10 Best Escape Room Games for Android

Best Escape Room Games

Are you in search of the best escape room games to hone your problem-solving skills? Look no further. There are tons of escape rooms for Android but not every app is built the same. This is why you need a good reference before making a decision.

Escape room activities become more popular these days, thanks to the puzzles and hidden clues that make it addictive. Besides, some escape games come with interactive stories that make it more interesting to play in an extended session.

Best Escape Room Games for Android

A good escape room game should have high-quality graphics and offer attractive gameplay. The presence of great sound effects and amazing stories just adds another point to the app. When it comes to the best option on Google Play, the following list drops a hint to you.

1. Prison Escape

Prison Escape

Find clues and solve puzzles to escape on Prison Escape. This adventure game allows you to feel the thrilling sensation of escaping the prison by completing the puzzles. Claim your freedom and prove that you are a professional evader.

On Prison Escape, you are alleged as a criminal and imprisoned in Alcatraz, an old prison in the city. Your only way to survive and escape is by solving puzzles and finding useful items. There are different levels to go through including prison cell, security cell, easy wing, cell blocks, and more.

A complete set of features makes Prison Escape one of the best escape room games on the market. In addition to tricky gameplay that requires you to investigate, find clues, and collect items, it comes packed with crisp HD graphics to provide you with an immersive experience.

Prison Escape supports multiple languages so you can play this game in a language you know. Play it without internet connection thanks to offline mode that ensures ultimate convenience for every gaming session. Whether you are on the bus or at the beach, this app is completely accessible.

Download Prison Escape for free on your Android to sharpen your logic. Or if you simply want to kill the time and have fun on your mobile device, this app can be your best option.

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2. Puzzle 100 Doors

Puzzle 100 Doors

From the mystery genre, Puzzle 100 Doors is an escape game that will help improve your logical skills. All scenes describe a mysterious and haunted house where you need to solve puzzles to escape. As the name suggests, it literally has 100 doors that come with different stories.

There are so many things you can find on this app, such as mini games and quests, hidden objects, jigsaw, and logical puzzles. Each room has a different challenge so you have to accomplish each task to escape the mysterious house.

Combining high-quality sounds and amazing graphics, this is an immersive game that keeps you for hours. Constant updates ensure the ultimate experience so you will not lose interest in this app. Best of all, it doesn’t have internal purchases and a paid version which means all updates are free.

Puzzle 100 Doors is a complicated game designed to hone your logical thinking skills. As you progress, the challenges become harder and you may end up having a headache. If you dare, play this game with your partner, friend, or family and see how powerful your brain is.

The good news, this app works offline. It can be your best company to kill time at the airport, train station, or anywhere you want.

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3. Spotlight: Room Escape

Spotlight: Room Escape

Inspired by theatrical drama scenes, Spotlight is one of the best escape room games that provides you with drama and adventure. Here, you’ve been kidnapped and locked in a room without a clue and a memory. Your goal is to escape before time is over.

Featuring thrilling sound effects and amazing 3D graphics, Spotlight is one of the most adventurous games that require a high level of logical thinking. Since every scene hides deep meaning, you will have to observe and investigate every object to find a clue.

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If you love solving puzzles and riddles, Spotlight could be your favorite game. It has a ton of challenging levels which increase as you progress. Accomplish each task and solve the scenes with your analyzing skills, logical thinking skills, and patience.

Plunge yourself in an exciting yet adventurous journey on Spotlight: Room Escape. Combining complicated gameplay and intuitive touch mode control, it is a perfect game for investigation enthusiasts and those with a high level of logical thinking capability.

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4. Unwanted Experiment

Unwanted Experiment

How about giving some sci-fi touch to your escape game? Unwanted Experiment is a unique escape room game that adopts the science fiction genre, delivering a fresh experience during your game session. All the scenes are presented in amazing graphics so you won’t lose interest in it.

A scientist has arrived in Hidden Town and rumor has it that he is working on strange experiments. Some villagers see unusual creatures near the laboratory and for unknown reason, the scientist has kidnapped and trapped you in the laboratory.

Your task is to escape the room before he comes back unless you will end up becoming a victim of his experiment. Use everything in the lab to find clues and solve the puzzles so you can run away from the psycho. You don’t have much time, be quick!

Unique gameplay and easy control make Unwanted Experiment the best escape room game to play on your mobile. If you are sick of horror, mystery, or adventure, it comes with a different thrilling sensation that makes your heart beat faster.

This app is free to download and play but you can upgrade the content with in-app purchases. Millions of people use this app to feed their brain and now it’s your turn.

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5. Hospital Escape

Hospital Escape

Hospital Escape is an interactive puzzle game that requires your analytical and logical thinking skills. You will have to play a role as a psychologist searching for the patient’s body in his subconscious. Collect clues to understand the illness and restore the patient’s consciousness before it’s too late.

This app has a set of attractive features that make it worth playing. It highlights an interactive plot that requires you to make a difficult choice between the truth, the life, or the death of your patient. You can also find brain blasting puzzles that are difficult to solve.

If you love collecting unbelievable things, Hospital Escape lets you find various unpredictable collections in every corner. Plus, it allows you to participate in a range of activities to improve your ability.

Designed with awesome graphics and interesting animations, playing Hospital Escape will be your best activity to kill time. Not only is it entertaining, but also it can improve your logical and analytical thinking capabilities. This app is free to play with paid items.

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6. Dream Escape

Dream Escape

Solve challenging puzzles and play the role as the main character to escape the mysterious wooden house. Dream Escape is the best escape room game that begins with the death of your distant uncle. As you inherit all his belongings, you have to move into his house in the deep forests.

Your adventure begins here. You start to experience weird dreams that keep coming every night and you see horrible monsters in the dreams—even worse, they are approaching. This is why you have to reveal the secrets buried in the house.

Solve complicated puzzles and riddles as you explore the house. It requires you to observe and analyze clues in each scene so that you can escape the house. Designed with amazing graphics and nice gameplay, you’ll feel the unspeakable sensation when playing it.

On Dream Escape, every challenge speeds up your heartbeat. Investigate every strange event and explore past memory to figure out the secret of the haunted house. You have to conquer your fear to get through levels and win the game.

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If you are looking for the best escape room game with challenging and complicated puzzles Dream Escape should be on the list. Get this app for free and get more items with in-app purchases.

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7. Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox

Here’s Cube Escape: Paradox, another escape room game that feeds your brain with dazing puzzles. As you play the game, you have to help the detective Dale Vandermeer escape and recover his memories by solving increasingly complicated riddles.

Cube Escape: Paradox comes with a unique experience and addictive gameplay just like its Cube Escape game siblings. There are two chapters to find on this app, each comes with multiple endings. Whether you prefer the free or paid version, you can always play an interesting chapter on it.

What’s more, this best escape room game is supported by beautiful graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack. Enjoy an immersive experience while challenging your brain to solve the problem. It also features powerful voice-overs that redefine your gaming session.

Some games come with bad translations that you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. The good news is that Cube Escape: Paradox supports multiple languages interface, allowing you to understand the storyline and direction easily.

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8. NOX


Games with mysterious adventures are always interesting to play. And if you want a game that combines mystery, adventure, and puzzle in one app, NOX is worth trying. This app will take you to an old manor loaded with puzzles and secrets you have to reveal.

Combined with a captivating story, it requires you to investigate mysterious rooms and find hidden objects. Thanks to challenging gameplay, NOX is suitable for both first-time adventure gamer and experienced detective. Your investigation skills are highly required here.

Presented in beautiful 3D graphics, NOX gives you amazing game time. Find an unpredictable storyline that triggers your inner detective, helping you to think faster and smarter just like a professional one.

This game requires patience, skills, and logical thinking. It is completely free to play from start to finish but you can purchase some extra items if desired.

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9. Rooms & Exits

Rooms & Exits

Rooms & Exits brings escape games to another level. Featuring Fiona, a brilliant journalist, your task is to help her solve difficult logic puzzles and secrets to reveal murder mystery, global conspiracy, and save the community from a virus. Your mission is crucial, be sure not to make a mistake!

This escape room game has a variety of decent features. Mystery puzzle games, for example, are available for free with fancy design. It also provides you with multiple mystery adventure so you can escape different room levels.

Feed your brain with challenging yet fun logic puzzles for adults. This best escape room game offers fun warm-up levels with which you can prepare your brain before working with complicated ones. Designed with user-friendly hints, it lets you unlock offline mode for ultimate convenience.

The team constantly updates new levels so you won’t get bored playing the game. And if you’re concerned about visual, Rooms & Exits comes with beautiful graphics that indulge your eyes. 

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10. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins

The Room is an award-winning puzzle game series with thousands of fans worldwide with Old Sins as the fourth entry that brings a creepy sensation as you start. It takes you to a place where you have to explore and solve challenging puzzles.

Presenting a fascinating story, The Room: Old Sins tells about the disappearance of an engineer and his wife that triggers an artifact hunt. Once you join the game, it makes you explore unknown locations, follow clues, and uncover mysteries.

In Waldegrave Manor, every room is unique as it is a portal to a new environment. Thanks to amazing sound effects that make you feel like being in a new situation. It also supports multiple languages, allowing you to enjoy gaming in a friendly language.

Available for free on Google Play, this game app comes with a user-friendly interface. It is completely easy to start but very hard to put down thanks to awesome graphics, haunting sound effects, and tricky gameplay.

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The best escape room games train your brain to think faster. Most apps require a high level of logical thinking and analytical thinking skills so you can satisfy your inner detective. 

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