13 Best Baby Name Apps for Android

Best Baby Name Apps

Choosing the right name for your little bub can be a challenging task. Sure, you want the best for this little human but finding the perfect name is something else. Thus, why don’t you give these best baby name apps a try?

In this article, you will find several names of top-rated apps that help to find name inspirations for your baby. Not only is it accessible through your phone but those apps are also free to download.

The Best Baby Name Apps for Android

Back then, you may stumble on tons of books about baby names along with the meaning. While it might be still a thing nowadays, you better adapt to the digital world too. There are tons of apps you can find at the Google Play Store that will help you sort names for your future baby.

If you are parents who need to pick a perfect name for their small human, here are the most popular baby name apps you should take a look at. The apps come with features that help you decide which name is the best.

1. Baby Name Finder

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This app suits everyone who wants to give the most eccentric and unusual name for the baby. Thus, if you look for something unique and sound like a celebrity, Baby Name Finder might be what you are looking for.

This app is like an online dictionary for names. With its simple UI and lots of useful features, you may get a list of names you are looking for. The filters are quite helpful, considering you can specify the search results on geographic origins, religious meaning, and so on.

The only shortcoming is that you may find too many names on the screen. You might feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or simply tired. Baby Name Finder is not the most popular app, after all. However, it shows amazing work and is free to download.

2. Namly


Download on Google Play

Another app worth your consideration is Namly. Generally, this app is simple and standard – don’t look for extra features in this app because you’’ find nothing.

However, it comes with lots of names that may interest you. Thus, if you are thrilled, excited, but a little bit picky about choosing a name for your future baby, you may spend quite some time on this app.

Did you find something that interests you? Other than writing on a piece of paper or your note, you can put a mark on it and the names will be saved on another separate list.

Meanwhile, Namly comes with a cool feature that allows you to swipe the names like Tinder: swap right if you like the name and left if you are not into it. Since the app gets updated regularly, its database is richer from time to time.

Every name also comes with origin and meaning. You can also listen to how each name is pronounced. Interesting, right?

3. New Baby Names with Meaning

New Baby Names with Meaning

Download on Google Play

New Baby Names with Meaning is one of the best baby name apps for Android you can check out. The database contains more than 10,000 names for each gender. Parents can pick a name according to region, nationality, and culture.

Meanwhile, if you are into Zodiac, you can adjust the filter and the app will suggest a series of names according to the sun, moon, and so on. Regardless of those badass features, the UI is cute and sweet, just like how babies look.

4. Baby Names and Meanings

Download on Google Play

If you prefer using free baby name apps for Android, Baby Names and Meanings would be an option worth your consideration. This app comes with a huge database that features names from at least 70 locations of origins.

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This baby name app is among those new apps on the market but the performance is ready to top other similar apps. Each name is displayed with different colors, depending on the gender:  pink – feminine, blue- masculine, and unisex.

Once you’ve found your favorite names, you can tap the star icon to save them on the favorite tab. Meanwhile, if you are down for choosing the meaning of your name, this app will allow you to get through the process.

5. Baby Girl Names

Baby Girl Names

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you have found out that you are having a baby girl, this app might be what you need. Baby Girl Names app is specifically made for you who prefer exploring names for girls.

One of the most striking features of this baby girl name app is that you will see popular names in the US for the last 6 years. Of course, you can still find other names from different regions if you want to.

Each name on this app comes up with scores, rated by users all over the world. Since the app allows synchronization with your social media accounts, you can share the name you like effortlessly.

However, the UI design is not the best quality of this app. It comes with classical pink colors which need some tweaks here and there. Still, Baby Girl Names are worth a shot.

6. Babyname


Download on Google Play

This one is one of the best-rated baby name apps you can find on both the Play Store and App Store. Babyname also comes with a feature that allows you to connect with your partner – making this decision must be done together, right?

After that, you can make a list of the names you both want to consider to read later. More than anything, this app has a huge database – at least 30,000 names are listed on it. Also, you can find the meaning of each name directly.

Babyname is favorable for those who are not into the extra filling and get the result straight. However, the extra information you will get is only the meaning of each name, without further background information.

This app also allows you to swipe right and left, depending on whether you like the name or not. Through its cute and funny interface – in an okay way – many people consider Babyname as a go-to tool to find inspirations to name their angels.

7. LILLYDOO – Baby names: Swipe, like, match!

Download on Google Play

What if you want a name from a specific region with a specific meaning? LILLYDOO will do the job for you. You can find both baby girl and baby boy names through the app effortlessly.

The database of this app is solid and huge – there are at least 12,000 names in it. All you need to do is to scroll the screen and tap on what you like to find detailed information about the name.

There are filters you can use to specify the results. Feel free to dig deeper to find interesting names through this app.

You can connect your LILLYDOO to your partner’s phone too so that you both can make the decision together. The UI is also interesting – minimalistic, stylish, cute, and simple. As the Tinder for baby names, you can swipe right and left until you find the match.

8. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

Download on Google Play

Baby Name Together is one of the best baby name apps for couples that will end your eternal fights with your spouse. It is also an app that will avoid you from getting a headache from websites about baby names that contain too many names without proper detail in them.

Since the app can be connected from one phone to another, you and your partner can create a list of names together. The database of Baby Name Together contains at least 30,000 names. Each name comes with detailed information, such as popularity, statistics per country, and meaning.

One of the top features of this app is the parent community, which you can consult with others about baby names, for sure. The app comes with two UI designs, exciting yet unique name options, cloud storage, and a lot more. Also, there is no ad!

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9. Kinder


Download on Google Play

Have you heard about baby name app swap like Tinder? Well, Kinder is what parents on the internet are talking about.

This app comes with a pack of filters that will help you find names that suit your hope and wish for the baby. Once you tap on a name, the system will show you a list of name recommendations. Also, Kinder has more than 18,000 names on the database.

Talking about the UI, it looks cool and chic with simple designs. The color palette is neutral and moody in a good way. You can connect the app with your partner’s phone so that you both can do some collaborations.

10. Baby Names by Nametrix

Baby Names by Nametrix

Download on Google Play

Nametrix comes as one of the most popular apps to search for inspirations of baby names. Other than being a baby name generator with detailed insights, this app allows you to get the right pronunciation too.

What if this is not your first kid? Well, you can adjust the filter so that the results will have similarities with the other siblings. The good thing about Nametrix is that the database comes from the real world. Even the results are data-driven – no app can beat that so far.

Other than that, Nametrix serves a great service when it comes to a top ten baby name app with some powerful features. It comes with a vast collection of names from various cultures and religions.

And of course, you will also get information about the origin, meaning, and where the name is popular.

11. Baby Names by Sevenlogics

Baby Names by Sevenlogics

Download on Google Play

Another app you can check out to widen your search result is Sevelogics. The UI is decent and chic so that you can focus on the name results in the first place. Besides, you just need to pick whether it is for a boy or a girl.

You can show the result according to the popularity along with the year. Other than that, each name comes with the origin, meaning, and other detailed information on different tabs. There is this “genie” tan where you can find lots of random names – you can pick it or not, after all.

12. English Baby Names

English Baby Names

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are up for something cute both for girls and boys, English Baby Names are the next app you have to try. Even though it specifically said “English”, it has a solid database of more than 45,000 best names for baby girls and baby boys from around the world.

Just like most professional apps for baby names, you can save the names you love to your database to access later. Other than that, you can find additional information about the meaning and origins of the name too.

Of course, this app allows you to use filters. Thus, in case you are looking for Muslim names for baby boy or other specific terms, the English Baby Names app is the right place you can head to.

13. The Bump

The Bump

Download on Google Play

The Bump is generally for tracking the pregnancy journey. However, you can also try its name generator feature to find tons of free insights and information. Of course, the presence of that tool will come in handy for expecting parents in choosing names.

Just like any other professional generator, a series of filters are available for you to adjust. Thus, you can find lots of names for your baby along with its origins and meaning.

More than anything, if you are looking for meaningful names for your future baby, this app will do you the favor. You can adjust the filter and pick the name you love. Add those you like to the Favorite tab and access it later.

Choosing a name for your future baby is such a daunting, challenging, yet nerve-racking task. Even though it sounds simple, the name you pick contains hope and dreams for your kid. Thus, you better not mess with the name in the first place.

Using the baby name phone app mentioned above will give you more than just a baby name list. Besides giving you inspiration and insight, you may also find names that carry your wish for the kid.

So, which one of the best baby name apps above have you tried? Most of them are free, though.

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