11 Best Fishing Games for Android

Best Fishing Games for Android

Fishing is a fun activity whether you do it for sport or recreation. But for some reason like weather or daily business, you can’t gear up and head for the nearest water bodies for fishing. If you still want to enjoy tackling fish you can download the best fishing games for mobile device.

These games won’t give you the same sensation as real-life fishing but you can have some fun with them. Loaded with different features, graphics quality, and storylines, it is always interesting to try each app before you stay with one.

Best Fishing Games for Android: Get Hooked

Fishing games don’t require your skills to catch different kinds of fish. All you have to do is flow with the gameplay, follow the rules, and hone your virtual fishing skills along with millions of other players from all over the world. Here are the best choices you can get for Android.

1. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook is a fun fishing game to experience the feelings of real fishing from your smartphone. Catch different types of fish from popular fishing spots while enjoying realistic 3D graphics and smooth control to feel the vibe at its best.

Designed for casual players, Fishing Hook helps you learn important rules in virtual fishing. Pull the button to give damage to the fish and bring it to you. You can also push a striking pin to reduce the distance. If you want some challenge, catch stronger or more expensive types of fish.

As one of the best fishing games, Fishing Hook comes packed with multiple language interfaces. It supports up to 16 languages that allow you to play it in a language you know. As a plus, it supports achievement and ranking which make it a perfect option for competitive players.

Fishing Hook doesn’t require network connection to play, making it a convenient fishing game on-the-go. Never lose your achievement with a built-in backup button. Not to mention it gives you the option to save your progress to cloud with a built-in Cloud and Accounts button.

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2. Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash

Trusted by millions of anglers, Fishing Clash is a favorite app to enjoy casual fishing in various spots worldwide. It pairs a multiplayer fishing and hunting game that offers realistic simulation with a competitive vibe.

Catching a fish in this simulator is quite simple. Once you launch the game, tap the cast button and keep tapping the strike button. Make sure the indicator of line tension is in the top center of your screen until the fish is successfully hooked.

Fishing Clash supports single player and multiple players. You can catch fish for recreation or win a fishing battle in PvP mode. Furthermore, it is possible to take part in fishing championships to show off your skills to the world.

Find plenty of fish like carp, trout, bass, and even sharks from different spots. If you want to catch bigger fish you must collect lure cards. Create a clan with fellow anglers so you can exchange lure cards for various fishing spots and fish types.

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3. Fishing Championship

Fishing Championship

As the name suggests, this is the best fishing game for players who need a little competition. Challenge the king of fishing to catch a variety of fish species ranging from topical fish to monster fish from the deep sea. Make your best achievement and have a lot of fun.

Fishing Championship is designed with multiple language interface, giving you a chance to play the game in your native language. Enjoy beautiful scenery while catching different fish with constantly changing weather.

What’s great about this app is that you can discover various kinds of fishing equipment. Learn how to use them to optimize your fishing performance and defeat the legendary king of fishing. It also comes packed with medal rewards to motivate you.

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Good news for you, the Fishing Championship doesn’t consume a lot of data. You can experience amazing game with high quality graphic on-the-go. Grab your fishing equipment and begin your competitive fishing.

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4. Hooked Inc

Hooked Inc

Hooked Inc is the best free fishing game for ambitious players who want to become a fishing legend. Prove your fishing ability and get the Big One so you can gain a lot of money. This idle clicker game is addictive thanks to nice graphics and simple gameplay.

Swipe to catch fish, hire crew members to build your empire, and purchase legendary items to simplify your fishing quest. You can also unlock new regions and level up your boat for a better fishing adventure. Unravel the secret of rare fish and catch the Big One to become a master fisherman.

There is tons of epic content to explore on Hooked Inc. Not only can you unlock better skills, but you can also embark on an adventure in the unknown ocean. Upgrade to a mega yacht that allows you to catch larger fish from the deep sea.

What does it feel to be at the top rank on the leaderboard? Join battle in daily tournaments to figure it out. It supports daily fishing tournaments that allow you to earn rewards and gems. Best of all, new features are constantly updated on this addictive fishing game.

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5. Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep is a multiplayer fishing game with a slight touch of adventure. It combines exploration, competition, and relaxation that make it a unique app for your Android. Accept the challenge and embark on a quest to catch the mysterious monster from the deep sea.

Presenting exotic fishing locations, Creatures of the Deep lets you catch more than 100 fish species, underwater items, and deep-sea monsters. Besides, you can meet instance anglers and challenge other players across the globe.

This best fishing game takes you on an incredible adventure to solve the mystery of a local fishing spot. Explore the depth and unravel the secrets while trying to catch the largest fish and solving puzzles. Wonderful discoveries and treasures are waiting for you.

Creatures of the Deep is a free fishing game with decent graphics and animations. This app is free to play and it offers in-game items you can buy with real money.

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6. The Fishercat

The Fishercat

When cat is your favorite pet and fishing is your hobby, The Fishercat is a great game to play on your Android. Playing a role as a pet, you must catch fish with various harpoons and equipment to optimize your experience. Are you ready to live a cat’s life?

Also designed as a shooting game, The Fishercat boasts a simple and intuitive control that makes it a perfect fishing game for kids. Drag to aim and shoot your harpoon to catch fish. Your aiming accuracy is demanded for you must follow and hit moving fish like ones in real life.

Discover hundreds of rare fish on The Fishercat and collect more than 150 fish species from the exotic ones to deep-sea monsters. Explore the indescribable underwater life while relaxing on a quiet island. You can even grow an aquarium, decorate it, and put the fish you’ve caught in it.

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7. Fishing Life

Fishing Life

Some people go fishing to unwind life burdens. Fishing Life is a must-have game app if you belong to this group. Featuring beautiful graphics, peaceful-looking animations, and simple control, it has everything you need to recharge your body and soul.

There are several things you can do in this best fishing game. Catch a variety of fish species like beautiful tropical fish, sharks, or whales with easy control. Relax your mind while enjoying sunset or moonlight—yes, the scene smoothly changes as time goes by.

What’s interesting about Fishing Life is that it comes with a peaceful wave sound to heal your heart. The natural ASMR wave sound brings you to the sea.

What to do with fish you’ve caught? Put them in the aquarium. Fill it with colorful fish and feel better whenever you look at it. Make your fishing activity more interesting with various boasts that you can upgrade as you progress.

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8. Baby Panda: Fishing

Baby Panda: Fishing

Baby Panda: Fishing must be on your list when you plan to fish virtually with your kids. Introduce various kinds of fish species to your little ones and let them try to catch their favorite fish. Designed with attractive animations, this app is completely hard to resist.

On Baby Panda: Fishing you can choose from 4 different locations such as on the ice, on the sea, under the sea, and at the pond. Each fishing spot has its own characteristics and requires specific techniques so you can become a fishing master.

When you decide to fish under the sea, you will find endless aquatic plants, coral reefs, and colorful fishes. In addition to various fish species, you can find underwater creatures like crabs, shells, and more. Feel free to catch interesting marine creatures to introduce to your kids. 

This best fishing game is free to play. It has been trusted by millions of users all over the globe and it’s your time to explore underwater life with Baby Panda: Fishing.

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9. Aquarium Land – Fishbowl World

Aquarium Land – Fishbowl World

Aquarium Land – Fishbowl World is an attractive fish game to catch different fish species from goldfish to starfish and dolphin. Grow your own fish tank with fishes you’ve caught and attract buyers so you can run an aquarium business.

In order to catch a lot of fish, finding the best fishing spots is a must. Pretend you are a fish and think which spot is going to be your favorite. The more fish you catch the bigger your aquarium business. Collect them in a fishbowl too for different customers.

Not only can you catch fish on Aquarium Land, but you can also discover mysterious things in this game. Act like a true fish tycoon and collect as much money as possible. Overall, this app is suitable for users of all ages.

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10. Monster Fishing

Monster Fishing

Fishing small fishes sounds boring to you? Get Monster Fishing and embark on an adventure to catch monster fish from your mobile device. Use default fishing gear you receive for free and start a journey to popular fishing spots around the globe.

This best fishing game app isn’t designed for recreational anglers. Instead, it is made for dedicated and passionate anglers who dream to catch underwater beasts. Available for free on the Play Store, you can enjoy the game without spending a penny.

Monster Fishing boats super realistic 3D fishing experience with over 250 fish species. It also has around 30 spots with different characteristics. Immerse yourself in the challenging activity and enjoy one-touch control for your convenience.

If you are seeing a great fishing game on-the-go Monster Fishing is made just for you. It supports offline mode to play the game without internet connection. As a plus, you can take advantage of the automatic fishing option to get the great feeling of fishing without manual control. 

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11. Professional Fishing

Professional Fishing

Beautiful 3D graphics, simple gameplay, and relaxing sound are everything you’ll find on Professional Fishing. This is an attractive fishing game that makes you feel like a professional angler in a virtual world. Get excitement from catching fishes, competing with other players, and earning rewards.

On Professional Fishing you can discover more than 30 fish species with various colors and sizes. Visit 9 fishing locations from around the world that are presented in realistic graphics. As a plus, you can choose your boasts and real fishing equipment.

Join the interesting quests to catch fish for recreational purposes. Or if you are competitive, join tournament mode and battle with other players worldwide. Make your daily records and earn awards from your achievement so you can climb up in global ranks.

Users with older phones shouldn’t worry about compatibility. Professional Fishing is designed with advanced graphic settings that make it suitable for most Android phones. Work your way on leaderboards and show off your fishing ability.

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Whether you need a fishing game for competition, relaxing, or recreation, you can always find the best option here. Choose the best fishing games with various features based on your personal preferences and enjoy virtual fishing from your mobile device.

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