11 Best DJ Apps for Android

Best DJ Apps for Android

Who says that being a DJ is expensive? Download the best DJ apps for Android and be like a professional DJ in no time. Without the need for buying a lot of equipment, these apps allow you to rock the party and do lots of fun stuff with music.

Google Play Store provides you with loads of DJ apps. It is always good to do a little research before downloading one so you can make the best out of it. But if you do not have much time, you might need a good reference to help you out. Scroll through the page for recommended choices.

11 Best DJ Apps for Android

1. djay


Download on Google Play

djay is a leading DJ app and one of the best DJ apps that transforms your Android smartphone into a fantastic DJ system. The full-featured app allows you to enable automix mode or perform live remix to drop the beat. With a boast of intuitive experience, this app is suitable for professionals and beginners.

Vast music library is among myriad features brought to your table. It lets you mix all the music on your Android device and millions of songs from TIDAL and SoundCloud. You can also count on automix that features artificial intelligence to produce spectacular music from intro to outro.

Additionally, djay is equipped with different remix tools, including sequencer that helps create beats, looper which offers 8 different loops per track, as well as beat-matched sequencing. Many more advanced features are available, such as key lock, audio FX, auto gain, and high-res waveforms.

2. DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5

Download on Google Play

With more than 50 million downloads, DJ Studio 5 is a renowned DJ app among professionals and beginners. This is a free yet powerful virtual turntable that allows you to remix, mix, scratch or loop music with ease. It boasts user-friendly interface and intuitive design for the best music experience.

Despite it is free, you can enjoy premium class features like ads that can be removed freely, no watermark, no popups, and no limitation. Discover your limit in music and express your creativity with DJ 5 Studio.

When it comes to key features, this app provides you with double turntables, customizable desks with 7 different skins, and editable playlist. It also has a unique scratch engine and eight distinct sound effects, including Flanger, Gate, Phaser, Reverb, Brake, and much more.

3. DiscDJ 3D Music Player

DiscDJ 3D Music Player

Download on Google Play

Feel a different experience of mixing music from your Android with DiscDJ 3D Music Player. This virtual DJ application has a dashing user interface with a floating DJ machine, allowing you to enjoy immersive music and attractive display at once.

Whether you are in a party or simply want to have fun with friends, this app can be a great piece to opt for. Several key features are ready to rock your party, such as central control, automatic crossfade equipped with adjustable time, and manual shift slide.

Amazingly, this app comes with 10 band equalizer, which is the first ever in virtual DJ app. DiscDJ also enables you to browse music by composers, albums, or artists and make your own playlists. Supporting discs with album arts, this app makes your DJ time more engaging.

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4. Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free

Download on Google Play

Over 10 million users trust this app to make parties go with a swing. Cross DJ Free has been around for a while and it has been used by professional DJs to mix tracks on Android device. Mix your favorite music in perfect sync and combine it with a powerful audio engine.

Launched by Mixvibes, a virtual DJ pioneer, it has a lot to offer. This fantastic app promises perfect synchronization as well as extraordinary audio performance. Thanks to a bunch of features like external mixer which control crossfader and equalizers and quantize feature for hot cues and loops.

For the best performance, the digital DJ app offers low latency and realistic scratch sound on turntables. It also comes with key detection to help detect key of the song and autogain to equalize two tracks. Additionally, it offers in-app purchases like keylock mode to change BPM.

5. edjing Mix

edjing Mix

Download on Google Play

If you are coveting a free DJ app that gives access to millions of tracks, edjing Mix can be a nice pick. Despite this virtual DJ application is new, it promises outstanding performance to transform your Android device into a capable DJ system.

Take benefits from quick access to millions of tracks from SoundCloud, Deezer, or local folders in your device. Featuring up to 16 different samples and extensive DJ tools like pro audio FX, loops, automatic BP detection, and 8 hot cues, edjing Mix lets you immerse to the music.

Not only does it offer advanced features, but it also comes with an intuitive interface. Enjoy a quick and direct access to essential features to make your time with turntables more exciting. Plus, this app allows you to sync songs, manage DJ effects, and remix tracks right from Android Wear.

6. DJ Studio

DJ Studio

Download on Google Play

DJ Studio is one of digital DJ apps that enable you to create your own music. Whether you want to rock the party or have fun with music in your spare time, this app gives you chance to mix tracks and produce unique sound right from your Android device.

What does it bring? The DJ Studio is packed with useful toolkit for sound effects and music waves, turntable mixer and DJ loops that come standard. With fully adjustable tracks, choose and mix your favorite songs like a real DJ.

As with other digital DJ apps, DJ Music Virtual allows you to edit and reorder playlist. You can also set equalizers to create outstanding remix as desired. And, a wide range of sound effects helps you produce unique sound for late night party or even ringtones.

7. DJ it!

DJ it!

Download on Google Play

Grab your headphones and experience engaging music mixing with DJ it! As one of the best DJ apps for Android, this app enables you to scratch, mix, or remix like a pro. An extensive range of toolkits are useful to produce high quality music that meets your likings.

If you are a beginner, this virtual DJ mixer helps you learn to make songs. You can remix tracks and keep practicing for perfection. Also, it provides you with lessons to improve DJ mix skills. This is a useful feature you cannot find in mobile DJ counterparts.

Your time with DJ it! just gets better with quizzes that allows you to take a quiz and identify your skill level. It also has glossary feature that helps you understand DJ terms you might never know before. Plus, take benefits from DJ mixer tips to dive deep into the DJ world.

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8. WeDJ


Download on Google Play

Enjoy a seamless DJ experience right from your mobile device with WeDJ. This virtual DJ mixer helps improve your DJ skills, thanks to useful tools that allows you to feel like a pro. You can easily browse favorite tracks from your device, create your own sound, and share with friends or family.

A handful of features bring your skills to the next level. To produce high quality music, this app features sound effects that enable you to change sound texture. It also comes with a sampler to upgrade your creativity with a wide range of included sounds.

The DJ mixer is also equipped with a 3-band equalizer. With this feature, you can have a smooth mix by adjusting the volume of high, medium, and low sound ranges. Tempo slider, 2-channel layout, and beat sync are other features to take benefit from this app.

9. Music DJ Mixer

Music DJ Mixer

Download on Google Play

Mixing music from your mobile device gets easier with Music DJ Mixer. This is a versatile application that is ideal for amateur DJs and beginners, thanks to basic features that help you mix and remix tracks, add effects, and save playlists.

Despite it is a virtual music mixer, it works like a real one. Music DJ Mixer is equipped with sound effects for improved sound. With a variety of sound effects available on this app, enhance any tracks into something you can enjoy.

Plus, DJ Mixer has two scratching sounds that can be opted as you wish. Browse MP3 music files from your device and explore your creativity to create the best sound. Songs equalizer booster adds more effect to your desired tracks.

10. Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ Pro

Download on Google Play

If you don’t mind to spend pretty pennies to get the most out of virtual DJ mixer, Cross DJ Pro is surely for you. The full-featured app is specifically designed to discover your music taste through cool tools like accurate BPM detection and stable sync.

Mixing tracks with Cross DJ Pro is fantastic. This is one of the best DJ apps available on Google Play that featured with Ableton Link that sync this app with RemixLive, Ableton live, and other compatible apps. It also provides you with quantize which provides hot cues and loops—two of them are automatically set.

This paid app also features customizable pitch range, automix, and split audio. The least mentioned allows you to listen to the tracks before mixing. Additionally, it also has waveform view that offers parallel waveforms for pitch-bending.

11. DJ Studio

DJ Studio

Download on Google Play

DJ Studio is a lightweight yet powerful virtual DJ app to create your own music. Featuring simple and intuitive design, it provides you with easy access to mix and remix music. Even beginners will not spend much time learning how to use it.

Discover your music taste and upgrade your creativity with tons of features. It comes packed with sound effects that enable you to produce distinct sound. You can also cut and join music as well as add echo to the favorite tracks.

This app has been trusted by thousands of users worldwide. If you want to join the crowd, make sure your Android device runs Android 5.0 version and above.

Transform your mobile phone into a DJ system with the best DJ apps for Android. Come packed with advanced features, these app make you feel like a pro. Whether you want to rock the party or discover your music taste, choose a favorite virtual DJ mixer.

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