that you will get HD pictures in the first place. Also, there is no need to use flashes.

Of course, you can turn on the flash if needed. Still, if those flashes are annoying and you don’t want to bother other people around you, the app will do you a favor.

For instance, fishing at night is quite enjoyable for those who take fishing as their hobby. However, taking pictures in such environments won’t be easy at all.

On the other hand, you should consider various things before settling on the best app to take pictures at night. If you are looking for the best night vision camera app for Android then illumes is definitely it.

Download on Google Play

7. ProCam X – Lite

ProCam X – Lite

Some people might not care enough about taking pictures at night. However, some others need a decent app that will help them take good pictures even though the surroundings are considerably dark.

And if you are looking for top night vision apps that could do the things mentioned above then ProCam X – Lite would be your best bet. More than anything, this app is available on the Play Store for free with in-app purchase options.

By using this third-party app, you will get full control over various factors that make good pictures, such as ISO, balance, focus, exposure, and so on. It works similarly to professional cameras and is a great way to boost your photography experience.

Other than taking pictures without proper lighting and producing lots of good pictures, you can create time-lapses and stop motion content. And if you record a video with ProCam X – Lite, you will be able to get 4K to video results.

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Download on Google Play

8. Google Camera

Google Camera

Meanwhile, if what you need is a decent night vision app for phones that takes good pictures, you should give Google Camera a try. This one is created and developed by the Google Pixel.

Touted as the best software for photography, Google Pixel comes with tons of good things. You will be able to snap lots of good photos effortlessly. Whether it is a selfie or outdoors, the results won’t disappoint you.

Google Camera also equips itself with a built-in night mode to snap gorgeous pictures even with minimum lighting facilities. It is better to find this app on the Play Store directly.

The best night vision camera apk might be available for free on the internet, you don’t want to sacrifice your device for unworthy malware and other viruses. All in all, Google Camera is such an excellent night vision app you better give it a shot.

Download on Google Play

9. Night Camera

Night Camera

Talking about the best night vision app free, you should consider the Night Camera as one. On the other hand, you will get HD pictures by using this camera. 

You would love this app even more because it comes with various shooting modes while the control is in your hand. 

Even though the surroundings are quite dark and hazy, the pictures you snap with this camera won’t be blurry or come with noise. And of course, you get full-resolution pictures effortlessly.

More than anything, this app is one of the night vision apps for Android you must consider. Whether you collect pictures indoors or outdoors, the Night Camera is good company.

Download on Google Play

10. Night Selfie Camera

Night Selfie Camera

The front camera wouldn’t be created and developed if there is nothing it can do. Sometimes, you find an excellent spot to take pictures but the lighting doesn’t support it at all.

In such a condition, the Night Selfie camera would be a perfect companion for you. As the best night vision app download on the Play Store, this app makes taking selfies much effortless, regardless of the location.

And even if it is night already, your selfies would look stunning and crystal clear in the first place. The camera comes with a flash but you can use it or not. Other than taking selfies, you can record videos by using the Night Selfie Camera.

Download on Google Play

11. Night Mood Camera

Night Mood Camera

So, what are some good night vision apps? It depends on what you are looking for – if you need a third-party app that helps to boost the visibility of any distant objects then you have to try the Night Mood Camera.

Other than providing an excellent platform to shoot pictures at night or without proper lighting, this app also comes with a binocular feature – you can zoom the object effortlessly. It is no wonder if even distant objects may appear multiple times more clearly.

The binocular feature boosts the object up to 45x magnification and comes up with HD quality – isn’t it amazing? Whether you are taking pictures or recording videos, the Night Mood Camera is the right choice.

You would like this app more due to its photo editing tools. If you use automated tools, the lighting will balance automatically and efficiently. Meanwhile, you can be creative with the manual settings.

More than anything, if you are looking for the best night vision camera app, Night Mood Camera will deliver what you need in the first place. Go try this one and find out why this app made it on this list.

Download on Google Play

So, is there a real night vision app for Android? Of course, that kind of app does exist.

Some people just love taking pictures anytime and anywhere, regardless of the time and location. However, most Android phones might not provide crystal-clear results if you snap pictures under poor lighting.

After reading several reviews about the best night vision apps above, have you decided on the one that works best for your style? Playing around with such an app is quite fun, for sure.

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