11 Best Apps to Unblur Photos for Android

Blur images can be an eyesore. Thanks to the advent of technology, you can get rid of unaesthetic blur pics from your Android phone. Simply download the best apps to unblur photos and enhance images with just a few simple taps on the screen.

Blurry photos can be caused by several factors such as subject movement, camera movement, missed focus, lens softness, and insufficient depth of field. Apps to unblur photos come in handy to address these problems and give you clear pics.

Best Apps to Unblur Photos for Android

Most photo editors are basically effective to help you unblur images. But if you need ones with advanced tools or that offer specified function, the following list can be your reference. From the famous Adobe Lightroom to practical EnhanceFox, here are the best free apps to unblur photos for Android.

1. Lightroom


Whenever you need to edit photos, Lightroom is always good to refer. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a versatile photo editor app with powerful features. No need to worry about ugly photos, blurred pics, or grainy snapshots as it has the right tools to solve the issue.

Lightroom offers photo enhancer that helps improve the look and feel of your photos. Use the slider to adjust the clarity, grain, and texture to your heart’s content. Plus, this AI-powered app will suggest the perfect preset for the best result—over 200 premium presets can be unlocked in the upgraded version.

If you need to make advanced edits, Lightroom offers curves that allow you to adjust highlights, colors, shadows, and mid tones. Use advanced capture modes such as raw or HDR if you want to get detailed shots.

There are many other features to find in Lightroom such as crop and rotate, eye-popping edits, and precision sliders to adjust light settings. But if you don’t have much time for all manual adjustments, simply use the auto editor to improve your photos in one tap.

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2. Prisma Art

Prisma Art

Prisma Art is a decent photo editor app to transform your blurry photos into a masterpiece. Featuring art filters, you can make your photo look like a professional paint with just one simple tap. Find around 500 filters and effects in the library and style up your pics.

Being one of the best apps to unblur photos, it has the ability to enhance pics with enhancement tools. After applying your favorite filters, find a bunch of photo tools like sharpness, contrast, exposure, etc. so you can improve the original version.

There are multiple features to try out such as blemish remover and background changer. This is a great choice to make your photo a piece of art even if your photo editing skill is nearly zero. Import your photo from the phone gallery and see how far you can fix it.

After having fun with photo editing features, upload your pic to your favorite social media platform. With Prisma Art, tuning and enhancing your photos have never been this easy. This app is free to use but you can buy in-app purchases for extra items.

Download on Google Play

3. Snapseed


Edit your photos like a pro with Snapseed. It boasts a complete set of features to bring your pics to the next level, in addition to dozens of photo enhancement tools and filters. With all the controls in your hand, you can tweak your photo styles as desired.

Do everything you want on Snapseed from adding focus to unblurring images and correcting the pose. Besides, you can use the tune image function to adjust color and exposure either manually or automatically. Crop picture to standard size or rotate for easier view.

This unblur image app has many other features and functionalities such as frames, curves, text, and filters. It also has white balance option with which you can adjust colors for a natural look. Remove unwanted object from your picture with a healing tool.

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Best of all, Snapseed is completely free to download. It has got more than 100M downloads and counting, making it one of the most widely used photo editors across devices.

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VSCO is another best app to unblur photos that is powered with premium quality tools. The top-notch photo editor helps improve your creativity and offers easy-to-use features, making it ideal for users of all levels. Edit pictures like a pro made simple with VSCO.

This app is available in two versions including free and subscription. While the free version provides you with 15 free presets, the subscribed version gives you access to 200+ premium-quality presets in the library. It also offers useful tools to enhance your photos including fixing blurry images.

Furthermore, VSCO supports montage and collage with which you can have fun with your photo collections. Adjust the opacity to customize the piece of art. It can also serve as a versatile video editor that allows you to enhance videos with VSCO presets and basic editing tools.

Once you’ve finished with the artwork, share it with hashtag #VSCO to be curated by the team. You can also share it via social media platforms. Just in case you need inspiration, feel free to connect with the VSCO community.

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5. Picsart


When there’s a list of the best photo editors, Picsart should be on it. Featured by more than 150 million creators worldwide, it makes photo editing completely simple thanks to easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface that ensures accessibility.

On Picsart, you can try different photo effects and filters. It also comes loaded with editing tools that allow you to enhance images and get rid of unwanted blur. Or if you want to blur backgrounds to shift the focus, it is powered by artificial intelligence that will get the task done.

This best app to unblur photos has many other functionalities such as collage maker, sticker maker, and video editor. Combine your favorite photos in various photo grid collage, scrapbook, or beautiful frames with collage maker. Or, you can create custom stickers to share with friends.

Picsart is free to use but you can start Picsart gold membership to unlock exclusive content. This subscription allows you to enjoy ad-free editing experience and top features you can’t find on the free version.

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6. Remini


Restoring a damaged or blurred old photo is amazing as you can bring back the memory. Try Remini, the AI photo enhancer that lets you transform pixelated, blurred, or damaged pics into HD images with one tap. Give the photo a new life!

Remini has helped millions of people to revitalize their photos. It works well to turn your photos into HD, repair blurry pics, clear vintage photos, and sharpen out of focus pictures. You can address low quality issues by increasing the number of pixels.

Coming with a series of useful features, not surprisingly Remini becomes one of the best apps to unblur photos. It is powered by artificial intelligence that gives stunning, realistic, and crystal-clear HD quality. What’s more, the team constantly updates the features for ultimate satisfaction.

Remini supports multiple language interfaces to ensure your convenience from English to Japanese and Chinese. It is free to use but you have limited access to the features. Upgrade to premium subscription to unlock exclusive features.

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7. Pixelup


Pixelup is an AI-powered photo enhancer, adding to the list of decent unblur photo apps to turn your blurred pictures into HD. Use this app to enhance photo quality, unblur old images, and get them revitalized with just one tap.

How to use Pixelup photo enhancer is quite simple. Upload your blurred photo and it will work like magic to give you flawless HD quality even when you zoom it in. Thanks to enhanced AI algorithms that make it happen.

Aside from unblurring photos, Pixelup helps colorize your old black and white picture. It brings color to your photo, making it look fresh and new. This is how you can bring old memories back to life in a matter of seconds.

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All the pictures you enhance on Pixelup are ready to share. Feel free to send it to your favorite social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or chat apps. What’s great, you can use this app for free or unlock unlimited access with annual or weekly subscriptions.

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8. Lumii


Do you want to get rid of pesky ads while editing? Get Lumii and you can focus on your work without being distracted by ads. It is a free yet powerful photo editor that has everything you need to improve pictures from stylish presets to filters and advanced editing tools.

Made to be the best app to unblur photos, Lumii has much to offer. Use this app to customize photo filters and make your images standout, redefine pictures with effects, and erase background to repair your photo. You can also make a few adjustments to get rid of blurry photo.

Enhance your snapshots like a pro with a double exposure blend editor. This is an editing tool that allows you to create a double exposure effect on photo. Other than that, you can try glitch photo editor to add glitch photo effects.

There are many other things you can do with Lumii from rotating photo to adding text and controlling HSL. Designed with a user-friendly interface, this photo editor is suitable for all levels. Either use the free version or pro version that meets your preferences.

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9. Polish


Polish has everything you need to put blurry photos at bay. This is a versatile photo editing app that helps you enhance image with a few simple steps. Whether you want to unblur pics, mix two photos, or slim body it has got you covered.

With millions of active users, Polish comes with a multitude of features. Easy photo editing tools become the main highlight with which you can adjust brightness and saturation, use filters, and apply glitch effects. It also lets you create fun collages with more than 100 photo layouts.

To personalize your photo, Polish offers a wide selection of fun stickers. You can also add custom fonts on your masterpiece in addition to photo filters and effects.

What makes Polish the best photo editor is the body retouch feature. Use this editor tool to slim your body, smoothen and brighten skin, and correct your body proportion. Always look good in every photo with Polish on your phone.

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10. AI Photo Enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer is especially useful to unblur and enhance photo quality. The ability to bring memories back to life makes it one of the best apps to unblur photos. Simply upload your old picture and with just one click you can make it clear and unblurred.

There are so many things you can do other than unblurring photos. With AI Photo Enhancer you can sharpen images, improve photo quality, and get a clear picture. It also helps solve low resolution problems by increasing photo resolution.

To use this app, you’ll need to select an image you want to enhance. Press the button and let this app do the rest. It works like magic to sharpen photo and give you HD quality. Best of all, it is completely free to use.

Download on Google Play

11. EnhanceFox


Having a problem with blurred or pixelated images? Download EnhanceFox on your Android and get the issue solved. This is an AI-powered photo enhancer that fixes pixel and resolution problem to give you better quality.

Use this app to fix low quality or blurry photos, enhance video quality, and change frame rate for smoother videos. It also works well to sharpen photos and clear pictures to bring your old memories into the present.

Furthermore, EnhanceFox makes it possible to restore face in old photos. And if you want to see an old photo in a different way, give it colors with a photo restoration feature. Not to mention you can remove scratches and make your old pic move for free.

Download on Google Play

Photos can tell a thousand words so you might want to do anything to bring them back to their best appearance. The best apps to unblur photos help restore and revitalize your pics, giving you a chance to bring them back to life.


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