11 Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Get rid of unknown callers with the best caller ID apps for Android. These apps are specifically designed to overcome annoying unknown callers who keep calling you. Caller ID applications provide you with information about the callers, location and other information.

When it comes to choosing the best caller ID apps, it might be rather overwhelming as Google Play Store is flooded with such apps. Some apps have more features than others, so you might need a reference to install the best applications that come packed with most features.

11 Best Caller ID Apps for Android

We have collected top 11 best apps to reveal unknown caller. Besides showing information about unknown callers, these applications provide you with other features, such as call recording, block spam calls, call log, phone widget, and much more. Here’s a closer look at the best caller ID apps for you.

1. Truecaller


Download on Google Play

Truecaller is undoubtedly the most popular caller ID app for Android. With more than 500 million downloads, it is one of the most installed apps on Google Play Store. It comes with plenty of features that make it powerful, such as showing caller ID, free voice call, call recording, and backup call history.

This app comes in handy not only to reveal caller information but also block unwanted people. Thanks to blocking and spam detection feature that allows you to block calls, messages, robocallers, scammers, sales and more. It also has community based real-time spam reporting.

Additionally, Truecaller offers smart messaging that helps identify SMS from unknown numbers, organize messages, free chat, flash messaging, and spam blocking. If you need to get more access to ad-free, advanced filtering and blocking, and premium badge, simply upgrade to Premium version.

2. CallApp


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If you are looking for a top-rated caller ID and call blocker application, CallApp should be on the list. This app has been trusted by over 85 million users from all over the world to show caller information and block spam calls. Packed with a bunch of features, it comes to provide you with convenience.

With caller ID feature, you know who is calling. It also serves as a call blocker that enables you to block spam calls, unknown numbers, robocalls, sales, and calls from unwanted person. You can also customize the incoming caller screen with video ringtones.

CallApp highlights other feature like automatic call recorder that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. This app is available in two versions, free and premium. Upgrading to Premium version lets you enjoy advanced features, such as no-ads, store items, and WhatsApp caller ID.

3. Hiya


Download on Google Play

Hiya is a versatile caller ID app that offers a lot more functions than its counterparts. Aside from the main function to know who is calling, it protects you from spoof calls and fraud numbers. Thanks to automatic spam call alerts that send notification when a fraud number is calling.

It has several other features that come standard, such as spam call blocker and phone number lookup. The latter mentioned enables you to identify a call from a number you have not saved on the phonebook. Thus, you can find out whether the caller is a true caller, robocaller, or fraud number.

This app also highlights call report feature that allows you to report spoof calls to the community, as well as manage contacts which lets you add names and address to phonebook. Hiya caller ID is free to download on Google Play Store with in-app purchases.

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4. Showcaller


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From the name, it is not hard to guess the function of this app. Showcaller helps show who is calling, allowing you to get rid of unknown callers, telemarketers, and spam calls. This is a simple application with fast performance and accurate information to identify incoming calls.

Million users worldwide trust Showcaller to get rid of spammers. It is powered by tons of features that send spam call alerts and block incoming calls automatically. Call recording is another feature which enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls with HD quality.

What’s more? This caller ID app for Android can serve as a smart dialer that can replace your default calling application. The last but not least, it supports offline database which allows the app to identify and display caller ID without internet connection.

5. Whoscall


Download on Google Play

Whoscall is a great alternative to identify incoming calls and SMS. This app has standard features that can be found in its caller ID counterparts, such as block function that helps block spam calls and messages. With more than billion numbers of database, this is a powerful app for safe communication.

Built-in dialer is one of the best features brought to your table. With this function, you can search and confirm unknown numbers before dialing out. It also provides you with all-in-one interface to identify outgoing and incoming calls, in addition to speaker, hang up, and answer.

Additionally, this app highlights offline mode that allows you to identify unknown callers without internet connection. Whoscall is available in two versions, free and premium. Upgrading to the premium version gives you access to ad-free app and auto-update for online database.

6. Eyecon


Download on Google Play

This is a phone dialer and contact application that helps identify incoming calls from unsaved numbers. Only with one click, you can see who is calling from its name and photos. Add photos automatically to your dialer by synchronizing the app with Facebook.

As with other caller ID applications for Android, Eyecon offers safety features that allow you to block spam calls and anonymous callers. Connect the dialer with social apps like Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, and much more so you can click the icon to see the caller’s photo.

This multipurpose app is made simple and intuitive for it is equipped with smart technology that learns your preferences to provide you with a better experience. Ultimate personalization helps control your contact and image appears in your friend’s phone and address book when you call.

7. Phone by Google

Phone by Google

Download on Google Play

Phone by Google is an official phone calling application to improve your experience in controlling incoming calls. Wrapped in a simple and intuitive design, it allows you to see who is calling and block spam calls for safety reason. This is a powerful app to get rid of unknown callers and spammers.

Phone is one of the best dialer apps you could ask for. Besides helping you to know who is calling, it identifies, screens, and filters spammers without interrupting your activity. This app ensures your phone only receive calls from saved or reliable numbers.

Visual voicemail is another ease-of-use feature that enables you to check messages without calling your voicemail. You can opt to read transcriptions, view and play the messages, and save or delete from the app. As a bonus, it has emergency support that helps see your location during an emergency.

8. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Download on Google Play

This is one of the best caller ID applications for Android. It has tons of features that come standard, such as identifying incoming calls and block numbers. Whether you want to get rid of unwanted people or block spammers, it comes in handy to improve your phone calling experience.

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Caller ID & Call Blocker Free highlights number locator function that allows you to track phone number and identify callers, including their location. Now that you can see who is calling, you can decide to answer or not. It also comes with call log feature which lets you see the call history.

Personalize your caller ID with plenty of amazing themes come packed in this app. It is also equipped with contacts widget that offers a quick access to save unknown numbers or call them back. As a bonus, this app lets you set start time and end time to block calls if you do not want to be disturbed.

9. Caller ID

Caller ID

Download on Google Play

Over 30 million users trust this app to identify and block calls. This powerful app shows who is calling and lets you block robocalls, telemarketing calls, spam calls, and any unwanted calls. Featuring a simple and user-friendly interface, it can be a perfect choice for beginners.

Aside from caller ID and caller blocker, this app highlights several features like phone number search which allows you to perform a number lookup. Copy any number you want to search and paste into the search box to identify. It also has smart dialer that helps you make phone calls right from the app.

In addition to features, this application highlights call log scan which enables you to check recent incoming and outgoing call history as well as scans unknown caller to ensure your security. Not to mention it can display important information of the caller like name and region.

10. Caller ID +

Caller ID +

Download on Google Play

Caller ID + is launched by Contacts Plus, an award winning developer on Google Play. This free app helps you get rid of unknown callers, thanks to the ability to identify who is calling you and block any unwanted calls. Caller ID + is made simple yet powerful to control who can connect with you.

Several key features make this app worth choosing. It helps you connect with friends without worrying about unwanted people, thanks to caller ID and spam blockers. Not only does it block incoming calls, but also SMS. Now you will never be disturbed by spam messages and calls.

Additionally, Caller ID + offers protection to phone contacts, call logs, and SMS with a backup service that comes with it. Even if you switch phone or lose it, your contacts stay. This app is also made customizable with more than 80 different themes and limitless wallpaper to add to your contacts.

11. True ID Caller Name

True ID Caller Name

Download on Google Play

The last but not least, True ID Caller Name is another best app to enjoy safe and protected phone calls. Much like its caller ID counterparts, this app helps identify callers by showing the name and region of the unknown callers. It also helps you avoid unwanted calls like robocalls and telemarketing.

Aside from providing you with a powerful caller ID and spam blocker, you can benefit from its call recording feature and quick number book. The earlier mentioned lets you record incoming and outgoing calls in high quality sound. Meanwhile, quick number book allows you to save unknown number easily.

More other features to enjoy from this app includes automatic SMS identification, automatic telemarketing SMS blocks, and clipboard to copy and paste multiple text. If you need to get to know more about the caller, simply use location tracker that helps track your phone number.

Receiving a call or SMS from unknown number can be annoying. But with the help of the best caller ID app for Android, your problem can be solved instantly. These apps are designed to reveal true callers identity and block spam calls, allowing you to control over incoming calls and messages.

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