14 Best Quote Apps for Android

Best Quote Apps

At some point, quotes are just what you need to stay motivated. So, why don’t you use these best quote apps to enjoy all the goods of motivational words in your pocket?

Quotes are not merely words that decorate your screen. You don’t need to feel demotivated in the first place to use motivation apps. So, if you want to keep yourself motivated, below you will find encouraging daily motivations from the Google Play Store.

Best Quote Apps for Android You Should Install

In this article, you can find a list of quotes apps – some of them allow you to make quotes on your own. Some of the quote creator apps for Android below are free while a few others might require a subscription.

1. The Bible App

The Bible App

Download on Google Play

Many words from the Bible are just powerful. And if you are fond of the motivations that come from the holy Bible then this app would be right for you.

The Bible App is simply like the Bible but in an app. With a straightforward UI design, you can enjoy the dose of motivational quotes without opening the physical book in the first place.

The app will verse whatever phrase on the homepage every day. But if you don’t want to miss out on daily motivation, you can activate the notification and install the widget on the phone’s home screen.

While the motivations are coming straight from the Bible, you can customize the image, lettering, colors, and other visual elements. Thus, everything is simpler in case you want to share it on Instagram.

The Bible App is simply the best free quotes app, especially for you who love its holy verses.

2. Daily Quotes

Daily Quotes

Download on Google Play

The presence of quotes help you to stay present and positive. It will be a good addition to your daily life, after all.

And if you are looking for an app that provides powerful quotes from the world’s famous figures, the Daily Quotes is what you are looking for. This app features various inspirational words to greet you everyday.

This app features a simple UI design so that you can sort the quotes by figure. Other than that, the app allows you to set when to receive the quotes everyday. Find your favorite inspirational quotes from the Daily Quotes app for free – with in-app purchases, of course.

3. Wallpaper


Download on Google Play

It will be much more interesting if the quotes appear on your homepage like a wallpaper, right? As its name suggests, the Wallpaper app allows you to pick the image for your wallpaper with the quotes you like.

The best part is that the quotes will change daily. So, all you need to do is to pick a wallpaper and favorite theme of quotes. The system will do the rest while you can enjoy your daily dose of interesting motivations.

However, you need to pay USD 1 to use the app – Wallpaper is not a free app, after all.

4. YourQuote

Download on Google Play

Are you looking for the best quotes app for Android that looks like Instagram? YourQuote is definitely what you are after.

It is a platform where users share their favorite quotes. Of course, you can like the posts, post a comment, and follow other users. Other than that, the quotes are available to save.

While you can upload premade pictures with quotes, YourQuote also offers a series of tools that let you create your own quotes. You will start by typing plain text and then put some editing efforts on it. Adding images is possible too.

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Another interesting thing about this app is that you can use the publishing feature once you’ve posted 48 quotes. This feature allows you to publish an online book and grab the royalties – terms and conditions applied.

So, why don’t you give this app a try? YourQuote is very accommodating for all writers in the world.

5. Musixmatch


Download on Google Play

Some of you might be familiar with Musixmatch as a music app. However, it comes with a lyrics card which you can use as quotes, considering some songs can make you very emotional.

All you need to do is to drac the lyrics onto the card and customize the visual elements. The quotes als embed other details, such as a watermark, song title, and the singer on the screen. 

So, in case a song makes you feel something, you can use this app to quote your favorite lyrics. Besides, good motivations can come from a song, right?

6. Quotee


Download on Google Play

Quotee is a new player on the field but it already has a huge database of quotes. In one single tab, you will find various types of quotes. Other than that, the simple UI design makes this app worth using.

Users can download the quote and share it on another social media platform. Quotee is constantly updated, which allows you to get freshly new quotes from time to time. While this app is one of the best free motivational apps, you don’t need to deal with ads in the first place. Go give it a try!

7. Motivation – Daily Quote

Motivation - Daily Quote

Download on Google Play

This app is a solution for you who prefer to get the motivation not just in the morning hours. As the best daily quotes app, Motivation comes with an adjustable time frame option. Once you set the time, the app will notify you with a quote.

It has a super simple UI design with not too many this and that. All you need to do is to decide the beginning and ending of the time then pick how many times the quote will notify you within the day.

Motivation comes with various categories. However, some of them like goal focus, body positivity, and coping with death are only available for the upgraded plan. Still, you can enjoy its 7-day free trial before committing.

8. Brilliant Quotes

Brilliant Quotes

Download on Google Play

Brilliant Quotes is a cool app that allows you to to pick quotes from its huge database and use the widget to make your home screen looks cool. Of course, the layout is customizable so that it fits your personality.

This app comes with several sections of options, such as trending quotes, morning quotes, picture quotes, hashtags, and so on. However, you need to pay for its premium plan to clear the ads and get daily quote notifications.

Brilliant Quotes is only available for online use. And you may need to sign in to enjoy all features offered by the app.

9. Best Quotes Status

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for a quotes app in English that also works offline, Best Quote Status might be working fine for you. This one has a huge collection of quotes sorted into several categories – there is a category for break up too.

Once you tap a specific category, you will see a list of interesting quotes you can download or share through another social media platform. The default setting of the quote is in plain text but you can find other options once you tap on the quotes.

Best Quotes Status is a free app that comes with ads and a watermark on its quotes. If you wish to remove all of those, you can pay USD 1 and enjoy its premium features too. Widget is the only thing this app is lacking.

10. ThinkUp

Download on Google Play

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At some point, positive affirmation is the only thing you need to maintain your healthy life. If this is what you are looking for, ThinkUp might be the best life quotes generator for you.

This app is an excellent tool that comes with various motivations to keep a positive mindset in your life. It comes with a bunch of affirmations depending on its categories, such as self-esteem, weight-loss, life goals, and so on.

ThinkUp also comes with a straight-forward UI design so that you don’t need much time to figure out how to navigate the app. Give this app a try and feel the difference after receiving positive affirmations daily. Happiness comes from within first, after all.

11. Mindful

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, this app comes up with something different. While other quote apps provide words of courage from popular authors and figures, this app doesn’t give that. However, Mindful supports you with words just like a good friend: simple, relatable, and lifting at the same time. It instantly puts a smile on your face.

Other than that, this app also comes as one of the quote creator apps in case you want to make your own quotes. It has a bunch of nice yet soothing pictures for the background.

So, at some point, reading simple affirmation texts from your friend might ease your stress and anxiety – which this app can help you with.

12. Quotes Daily Inspiration

Download on Google Play

This app is one of the quotes creator apps you can download for free on Play Store. As its name suggests, Quotes Daily Inspiration will supply positive vibes around you with its inspirational words daily.

It has a huge library of amazing quotes which might help you find the right words to show your current feelings. Each quote comes with backgrounds which you can pick and customize. 

Quotes Daily Inspiration allows you to decide the time you receive the daily affirmation. Other than that, you can download the quotes to share it later on another social media platform.

13. Quotes Creator

Quotes Creator

Download on Google Play

Is there any quote creator app for Instagram that allows the user to be as creative as possible. Of course it is – the Quotes Creator is what you look for.

You can share thoughts and inspirational words to your social media by using this tool. All you need to do is to pick a background, write a quote, customize your work, and save the result.

This app also allows you to put a watermark on each of your work so that no one will steal your quotes. As its name suggests, this app is an excellent tool to make shareable quotes.

It has a bunch of useful yet user-friendly features to enrich your piece of work and a vast array of quotes from popular authors. Quotes Creator makes customized content as effortless as possible.

14. The Stoic

The Stoic

Download on Google Play

Other than being a cool quote maker app, The Stoic comes with various quotes, poems, and sayings from the oldest Roman. This app suits you who love something encouraging from the ancient figures, such as Hierocles, Epicelus, Marcus Aurelis, and so on.

Other than that, if you find a beautiful verse and you want to save it, feel free to put a bookmark on it. The Stoic makes it effortless to find poems and quotes from the old times that are still relatable in the current days. 

So, what is the best app to make quotes? You can pick one from the list written above considering all of them are currently the most popular on the Play Store.

More than anything, words are powerful and it can be one of those sources that helps you to chin up. While motivations should come from within, reading positive affirmation from the quotes on your phone’s screen is an effort you could make to keep the vibe positive too.

After reading a short review of each app on the list above, you surely have picked your favorite, right? Regardless of your choice, using the best quote apps above is the right decision you’ve made to build a positive environment around you – at least within you.

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