10 Best Mining Games for Android

Best Mining Games

Did you enjoy the clang of metal pickaxes or the darkness of mining tunnels? If your answers are yes, chances are that you’ll enjoy playing mining games on your smartphone. A surprising number of mine-themed games are available but only few are built to be the best mining games.

Mine themes are typically adventurous and challenging as you have to fight dark-born creatures and unexpected enemies. It also requires your analytical skills to deal with resources and methods to dig into the earth. If you want to spend your time underground, here are mining games to download.

Best Mining Games for Underground Time

The following games are highly recommended for some reasons. Not only do they provide you with challenging adventures, but they also deliver high quality graphics for an immersive experience. Let’s have a closer look at top mining games for Android.

1. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon is a mine-based tycoon simulator game with millions of active users from all over the globe. In this game, you can be a mine factory tycoon and build your own empire. Earn money as much as you want and expand your business to get richer and richer.

Promising high quality graphics and immersive sound, Idle Miner Tycoon lets you automate gold mine to make more income. As you level up, you can profit from investment and become a millionaire. Hire a manager to motivate your miners for improved productivity.

Unlike those clicker simulators, this best mining game allows you to build an idle millionaire empire simulation without a tedious clicking experience. It is so much easier to manage over 20 mines just like a big boss. You can also manage over 15 resources like gold, coal, and jade.

What’s interesting, Idle Miner Tycoon supports offline mode so you can play this simulator game without internet connection. Get rich and become a billionaire tycoon from your smartphone.

Download on Google Play

2. Mining Inc.

Mining Inc.

Mining Inc. is one of few mining game apps that will bring your experience to the next level. Becoming the next mining trillionaire and the king of mines is possible with Mining Inc. Thanks to the combination of amazing graphic and addictive gameplay brought to the table.

On Mining Inc., you can discover new visualization that provides you with new vehicles, buildings, and machines that help you reach your goal. As you progress, you can unlock precious gemstones other than gold such as diamonds, rubies, and even rare gemstones.

This best mining game lets you improve production with the money you earn. Use your money to unlock and upgrade buildings so the output of your company can increase. Consider hiring the best manager to handle all the challenges that lie ahead.

The more challenge you embrace, the more content you can unlock. And if you are made to specific prestige ranks, it allows you to collect unique boosters to make your company grow faster. Start your first step to become a trillionaire by downloading Mining Inc. for free on your Android.

Download on Google Play

3. Deep Town

Deep Town

Dig into the womb of the earth to become a millionaire with Deep Town. This is one of the best free mining games that lets you discover resources and uncover hidden stories behind it. The scenes take place in an underground town full of gold so you can collect them and earn money.

To get high revenue, you’ll want to arrange strategic plans for collecting resources and starting a mass production. With this app, you can also manage buildings, automate mine production, and even make an upgrade to boost productivity.

Featuring immersive animation and amazing graphics, Deep Town comes with a unique gameplay. It also comes with futuristic designs of robots, tools, and places that will get your attention. Not surprisingly, this app can enchant you for hours.

Deep Town is free and supports offline mode. But if you want to make it more challenging, connect with the internet so you can join weekly events and win rewards. It is also possible to chat about strategies, create your own team, lead the leaderboard, and donate material from guild members.

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Download on Google Play

4. Coal Mining Inc.

Coal Mining Inc.

Coal Mining is the best mining game to earn much money by dominating the coal industry. On this simulator game app, you can start small and spread the wings of the industry. Develop your mining business empire and let your company rule the world.

Whether you are online or offline, Coal Mining allows you to unlock new buildings, machines, and vehicles to improve your product lines. You can also discover new maps and form coal mining, allowing you to earn more money as the demand is booming.

You don’t have to be a pro player to have fun with Coal Mining. Thanks to user-friendly interface yet amazing 3D effects and outstanding graphics that keep you for hours. Just make sure you have a strong skill in decision making to win the game.

With more than 5M+ downloads, this mining game is free to install on your device. In-app purchases are available to improve your experience. If you are looking for a mining game to become a millionaire, Coal Mining Inc. should be on your list.

Download on Google Play

5. PickCrafter


As the name suggests, PickCrafter is a mine-themed game app on which you have to collect pickaxes while you progress. Dig deeper into the biomes with or without internet connection and tap to mine. Combining stunning animation and fascinating gameplay, this is the best mining game for all ages.

On PickCrafter, you can swing your pickaxes to break and mine the 3D blocks. Collect blocks while you are offline and use Abilities and Artifacts features to improve your strength. And whenever you need help, Mythical Blocks and Machines come to the rescue.

Upgrade your pickaxes for a better mining experience. You can also defeat your bosses and use their special items to make something unique so you can earn trophies. Unlock more than 90 achievements, battle with your friends, and see your name on the leaderboards.

Satisfy your inner miner on PickCrafter. This idle crafting clicker game promises endless fun, thanks to interesting gameplay, beautiful graphics and visualization, and complete sets of features that help improve your ability to dig.

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6. Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush

Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush

Are you looking for a gold miner game that works offline? Gold Rush can be your best option to enjoy gold digging and become a millionaire. Using this app, all you have to do is to dig gold to progress. Thanks to simple gameplay that makes it addictive.

Through the adventure to find treasures, you have to dig as many items as possible. You can dig gold or diamonds but you have to avoid rocks so you can earn points faster. It also lets you use gold bars to keep going when you lose.

Gold Rush has got over 10M+ downloads up to the present time, making it one of the most widely used mining games worldwide. Supported by catchy music and adorable visuals, you can enjoy playing mining games like never before. Not to mention it has plenty of interesting features.

It supports 26 languages, allowing you to play games in a language you understand. It also provides you with social features with which you can invite friends to play via Facebook. Daily rewards are offered to boost your motivation.

Download on Google Play

7. Popo Mine

Popo Mine

Popo Mine is another best mining game that lets you become a mining tycoon with a few simple steps. When attractive animation meets high quality graphics and simple gameplay, it creates a fun game app that keeps you playing for hours.

On Popo Mine, you can earn as much money as possible and become a millionaire. Simply manage your mineral mine with mole miners so you can build your own empire. Boost production by hiring managers and discover the best strategy to earn more profits.

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When it comes to feature, this mining game app has much to offer. For example, you can improve idle income by automating workflow. It also supports offline mode that allows you to obtain idle cash even when you are not connected to the internet.

There’s also a smart investment feature that promises more profit so you can expand your businesses in the industry. Since every manager comes with a special effect, be sure to hire the right manager to motivate your mole miners.

The good news is that Popo Mine is free to download. You can buy in-app purchases to unlock more content and feature.

Download on Google Play

8. Stone Miner

Stone Miner

Do you think it’s fun to crush stones with a truck? If your answer is yes, you will find a lot of fun on Stone Miner. This game app adopts mining theme, which means you have to deal with stone crushers, trucks, and treasure. With unique 3D graphic, you won’t lose interest playing this game for hours.

This best mining game offers a lot of fun things to do. You can crush stones with a truck and mine the resources. You can also sell them on the base and earn money to upgrade your truck such as the size, capacity, and parts like tooth, spin, and ring for improved production.

On Stone Miner, it is possible to explore different types of islands. Each island hides different resources you can mine. As you progress, you can discover rare ores on one of those islands. Just be sure to upgrade your truck to make it more powerful.

With over 10M+ downloads, Stone Miner has become everyone’s favorite especially if you are into mining games. You can get this app and enjoy default features for free. But if you need to unlock more items, it offers in-app purchases at different rates per item.

Download on Google Play

9. Pocket Mine

Pocket Mine

From the developers of Extreme Road Trip, Pocket Mine is an awesome mining game that will bring you another addiction. Simply tap the blocks to dig deeper and find incredible treasures and resources. From rare artifacts to chests full of gold, everything is possible on Pocket Mine.

What’s satisfying is that you can trigger explosive chain reactions by tapping the right blocks. Of course, this explosion can save a lot of time and effort to delve deeper. This best mining game also gives you an option to build a booster cards deck to upgrade your digging potential.

Another good thing you’d love about Pocket Mine is catchy music in the background. It also offers amazing sound effects that just improve your game experience. When you explode the blocks with bombs or drill them, it has distinct sound effects that stay during the game.

Games typically come with leaderboards and Pocket Mine is no exception. You can rank up on the leaderboard or earn Facebook achievements by playing via Facebook or invite friends. Get this app for free and dig into your maximum potential.

Download on Google Play

10. Gold & Goblins

Gold & Goblins

Gold & Goblins is an idle stone miner game app that you need to become a mining tycoon. Join over 2 million users worldwide in gold mining competition and enjoy the fascinating, smooth gameplay. Combined with amazing graphics, you’ll not lose interest when playing this game.

To win the game, you will have to build your own strategy and increase your progress. Build mineshafts and cannons for the goblins so they can rebuild their fortune. It also lets you merge goblins to power up and make an idle army. You’ll also want to mine rocks for treasures.

There are tons of mines to explore on this stone miner simulator. Besides, you can unlock new mine shafts that allow you to boost your income. And if you plan to upgrade goblins and mineshafts, collect as many cards as possible and find their roles.

What makes Gold & Goblins more interesting is that you can explore more than 60 mines. Each mine has its own uniqueness, so figure it out!

Download on Google Play

Now that you know the best mining games on the market, it should be easier to pick one out of the best. Whether you want to be a mining tycoon or millionaire, these apps come with unique features and beautiful graphics to improve your game experience. 

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