11 Best Apps for Gaining Weight for Android

Best Apps for Gaining Weight

More than anything, the presence of the best apps for gaining weight really gives a huge impact for its users. While many Android users were skeptical about the result, some others who stick to the plan can see a significant change on their body and overall health.

So, if you are looking for a way to gain weight healthily or an assistant who arranges your workout schedule, you should check out the list above. There is no need to hire a costly professional to get the right meal plan for your daily life.

Best Apps for Gaining Weight for Android

It seems like a lot of people need to gain weight but they have no idea how to make it right. By using the food apps to gain weight on the list above, it will be easier to prepare nutritious food that actually helps reach your goal.

Several apps on the list are free to download and use. Still, you can commit more by using the in-app purchase features available on each app.

1. Fitness Meal Planner

Fitness Meal Planner

Fitness Meal Planner is the first name on the list for various reasons. Generally speaking, you need to eat more calories than your body needs. But some people are simply not into calorie counting.

This app helps you with how to gain weight in a week by providing a series of healthy meal plans. All you need to do is to follow the plan and eat those scrumptious meals!

Some things that you would love from Fitness Meal Planner include:

  • It features simple and straightforward US design without being boring.
  • Everyone can use the app effortlessly – beginner-friendly.
  • Dietary restrictions are available.
  • The meal suggestions also depend on your goals and workout.

Since you can customize the restriction, the food will suit your lifestyle for sure. However, you may get repeated meal plans if your restrictions are too intense. Still, Fitness Meal Planner is worth considering.

Download on Google Play

2. Weight Track Assistant

Weight Track Assistant

You may find lots of apps to help gain weight on the Play Store. However, if you are looking for an excellent one, the Weight Track Assistant app is what you need to check out.

The app helps you track your fat composition by showing the guide to measure your body part. By that, you can easily track your weight too. Calculating your body fat composition is a crucial aspect when it comes to gaining and losing weight.

On the other hand, to get a healthy result, the app also suggests working out plans. Combining the right diet and exercise will lead to healthier weight gain. You would love the Weight Track Assistant app due to:

  • Straightforward UI design and effortless tools.
  • Provides excellent methods to track weight and body composition.
  • Comes with a catalog of meal recipes.
  • Free tutorials and workout plans.

As the best weight gain app that provides free services, Weight Track Assistant is more than a great tool to help you gain weight. You better give this app a try.

Download on Google Play

3. EatWise


How would you gain weight if you don’t remember to eat enough? If this is your issue, EatWise will help you through reminders and notifications when it is time for you to eat.

For some people, gaining weight is about eating the right meals at the appropriate time. In other words, it also means that you cannot just eat anything without minding the time.

As one of the best weight gain apps free, you will get notifications when you have to eat and take some snacks. Thus, you won’t forget your meal time even though you are meddling with your schedule. 

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EatWise is such a perfect app for anyone, even for beginners. If you want to gain weight, this app will remind you to eat more calories. However, you may not find a calorie counting feature on this free app.

Download on Google Play

4. Lifesum


Another interesting thing about Lifesum is that it doesn’t define anything as healthy or unhealthy. Other than providing a calorie counting feature, Lifesum is part of the best workout apps to gain weight too.

By using this app, you can count your calorie intake along with getting the right exercise for your needs. While most of the similar apps target people who want to lose weight. Through Lifesum, you can get a proper plan to gain weight fast and healthily.

The best part of this app is that you can find various meal plan options, from high-protein diet plans to gluten free, almost everything is available.

You can try its free plan to give it a try. Meanwhile, all advanced features are only available if you purchase the premium plan. But why should you try Lifesum?

  • The UI design is beginner-friendly.
  • Lifesum features various options of diets along with dietary restrictions.
  • This app promotes health in general.
  • The premium version costs lower than other apps on the Play Store.

So, if you are looking for a muscle gain app that promotes your health and helps with weight gain, you must give Lifesum a shot.

Download on Google Play

5. MyFitnessPal


If you are looking for solutions about how to gain weight for females and males, MyFitnessPal is one of those apps you have to try. This app has been around since 2005 and is stronger than over.

The app’s database about diet plans is way bigger than other apps on this list. You can try the free version before committing to the premium one. 

The free app allows users to enjoy calorie counting effortlessly. Meanwhile, using MyFitnessPal’s premium choice helps you get a lot more options, no ads, and bonuses.

This app is the most successful weight gain app on the Play Store. You can check out various diet plans depending on your preference and restrictions.

Download on Google Play

6. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

On the other hand, MyPlate Calorie Tracker can be your best buddy to count your calorie intake. If you think that calorie counting is a daunting task, this app will change your perception in the first place.

MyPlate is designed and developed by Livestrong. Through its simple UI design and various tools, you can operate the app without being confused with anything else.

Before using all features offered by this app, you need to enter your profile information. It helps the system to calculate your personal calorie for daily use. In the end, MyPlate will help you to reach the goal.

As one of the additions for best meal plan apps to gain weight, MyPlate features robust 24/7 customer support. So, why don’t you download the app and enjoy the ride?

Download on Google Play

7. Weight Gain Home Workout Tips: Diet plan

Weight Gain Home Workout Tips: Diet plan

In case you are looking for the best free workout apps to gain weight, this app might suit your expectation. Other than providing meal plans, this app also comes with a series of workout routines you can follow for 30 days.

Thus, you will gain weight while maintaining your health at the same time. The app will notify you for each meal of the day along with snacking time. Other than that, you will get educated about various ingredients to support your healthy weight gain.

Some things offered by this app include:

  • Useful yet relatable tips for those who are severely underweight.
  • Comes with various meal plans.
  • The plan is doable and you can follow it for the entire 30 days.
  • There is a catalog of recipes to gain weight.
  • It has a series of daily training exercises which can be done at home.
  • You will get notified when your mealtime is coming.
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All in all, this app helps you a lot to gain weight, especially for those who are extremely skinny and look for a healthy way to gain weight. You can download this app for free and it has an in-app purchase option.

Download on Google Play

8. Gain Weight for Women and Men

Gain Weight for Women and Men

Reaching your goal to have an ideal body weight is a collaboration of a proper diet plan and the right exercise. This is why you need to consider using the best exercise apps to gain weight.

Moreover, the Gain Weight for Women and Men app might help you to achieve that dream. The app allows you to access information about suitable diet plans for your preference and adequate home exercises.

Most people think that gaining weight is about eating anything in front of them. However, the process is never as simple as that. Other than stuffing yourself with those meals, you need to maintain your muscle mass too.

The presence of this app is to help you gain weight while keeping your muscle mass on the right level. Other than that, you can utilize the workout plans provided by this app at home. All you need to do is to give this app a try.

Download on Google Play

9. Diety


Does the best app for weight gain at home exist? Of course, it does – Diety happens to be that app. As mentioned earlier, you can have an excellent virtual partner to help you gain weight while maintaining your health state at the same time.

Other than planning your meals, this app also provides a series of exercises that will support your weight gain program. And of course, it has a calorie tracker tool that will help you to know how much you’ve eaten a day.

Diety has several meal plan options, whether you want a high protein diet or a vegan one. It is effortless to find a healthy yet scrumptious recipe on the catalog, after all. All in all, this app suits those who want to gain weight in a healthier way.

Download on Google Play

10. Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods

Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods

How to gain weight fast might not be the healthiest thing in the world. However, with the right method you will achieve your ideal body goal in a short time.

Today, you don’t need to pay an expert to suggest and plan your meal. The Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods app will be your best buddy.

Another interesting part about this app is that you are consulting with an expert without having to pay for their services in the first place. This is why this app is suitable for both female and male users. 

From useful tips to gain weight to the best meals for your body, you can get those things from this app.

Download on Google Play

11. Diets to Gain Muscle

Diets to Gain Muscle

For those who look for the best app to gain weight and muscle, the Diets to Gain Muscle app might be working excellently for you. As its name suggests, this app is designed and developed to support your weight gain journey as well as increase your muscle mass healthily.

Other than showing you the right menu for your daily diet, this app also comes as a personal virtual coach for you. All you need to do is to pick five meals for your diet and the system will do the magic for you.

This miraculous app also allows you to calculate your body weight as well as your BMI. Another tab on this app is dedicated to track your daily energy consumption, which is crucial when it comes to providing the proper diet plan to achieve your goal.

Download on Google Play

Some people might want to lose weight but some others also need to gain some pounds. While it can be daunting to follow meal plans on the internet, hiring a professional may cost you a fortune.

The presence of the best apps for gaining weight is such a huge help. So, which one of the apps mentioned above is your favorite?

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