7 Best Apps Like Wattpad for Android

Best Apps Like Wattpad for Android

Over 100 million users worldwide have downloaded Wattpad and utilize it as a medium to connect with everyone through stories. But no matter how famous it is, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. As such, you are probably striving for apps like Wattpad for a particular experience. If so, you’ve come to the right article.

Wattpad isn’t the only platform that provides space for readers and writers. Simultaneously with its launch, many applications have sprung up that match or even surpass Wattpad. Alright, let’s take a look at some of these hidden gems along with their specification!

Best Apps Like Wattpad to Dive Deep into Your World of Stories

It’s such an undeniable reality that Wattpad has revolutionized your perspective on literary works. Instead of spending hours kissing different frogs in tons of Wattpad alternatives, use the list below to make the best decision.

1. MegaNovel


Since its release early last year, MegaNovel has massively hit the target of attracting online book lovers’ attention, both readers and writers. Presenting various book categories, the most popular genres are fantasy, system, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, urban, and paranormal. It collects original stories from talented writers around the world.

For those of you who like to read, you won’t quickly get bored reading books there. Because lots of new chapters are updated every day, which includes hot stories among readers or stories that match your preferences. But if you like to write, try to share your literary work on the MegaNovel app.

There is a professional editorial team that helps you curate and create best-selling books. Afterward, you’ll get paid for your hard work. Submit your finished manuscript or take part in the ongoing big-prize event. Then, build your fantasy world every day.

Why is MegaNovel one of the apps like Wattpad, even better? According to some users’ reviews, all books have superb stories. From how the character development and the disclosure of events are going well. The plot of each chapter gets more interesting as the story goes on.

Even though the story is only fiction, you can feel the depiction of the story is just like real-world drama. There is no logical flaw there. If you prefer translated books, you probably rated them quite well. It shows their hard work to improve the translation.

Furthermore, this app has made many of its users happy and it helps to reduce their stress at the same time. Even so, several users have complained about troubles with the payment system. Either buying coins or other complicated processes.

However, MegaNovel will continue its journey to be a high-quality application. It also supports in-app purchases for around $1.99 – $99.99.

Download on Google Play

2. Inkspired


Inkspired is one of the best apps like Wattpad, which is thoughtfully designed for whoever you are to read, write, and publish books. It has a global community where readers and writers can connect and share new insights.

Then, your writing experience feels super professional with the metrics layout. When your writing is done, you can share it on the BETA readers group or with your real readers.

On top of that, you’ll have lots of great opportunities to dive into writing tips, join co-writing groups, become an ambassador, take on self-publishing services, participate in writing events or contests, and much more.

Who has the right to publish writing on Inkspired? It is certainly one of the many apps like Wattpad, but completely different. Those of you who work as book authors, webcomics artists, emerging writers, creators, bloggers, or even journalists may publish all of your masterpieces here.

Therefore, download the Inkspired app on your Android device now! Later, you are given the freedom to read and write books online or offline (save the story in your library).

So far, it’s had fairly typical flaws–a few bugs for a small percentage of users. This is surely not a big problem, considering that the Wattpad app often gets a lot of complaints. What’s even more surprising is that the service center is willing to answer your complaints with accurate answers, which is rare in other apps similar to Wattpad.

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Even though you can use almost all the features for free, think about upgrading to a Premium Plan. You’ll have access to unlimited exclusive stories and e-books without ads as well as binding rules.

Furthermore, enhance your writing and publishing experience by only paying $6/month for the Premium Plan, $16/month for Premium Plus, and $24/month for Premium Pro.

Download on Google Play

3. NovelNow


Here’s the NovelNow app, one of the apps like Wattpad for free web novels enthusiasts. Who doesn’t like getting something without spending a penny?

In other words, this app is absolutely free of charge no matter how far you read the story. Instead, you must watch an ad that is at most 1 minute long before unlocking a new episode.

NovelNow’s appeal does not stop there. It has hot genres among other apps or sites like Wattpad, consisting of a werewolf, romance, billionaire, mafia, and so on. In addition, there are many features that can be customized according to your needs.

Key Features

Here are the NovelNow app’s key features that you get after downloading it:

  • Unlimited Reads
  • Intelligent Recommendation
  • Private Library
  • Best Reading Experience
  • User-friendly Display Design
  • Download Anytime

Apart from being a magical world for readers, one of the many apps like Wattpad is also perfect for writers who want to share their stories. Some platforms set certain requirements regarding story genres, but NovelNow doesn’t.

Unfortunately, there are still many spelling and grammar mistakes in the story. Also, there is no way to contact customer service for a solution or fix.

For the rest, NovelNow is highly recommended. If you don’t want to see ads, there are four Premium Plus purchase options for you: $1.99/week, $6.99/week (new), $5.99/month, and $59.99/year.

Download on Google Play

4. Readom


Do you really like reading novels, but can’t afford them? Now, you can read novels as much as you want without having to buy the paperback version.

Readom is one of the other free apps like Wattpad that is built to be both reader and writer-friendly. It serves a vast number of genres, i.e. Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Vampire, Werewolf, Marriage, Pregnant, and many more.

The stories in Readom are sure to drag you down into a fantasy world because the talented writers have exactly what you want. Can’t live without stories? This app will add new chapters for you every day. Plus, there’s a reading list to help you out of the hardship of choosing.

If you’re inspired to join the Professional Author Team, sign up now! Complete all the requirements, and then join thousands of other talented writers in Readom app. As one of the apps like Wattpad that appreciates work, Readom is glad to recruit aspiring writers from around the world.

That way, readers will never run out of their daily stock of reading. Likewise, it really respects each user’s opinion. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, problems, or suggestions.

The only drawback of this app lies in the chapter prices issue. Users feel unfairly treated when all chapters have the same prices, even if they are shorter. This problem is exacerbated by ads that do not always appear and fewer coins. However, you can avoid this situation by buying coin packs for around $1 to $100.

Download on Google Play

5. Romance Novel

Romance Novel

Do you want to be immersed in thousands of romantic stories? Romantic stories are very thrilling to read. After all, you can use it as a reference for your love story in your real life. Hence, download the Romance Novel app and make yourself a love expert.

It is the best app among other apps like Wattpad. Why is that? This is an application launched from Dreame.com–the best platform for readers and writers. There are many novels with addictive stories in the Romance Novel app.

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Furthermore, it has reader groups to share your ideas and thoughts. Whether writers or readers, both have the opportunity to win awards and prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What if you are keen on becoming a writer but don’t have any proper skills? There will be extensive training that contains many activities, such as writing tutorials, workshops, mentoring, publishing guides, and so on. After that, you also have frequent and greater promotional opportunities so that your work reaches wider audiences.

Overall this one of the apps like Wattpad is almost perfect. Yet, the problem is, again, the cost per chapter which is quite expensive. If you don’t want to wait too long to collect coins from ads, just buy coins for around $0.72 to $38.54.

Download on Google Play

6. Spirit Fanfiction and Stories

Spirit Fanfiction and Stories

This is a free app like Wattpad that brings the same purpose as Wattpad. It basically focuses on teenagers who love writing and reading so much.

Spirit Fanfiction and Stories furnish more than a thousand original stories and fanfiction. In addition, there are many genres for you to choose from, both recently popular and particular genres. You are permitted to read any book you enjoy, but you must create a new account to write your own stories, including other personal activities.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed one hundred percent with full optimization features that make your experience much more delicate. That’s why you can write and read effortlessly on your Android smartphone wherever you are.

You can change fonts and background colors so that your eyes are more comfortable when doing some activities in the app. One of these apps like Wattpad lets you create libraries, follow your favorite stories/authors and interact with other authors/users.

Not only that, you can download the book you are reading or desire to your offline library and read it later when you are not online.

Spirit Fanfiction and Stories app is absolutely fit to be called Wattpad alternatives–it’s really good and simple–but there are a lot of non-English (Spanish) stories. Also, the translation needs a lot of improvement.

Even though you can use it for free, it offers an in-app purchase option for $0.99 – $9.99 per item. Last but not least, if you encounter bugs, translation errors, or other problems, please contact the Spirit Fanfiction and Stories app service center.

Download on Google Play

7. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

If you are looking for a reading platform with millions of book lovers from around the world on it, this app may meet your expectations. Kobo Books is the most downloaded platform out of all the apps like Wattpad on the list.

With over five million books to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one that grabs your attention. What makes this app stand out from other apps is the audiobooks and children’s books.

The Kobo Books app doesn’t update weekly or daily, but hourly! Furthermore, all of its features also make your reading experience comfortable and pleasurable. For example, night mode, screen lock, device sync, sleep timer, and other features.

The users are very satisfied with this app, but some of them expect its features to work even better. The most drawbacks that users face, such as the playback speed option often crashing, the My Books section appearing by default, skipping chapters, repeated title recommendations, and ignored complaints.

The quality and quantity of books, as well as the overall value of the application, are fairly nice. Likewise, its use is practical, subscription fees are cheap, and payments are easy to make. You only need to pay once per month, which is around $12.99. If you’re not sure, try the 30-day free trial and then make your decision afterward.

Download on Google Play

In a digital era in which nearly everything is available at your fingertips, you can access an endless library of short stories, poetry, novels, and comics. The ultimate list of apps like Wattpad above has proven that there are still worthy platforms.

They present more than just an ecstatic reading and writing platform. But, they are also a place for writers and readers to assemble connections and gain wider audiences. You will certainly be satisfied, whichever application you decide to go for!

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