12 Best Golf Games for Android

Best Golf Games for Android

Golf is undoubtedly a fun sport choice to practice during the summer. What do you think about the idea of playing golf the whole season? The best golf games come in handy to experience fun golfing when days are raining or snowing, making it a great choice for avid golfers.

Golf games on mobile devices are not as fun as the real one but it is cool enough to bring golfing excitement to the air. You don’t have a lot of choices on the market when it comes to golf games but a few options are enough to make your days.

Best Golf Games for Android: Hole-in-One

Most golf games are basically the same—they let you use the clubs at its best and hit the ball into a hole to create scores. However, differing controls, graphics, and gameplay provide you with variations so you can pick one that suits you best. Keep scrolling through the list!

1. Golf Battle

Golf Battle

Playing mini golf with people from around the globe sounds fun. Golf Battle makes it possible by giving you the opportunity to challenge human players worldwide on hundreds of mini golf courses. Play with up to 6 players and beat them with your skills.

Golf Battle is a spectacular mini-golf game designed for casual players. Join real-time multiplayer matches, collect amazing golf clubs and personalized balls, and demonstrate your tricks to win prizes. Conquer the obstacles like big slides or rivers and unlock new content.

Coming with stunning 3D graphics, this best golf game boasts simple and intuitive controls that make it suitable for everyone in your family. As you progress you can level up and explore more than 12 holes and courses such as pine forest, Mayan jungle, and snow valley.

Whether you want to enjoy single or multiplayer game, Golf Battle has got you covered. Join millions of other users and play minigolf together.

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2. Golf Clash

Golf Clash

It’s always a good day to play golf on Golf Clash. With the sun shining and the courses beautiful, grab your clubs and get ready for tee off. Play against players from all around the globe in tournaments and show off your golfing skills.

There are so many features to explore on this app but only a few are standout. For instance, it has a Golden Shot that allows you to show off your shot accuracy to win prizes. You can also learn a revolutionary shot system but it might be rather hard to master.

Don’t get bored! This best free golf game provides you with dozens of golf courses with constant updates. Play golf on unique sets of beautiful courses and improve your golfing skills. What about a little challenge? Join a global tournament every two weeks to be a golf master.

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3. Ultimate Golf

Ultimate Golf

Ultimate Golf is designed for casual players who dream to be professional golfers. The multiplayer golf game is a great platform to challenge other players in real-time tournaments on various golf courses. Whether you want to prove your ability or simply improve your skills, this is an app for you.

Ultimate Golf becomes one of the best golf games for several reasons. It boasts hundreds of golf clubs to meet your preferences such as wood club, long iron club, or short iron club. You can also select golf balls and bag that suit you the most.

What’s amazing, you can try the world’s most popular golf courses from Abu Dhabi Golf Course to Harbor Town Golf Links and Wolf Creek Golf Club. Start as an amateur and work your way up to become a master golfer on this game simulator.

Awesome 3D graphics is a plus for Ultimate Golf, allowing you to enjoy realistic golf simulation from your mobile. Choose your favorite modes and start playing.

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4. Golf Impact

Golf Impact

Do you need a realistic golf game to refresh your mind? Golf Impact is one of the most attractive golf games to clash against golfers in a 1-on-1 tournament. It boasts realistic graphics and beautiful animations that let you immerse yourself in the atmospheric game.

Golf Impact is designed with easy control to help you put the balls. Simply drag the ball back to your target and let it go. Your golfing experience becomes more exciting with unique weather effects that affect putting conditions.

Play on your favorite courses around the globe from New York to Dubai, Paris, and even Maldives. The golf courses are designed with famous landmark of the country to add visual attractions. Once you choose the course, select a game mode that suits you the best.

Need to challenge yourself? Golf Impact allows you to join golf Championship to prove your golfing skill and ability. Make your way up to become a pro golfer with consistent training.

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5. Mini Golf King

Mini Golf King

Mini Golf King is a multiplayer golf game to challenge casual golfers worldwide. When golf is paired with adventure and thrills, it creates a great platform to discover a distinct and unique experience you never had before. Show off your best skills to rank on the leaderboard.

This best golf game is loaded with several stages that you can unlock by collecting trophies. It also lets you obtain and customize new golf balls, clubs, and gloves to your heart’s content. Make your game more fun by Joining the tournament and winning prizes.

This app made golf shots completely simple. All you have to do is drag your ball and release it to shoot it. Aim your target and shoot carefully to the hole. What’s unique, it allows you to clash your rival’s ball to get their gems. As a plus, you can feel the unique experience of golfing on 35+ gorgeous courses.

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6. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D

Another exciting multiplayer golf game to try soon. Golf Master 3D comes packed with amazing courses worldwide to pamper all the players in real-time online matches. Prepare your golf clubs and warm your glove to join the competition.

Designed with brilliant 3D graphics and smooth controls, it comes in handy to spice up your boring days. Compete with other players to know your level of golfing skills. As you progress, you can try more challenging courses for some extra fun.

Golf Master offers special tournament rounds that allow you to take mega prizes. Your dream to be a golf champion is about to come true. Customize your golf bag, clubs, and balls for more excitement. This app is free to play but it provides you with in-game purchases for extra content.

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7. Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz is the perfect option if you need an intense multiplayer golf battle in real-time. Among tons of golf games scattered over the Play Store, it is one of the best with abundant useful features. Let’s mention thousands of golfer avatars, a set of unique balls, and an awesome chat function.

Whenever you are in the mood for a golf battle, Golf Blitz gives you a chance to invite friends and play in friendly matches. Alternatively, you can chat with your friends and team up to get on a team leaderboard. Special challenge modes are also available with exclusive prizes.

Upgrade your golfer skills by earning XP on this best golf game. If you want to enjoy the golf game without taking part in it, simply stream live matches from pro players all over the globe. One great thing about Golf Blitz is that you can explore new courses and challenges based on users’ feedback.

It is worth noting that a network connection is required to play. Despite it being free to play, you may need to purchase in-game items to unlock more features.

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8. Golf King

Golf King

Another realistic multiplayer golf game is here. Play decent golf on 1v1 matches with players worldwide while appreciating stunning graphics and intuitive control. Upgradable equipment adds a plus to this free golf game for Android.

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On Golf King, your only way to unlock higher tours is by winning and collecting trophies. Discover new golf clubs and enhance your performance to rank on the leaderboards and obtain amazing prices. Choose a rival and it’s time to shine.

Improve your virtual golfing experience with customizable characters. Endless combinations of avatars, accessories, and apparels help you personalize your appearance. You can also take advantage of your clubhouse and caddy collections.

This decent golf game is ideal for amateur and casual players thanks to easy control. Drag and release to shoot the ball and see how accurate you are.

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9. Lonely One: Hole-in-one

Lonely One: Hole-in-one

Lonely One: Hole-in-one is a hilarious golf-themed game app to try if you need a fresh atmosphere. Featuring tiny gnomes all around, all you have to do is perform the best swing to get the ball into the hole and get gnomes’ cheers in return. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It comes with simple rules of the game. Put the ball into the cup with just one swing and you will earn 1 bonus for every perfect shot. You only have 3 chances to get the highest score. If you miss it, navigate to practice mode and learn to swing.

This best golf game has more than 20 gorgeous characters with more than 200 courses in unique shapes, providing you with lots of fun and excitement. Want to share with your friends? Capture snapshots and share it on your favorite social networks.

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10. Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Combining golf and fantasy, Birdie Crush is a worthy game to play golf at anytime anywhere. It features a new student named Jenny who just moved to Delion Bridge, a golf school with lots of magic and charming characters. Join the team and play against other clubs with fancy costumes.

On Bridie Crush you can enjoy an immersive game experience with amazing 3D graphics. Realistic hitting effects are spectacular, motivating you to create a hole-in-one with a perfect shot. Of course, you will love its simple control with single taps.

This golf game app supports multiple players so you can compete with human players all over the world. Join a global live match, show off your skills, and prove your virtual golfing abilities. Birdie Crush becomes more addictive with customizable characters.

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11. Neko Golf

Neko Golf

Improve your skills and become the best virtual golfer with Neko Golf. It should be on every list of the best golf games for it is stuffed with features from realistic graphics to intuitive control. Join golf tours with players worldwide and figure out how strong you are.

With this realistic golf game at your fingertips, you can immerse yourself in the situation where you hit the ball and hope it will be a hole-in-one. Enjoy the gameplay with your rivals with different golfing skills. If you are a bit competitive, work your way to the top rank on the leaderboard.

Neko Golf offers two play modes including enjoy and battle modes. Whenever you want to play a casual game, navigate to Enjoy mode. But if you are in the mood for competition, Battle mode should be the best one to try.

Download on Google Play

12. Mini Golf Tour: Clash & Battle

Mini Golf Tour: Clash & Battle

Mini Golf Tour is a new golf game to experience unique minigolf games from your mobile device. Also known as mini-putt, it lets you compete with human participants by shooting a ball into the holes. Similar to real-life golf, one with fewer number of strokes wins.

Easy control and amazing gameplay are a highlight of this feature-rich mini golf game. Not only can you compete with players from all over the place, but you can also unlock wonderful tours with differing obstacles. Balls and holes are customizable to enhance your experience.

Designed with awesome 3D graphics and stunning effects, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy virtual golf at its best. Earn rewards as you progress to make level up faster. Mini Golf Tour is free to play but it requires internet connection to optimize the function.

Download on Google Play

With a few titles of the best golf games for Android, your choice heavily depends on your personal preferences. Whether you prefer one with realistic 3D graphic, fantasy-genre, or hilarious animation, this reference gives you flexibility to choose the perfect one.

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