11 Best Handwriting to Text Apps for Android

Best Handwriting to Text Apps

Utilizing technology at its best is a necessity and one of them is to use these best handwriting to text apps to accommodate your work. The presence of those apps help you to transfer your handwriting into a digital form.

At some point, it is quite a hassle to retype your notes manually. Also, you may not have enough time to transfer all of them as your workload gets higher and higher from time to time.

This is why you need to use a decent handwriting to text converter app in the first place, which you can find on the list below.

Best Handwriting to Text Apps on the Play Store

Other than transferring your handwriting into a digital file, the apps mentioned on the list below also offer other useful features in the first place – cloud storage is one of those features.

So, before deciding on a perfect handwriting to text converter for Android for you, a short review for each app on the list will help make a decision. But more than anything, what you find on the list is the best on the Play Store.

1. Evernote


Evernote made it to the first position on the list. Teachers address this app as an excellent tool that comes with a wide range of useful features – from scanning to recognizing your handwritten texts.

Besides being an excellent scan handwriting to text app, Evernote also performs a robust work when it comes to taking notes, taking voice records, creating to-do list, and many more.

In case you made notes on paper, you can scan and store them in the clouds. Also, those scanned papers are editable through the app.

It is no wonder if the Play Store lists this app as top ten in productivity. Evernote has both free and paid versions, which comes with tons of useful features. So, why don’t you give it a try?

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2. Pen to Print

Pen to Print

When it comes to the best handwriting to text apps for Android, Pen to Print is obviously one of them. As its name suggests, whatever you’ve written with your pen is transferable to printable formats.

Other than coming up with a bunch of functionalities, Pen to Print has a neat UI design – it is effortless to navigate this app. Also, it won’t be a problem at all to transfer complicated handwriting syllabus into a digital format.

All you need to do is to scan a page and the system will detect the handwriting. In a few moments, it will transform your handwriting into a readable report on your smartphone.

Meanwhile, if the app makes mistakes, feel free to correct them yourself. More than anything, according to reports from various users, Pen to Print is reliable and provides excellent work.

Thus, if you are looking for the best handwriting recognition apps that transfer your writing into a digital format, Pen to Print is an app you should be checking out.

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3. Pen Reader

Pen Reader

You may find lots of apps that convert handwriting to text services on the Play Store. However, not all apps deliver the same results. Pen Reader, on the other hand, is another reliable app you must try in the first place.

The main purpose is to turn your handwriting into a readable document on your smartphone. Other than that, you can add words to the dictionary so that the app will put it in the system.

Pen Reader is quite fast and effortless to use. It only takes a matter of seconds to identify a word. Besides, the system provides a robust spell-checker. Other than that, you can start writing a note directly on your device screen with a stylus pen – as long as your device supports it.

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Once the app is finished digitizing your file, you save it with a doc format and share it with other people. Since the app is frequently updated, there are tons of more improvements to come in the future.

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4. Text Scanner [OCR]

Text Scanner [OCR]

As its name suggests, this handwriting recognition app performs its duty by scanning the document in the first place. Other than your handwriting, Text Scanner can also detect tabloids, phone numbers, and many more.

The app delivers a speedy process to read and recognize the text that is being scanned. Other than that, Text Scanner can recognize at least 50 different languages.

Even though it sounds impressive and interesting, you better check whether or not your language preference is available on the list. Text Scanner also detects your handwriting in seconds and turns the document into a digital format.

With Text Scanner [OCR], there is no need to use your keyboard when it comes to writing information while still allowing you to transfer the information into a digital format.

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5. INKredible


There are several apps that scan handwriting and convert to text on the Play Store and INKredible is one of the best ones you can download. This app is an excellent addition to your smartphone if you can write directly on your device.

While the features are intuitive enough for those who can write on the phone, you don’t need to use a stylus pen or something like that to use this app. It comes with a blank paper interface and a lined copybook look.

INKredible might not be the app that helps you scan and convert pages of books but it suits anyone who loves writing directly on their phone. Adding pictures, emojis, and doodles is not an issue at all.

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6. My Script Nebo

My Script Nebo

Other than being the best handwriting to text app Android, Nebo is also the most popular app when it comes to transforming texts to digital format. Besides, you can take notes by using this app, effortlessly.

This app offers lots of features to organize your texts and customize them into something readable and saveable so that you can bring it anywhere with your device.

Other than that, you can arrange the paragraph, change the text style, determine the headlines, and many more. If you are not sure how to use Nebo, it will show you a thorough tutorial from the first time you open the app.

Meanwhile, Nebo has an inbuilt scanner to recognize your handwriting and will turn it into a digital document. When it comes to a powerful app that converts handwriting into an editable digital document, Nebo is definitely it.

In case the app made mistakes, feel free to correct them directly. But what if you scan diagrams and graphics? Don’t worry because those will appear as images on your devices.

All in all, Nebo is a perfect choice for those who look for an app that makes your handwriting into docs in seconds.

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7. MetaMoji Note

MetaMoji Note

MetaMoji Note is a worth considering app for those who look for the best note taking apps that convert handwriting to text. This app works essentially like a business notebook and daily planner. You can write down anything you want on it anytime.

Other than that, you can insert pictures while writing which makes MetaMoji Note as one of the best places to write a diary. When you don’t feel like writing or typing, the voice recording feature will do you a favor.

But can this app transfer your handwriting into a digital format? Of course, it can. MetaMoji Note has a built-in scanner so that you can scan your paper with the phone’s camera. Later, the system will recognize your writing and turn them into a digital document.

For those who love doodling and drawing, MetaMoji Note accommodates your hobbies nicely – it allows users to use the app as a sketchbook in the first place. You will understand how interesting this app is after trying it on your own.

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8. Handwriting Notepad

Handwriting Notepad

Talking about the handwriting to text apps Android, there might be lots of options you will see on the Play Store. Handwriting Notepad, on the other hand, is one of those that need your attention.

This app serves as a digital memo where you can write anything anywhere, regardless of where you are at right now. In case you are in a rush, the autosave mode will help you big time.

Other than that, Handwriting Notepad allows you to add pictures or draw one if you have time. Later, you can save your note in a doc format. It is no wonder if this app is one of the best names on the productivity  section.

Handwriting Notepad is an excellent addition to your smartphone especially if your daily life requires lots of writing.

Since the app is free, why don’t you give it a try?

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9. Text Fairy

Text Fairy

Text Fairy is another worth-considering handwriting to text app free you should try. Other than recognizing your handwriting and transferring it to a digital format, you can scan books and other pages effortlessly then edit them like a doc file.

The in-built scanner that comes with the app is such a celebrity among other users. Thus, you can work on things much easier and more encompassing without causing any trouble. The UI design and features are also intuitive in many ways.

Even though Text Fairy is a free app, you can store as many documents as you want under your profile name. Of course, there is no need to bring hardcopy books anywhere if you already have this app on your phone.

It seems like nothing could beat this free app especially since Text Fairy doesn’t contain any app. Hence, it could be the reason why you must try this app in the first place.

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10. Good Notes

Good Notes

The main purpose of smartphone apps is to simplify the process that humans should go through in manual ways. The presence of Good Notes supports that premis in the first place.

As one of the best text to handwriting apps on the market, Good Notes help you transfer and process texts to digital format. It imitates your writing style perfectly while using this app as a notepad is another pro you cannot resist.

Good Notes’ forte is on its notepad features. You can have lots of options to enhance and improve your notes by using this app without worrying about anything in the first place.

In the end, you can save the document in a doc format so that you can modify your content right away effortlessly. Good Notes is a free app and you should give this one a shot.

Download on Google Play

11. Write


When it comes to the good handwriting to text apps on the Play Store, you should also consider Write as one. It offers the simplest yet easiest use that will help you write on your phone while the system recognizes it as texts.

Using a stylus will be a good idea but you can definitely use your finger too. It comes with many tools, such as eraser, pen, brush with various styles, and many more. 

The Write App also allows you to put notes from the keyboard by using the drag-and-drop feature. It is a bit difficult to describe the app without giving a real shot in the first place. So, why don’t you download this app and find whether this one is your style or not?

Download on Google Play

At some point, writing with pen and paper comes with a different sensation. This is why people still use that manual method instead of using a modern device.

Today, you can digitize your handwriting so that you don’t need to manually transfer your handwriting to the device. Some apps even allow you to edit your content later.

Regardless of your preference, these best handwriting to text apps are worth trying in many ways. So, which app do you like the most?

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