12 Best Idle Games for Android

Best Idle Games for Android

While some games require too much effort and skills, idle games offer lots of fun without draining your brain and energy. Whether you’re busy or too tired with difficult games but want to gain levels, Google Play Store provides you with the best idle games for Android.

Idle games allow you to explore a dungeon, be a tycoon, or make a building with minimal effort. Despite minimal effort, idles are addictive. It can be a great companion when you are listening to music or doing something else—at least you have something to play.

Best Idle Games for Android

There are so many options when it comes to idle games for Android. Without further ado, here’s a list of top-rated and most installed idle games for your Android device. Choose one that suits your gaming preferences.

1. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon

Download on Google Play

Be a miner tycoon, earn money, and get rich in this idle game. Idle Miner Tycoon combines idle and money games, allowing you to be a gold miner and become a millionaire. Your goal is to build gold resources, hire employees, and optimize your miner for the biggest benefits.

To make more money, this simulator game allows you to automate mining for more income, employ a manager to encourage and motivate miners, and earn money as well as get idle cash. With more than 15 mine resources, Idle Miner Tycoon is different than other idle money games.

With more than 50 million installs on Google Play Store alone, this Editor’s Choice is probably the most downloaded idle games for Android. It is compatible with Android 4.1 and provides in-app purchases for more features.

2. Cash, Inc. Money Clicker

Cash, Inc. Money Clicker

Download on Google Play

Another Editor’s Choice idle game to have fun without draining your brain. Trusted by million users from all over the world, this game is worth your consideration. Build a time machine and be a famous money tycoon with Cash, Inc. Money Clicker.

This game app is packed with a handful of features, including money clicker that allows you to make money and be rich; business tycoon amenities that lead a productive yet lazy tycoon lifestyle; and other features to make yourself the most famous tycoon.

What makes it better? Join a business elite community work your way to the Rick List. You can also boast your cash to fellow tycoons on social media, thanks to the convenient sharing feature. This app runs well on Android 4.4 and higher.

3. Hooked Inc.: Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc.- Fisher Tycoon

Download on Google Play

Be the best fisherman with this clicker game and make your own adventure. Catch fish and earn money to upgrade your boat and fishing gear. Loaded with tons of features, Hooked Inc. is one of the best idle games for Android.

From the creator, you can build a fishing empire and recruit your own crew. Search the seas to discover rare and epic fishes to get more money. There are many other things to do, like increasing values by fighting with stars and try your luck on the wheel.

Join multiplayer tournament to make your idle gaming more fun. You can also unlock new features by equipping legendary items. The best thing of all, this app is completely free with in-app purchases. With over 10 million downloads, it can be a great game for your idle.

4. Tap Dungeon Hero

Tap Dungeon Hero

Download on Google Play

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If you are more into action and adventure, Tap Dungeon Hero is probably your choice. This RPG game tells about a dungeon which has been overrun by monsters, so a hero is needed to bring peace. Be a hero and grab your blade to fight against monsters.

This tapping game features thousands of level to hone your skills. With more than 50 unique monsters, feel the sensation of beating different monsters during your idle. You can also summon over 20 warriors to fight the monsters for you.

Tap Dungeon Hero offers a variety of scenes, from forest to swamp to mountain. Unlock unique skills and experience the best adventure RPG in this year. For more excitement, you can compete with other players in global tournaments and earn rewards.

5. Idle Light City

Idle Light City

Download on Google Play

Feel the sensation of running a lightbulb factory with Idle Light City. This idle game tells about a city that is in darkness. It needs you to light up the entire city by running a factory that produces lightbulbs. Your duty is to produce as many lightbulbs as you can and unlock new factory building.

Using this clicker and tap idle game, you can light up the city and earn money. Unlock and discover buildings as well as amusement park for a livelier city. Earn cash as much as you can and purchase upgrades to produce light bulbs faster.

Idle Light City is an addictive idle game. It is quite simple yet exciting to have some fun when you are tired. Over 5 million users have installed this app, so it is unarguably one of the best idle games for Android. And, it offers in-app products that allow you to upgrade the features.

6. Bee Factory

Bee Factory

Download on Google Play

Adding the list of idle games for Android in 2021, Bee Factory offers a unique experience to entertain yourself. This simulation app is developed by Green Panda Games and has been installed for over 10 million times on Google Play Store alone.

What can you do with this game? As the name suggests, you will need to manage your own honey factory and be a honey tycoon with lots of cash. With this game, you can be the richest man throughout the world.

Bee Factory has more than 100 fun bees to unlock. You can upgrade bees and machine to increase honey production. With minimum effort, it lets you sell tons of honey and earn cash as much as you can. Before installing the app, be sure your device is running Android 4.4 and above.

7. Idle Construction 3D

Idle Construction 3D

Download on Google Play

If you are into building construction, this idle game makes a perfect choice. Be a rich construction manager and create an empire starting from a small house to the biggest and most famous building. Hire more workers to build the construction faster.

Prove your skills as the best construction manager by finishing incredible buildings, from Taj Mahal to Eiffel Tower to Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House. Among highlight features brought to you by Idle Construction is train your team to build faster and make more money.

You can also learn incredible facts about every building, collect free cash by renting your buildings, and add decorations to the buildings. And, get free rewards by spinning the wheel and multiply construction speed by calling super builder.

8. Tap Tycoon

Tap Tycoon

Download on Google Play

Developed by Game Hive Corporation, Tap Tycoon is a great game to make your idle exciting. How to play this game is super simple—tap to make money from the air and collect money as much as possible for investment. Work your way up to world domination!

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In Tap Tycoon, you are living in the 35th century where you can find mind-blowing technologies, such as holographic window view, luggage shrink ray, and anti-gravity fork. Your duty is to build and upgrade your business to be a millionaire.

You will be armed with the Mega-dollar Empire to join forces and compete globally. Build the most powerful business to earn medals and rewards. With over 5 million installs, it becomes one of the best idle games for Android. It runs well on Android 4.3 and higher.

9. Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Download on Google Play

Do you ever dream of being the richest manager of a theme park? Idle Theme Park Tycoon will make your dream come true. Build a small theme park, make it grow, and earn money. You can open attractions and let the visitors have some fun with your roller coaster or Ferris wheel.

With this game, you will learn how to rule a theme park and manage wisely, from the ticket booth to food area to other facilities. Work on it to improve the theme park, such as preparing marketing campaign or extend parking facilities.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon comes packed with a variety of features, such as easy game play, different rides, fantastic 3D graphics and animations, as well as various challenges. It also lets you save progress to the cloud and access from other devices.

10. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2

Download on Google Play

With over 10 million installs, Tap Titans 2 is one of the most downloaded idle games on Google Play Store. From the developer of Tap Tycoon, this game offers a lot of excitement without draining your brain. With easy gameplay, you can enjoy nonstop tapping adventure.

Tap Titans 2 allows you to play RPG game offline. You can defeat over 150 Titans and recruit heroes as well as loyal pets to help slay the Titans. Unlock new skills and upgrade your power to fight against monsters. And, you can join a global tournament and compete against other players.

If you are into adventure idle game, Tap Titans 2 can be a good choice. Not only does it allow you to hone your skills, but also you can earn fantastic rewards.

11. Hotel Empire Tycoon

Download on Google Play

This is an amazing idle game to make you a hotel tycoon. Build a hotel empire of your own, manage your hotel chain, and be the richest person in the world. You can start from a small hotel and grow into a five-star resort with million tourists.

As your business is growing, add luxury furniture and enlarge your rooms. You can also make your guests happy with some upgrades, such as expanded swimming pool, competitive suites, and heavenly tasty meals and drinks.

Hotel Empire Tycoon has been trusted by over 10 million users from all over the world, making it among the best idle games for Android. With a quite large download size, be sure your phone resources is enough to run this game app.

12. Idle Space Miner

Idle Space Miner

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, there is Idle Space Miner that offers a lot of excitement. This simulator and tycoon game takes your leisure time to the next level. It lets you earn coins while working, eating, learning, or even if you are not connected to the internet.

To be a mineral tycoon, you have to increase the size of your mine. You can also hire managers to motivate robot miners and let them get resources for you. Not to mention it allows you to unlock unique skills and reset mine functions to upgrade performance.

What’s more? Idle Space Miner lets you renovate mine with various designs. Collect a variety of minerals, from gold to silver to diamond, and much more! Discover the deepest mine and get the most of it.

Make your idle more fun with the best idle games for Android. Without the need for draining your brain and energy, these games let you gain levels and hone skills. Which game is your favorite?

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