12 Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android

Best Golf Handicap Apps

Your golf handicaps represent your playing ability in the real course. However, some golfers found that calculating handicaps can be mind boggling. Fortunately, now you can find the best golf handicap apps to help you out.

Handicap applications are more than calculators. Some apps can serve as a GPS tracker while others include on-the-course games to improve your golf experience. Scroll through and find golf handicap applications that meet your preferences.

Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android

When you type golf handicap apps on Google Play Store, you’ll find tons of applications to download. But you know that some of those applications are scams and of course you don’t want them on your Android. If you need a good reference then take a closer look at the following list.

1. SwingU


Download on Google Play

SwingU is a top golf GPS rangefinder and scorecard with over 5.5 million users worldwide. Using this free app you can track distances to greens and any obstacles on the course. As a digital scorecard, it also tracks your scores and putts with automatic advancement from hole to hole.

Designed with an intuitive interface and easy to use tools, this app is ideal for amateur golfers who want to calculate their handicap. You will be able to see your handicap after posting your scores for 3 rounds—it’s free of charge!

Additionally, SwingU highlights daily golf instructions that every amateur golfer will find it useful. These golf instruction tips come from top-100 seasoned instructors with undoubted competence, allowing you to take your skills to another level.

In this app, you will also find on-the-course game that includes skins and stroke play. With constant improvement on functionality and technology, SwingU could be the best golf handicap app for your Android.

2. Golfshot


Download on Google Play

Enjoy a whole new experience in the golf course with Golfshot. Designed to help you become a golf master, this application has everything you need from scoring and shot tracking, flyover previews, detailed statistics, and even club recommendations.

Currently, it has more than 5 million members of the community that use this app. Whether you want to find out real-time distances to greens, obstacles, or targets in thousands of courses worldwide, this tool has you covered.

And this is the best part you’re always waiting for—handicap tracker. Golfshot allows you to track Handicap Index, however, this feature is only available in Pro version. If you are GHIN members, you can enjoy Integrated Handicap Index from this app.

There are more other features to find in Pro version, such as personalized club recommendation, zoom in targets for better shoots, and scoring for various games. Also, you will be able to get an ad-free experience.

3. mScorecard


Download on Google Play

Looking for a golf handicap calculator app with multiple functions? mScorecard is made just for you. Not only does it serve as a golf scorecard, but it also provides statistics and GPS trackers to improve your course experience. Imagine how many things you can do with just one app.

Handicap calculation is one of the key features brought to your table. Using this app you can instantly calculate and track your handicap index according to player rounds. Since it supports multiple handicap systems, it can be used in different countries.

What’s more, mScorecard allows you to store full game histories on your phone with unlimited courses, rounds, and players. Alternatively, you can also post them on the app’s server for comprehensive analysis in the event you need to improve your game.

And if you wish to have fun with popular side games, mScorecard has it all. You can choose from Skins, Match Play, Stableford, Birdies, and more.

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4. 18Birdies


Download on Google Play

Here’s 18Birdies, one of the best rangefinder and scorecard apps for Android devices. Using this application you can play in more than 40K courses worldwide, thanks to multiple scorecard supports. Designed to lower your handicap, it comes packed with useful golf GPS.

Although 18Birdies is not specifically designed for calculating handicaps, it can be one of the best golf handicap apps to find on the market. Featuring handicap tracker, all you have to do is enter scorecards and get your golf handicaps instantly.

There are many other features to find in the free version, such as tee times to book your upcoming tee time; stats tracker that tracks golf stats and scoring stats; and a variety of side games to play on the course.

Want more features? 18Birdies is available in Premium versions. Upgrading to the premium version gives you access to advanced stats and shot tracking. You can also get another level of range finder as well as strokes gained scoring.

5. TheGrint


Download on Google Play

Next up, TheGrint is a golf app designed for golfers of all levels. This golf handicap app is USGA compliant, which means it is reliable to measure your handicaps in the real course. It is also a great GPS rangefinder that allows you to play in most courses worldwide.

Downloading TheGrint in your smartphone is like having a virtual caddie in your pocket. Not only does it offer in-depth scorecard, but it also provides you with live performance stats. Compete with your friends in real time and see how you can improve your strength.

Using this best golf handicap app you can stay connected with your golf buddies in TheGrint community. You are allowed to view stats and scores of each other to compare with your own performance. You can also upload golf pictures and show off your golf skills.

TheGrint is free to download but it requires membership for handicap. It also offers Pro membership that provides you with several benefits, ranging from scorecard upload service to advanced stats and unlimited access to your past scores.

6. Diablo


Download on Google Play

Diablo could be your best golfing partner. This golf handicap tracker works efficiently to establish USGA-compliant Handicap Index only by posting 5 scores. You can also use this tool to review scores and track your friends.

As one of the best free golf handicap apps, Diablo has abundant features. In addition to providing you with handicap index, it is fully integrated to Facebook—you can post scores, find other members, and follow others’ handicaps. You can even find new members using this feature.

Want to find golf courses nearby? Diablo is featured with GPS that lets you find course location for easier score posting. Even better, you can choose any course in its database—more than 18K golf courses are available.

With Diablo, you can eliminate your handicap card in that your scores are stored in their server. In case of lost phone, you can use other’s golfer smartphone to view your handicap and scores.

7. GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile

Download on Google Play

Provided by the USGA, GHIN Mobile is a particular app offered to golf associations from all around the globe. This mobile application is meticulously designed to give you a personalized mobile experience, making it possible to manage your game easily.

This is one of the best golf handicap apps that provide you with a variety of features. Aside from the course handicap calculator as the main highlight, it offers score posting feature that lets you post total score and hole by hole score.

GHIN is also featured with stat tracking with which you can find out greens in regulation, number of putts, and driving accuracy. And if you wish to preview your scores in previous games, this mobile app has the right tool for you.

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However, it is worth noting that GHIN mobile is limited to golfers of a club that uses GHIN services exclusively. For this reason, it becomes necessary to make sure that your golf club is one of them.

8. Golf Handicap Calculator Tracker

Golf Handicap Calculator Tracker

Download on Google Play

Find a simple handicap calculation experience with Golf Handicap Calculator Tracker. Designed with an intuitive and modest interface, it helps you figure out your handicaps in different countries worldwide.

For your convenience, this tool enables you to calculate handicaps based on new rules. If you’re done with the card, you can either print it or share it with your friends. Don’t worry, your handicaps scores are recorded all the time.

There are many other things you can do with this Golf Handicap Calculator, such as backup and restore scores, follow others’ scores and handicaps, as well as get push notifications when new scores are posted. It also supports thousands of courses that are available to download.

This application is neither licensed nor approved by USGA but it can be a great alternative to calculate and track your handicaps. If you’re a golf beginner who needs a simple handicap calculator then this app is surely for you.

9. USHandicap


Download on Google Play

USHandicap is an ultimate mobile application to establish your Handicap Index. Whether you want to post scores and stats or track your friends, this app has the right tool for you. This best golf handicap app is free to download but annual membership is available.

Getting a Handicap Index is quite simple with this app. All you have to do is post 5 scores and you will be able to view your handicap index. Once joining, you can also get instant access to the network of USGA-licensed golf clubs.

What’s interesting about USHandicap is that you can view handicap revision history and see how much you progress. And if you wish to compare your performance with other golfers, this app provides you with golfer lookup—you can see friends’ handicap index in details.

Besides, you will also love this app’s search feature. Use this built-in search tool to find golf courses nearby and let your game begin.

10. Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap

Download on Google Play

Beginners who want to learn more about golfs and track handicap index will find Simple Handicap a useful app. Made based on the WHS for common golfers, you can easily track your handicap index free of charge. Besides, it also calculates your course handicaps.

This best golf handicap app is built with a user-friendly interface and modest design, making it super easy to use for everyone. There are three main sections in the app, including dashboard, rounds, and courses. Feel free to add rounds and courses as you want.

11. MOGC


Download on Google Play

Track your golf handicap at most courses from all over the world with MOGC. This simple app offers complete scorecard, handicap, and statistics to upgrade your golf experience.

MOGC allows you to do a lot of things from calculating golf handicaps to submitting unlimited scorecards. You can also track handicap progress, maintain recognized handicap, and even purchase golf handicap card.

One of the best things about MOGC is that you can include international courses into your handicap calculation. Plus, it features a capable golf score tracker that lets you track putts, Stableford point, greens in regulation, and more.

12. Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Calculator Tracker

Download on Google Play

Get Golf Handicap Calculator and skip calculating your handicaps manually. Designed for Android, this app uses updated WHS formula for accurate and reliable calculation.

How to use this calculator is very simple. All you have to do is add a course you’ve played on and submit your round scores. After submitting enough rounds, this app will automatically calculate your golf scores.

The calculation is based on several aspects, including rounds, slope difficulty, and course rating. Skip the hassle of manual calculation with the Golf Handicap Calculator app.

Bring your game experience to the next level with the best golf handicap apps. Whether you need a sole handicap calculator or ones with multiple features, the above options deserve your attention.

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