10 Best Baseball Apps for Android

Best Baseball Apps for Android

Baseball is a popular sport with millions of fans around the world. If you are an avid baseball enthusiast and you support a certain team, download the best baseball apps to your Android. You can do a lot of things with these apps ranging from checking live scores and schedules to booking tickets.

If you can’t get enough baseballs in your daily life, playing baseball games on your smartphone has got you covered. There are tons of baseball games you can play in your spare time especially if you don’t have a match schedule to watch.

Best Baseball Apps for Android: Get in the Game

Various baseball applications with diverse functions are now available on the market, providing you with the convenience to enjoy your favorite sport. Take a closer look at the most recommended apps for Android devices below and make your choice.

1. MLB


MLB is your first choice when it comes to apps for live baseball. It comes in handy to watch live or on-demand video for free or with subscription. Designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, no more missing an important match of your favorite team.

MLB app is available in two options including free and subscription. The free version lets you experience 24/7 personalized programming with curated content. Feel free to access on-demand video library at any time anywhere directly on your Android smartphone.

Free MLB also gives you a chance to watch real-time highlights, Minor League Baseball, and picture-in-picture streaming. Upgrading to the subscription version unlocks more features such as over 250 spring training games, Universal audio support, and access to more than 7,000 Minor League Baseball games.

New features have been added to the latest version. For instance, you can follow specific players for their daily video and stats. There’s also Home feed that provides you with everything you need on a single screen. As a plus, you can enjoy a personalized experience by setting and following your favorite team.

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2. MLB 9 Innings 23

MLB 9 Innings 23

What about downloading an official MLB mobile game on your Android? MLB 9 Innings 23 is among the best baseball apps to provide you with satisfaction especially if you are a hardcore enthusiast. When watching video is not enough, play it.

The officially licensed baseball game has a ton of features to optimize your experience. With new historic players and baseball heroes have been added, it adds up some extra fun. It also features realistic gameplay that allows you to experience thrilling gameplay.

There are some characters to find on MLB 9 Innings 23, such as Hank Aaron, Mike Schmidt, and Larry Walker. Choose your favorite baseball player in real life and play them in this game. Join the tournament and win the first place so you can boast your skills.

More features to find on this app include OVR analysis room to create the ultimate team. You can try various lineups and conduct simulations for optimal performance. Career mode is also available with which you can select a batter and work your way to the first rank.

To make sure this baseball app works optimally, you will want to grant access permissions for storage and phone. But if you don’t give permissions to the mentioned permissions, you will be able to enjoy the services partially.

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ESPN is an essential application when it comes to enjoying baseball from your Android device. Millions of people have used it to watch thousands of live baseball matches, in addition to getting scores, highlights, and the latest news. You can even access expert analysis from this app.

Although it is not specially designed for baseball, ESPN is undoubtedly one of the best baseball apps for your smartphone. Not only can you stream live events from MLB to NFL and NBA, but you can also update news from your favorite team and access the scores.

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How to get news and updates from your favorite teams or players? Simply follow a team or player that you support and ESPN will send updates when available. It also gives you access to podcasts about your favorite league to enrich your knowledge.

With more than 50M downloads, ESPN is one of the most used sport apps available on the market. It is built with a user-friendly interface that ensures its accessibility. Upgrade to the subscription-based ESPN+ to stream exclusive live sports and more features.

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4. Sofascore


Sofascore is a powerful app to check live scores and more. Designed with an intuitive and attractive interface, it has everything you need to find out results, scores, and stats. Not only does it work for baseballs, but also it is reliable for over 20 sports and 500 leagues.

Using this application, you can analyze live scores and statistics without putting in any extra effort. It offers fast and precise notifications with instant results to keep you updated. If you want to be the first to know the score and detailed stats on every player, Sofascore has got you covered.

This best baseball app has unique features that bring you to a new dimension of baseball loving. Let’s begin with statistical ratings which provide you with all the information, making it an ideal choice for pro players and analysts.

It is also packed with attribute overview that offer the graphical representation of the attributes of the key players. More features are available to explore, such as attack momentum that reflects match dynamics, and heatmap that represents player’s movement. 

Download on Google Play

5. iScore Baseball

iScore Baseball

Tracking baseball games becomes simple with iScore Baseball. The intuitive application is designed to help you track a detailed record of the game and review stats directly on your smartphone. It is suitable for parents, coaches, or baseball fans.

iScore Baseball comes in handy to keep a detailed progress and record of college games, youth baseball, and even professional games. Thanks to useful features brought to the table including more than 500 stats that are generated for every player and every game.

It has built in TwitterCast and iScoreCast that makes it possible to watch the game in real time from anywhere. Just in case your friends or family can’t attend the competition, they are still able to enjoy the game. You can also replay the game the next day.

This best baseball app features a complete scorekeeping that records everything during the game, even the complex one. It keeps track of every pick-off, passed ball, and even stolen base. Flexible stats are also available to keep cumulative statistics for both players and teams.

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6. MLB Ballpark

MLB Ballpark

Don’t visit your favorite MLB ballparks without having this app on your smartphone. MLB Ballpark is a convenient application to make your visit much more fun. It complements and personalizes your trip with a set of features from ticketing to mobile check-in.

Ticketing functionality allows you to conveniently access and manage tickets from your mobile device. You can figure out ticket information, team schedule, and listings of sales and promotional events. It is also possible to check-in and redeem using the Tickets tab.

Furthermore, this best free baseball app lets you view scores and photos from your visits. You can also customize your experience by designating an MLB team. Get information about directions and parking to make your visit more fun and memorable.

What makes it more interesting is that MLB Ballpark includes merchandise and mobile food ordering. It also supports social media clubhouse with social rewards.

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7. Topps Bunt MLB Card Trader

Topps Bunt MLB Card Trader

This is a must-have mobile app for passionate baseball enthusiasts. The MLB collectible app is officially licensed, making it a trustworthy and reliable choice for the baseball fans community across the globe. If you love collecting and trading Topps baseball cards, this application is just for you.

Baseball card collecting and trading was made easier with Topps Bunt. It has new sets of digital trading cards that are available every day. Feel free to trade with baseball fans worldwide and join in-app events so you can unlock special content.

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As one of the best baseball apps, Topps Bunt lets you bring your collections to life. You can complete missions to access unique content or win prizes by playing your cards in free contests. It is also possible to combine cards into rare collectibles, track your sets, and create wish list.

Profile customization is supported on Topps Bunt to personalize your experience. You can customize your profile by showcasing your favorite cards or choosing MLB profile avatars that represent you the most. As you progress, you earn new profile avatars.

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8. Baseball MLB Live Scores

Baseball MLB Live Scores

If you need a powerful and reliable sports app to find out baseball scores and stats, look no further. Baseball MLB Live Scores provides you with live scores and real-time plays to keep you updated on your favorite baseball games. Featuring notifications, you can check extra innings, games, or scores immediately.

This app has numerous great features to support your baseball fandom. Game preview, for example, allows you to check probable pitchers and batting lineups as well as team matchup stats. Besides, you can view team standing either by conference or division.

Baseball MLB Live Scores is packed with schedule customization for your convenience. You can filter by division, teams, or conference so you won’t mess up with it. And if you don’t want to skip a game, be sure to set an alarm and this app will remind you for the upcoming schedule.

Find all MLB teams on Baseball MLB Live Scores and all divisions. Whether you are a big fan of the National League or New York Yankees, find live scores, schedules, and stats here. Good news, some features like schedule and alarm don’t require internet connection.

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9. MLB Home Run Derby

MLB Home Run Derby

MLB Home Run Derby is a baseball game you shouldn’t skip. Chosen as one of the best baseball apps, it challenges you to be a champion with your skills. It features 3 different game modes, more than 100 batter collections, and live events to join.

Smash homers with 3 distinct modes that allow you to duel online, head to arcade, and compete in the Derby. Earn rewards in the competition and win the championship with your baseball skills. Even you have a chance to win 3 rounds against the top-notch home run hitters.

MLB Home Run Derby promises top rewards if you can complete the online battle. Join the battle against millions of fans from different places and unlock new contents that are constantly updated. You can also win baseball packs, climb the leaderboards, and join the tournament.

Complete your collection of more than 100 batters on MLB Home Run Derby. As a plus, it gives you a chance to unlock retro uniforms, get free daily rewards, and unlock new bundles and packs provided for each live event.

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10. MLB Perfect Inning 23

MLB Perfect Inning 23

If you are a big fan of the MLB Perfect Inning, this new addition deserves your attention. The PvP game allows you to enjoy PvP gameplay in real time with everyone in your club. This new level of MLB mobile game features Gerrit Cole, the star pitcher for the 2023 season.

MLB Perfect Inning 23 is officially licensed with updated uniforms, team logos, and ballparks to give you immersive experience. What’s more, it is integrated with the latest official rules of MLB. Featuring detailed player appearance, this is one of the best baseball games you can find on the market.

Additionally, MLB Perfect Inning 23 features various MLB legend players so you can play the game in your favorite ballpark. Have fun with simple controls, realistic graphics, and seamless gameplay. You can switch between auto and manual play to your heart’s content.

Do you want to enjoy a more realistic experience? This app makes it happen with cards. All you have to do is use your favorite cards and battle in simulation mode. You can enjoy the game while watching the real game.

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Passionate baseball enthusiasts must have the best baseball apps on Android smartphone. These applications vary in functions, allowing you not only to check live score but also play baseball game and even book ballpark tickets directly on mobile device.

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