10 Best Face Slimming Apps for Android

Best Face Slimming Apps

Everyone wants to look perfect on social media. Getting a flawless look isn’t impossible these days, thanks to the many apps that help solve various issues including round face shape. If you have a chubby face and want to fix the problem, the best face slimming apps can help you achieve the goal.

These photo editors are basically designed to enhance your beauty in several ways, such as removing wrinkles, adjusting skin tone, and thinning your face. Most of them also include additional features like captions, text, crop, rotate, and more.

Best Face Slimming Apps for Android to Perfect Your Pics

Google Play Store offers a bunch of options when it comes to face slimming apps and beauty editors. Some apps have more features than others, so you’ll want to be selective to pick one that meets your preferences. Scroll through to discover your favorite.

1. Fotogenic


Fotogenic is your best app to enhance selfies from mobile device. This photo editor is created for photographers of all levels, which means it doesn’t require advanced editing skills to get the tasks done. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it boasts a seamless editing experience.

This photo editing app mainly highlights beauty editing tools, including Reshape that simulates plastic surgeries to get the perfect face shape. You can also achieve flawless complexion, white teeth, and outstanding clarity.

In addition to reshaping your face, Fotogenic allows you to capture a perfect selfie without makeup. Thanks to the Makeup tool that adds an eyeshadow and lip color so you can get an instant fresh look. More beauty tools are available, including tattoo, clone, and bodybuilding.

Basic editing tools such as crop, rotate, and perspective come standard in this app. It also gives you an option to adjust color, add texture, and improve pictures with bokeh and artistic brushes. Fotogenic has millions of happy users from around the globe with more than 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

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2. FaceApp

FaceApp is the best face slimming app powered with artificial intelligence. This is one of the most used photo editing apps with more than 500 million downloads and still counting. With everything you need to enhance selfies, this is a must-have app on your Android.

Using FaceApp, you can minimize facial features or enlarge it. No need to worry about your round face because it has the right tool to solve the issue. You can also perfect your selfies by removing acne and blemishes, smoothing wrinkles, and trying different color lenses.

This best app to slim face promises photorealistic results so no one will realize your photos have been edited. It also provides a Compare tool with which you can easily compare before and after photos. What’s best, AI technology allows you to find the best color or style for you.

FaceApp Face Editor comes packed with more advanced features to bring your editing experience to another level. For instance, it has Gender Swap that allows you to see what you would look like in another gender. You can also try Aging tool to figure out your old face.

Weight filters are rarely found in other photo editors but FaceApp has one for you. This is a unique filter that lets you visualize your appearance in a bigger or smaller size.

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3. Facetune2


Facetune2 by Lightricks offers a quick, simple, and easy solution to get a perfect selfie. This is a photo editor app that boasts one-tap editing so you can instantly express your creativity through manual editing on your Android smartphone.

It has a bunch of tools to retouch every photo for the perfect feed on social media. Not only can you slim your face to enhance natural beauty, but you can also remove red eyes, apply makeup filters, and put backdrops.

White teeth make a perfect smile while large eyes make you look fresh. Good news, Facetune2 gives you options to whiten teeth, enlarge eyes, and fill eyebrows to level up your photos. More editing tools are available, such as skin tone effects and filters.

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Not only can you enhance photo with just a tap of the screen, but it also lets you improve videos with a touch up editor. You can enjoy a complete set of video tools that brings a smooth, glowing, and flawless skin in every frame.

With more than 50M+ downloads, Facetune2 is an all-in-one editor to take your creativity to another level. It offers in-app purchases for additional features.

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4. YouCam


YouCam lets you snap and retouch photos for the perfect selfies. From changing hair color to make over facial features, it is loaded with tons of exciting tools. If you are looking for a convenient app to tune your pics then YouCam is the best face slimming app to download on your Android device.

This beauty editor gives you options to try costume makeup and different styles of eyelashes, retouch eye shape, and try an extensive range of eye colors. You can also retouch your face with face smoother and blemish editor.

Face shaper is the main highlights with which you can reshape your face. Whether you want to enhance your nose, slim your face, reshape cheekbone or jaw, it has got you covered. It also has a smile editor that will give you a perfect smile.

This best face thinning app has makeup filters from different beauty products. You can use either foundation, blush, concealer, contour, or highlighter with just one tap. Blemish and pimple remover come standard in this app.

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5. BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus is a popular photo editor and selfie camera with more than 800 million users from around the globe. Featuring an auto-beautification tool, it is possible to get the perfect photo from your device. Find more than 30 editing tools to redefine your editing experience.

This best face slimming app supports one-tap selfie retouch for an instant result. Feel free to touch-up your photos for natural and stunning selfies that will make your social media feed stand out. Whether you want to reshape your face or your body, BeautyPlus has the right app for you.

The powerful photo editor comes packed with acne remover to achieve a flawless skin. It also helps you get rid of skin problems including pimples, acne, and blemish. Enlarge and brighten your eyes or remove dark circles for a fresh look.

Filter effects are available to improve your photos. You can either add text, sticker, or makeup to boost your natural beauty. It also provides you with more than 200 themed filters to diversify your styles. An extensive range of AR stickers are the key secret to your attractive photos.

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6. Perfect365


Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor lets you try different makeup looks and filters for your stunning selfies. Whether you want a bold lipstick or trendy hair color with effects, this app has the right tool for you. Plus, it boasts a face reshape feature that allows you to make your face look slimmer.

This powerful photo editing app has a bunch of features but its main highlight is the makeup editor. It consists of easy-to-use tools to remove blemish, whiten teeth, and apply different beauty products, and add beauty filters. Improving your selfies is made easier with this best face slimming app.

Perfect365 is packed with a beauty camera that allows you to take beautiful selfies. Retouch your photos using this photo editor and apply a variety of cool filters and effects. If you are happy with the result, save and share with your friends on social platforms.

What’s interesting, this app is loaded with more than 200 preset Hotstyles. You can also customize color options using the Pro Color Palette to get the perfect look. Use updated tips and tricks of daily makeup to improve your appearance.

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7. Perfect Me

Perfect Me

Featuring body reshape tools, Perfect Me is one of amazing apps to make you look skinnier. This body editor and face retouch application helps you reshape your body, allowing you to achieve a perfect figure, slim face, and slim body on every photo.

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Waist slimmer is a fantastic tool that gives you an adorable bikini look. It also allows you to get beautiful and long legs as well as AB muscle without having to push yourself in rigorous workouts. You can also reshape any area that you want instantly.

This best face slimming app lets you enjoy flawless skin, thanks to a powerful blemish remover that helps remove acne and pimples. It also gives you an option to smoothen your skin for the perfect selfies.

Adjusting facial features made simple with this app. Not only can you whiten teeth and plump up lips, you can also grow a nose bridge and reshape eyebrows. Photo adjustment tools are also available, such as stickers, photo crops, and collage layouts.

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8. Hotune


If you are looking for an app to get a perfect figure then Hotune deserves your attention. Whether you want to look like a hot model or Hollywood celebrity, it has everything you need to meet the goals. No need to suffer in a gym because all it takes is just a tap of a screen.

Hotune is a body editor and face slim app that provides you with skinny and slim filters. Edit your body shape and get the curve you always dream of. Or if you want to enlarge certain parts of the body, simply touch the desired part and this app will do the rest.

In addition to the body editor, it has a slim face tool that lets you reshape your face as you want. You can either slim your face, fix nasolabial problems, remove eyebags, and correct facial features. It promises photorealistic results, so no one knows your photos have been edited.

Makeup tools are also available in this app. You can easily apply skin foundation, change skin color, and use airbrush for glitter effects.

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9. Facelab


Facelab is among the best face slimming apps with a lot of functionalities. It offers ease-of-use features to enhance your natural beauty and get rid of imperfection on your face. Apply retouch filters and use powerful editing tools to get the job done.

The selfie face editor highlights face shaper that makes it possible to sculpt and slim your face. You can also reshape your lips, expose your cheekbones, and resize your nose. For a smooth and flawless skin, it gives you options to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and laugh lines.

If you have a problem with puffy eyebags, Facelab has the right solution for you. More skin filters are included, allowing you to adjust skin tone and get a soft, natural look. High-quality photo filters are also available, such as Black & White, Soft, Color, Dark, Retro, Shades, and more.

Facelab has millions of active users worldwide. Featuring in-app purchases, you can get the most photo editing experience. Make sure your Android runs version 8.0 or higher.

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10. B612


For a versatile photo editor, B612 is the right choice for you. This beauty editor highlights smart camera with which you can capture beautiful selfies. This feature is reinforced with AR makeup, so you can get a natural look without putting on makeup.

Smart Beauty is one of the best features with which you can get recommendations for your ideal face shape. Whether you want to look like celebrities or you simply want to have fun on social media, this is a great app to try.

On top of that, B612 comes packed with an extensive range of filters and effects. From retro to modern styles, choose the atmosphere that meets your personal preferences. You can continue with advanced color edits to get precise color edit.

What’s great about this app is that it supports video editing. Add cool effects and background music to make your video more memorable. You can also adjust the ratio and size to make it suit the social media platform.

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Overall, the best face slimming apps help you get a perfect look on every photo. Use this reference to find an app that suits your personal preferences and get ready to redefine your social media experience.

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