10 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android

Best Baby Face Predictor Apps

Millions of people have downloaded the best baby face predictor apps on their device. Baby predictors are a fun application that allows you to figure out what your future baby would look like. Pairing photos of you and your partner, it helps generate a baby face with possible combinations.

Baby generators have brought a good laugh to many parents and couples—even some users eventually found that their baby’s face is close to the prediction. Having that said, these baby predictor apps are designed for fun and it doesn’t actually represent your baby in the future.

Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android

Scouring the internet will give you a bunch of baby predictor apps for Android. Either you are too busy for scrolling through pages or you simply don’t want to do it, following reference will help you out. Let’s take a look at future baby face predictor apps below.

1. BabyGenerator


Download on Google Play

Having more than 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store, BabyGenerator is among the most widely used baby prediction apps for Android. With a boast of user-friendly design and easy to use tools, generating your future baby is only a few taps away.

This application is featured with AI technology to analyze facial features and generates possible baby face predictions. All you have to do is select a photo of mom and a photo of dad so this cool tool can do the magic for you. The result may be inaccurate and reality may be different.

What’s great about BabyGenerator is that you can easily select age and gender of your child. This means you can figure out what your child would look like in their baby age, toddler, and even teenage. Be sure to adjust settings before proceeding.

This baby predictor app has millions of happy users worldwide. Feel free to try with your partner’s photo, friend’s photo, or even photo of celebrities you love the most.

2. BabyMaker


Download on Google Play

Predict your future baby’s face with BabyMaker. The AI-based baby generator has become a super cool app which has been trusted by millions of users for meeting their baby or making a good laugh with their partners—even you can use it to prank your friends or family.

BabyMaker can be used in three simple steps: select parents’ photos, decide the gender and age of the child, and tap generate button with heart icon. In a few seconds, you will meet your future baby with possible face combination of you and your partner.

Featuring artificial intelligence, this best baby face predictor app helps analyze your faces and make baby face predictions. Whether you are expecting parents or new couples who want to find out what your baby would look like in the future then BabyMaker is just for you.

In order to get the most out of this application, you can customize your preferences. Besides selecting age and gender, it lets you select skin tone, hair color, and eyes color.

3. Future Baby Generator

Future Baby Generator

Download on Google Play

Here’s a cute baby maker app that provides you with convenience. Future Baby Generator is designed with intuitive interface and simple tools, making it possible to use the app without problem. It will analyze your photos and provide you with a cute baby that looks like you or your partner.

In addition to predicting a baby face, this best free baby face predictor app enables you to predict baby’s match percentage with parents. Simply choose a photo of dad, a photo of mom, and a photo of your future baby and it will analyze the percentage of parents match with the baby.

Future Baby Generator comes with a number of highlights: easy to use tools, complete features, and customizable options for baby. Plus, it is supported by artificial intelligence that helps with the analysis and baby prediction.

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For the best result, pay attention to your photos. Be sure you select high quality images with good lighting. Uploading face without beard allows easier and more accurate analysis for a better baby prediction.

4. Relax


Download on Google Play

Relax is a renowned prediction app that helps you with palm reading and fortunetelling. That said, it is also a great baby face generator app that lets you know what your baby will look like—it can also tell you when you will have a baby.

Many people have had some fun with Relax. It only requires photos of mom and dad before analyzing and generating a cute baby face. Use generated photo as you want, like save it to your gallery or share with your loved ones.

Aside from baby prediction feature, Relax is loaded with many other features. Let’s mention palm readings that allows you to reveal your future and secrets, including love life, job, fortune, and many more. It is also featured with aging camera which tells you what you would look like in the future.

Just in case you need to lay back, this particular application provides you with relax music for breath, sleep and relaxation. Just select your topic and let the music play.

5. Fantastic Age

Fantastic Age

Download on Google Play

Fantastic Age has become a widely used age progression app among Android users. Interestingly, this versatile tool comes packed with baby prediction feature so it is possible to meet your future baby with just a few simple steps.

All it takes is a photo of you and your mate. The AI-based application will analyze your photos and create a possible combination. Will your baby look more like you or your partner? Download this fun app and find the answer.

What’s more to find in Fantastic Age? Not only is it the best baby face predictor app, it is also a top age progression application that will show you what you look like after 30 years. You can also use your friends’ photos to have some fun.

On top of that, Fantastic Age is an incredible palmistry predictor to forecast your future love, financial fortune and career. Love Pairing could be the weirdest feature in this app, with which you can find out if you have a chance to be with someone.

6. BabyPredictor


Download on Google Play

Anyone who says that you will never know what your baby will look like until you have one must download BabyPredictor. Using this app you can easily find a baby face generated from a photo of you and a photo of your lover. With just few taps, you can meet your future baby.

What’s interesting about this app is that it enables you to generate many faces even with the same parents. You also have an option to choose baby age and gender as you want. Now that you have your virtual baby, share with your lover, friends, and everyone.

Do you want to create a photo collage using your baby’s photo? This best baby face predictor app has a great feature to make photo collages of your small family. You can also save or share it using app’s share button.

BabyPredictor, however, doesn’t represent your future baby in real life. Although it is equipped with advanced technology for analyzing your photos, this application is designed for entertainment purpose so your baby’s face may be different.

7. SeekMe


Download on Google Play

You can opt for SeekMe to get to know your future baby. It has a powerful baby prediction feature with which it creates a baby face using your photo and your lover’s. Many people have tried this app and found that it is an interesting tool to have fun.

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 Are you done with baby prediction? SeekMe has many other attractions to try out. It comes packed with a powerful AI palm scanner which works impressively to analyze your palm line and provide personal information about the results.

Or if you want to know your identity in the past life, SeekMe has got you covered. It has the ability to regain your identity so you can achieve a better life in present time. This is one of the main highlights you don’t want to miss out.

What’s more, there are aging effects to find in this best baby face predictor app. Whether you are curious about your appearance after 30 years or you want to prank your friends, SeekMe has a good tool to try.

8. Mom or Dad Face App

Mom or Dad Face App

Download on Google Play

Mom or Dad Face App works in quite different premises. Rather than generating a baby’s face, it helps you decide whether your kid looks more like mom or dad. Get rid of endless discussion about your baby’s face and download this app on your Android.

Using algorithm this application is able to perform facial recognition, providing you with resemblance percentage. All you have to do is take picture of dad, mom, baby, and let this app do the analysis for you. It will be fun for your little family.

After waiting for a while, this app will show you percentages of resemblance—this is the end of your dispute. Doubt the result? Hit refresh button. Want to share with your loved ones? Tap share button and let everyone know the result.

Despite all the joy and fun, Mom or Dad Face App might not be accurate and the percentage doesn’t represent real data. What’s more important is that it is designed for entertainment purpose so you cannot use it for proving anything.

9. BabyGen


Download on Google Play

Don’t know what to do in your idle? Get BabyGen and make a good laugh with your lover. This best baby face predictor app is designed to provide you with a cute baby face by analyzing and combining a photo of mom and dad.

Using BabyGen is extremely easy. Select two photos—one of you and one of your lover then choose a gender and age of the baby. Click prediction button and your future baby will be generated in a matter of seconds. Share the results with your friends or family.

Similar to most baby predictor apps, AI algorithm comes standard in BabyGen. It uses the latest facial recognition to analyze faces of mom and dad to generate a cute baby face. However, it is not designed for testing purpose.

Don’t have a lover yet? Don’t worry. You can play with a photo of friends or even celebrities. You can also use your parents’ photos and check if the result looks like you. The best of all, it comes with a beautiful interface for a better user’s experience.

10. Baby Generator

Baby Generator

Download on Google Play

Last but not least, here’s Baby Generator app that works impressively to enhance your idle. This tool is equipped with two main features: baby generator and baby predictor percentage. Whichever your favorite tool, you will find this application fun and exciting.

Baby generator is everything you need to find out what your baby will look like in the future. Simply upload a photo of mom and a photo of dad then tap Check Future Baby. A cute baby face that looks like you or your lover will appear in a matter of seconds thanks to AI technology.

Either you have a real baby or generated baby, you can use baby predictor percentage to figure out baby’s match percentage with parents. Upload a photo of mom, dad, baby, and press analyze. The result will appear in a few seconds.

Plus, it also has baby name feature that helps you find the best baby names. Search based on origin of name and its description.

The best baby face predictor apps are a great tool to have some fun with your lover. If you have an endless discussion about baby’s face, download one of these apps and see how it changes the situation.

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