13 Best Altimeter Apps for Android

Best Altimeter Apps

Figuring the precise altitude is a necessity for hikers, trackers, runners, and pretty much everyone who enjoys outdoor adventures. Thus, the presence of the best altimeter apps is a huge help.

The good news is that you can have that kind of tool on your phone. By downloading the best altimeter for Android you can find on the Play Store, you will always know where you are standing.

In this app, you will find a list of altimeter apps that will help you to explore the earth while keeping track of the altitude. By using those apps, getting lost in the wilds will be more fun.

Best Altimeter Apps for Android to Measure Altitude

If you check the Play Store, you will find tons of tools to find out your altitude. Of course, you can try all of those apps in the first place. But wouldn’t it be such a waste of time?

This is why you have to check out the list below. All apps curated on the list are the best you can find on the Play Store. After reading the altimeter app reviews, you can decide the one that works best for your needs.

1. Just a Compass

Just a Compass

Are you looking for the best altimeter app free on the Play Store? If so, you should take a look at Just a Compass.

As its name suggests, this app will track your location through the GPS, provide the direction where to head, and show you the altitude accurately. The UI design is neat yet intuitive which won’t force you to master a specific skill set in the first place.

The best part is that you can use Just a Compass both online and offline. Also, you can find out the timings for sunrise and sunset too. As a free app, this one comes with a highly accurate yet reliable result.

Download on Google Play

2. GPS Tools

GPS Tools

Meanwhile, GPS Tools is what you need if you spend most of your time outdoors. Whether you are enjoying your vacation or simply wandering around the wilderness of nature, this app is a necessity.

Everything you need is available in a single interface. Other than accessing your current location, this app also features other tools, such as compass, weather forecasts, speedometer, and a lot more.

Hikers and trackers love this app due to its maps that come with area finders as well as other useful features. In case you cannot find any internet connection, GPS Tools works excellently offline too.

And even if the signal around you is poor, the app will provide accurate altitude information. This app is free but you can upgrade the features through in-app purchases. All in all, GPS Tools shows a robust yet consistent performance from time to time.

Download on Google Play

3. Accurate Altimeter

Accurate Altimeter

Another accurate altimeter app that you have to consider is Accurate Altimeter. As its name suggests, this app is eager to show you accurate results even if there is no internet connection around.

How can this app perform its job without any internet connection in the first place? Well, this app incorporates satellite triangulation to find your current place accurately. 

Even though it takes longer to figure out the altitude, it works excellently without the internet. Another way this app provides an accurate position is by using a global elevation map. 

Of course, this mode allows quick responses other than coming up with accurate results. If needed, Accurate Altimeter will gather data from your device’s pressure sensor.

This app is free to use as long as you are okay with ads. To get rid of those ads, you can upgrade your subscription for sure.

Download on Google Play

4. Altimeter Free

Altimeter Free

As its name suggests, Altimeter Free provides free services for all users. Even though the app is free, it shows accurate locations and altitudes. The app gathers all data through barometric sensors and GPS.

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This free altimeter app allows users to store various data, such as highest height reached, recent tracks, and many more. Thus, if you love exploring the outdoors and have lots of adventures, you should have this app on your phone.

Altimeter Free calibrates itself accurately. And it also comes with other features, such as navigation and weather forecast, which both are useful for all wanderers around the world.

Since the app is completely free, you may deal with lots of ads. And unfortunately, there is no upgrade or in-app purchase option either.

Download on Google Play

5. Barometer and Altimeter

Barometer and Altimeter

Is there any accurate altimeter app? Of course, there is and you should try this one too. Available on the Play Store for free, this app comes with features to measure altitude, temperature, and pressure.

To get accurate data, the Barometer & Altimeter app utilizes GPS, an altitude algorithm, and a pressure sensor at once. Thus, the result is accurate and precise in many ways. Even if your phone doesn’t have a barometric sensor, the app can collect the data through the internet.

Other than that, you can find out the current weather as well as the humidity level. The UI design might be a bit obsolete and there is no widget option. However, the functions are anything you need from an altimeter tool.

Feel free to upgrade your tools with in-app purchases. And if you are not ready to commit to its paid version, the free Barometer & Altimeter is a good start for sure.

Download on Google Play

6. Altimeter

Talking about the most accurate altimeter app, it is not fair without Altimeter on the list. This app will be your assistant during your outdoor sessions.

Other than showing the altimeter, you can track your location, altitude, and elevation of where you are standing. This is why the app will also reveal the map to support your activity in the wild.

How does the app work then? Well, the Altimeter retrieves the data through the GPS. Other than that, it has an in-built sensor that serves as a barometer. This is why the app provides accurate results in real-time.

It has a camera feature that will show you the altitude information on every picture you’ve taken with the tool. You can have the widget after upgrading your account into a pro one.

Download on Google Play

7. My Elevation

How do altimeter apps work? They have various ways to retrieve data, depending on the mode. If you use the online mode, the internet will help to collect data. While you are offline, the app will use satellite data in the first place.

My Elevation, on the other hand, is an altimeter that only works with the internet connection. Of course, it comes up with accurate results in a matter of seconds. Other than that, the results are in real-time, which is what all users look for.

This app develops the Follow Me Mode that will follow you around. By that, your movement will be tracked properly; it is also a way of this app to give you accurate information every second.

You can find attractions and historic events around your current place. Feel free to download and try My Elevation, after all.

Download on Google Play

8. Altimeter GPS

Altimeter GPS

Some compass apps come with an altimeter feature. And if you’re looking for an altimeter compass app, Altimeter GPS is worth checking out.

Many travelers who spend most of their time outdoors love this app a lot. Other than providing a GPS, this app will also show you accurate altitudes, locations, and other interesting information.

The best part is that you can use this app both online and offline seamlessly, thanks to its barometric sensor. Thus, it is possible to get accurate and real-time data regardless of where you are.

When you use the app’s camera, you will get location and altitude stamps on it. It is free and seamless, more than anything.

Download on Google Play

9. DS Barometer

DS Barometer

DS Barometer is part of the best free altimeter apps to show altimeters. This might not be everyone’s favorite but this app comes up with tons of interesting yet useful features in the first place.

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Other than providing stable performance, this app comes with a cute UI design. It uses barometric sensors to collect the data. Meanwhile, if your phone doesn’t have a sensor, the app will retrieve the pressure through the internet connection.

You will get the data you need in real-time along with detailed reports of it. More than anything, you better try this app in the first place.

To enhance your reading experience, DS Barometer incorporates RADAR and LIDAR technology too. You can get this app for free, and upgrading the app allows you to get rid of ads.

Download on Google Play

10. Altimeter Pro

Even though this app comes with “pro” on its name, this one is completely free with in-app purchase options. This app also gives you accurate results of altitude above sea level.

As an altimeter app offline that also works online, Altimeter Pro comes in handy for those who often go outside and wander around the wild. However, this app is quite standard and may show information pretty much about the altitude and locations.

To get accurate results, the app may also use your phone’s GPS. If all you need to do is a free app that works both online and offline to find your altitude, Altimeter Pro is a perfect buddy for you.

However, if you need more than the things mentioned above, you better try something else on the Play Store.

Download on Google Play

11. Smart Altimeter

Smart Altimeter

When it comes to the altimeter app accuracy, several factors will determine the number. And if you are looking for the most accurate one, Smart Altimeter is one of those apps worth checking out.

Whether you prefer using feet or meters, this app will show accurate information about the altitude 

and your location. This app is such a perfect outdoor buddy regardless of your destination, no wonder.

While most altimeters come with information above sea level, you can set the measurement from the ground level. Of course, you can use Smart Altimeter both online and offline. To enhance your experience, this app also comes with weather forecasts.

Download on Google Play

12. Spyglass


The presence of an altimeter app for android phones contributes hugely to adventurers’ journeys. While some apps provide excellent work and deliver top-notch jobs, a few others might drain your phone’s battery only to look for strong signals.

Spyglass is such a perfect app for those who look for a robust app that shows information about altitude and locations. It works powerfully even if you don’t have internet connections in the first place.

Other than being an excellent altimeter, this app serves as a gyrocompass, GPS receiver, and speedometer along with other prominent features. And of course, this app supports self-calibrating before doing its job.

In case you want to check out the elevation of a place before hiking, trekking, or cycling, Spyglass would be a perfect buddy that shows you advanced information. Sending map links is effortless too!

Download on Google Play

13. Runtastic


Most of the time, you might use Runtastic to track your running progress. Adidas essentially created this app to fulfill every runner’s needs, for sure.

Today, this app serves as more than a running tracker. It can act as an altitude meter app, compass, and weather app too. The app will use GPS to detect the altitude and provide accurate results in the first place.

So, if you have been acquainted with Runtastic, you don’t need to download any other app to find out your precise location.

Download on Google Play

Spending your time outside the room will give you a lot of new experiences. Other than that, you don’t need to worry even if you get lost in the wilds.

All you need to do is a smartphone and the right app that will track your GPS and show your altitude. The best part is that some of those smartphone apps work seamlessly offline too.

So, if you love exploring the entire world on your own or with friends, be sure to have these best altimeter apps on your phone in the first place. Try all the apps mentioned on the list above and find out the one that accommodates you the best.

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