15 Best Mountain Biking Apps for Android

Best Mountain Biking Apps

Are you a mountain biker? If so, you need to use one of the best mountain biking apps below to accompany your activity.

Why do you need a mountain biking app in the first place? Well, at some point, it is nice to get help when it comes to planning a route and how to train effectively. Other than that, some apps provide tutorials about fixing your bike, which is essential for all bikers.

Thus, why don’t you check out the list of apps for mountain biking below? Exploring new things, on the other hand, is part of being a mountain biker, right?

The Best Mountain Biking Apps for Android

All the best mountain bike app names on the list below are compatible with Android phones. While you can download them for free on Google Play Store, some apps require subscriptions so that you can unlock all premium features offered.

While one app needs your phone to be mounted on the handlebar, the others have adapted a tap-and-go system. Moreover, check out the review of each app below and find the one that suits your biking style the most.

1. Strava


Download on Google Play

So, what is the best free cycling app? Have you heard about Strava? This app is worth the title.

Strava is an ideal app to track your workout, from running to mountain biking. Its tap-and-go feature makes this app the best free mountain bike trail app. Not only is this app good for mountain biking in general, but you can also track every progress you have made.

This app also works like a social media platform. All users can share their running and biking journey through this app, which is great for those who want to get new friends and community. Also, you will discover your routes by checking your history and save the routes.

While many features offered by Strava are available on its free plan, some premium features are only accessible if you sign up for the paid plan.

2. TrailForks


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are up for an app that comes with map and management systems, you should give TrailForks a try. While being the biggest database of mountain bike trails that contains routes in the world, the app will allow you to create your preferable routes when offline – all you need is to download a region in the first place.

Some of its key features include:

  • You can see yourself move on a trail.
  • Cover more terrain.
  • You will never get lost ever again.
  • It comes with several levels of biking styles.
  • Arrange your ride and hike through the map.
  • Trail alerts.

Other than that, TrailForks is free – isn’t it insane? It is no wonder if this app is one of the best free mountain biking apps for Android right now.

3. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

Download on Google Play

Many bikers strongly recommend other newbies to use the Garmin Mountain bike app, which is also considered as a Strava competitor. While Strava does lots of stats about your well-being, Garmin will show your training statistics.

This device will give you lots of helpful information especially if you connect it to a Garmin device. Other than showing your well-being through statistics, you can check your water intake, menstrual cycle, and so on. Also, the app supports various workout types, such as golf, yoga, and lots more.

While the app is free and will give you relatable information about your health and fitness, this won’t work optimally without a Garmin device. Thus, you need to invest in the device before using this app.

4. AllTrails


Download on Google Play

When it comes to a GPS tracker that helps all hikers and mountain bikers around the world, AllTrails is the ultimate answer. It comes with a pack of features you cannot resist.

Besides all information about states, provide and national parks across Canada and the US, you can find informative descriptions about activities you can run on each place, along with the length of the trail and the elevation.

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AllTrail’s free plan allows you to bookmark all favorite trails and share geotagging pictures with friends on its platform. However, you will need its premium features to use its offline maps, in case you will hike or bike outside your phone range.

More than anything, this app is worth a try, especially if you are willing to spend your money on its monthly subscription.

5. MTB Project

MTB Project

Download on Google Play

So, what is the best mountain biking app? MTB Project is surely the answer, along with other similar apps on the list. This one is an excellent biking app for you who love to get lost and discover new tracks.

MTB Project allows its users to record routes and provide information, especially about newly discovered trails. This app works really well throughout the US and you can integrate it with Google Maps, in case you need more help to find the best route to a trail.

One of its key features is the ability to report trail conditions or check them before you hit the road. Other than that, you can use the maps even though you are offline.

The only drawback about this app is that the mobile recording feature is only designed for iOS. If you are using an Android smartphone, it is possible to enjoy all features but the mobile recording.

6. Komoot


Download on Google Play

According to the best mountain biking apps review, Komoot is an up-and-coming app for all bikers around the world. It allows users to create loops and routes effortlessly yet accurately.

Most of the maps and routes are throughout Europe but you can find several route selections across the US and around the world. If you are using TrailForks, Komoot will work together well with it. There is a planner tool you can use to plan your biking routes.

While it comes with tons of good things, such as excellent UI and precise navigating, Komoot also comes with a few drawbacks. For instance, the mapping data is somewhat inaccurate in some places, especially the new one.

Besides, you need to pay for subscriptions to use the map, especially if you prefer the routes around the world. Still, Komoot will be an excellent app to work with if you are a serious mountain biker who moves a lot.

7. TrainingPeaks


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you need a coach for cycling, the presence of TrainingPeaks will be a huge help. This app is among the cycling training apps that help reach your training goal.

Just like other excellent fitness apps, it comes with fitness and fatigue trackers, which allow you to monitor your physical condition. Well, it is not something you can use if you are looking for a route planning app or something similar.

Still, this app can use some work to help you be ready for your next mountain biking event. You won’t need to miss any other workout schedule with TrainingPeaks, while some of the fitness plans are made by popular coaches.

8. Google Maps

Google Maps

Download on Google Play

It is as simple as it sounds but Google Maps truly wins everyone’s heart. You can use this app to accompany other biking apps. Once you get to the destination, Google Maps will find the best route to take you there.

Other than that, this app allows you to download offline maps while there is no subscription fee needed in the first place. When it comes to navigation tools, Google Maps always made it on top.

9. Jagz


Download on Google Play

Instead of playing on your own, Jagz allows you to know and connect with locals with the same interest: mountain biking. This app serves as a social media platform so that you can meet new friends nearby.

This app is also an excellent addition for those who just arrived in a new place and need someone to show the neighborhood. Well, you know how social media works, right? Give it a try, though!

10. Trail Tips

Trail Tips

Download on Google Play

Other than incorporating the best app for mountain biking, you also need to master bike repairs. You never know if something will happen to you while you are on the road. Even though you can always ask for help, what if there was no one around?

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Well, Trail Tips is an app that showcases tutorials and tips about bike repair. It comes with detailed instructions along with videos to get you started. Besides, the app is beginner-friendly, which is what everybody needs.

What if you couldn’t get any signal or wi-fi when you needed help the most? Well, Trail Tips works well offline. Interesting, right? This app is free, so you better give it a shot.

11. Bike RepairBike Repair

Download on Google Play

Bike Repair is also an excellent addition for any bike trail app on Android. As its name suggests, the app offers a wide range of techniques when it comes to repairing your bike.

Just like the previous app, Bike Repair comes with a thorough guide that is favorable for any bikers, even for beginners. Not only does this app give tutorials and tips about maintenance, but you can also get lots of information about what to wear, today’s temperature, and so on.

The app is free to download on Play Store but some advanced features only come in its paid plan, around USD 4.99.

12. Viewranger


Download on Google Play

When it comes to the best cycling navigation app, you should include Viewranger on the list too. This app comes with various powerful features that help you explore the routes.

You can use the free plan and utilize its Open Cycle Map to find out specific routes for bikes nearby. Other than that, you can download the topographic maps effortlessly while the details are superb.

Viewranger works really well in the UK. Besides, you can share your location by using this map easily. Even though you cannot get any data signal, the offline map works excellently too.

13. What3words


Download on Google Play

Other than using the best free cycling app for Android to map out the route, you should accompany yourself with a proper geolocating app. This app only uses a three-word code to show your location.

What3words is suitable for all wanderers who often get lost. Besides looking for the way back home, you can use this app to call emergencies, such as ambulances, police, mountain rescuers, and others.

Despite its superb service, you don’t need to pay for its excellence. What3words will spoil you with its good things.

14. Bike Computer

Bike Computer

Download on Google Play

Talking about the top-rated mountain biking apps, you better give the Bike Computer a try too. This simple app is an excellent service that needs a GPS system on the phone. The service is accurate and there are tons of options available.

Other than tracking basic routes, Bike Computer will give you information, such as distance, page, elevation, and many more. Of course, you can save the statistics and track your biking progress from time to time.

Another good thing about this Android app is its compatibility to heart rate monitors that come with Bluetooth. Also, you can integrate this app with Strava and Facebook. In case you don’t want to run out of your battery during a ride, you can use its dark screen mode.

15. MapMyRide


Download on Google Play

If you are looking for the top mountain biking apps, MapMyRide is part of the list. Owned and distributed by Under Armour, this app is excellent in tracking your routes. While the free version is good enough to map your route, you may get a free-ads interface with the paid version along with other extra features.

Some key features include:

  • Clean and straightforward UI.
  • Comes with tons of mapped routes.
  • Lifetime statistics in its free version.
  • Integratable with various popular fitness apps.
  • Goal tracking.
  • Sync with your social media.

Give it a try, after all. Enjoy all good things from its free version and see whether its paid version is worth a shot.

Mountain biking and cycling around the city are quite popular lately. Besides a hobby, many people try to switch to a healthier lifestyle and get out of boredom due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, biking is an excellent way to get fresh air and train your body.

While getting lost is quite terrifying for some, using the right biking app helps you to get lost and get back safely. You may also discover new routes which you can visit again later. All you need to do is to incorporate the best mountain biking apps from the list above.

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