11 Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android

Best Eye Color Changer Apps

You can now alter your lens color by using these best eye color changer apps. Even though you can wear contact lenses in the first place, these apps will allow you to have various eye colors without putting in the lens on your eye.

Other than touching up your selfies, these free apps to change eye color are such help before you try on a new color for your eyes. Thus, you have more options to have fun, right?

In this article, you will find a series of apps that allow you to change the color of your eyes effortlessly.

Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android

Editing pictures or even changing eye colors is such an easy-breezy task for those who commonly work with Photoshop. However, it can be quite daunting for those who encounter Photoshop for the first time.

Photoshop, more than anything, is still one of the most robust yet seamless apps that will edit your pictures as you like. However, the tools are considered “too many” by some newbies and first-time users.

The presence of eye color editor apps makes everything much effortless. All you need is your picture and the system will do the magic.

So, if you want to be creative with your pictures without dealing with too many tools then you have to check out the list below. Here are the best apps that will help you with photo editing.

1. ModiFace Eye Color Studio

ModiFace Eye Color Studio

ModiFace offers a pack of tools to beautify your portrait. It is a robust eye editing app that will maintain the natural aspect of your face. Other than that, the beautification effects are realistic enough for a photo.

This app has a bunch of collections in its library, from standard colors to exotic styles. You can download ModiFace on the Play Store for free but some cool features are only available if you upgrade your account to the premium one.

The subscription starts at USD 1.99. If you want the system to detect your eye accurately, be sure to connect your phone to the internet.

Download on Google Play

2. NiceEyes Eye ColorChanger

NiceEyes Eye ColorChanger

Changing your eye color is such a fun process as long as you don’t have to purchase lots of contact lenses. Due to that reason, you better give the eye color changer app for Android a try.

One of the most popular yet robust apps on the Play Store is NiceEyes. This one offers lots of augmented reality options. It also allows you to change your pets’ eye color and put some nice effects on it.

After finishing your editing process, you can share the results on social media without leaving the app in the first place.

NiceEyes, more than anything, is an excellent app that allows you to edit your picture as you like. Besides the color, you can adjust the lens diameter and other details as you need.

Even though this app is free to download and use, the ads are quite annoying. Thus, you can opt for updating your account into the paid ones.

Download on Google Play

3. NiceEyes Live Eye Color Changer Camera

NiceEyes Live Eye Color Changer Camera

Some works or hobbies may require you to be tech-savvy more than anything else. If you need a feature to change eye color in video app, you should try this eye color changer for video from NiceEyes.

This app focuses more on video functionality. Thus, you can change your eye color in a video effortlessly.

The effect applies in real-time. So, when you are doing a take, your eye color will change according to your preference.

NiceEyes is such a versatile app that comes with realistic results and natural lenses. You can adjust the size of the lens without much hassle in the first place. So, you better give this app a try on your own.

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Download on Google Play

4. FoxEyes


Play Store is home to tons of interesting photo editing apps. And if you are looking for a change eye color app free, FoxEyes should be part of your consideration.

This app comes up with lots of exotic eye collections. Developed by the Real Anime Style, you can also find some anime eye styles along with other styles, such as animal, ninja, diamond, and many more.

Even though you change your eye color as well as the shape, the result will look as realistic as possible. Other than adjusting the opacity of each color you’ve picked, FoxEyes also gives the liberty to set the brightness, lens sizes, and darkness in your hand.

You should try this app’s free version, after all. However, you will deal with lots of ads or watch a 20-seconds video every time you open a new lens. Still, FoxEyes is worth every effort.

Download on Google Play

5. Facetune


You may also know Facetune for its varied tools to perfect your selfies. By perfecting your selfies, this app also means that it has an excellent eye photo editor.

As you know, this app comes with a range of tools that help you retouch your selfies. Whether you want to fix uneven skin or change your eye color, this app will be your accommodation.

Other than that, covering gray hair and adding makeup won’t be an issue at all. Other features that may attract you include:

  • Editing your photos at their best.
  • Get your perfect skin and smile.
  • Changing your hair color effortlessly.
  • Easy access to share your pictures on other social media platforms.

More than anything, Facetune is worth trying on many levels. Other than providing an excellent eye color identifier app Android, you can have various photo editing tools in one app. You better give this app a try, after all.

Download on Google Play

6. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder comes with a range of eye color photo editor tools. It also has tons of beautification features that will enhance your photos.

Other than changing your eye color, this app also allows you to try tons of templates and filters as well as create collages. The options to change your eye color might be more limited compared to other apps on the list.

Still, you would love how sophisticated the features offered by Photo Wonder are. After finishing your editing, you can share your work to social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, through buttons.

Even though this app is free to download and most features are included in its free version, you have to upgrade your account to enjoy the coolest tools.

Download on Google Play

7. AirBrush


When it comes to the best eye lens photo editor for Android, you may find several names on the Play Store. Since those options might confuse you, this list will be such a help for you to decide.

AirBrush, on the other hand, is such a popular photo editor for smartphones. The best part is that you can change your eye color by using this app too.

In case you need to take a perfect close-up photo, this app will be a great buddy to retouch the result. Whether you need to put on makeup, reshape your face, or change your eye color, you find all the tools needed in this app.

Even though you change the eye color, the result still looks natural and realistic. However, if your eyes are quite dark and you want to change them into a brighter one, you may encounter an issue.

Still, AirBrush is worth a shot in many ways. The tools are plenty yet intuitive, after all.

Download on Google Play

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop has been a popular editor app for decades now. If you love how robust its tools are, you should also give Adobe Photoshop Fix a try.

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Other than coming with eye color changer editor features, you can edit your photo in general effortlessly. The app allows you to fix various problems, such as uneven skin tone, dark spots, breakouts, and many more.

Changing your eye color is also effortless – by using the paint tool, you can make your eye look different while maintaining its natural vibe.

However, you need to pick the right size of brush. More than anything, that brush works for all tasks when it comes to editing.

Generally, Adobe Photoshop Fix is one of the best editing apps for your smartphone. Some features require in-app purchases but you can enjoy the free version for pretty much anything.

So, why don’t you give this app a try in the first place? The app’s free version is more than enough to change your eye color, after all.

Download on Google Play

9. Change Hair and Eye Color

Change Hair and Eye Color

Are you looking for a change eye and hair color app free on the Play Store? If so, you have to check out Change Hair and Eye Color.

As its name suggests, this app allows you to change your eye and hair colors effortlessly. The process is seamless and fun while the result is top-notch!

There are a series of eye colors and a vast collection of hair colors you can pick. Since the app uses blending technology, your eye color will look realistic and natural in the first place. The same also goes for the hair editing tool.

Even though the tools are robust, the UI design is considered obsolete. Still, the result is excellent in many ways. Feel free to try Change Hair and Eye Color for your experiments. Also, the app is totally free!

Download on Google Play

10. PicsArt


Some apps provide filters that allow you to change your eye color. The app incorporates sophisticated technology that will detect your eye and when you apply the filter, the eye will change its color.

PicsArt, on the other hand, is popular for its robust yet varied tools for editing pictures. It allows you to correct your face shape, lips, nose, and eye in general. Well, this app also has eye color changer filter options.

So, other than editing your pictures in general, you can change your eye color effortlessly in one app. But keep in mind that the filter will work excellently if the picture was taken at a good distance.

Other than that, the color will be much more visible if you have light-colored eyes. Still, you should try this app and decide whether PicsArt is what you look for or vice versa.

Download on Google Play

11. Eye Color Changer

Eye Color Changer

Talking about the app that changes eye color, you should include Eye Color Changer on the list for sure. As its name suggests, you can change your eye colors effortlessly – and please don’t be mistaken with the previous one.

The developers come with sophisticated technology so that your natural look is well-maintained. At the same time, you can change your eye color effortlessly.

After picking a specific color, you can adjust the opacity and find the perfect fit for your eyes. In case you want to make a more realistic look, you can edit both eyes separately.

All in all, this app is quite interesting and robust for editing your eye color as well as other details. You should try this eye color filter app on your own, after all.

Download on Google Play

The list above contains the best apps you can find on the Play Store. All of them are free to download and use but some apps may require in-app purchases to unlock the sophisticated features.

Regardless of your preference, the apps mentioned above are worth checking, for sure. And of course, you don’t have to deal with complicated tools like other pro editing apps.

So, what do you think about the best eye color changer apps above? Have you tried all of them? The best part is that you can edit your overall picture by using those apps.

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